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1. Many knights; hardly any Lords: How many British film actors have been elevated to the House Of Lords, earning the title "Lord Smith" instead of the mere "Sir " that a knight earns?


2. THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK was the first film in which Pacino was widely noticed; who was the female lead?

3. Two well-received films share the name CAPE FEAR. Is there really a Cape Fear? If not, how did they happen to choose that name? If so, where is it?


4. Who appeared in both WHERE THE HEART IS & THE USUAL SUSPECTS?


5. In 1987 Burt Reynolds starred in an action-film called HEAT. Eight years later a DeNiro film used the same title. How could they have used someone else's title without legal repercussions?


6. What film is this:? Jack Lemmon & Robert Mitchum battle it out over Rita Hayworth.


7. In what big hit film of the 00s is the town of Alpine, TX mentioned?


8. Over the closing credits of one of her films, Meryl Streep sings what can only be called a cowgirl-type song. Which movie?


9. In ZOMBIELAND, what is the "double-tap"?


10. In ALIEN VS PREDATOR, how does one of the Predators insult Lance Henricksen?


11. In THE FLIM FLAM MAN, who played Sue Lyon's parents?


12. A Hitchcock film (starring James Stewart) & a DePalma film (starring Melanie Griffith) both feature a character tricked into witnessing misleading events. Name the movies.


13. Near the beginning of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, does the girl tell the boy that they should always be friends, that they cannot be friends, or something in between?


14. What 1943 Cary Grant film became a 1960 TV series starring John Vivyan?


15. What child actor appeared in both TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in 1963 & HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE the next year?


16. Where does the title of the Hitchcock film UNDER CAPRICORN come from?


17. The Pitt/Jolie vehicle MR AND MRS. SMITH shares its title with another successful film, from 1941. Name either the male lead or the female one.


18. In SUNSET BOULEVARD, the retired movie queen thinks that a studio is once again interested in her. What are they really after?


19. In THE SEARCHERS, Harry Carey Jr. thinks he sees his (kidnapped) lady at an Indian camp in the distance. What bad news does John Wayne tell him?


20. In GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, did a blonde get top billing? If so, who?





1. Among film actors,*  there is only one "Lord"---Laurence Olivier...................*Richard Attenborough later was also elevated, but all agreed that  his entrance into the House Of Lords was due to his directorial achievements rather than his acting career(which was of a somewhat "standard" variety);  as a wiseguy said at the time, "If Gielgud  didn't go in for acting & Attenborough went in for acting,  there wouldda been trouble".


2. Kitty Winn.


3. Cape Fear is in North Carolina.


4. Suzy Amis.


5. A title cannot be copyrighted.






8.POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE. The song is  "I'm Checkin' Out" , Shel Silverstein's  homage  to Elvis  Presley's first national hit, "Heartbreak Hotel" (those two words are used repeatedly in the Silverstein  song, and there's also a reference  to EP's "lonely street" location).


9. Zombies need to be shot twice, not just once.


10. By not bothering to kill him at first, because an internal scan reveals him to be doomed anyway.


11. Alice Ghostley & Jack Albertson.




13. They cannot be friends.


14. MR. LUCKY.


15. John Megna.


16. The film takes place in Australia, whose main population-centers are under (south of) the Tropic Of Capricorn.


17. Robert Montgomery. Carole Lombard.


18. Her car.


19. She has already been killed, and that is a member of the tribe wearing her dress.


20. Top-billed was the brunette goddess herself, Jane Russell. She was already an established movie star when production began, which Marilyn Monroe was not (this is the film that changed her from a relatively minor figure into a serious force).





21. Name two movie stars who have airports named after them.


22. For a good visual-jolt, the "nurses' station" scene which is now all over the internet is a good choice. From what movie does that come?


23. The FIRST INTERNATIONAL YUM-YUM FOLLIES: Who was the male star of UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE? In what famous film did an actress teach her male counterpart the meaning of "yum-yum"?


24. SOUTH PACIFIC: We feel that you have the need to tell us the actress who was the original female lead on Broadway, & the same thing for the film. We can't help it---we just feel it.


25. Who was Elvis's first female costar?


26. When the lion on the MGM logo feels the need to express himself, how many times does he roar?


27. The 4 most important individuals of the silent era founded United Artists. We MAY judge your worth-as-a-human-being on how many of them you can name.


28. Where did the title of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT come from?


29. Is actress Martha Plimpton related to the well-known author George Plimpton?


30. At the beginning of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, Elisabeth Shue gets-dressed-on-camera while a famous song is heard on the soundtrack. What song, & who sang it? (Male viewers will be forgiven if they never even noticed that music was playing....).


31. Explain the title of the film MULHOLLAND FALLS.


32. The "Whip" Festival: Who starred in KITTEN WITH A WHIP? In what famous film was the phrase "Whip crack-a-way" sung exuberantly by the star?


33. In BYE BYE BIRDIE, the entire plot revolves around a song (written by Dick Van Dyke) that Birdie will sing. What's the name of that song? (He never finishes it during his Ed Sullivan appearance, because Bobby Rydell smacks him).


34. There's a rumor that some of you people haven't been thinking about The Bowery Boys enough lately. So...........Do these titles represent 2 different films of theirs, or one film later renamed :SPOOKS RUN WILD; GHOSTS ON THE LOOSE.


35. When visitors go to see the tomb of Bette Davis, what unusual item do they find on the outside of it?


36. In what movie did Paul Reubens play the #2-vampire?


37. In RIDE THE WILD SURF, how many of the six stars completely changed their hair color(s), causing clinical depression among their teenage fans? (That whole saga needs to be worked into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual----DSM---of the American Psychiatric Association as soon as possible.....).


38. Charles Bronson starred in what Elvis movie?


39. In this film, one of the best-remembered comedies of the 1940s, an exasperated father threatens his lippy daughter by saying that someday there will be a mystery in their little town: The discovery of just her hair-ribbon, and an axe............. What movie?


40. Was there a sequel to THE ABOMINABLE DOCTOR PHIBES?



ANSWERS 21-40:


21. Bob Hope (in the San Fernando Valley section of L.A.); & John Wayne (in Orange County).




23. Jack Lemmon; BALL OF FIRE.


24. Mary Martin on BW; Mitzi Gaynor on film.


25. Debra Paget.


26. Twice.  (A  3-roar version also  exists, but the 2-variety  has been  the  dominant  one throughout  the studio's 9-decade  history).


27. Douglas Fairbanks Sr./Mary Pickford/Charlie Chaplin/D.W. Griffith.


28. That's a Ringo-ism:After a long recording session, he announced that they'd just completed a hard-day's-night, and Lennon & McCartney wrote-it-down........


29. No, she is a Carradine.


30. THEN HE KISSED ME, by The Crystals. The song was co-written by Phil Spector, the greatest rock producer of them all (The Righteous Brothers, The Ronettes, The Crystals, John Lennon, George Harrison); in recent years he's been thinking about things other than music.


31. MULHOLLAND FALLS refers to the habit of corrupt cops throwing people they don't like off the edge of LA's crestline Mulholland Drive, where they bounce their way down the side of the Santa Monica Mountains.


32. Ann-Margret.. CALAMITY JANE.


33. "One Last Kiss".


34. Two different movies.


35. Lipstick-kisses from her female(we hope..........) fans.




37. Lots of teenagers are depressed enough already---they don't need their systems shocked by wiseguy producers revolutionizing the hair colors of their pop culture idols. In the legendary big-wave film RIDE THE WILD SURF, that's what happened: Brunette Shelley Fabares, famous for both THE DONNA REED SHOW & her number-one-record JOHNNY ANGEL, became a blonde. So did the equally-dark-haired Peter Brown of TV's LAWMAN. Finally, the very blonde Barbara Eden suddenly had auburn hair. In therapy, it was explained to shellshocked teen-fans that these terrible wrongs had occurred partly for aesthetic reasons ("That might look good, Shelley......") & partly to match hair colors with the stunt doubles doing the actual surfing.






40. You can't keep an enthusiast like Phibes down for long, so: DOCTOR PHIBES RISES AGAIN.




41. In what film does Jack Warden as a judge start shooting up the courtroom?


42. These sportsmen each did multiple films with Doris Day. Their combined total was 7 movies.

Rock Hudson; James Garner; and Rod Taylor. Name every one of the 7. (OK,OK----if you're going to cry.........just name 4 of 7).


43. Two people went off-the-tower in VERTIGO. Who were they? (Name the characters, not the performers).


44. BELL BOOK AND CANDLE was a Jimmy Stewart/Kim Novak film of 1959. What is the meaning of the title?


45. In what film does Christopher Walken demand to know whose-blood-that-is?


46. In what movie are there complaints about David Caruso biting?


47. Name 2 films where criminals are given colors as (fake)names.


48. Gary Cooper & Dorothy McGuire starred in FRIENDLY PERSUASION. What's the meaning of that title?


49. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: Think actors, not characters: Which actor was still around after the other six men had begun lounging around at Forest Lawn?


50. In 1932,she was the star of a famous early talkie, BIRD OF PARADISE. Decades later, in 1961, she costarred in the Elvis film FLAMING STAR. Who was she?


51. Only once (we're pretty sure....) has the color "chartreuse" been used in a film title. What title would that be? (If we're wrong about the "only once", you can smack-us-around at a time & place to be named later).


52. In what film does Cameron Diaz play a kidnapping "victim" who is 37 times tougher than her kidnapper?


53. It was thought that THE BIG TRAIL (1930) would make a star of its young male lead. It didn't, & he had to wait another decade to get to the top. Who would that be?


54. What common household item did Steve McQueen take to the funeral of Jay Sebring?


55. What slightly inconvenient thing happened to Joan Collins at the end of LAND OF THE PHAROAHS?


56. 1999's SHE'S ALL THAT is loosely derived from what ancient source-material?


57. We don't know what sheep ever did for us, but let's go ahead & publicize their guardians anyway: Name one star of THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS. Name one star of THE LITTLE SHEPHERD OF KINGDOM COME.


58. When Universal had a propeller-aircraft during its opening logo, was it a single-engine plane, or did it feature twin props?


59. Who gloried in her heart-shaped swimming pool?


60. Ma & Pa Kettle got their names(in some form) into the titles of almost all their films---but not the first one. That time, they supported Claudette Colbert & Fred MacMurray. What movie would that be?


ANSWERS 41-60:






43. The wife, and the woman who impersonated the wife.


44. In certain mystical spells, a bell, a book, & a candle play key roles.








48. Because of its pacifist tendencies, the Quaker religion (practiced by the family in the film)is sometimes called The Friendly Persuasion.


49. Robert Vaughn.


50. Dolores Del Rio.


51. CHARTROOSE CABOOSE (1960). Some philosophical thoughts: (A) Don't be snippy about the cutesy spelling of the first word; maybe the producers would counter that they've never liked your friend's cutesy hairdo.......(B) The movie starred singing-teen-queen Molly Bee, the omnipresent Slim Pickens, & top-tier character actor Edgar Buchanan; the latter's performance in this folksy film stayed in producers' brains & got him a lot of rural-TV-show work later in the 60s(most famously: PETTICOAT JUNCTION).




53. John Wayne.


54. A gun. Sebring had just been murdered by the Manson family, and no one knew who might be next.


55. She was entombed alive.


56. Just hitting the highlights: First there was the ancient legend of Pygmalion and Galatea, which George Bernard Shaw modernized as the play PYGMALION(built around Mrs. Patrick Campbell as Eliza Doolittle), which became the Wendy Hiller film of the same name, which was transformed by Lerner & Lowe into MY FAIR LADY on BW, which became the movie of the same name, which was then re-modernized (or are we up to "re-re-modernized"?; our calculator is broken) into SHE'S ALL THAT.


57. THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS: John Wayne & Betty Field & Ward Bond & Harry Carey Sr. THE LITTLE SHEPHERD OF KINGDOM COME: Jimmie Rodgers & Luana Patten.


58. Single-engine.


59. Jayne Mansfield.






61. What Czeck-American actor lived in the 1800s, the 1900s, & the 2000s?


62. We've heard a rumor that cyberspace is almost filled up, so it's fortunate that we only have 2 actresses named "Luana" to talk about, rather than a larger number: Name one film starring Luana Patten; & one starring Luana Anders.


63. Dozens of films deal with the Frankenstein monster. Within 2 years either way, how old was Mary Shelley when she created that story.


64. The property which eventually became the Spelling Estate in Los Angeles was previously famous in connection with a male movie star who was also one of the most successful singers of the 20th Century. Who would that be?


65. What does the name "Peggy Marsh" have to do with movie history?


66. We suspect that you haven't been thinking-about-turtles enough lately, so: Name one star of THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE. Same for TURTLE DIARY. Name the film in which Clint Eastwood seals his fate by being mean to a turtle.


67. In THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 (Matthau version), how does Robert Shaw die?


68. In INNER SANCTUM, the feature film version of the famous radio show, what is the plot-twist at the end?


69. From the guys-doin'-stuff files: What did Mr. Deeds do? What did Mr. Blandings do? What did Mr. Hobbs do? What did Mr. Smith do?


70. What film featured Jodie Foster, James Garner, & Vera Miles?


71. The 2000-version of GET CARTER features Stallone. Who was the star of the earlier version?


72. Fur bikini. What 1966 film featured it?


73. In speaking about bad things going on in her little town, Luciana Paluzzi avoids cliches like "This place gives me the creeps" or "This town makes me shiver". Instead she says, about her locale, "It shivers me". Good English or bad, that line appears in a film you'll probably be wanting to name.


74. Did Diora Baird's character make it all the way through THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING?


75. When Norma Shearer & Leslie Howard played 13 year old Juliet & mid-teen Romeo(Shakespeare messed-up completely and never named his age), how old were they, within a half-decade(Early _____, late ____)? Addendum: The 2 answers are not the same.


76. It's the truth, Ruth: "The problem of a girl's past ruining her marriage doesn't exist anymore. Whores can make good wives. That has been proven." Words from arguably the most famous Hollywood producer of them all. The name? (With question-thanks to Jack Backstreet writing at IMDb).


77. Speaking of "It's the truth, Ruth" (above): What huge film of 1989 gave you that phrase just when you needed it most?


78. By the time this urchin was 7, he had starred in 2 films with Marilyn Monroe. What grade-schooler would that be?


79. DISTRICT 9:  What's that  up in  the  sky?


80. It's The Everly Brothers and The Smothers Brothers---but it's Warner BROS. WB is a major company with enough money to pay for a few extra letters if they wanted to---so why don't they?


ANSWERS 61-80:


61. Actor Francis Lederer worked steadily in American films (THE BRIDGE OF SAN LUIS REY, from the famous Thornton Wilder novel; LISBON, one of the directorial efforts of actor Ray Milland; CAPTAIN CAREY USA, the source of the song "Mona Lisa"); and in his European phase he starred in one of the most famous silents of them all, PANDORA'S BOX, starring the legendary Louise Brooks. But for our purposes here, it's an aspect of his personal life that matters: He lived in the 1800s, the 1900s, & the 2000s. By cleverly arranging to be born in 1899 & to survive into the year 2000, he lived briefly in the 1800s, briefly in the 2000s----and every-single-second of the 1900s in between.




63. She was 18.


64. Bing Crosby.


65. That was the everyday-housewife name of Margaret Mitchell, creator of GONE WITH THE WIND.


66. VOICE: Ronald Reagan or Eleanor Parker. DIARY: Glenda Jackson or Ben Kingsley. Eastwood: THE BEGUILED.


67. The just-captured Shaw asks Walter Matthau if NY State currently has capital punishment. When the answer is in the negative, he purposely touches his foot to the third (electrical) rail of the subway, preferring that course to spending the rest of his life in prison.


68. A woman taking a train listens to an interesting murder-story told, during the long ride, by a fellow passenger. That story turns out to be an accurate description of her own murder, which occurs as soon as she steps off the train.




70. ONE LITTLE INDIAN. This featured Garner during his pre-ROCKFORD FILES period, Foster during her Disney period, & Miles during her post-Hitchcock* period.

*(THE WRONG MAN, PSYCHO, and---almost---VERTIGO).


71. Michael Caine.


72. ONE MILLION YEARS BC, starring Raquel Welch & John Richardson (one of them wore the bikini).




74. No, but Diora survived the film in real life, which to the males of America is all that matters.


75. Playing early-to-mid-teenagers were the 34-year-old Norma Shearer & the 43(!)-year-old Leslie Howard.


76. Irving Thalberg, who ran the production-end at MGM in the 30s, while Louis B. Mayer specialized in keeping New York off their backs (parent company Loews, Inc. had a LOT of suggestions).




78. George Foghorn Winslow. If the "Foghorn" is a mystery to you, watch either GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES or MONKEY BUSINESS.


79. An alien spaceship.


80. In the early days of film-exhibition, Jack Warner & his siblings noticed that "Warner Brothers" took up a lot of room on both marquees & poster-art, leaving less space for what the public cared about: Titles & stars. So they shortened the logo to "Bros.", & successive managements have respected that tradition ever since.




81. What is the truer-&-deeper-significance of Bodega Bay, California in film history?


82. Andi Garrett. Sarah Lane. Those chicks made one crank phone call too many. In what movie did they make that small error?


83. What major male film star (& bigtime singer) celebrated Christmas Day of 1995 by: Dying.


84. The high quality 1951 comedy THE MATING SEASON also seemed to be a meeting of the Character Actresses Union. Name 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 of them.


85. In a rut: All 4 of John Derek's wives were actresses. The generosity-quotient is so high around here that we're willing to accept 3 names out of 4.


86. In 1984, Jennifer Connelly was busy (A) being 14, & (B) achieving her first film credit. What gangster epic was the opening salvo of her now-distinguished career?


87. If you would care to name the 4 sequels to DIRTY HARRY, we won't even insist that you put them in the correct chronological order (the level of tolerance around here is really quite amazing......).


88. Speaking of the word DIRTY (see previous entry), a film with that one-word title was the story of the most corrupt cop in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy (reports are still coming in from the Andromeda news media.....). Who starred as that rowdy lad who was not ashamed of himself?


89. What was James Garner's first film role after his release-from-bondage at Warner Brothers? (His co-stars were Shirley MacLaine and Audrey Hepburn). Addendum: That was his view of their contract dispute; Jack Warner had a different view.


90. To whom is THREE GODFATHERS dedicated?


91. In today's POETRY CORNER: "The Magnificent Seven, and Days of Heaven". What distinguished character actor links the two?


92. What dance-film from 2001 (almost)shares-a-title with one of the biggest pop/rock songs from an earlier generation?


93. What unexpected hit from 1993 was based on a bestseller by Amy Tan? (It focused on daughter/mother relationships).


94. With her film career only about 18 months old, Glenn Close picked up an unusual gig: Dubbing the dialogue for another actress, whose voiced was deemed to be "too Southern". The movie was a Tarzan film; who was the other actress?


95. The title of THE USUAL SUSPECTS is derived from what earlier film?


96. Elke Sommer's breakthrough in America (1963-1964) was largely due to one Paul Newman movie and one Peter Sellers film. Naming at least one of them will ensure your lasting legacy.


97. Most movie fans remember that the 3 principal leads in CLEOPATRA were Taylor/Burton/ Harrison. But who was the 4th?


98. One of Boris Karloff's Frankenstein films had a YEAR in the title. What title would that be?


99. Who's the female lead in A ROOM WITH A VIEW?


100. THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY was Shirley MacLaine's film debut. What exactly was that guy's "trouble"?


ANSWERS 81-100:


81. It's the locale for THE BIRDS.




83. Dean Martin.


84. Thelma Ritter,  who defined the term "character actress" for her generation; Ellen Corby ("The Waltons"); Billie Bird ("Benson"); & Miriam Hopkins, as she transitioned from leads to character parts.


85. Pati Behrs; Ursula Andress; Linda Evans; & Bo Derek.






88. Cuba Gooding Jr.




90. Harry Carey Sr., an early film star & the father of one of the "THREE".


91. Robert Wilke. In DAYS OF HEAVEN he played a father-figure for the Sam Shepard character. In THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN he helped tell the tender story of A Boy And His Knife.


92. 2001's SAVE THE LAST DANCE was a teen drama starring Sean Patrick Thomas & Julia Stiles. 1960's SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME was a #1 hit for The Drifters.




94. Andie MacDowell, in GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, LORD OF THE APES. MacDowell's then-accent (it has lessened since) was deemed to be "too Southern". (Hey---WE didn't say it was too Southern, so don't-be-sending-us those Confederate flags you're probably packaging-up right now....).




96. Newman: THE PRIZE. Sellers: A SHOT IN THE DARK.


97. Elizabeth Taylor, then the reigning Hollywood star, used her massive bargaining power with Fox to ensure that her childhood pal (LASSIE COME HOME) Roddy McDowall would be cast as Octavian (the future Roman Emperor Augustus).


98. FRANKENSTEIN 1970.  (There's also  FRANKENSTEIN '80, but even though we know bigotry is  a terrible thing, we're  prejudiced  against  apostrophes).


99. Helena Bonham Carter.


100. In spite of the fact that he wasn't breathing anymore, his location kept changing; the "trouble" was the question of what to do with him .


QUESTIONS 101-120:


101. Perhaps the greatest of the psychological ghost stories, here is its history: When it emerged from the pen of the legendary author Henry James, he called it THE TURN OF THE SCREW. When an equally famous writer, Truman Capote(working with playwright William Archibald) adapted it for the screen, they called it THE INNOCENTS. When the producers wanted the definitive British actress of the early sixties to play the governess, they hired _________________.


102. What Gene Kelly-directed film features Robert Morse teaching Walter Matthau how to perfect the art of adultery? (Don't worry----this entire matter has already been phoned-in to the hotline of Forces For Decency In The Community).


103. Among fans of films with THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY in the title (many fans, only two movies), there's an often-expressed view that the second installment has even more charm & humor than the original. In that second one, the African man who is the star spends almost all of his time searching for his missing children. How did they become missing in the first place?


104. Although its ending makes it perhaps the saddest love story ever filmed, the sadness does not linger in the memory: The movie is so endearing and luminous that what lingers is its charm. Imogen Stubbs and James Wilby were perfect, and the title was perfect in its friendly simplicity. What title would that be?


105. THERE WILL BE BLOOD: If "blood" could be called the "title-liquid", what would the "subject-liquid" be?


106. During his tenure as a producer, actor John Houseman supervised a film that won Anthony Quinn an Oscar and Kirk Douglas both a Golden Globe & a New York Film Critics award. Do not dishonor Houseman's memory by failing to name this movie. (No pressure....).


107. Celestial bodies are getting messy: Name one star of BLOOD ON THE MOON. Same with BLOOD ON THE SUN. Same with THE ANGRY RED PLANET(what do you MEAN we can't pretend that the redness comes from blood?)


108. Anything wrong with the film title KRAKATOA EAST OF JAVA?


109. For what 1992 film was the desired purity-level so high that they had to bring in both Ice Cube & Ice T?


110. This film was one of the last of the big MGM soap-operas(a neutral term, as we're using it here), made at a time (1960) when the studios were shifting that kind of story to TV rather than features. It was also a bit of a "Georgy Orgy", since it featured both Peppard & Hamilton. Billed above them were Robert Mitchum & Eleanor Parker, in a story of things getting a little rowdy in the rural south. That movie is __________________.


111. What well-known performer made her final movie appearance in 2001's MULHOLLAND DRIVE?


112. SODOM AND GOMORRAH: Those two affluent suburbs clearly did not have the right public-relations firm working for them. But we don't have time to discuss that, because we need to discuss the male & female leads of that film. A hint about the former is that his first name was Stewart; a hint about the latter is that her first name is too distinctive (& therefore too dangerous) to use as a hint----which is actually a pretty good hint in and of itself.


113. During the 1950s, 20th Century-Fox roughly doubled the length of its famous drums/trumpets/searchlights opening-logo. How come?


114. Name 3 James Stewart/John Wayne pictures.


115. DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR?: Dude, who was in that?


116. While viewing the famous non-Disney-film THE BROWN BUNNIE, many observers felt that a certain famous model who appeared in it looked decades younger than her chronological age. Who might that be?


117. Hayley Mills in POLLYANNA was being cared for by her aunt. What was that character's name?


118. There have been plenty of triple-X films (skinflics), but only one mainstream movie with "XXX" in the title. The number of well-known people in the cast (Rod Steiger/Robert Ryan/Jeff Bridges/Gary Busey/Randy Quaid/Season Hubley) may help you name that production.


119. The "Hollywood" sign used to have 4 more letters. Name those 4 escapees.


120. Everybody outta-the-pool (or into-the-pool; we're flexible): Name one star of THE DROWNING POOL; & one of THE DEAD POOL; & one of POOL SHARKS.


ANSWERS 101-120:


101. Deborah Kerr.




103.They climb into the back of a large truck, & the driver takes off without realizing that they are back there. The film's a charmer for all ages, both sexes, & all galaxies.




105. Oil.




107. MOON: Barbara Bel Geddes, Robert Preston, Robert Mitchum, Walter Brennan. SUN: James Cagney; Sylvia Sidney. ANGRY: Les Tremayne; Gerald Mohr; Jack Kruschen.


108. Krakatoa is west of Java.




110. HOME FROM THE HILL. The title is taken from that most elegiac of all poems, Robert Louis Stevenson's REQUIEM: "Home is the sailor, home from the sea; and the hunter home from the hill".


111. Dancer/actress Ann Miller.


112. Stewart Granger; Pier Angeli.


113. They needed extra space/time to hype their new widescreen process CinemaScope.




115. Ashton Kutcher & Seann William Scott were the slightly forgetful boys.


116.Cheryl Tiegs. Although Tiegs was the very definition of a "supermodel" (she was the first to have that term widely applied to her), you'll notice that we avoided using it in our question. That's because any word dragging with it that much PR & hype & propaganda & over-use & over-kill might trigger multiple murder/suicides around here..........(In other words, we're pretty sure we don't like it).


117. Polly.




119. LAND.


120. DROWNING: Newman, Woodward, Melanie Griffith, Tony Franciosa. DEAD: Eastwood, Patricia Clarkson, Liam Neeson. SHARKS: W.C. Fields (His first film). (Note that there are three entirely different meanings of the word "pool" used in the question; little did we know that we were this creative....).


QUESTIONS 121-140:


121. In MISTER ROBERTS, two linguists discuss the important social question of what to call a brothel. Name either of the two actors playing those scholars.


122. The novel KINGS ROW was the "Peyton Place" of the pre-Peyton-Place era. Its then-scandalous subject matter was toned down for the screen, but the stars still took some heat for appearing in the movie. Who were the 2 male & 2 female leads?


123. Who  played  the  very first Bond  Girl?


124. When the cute adult Jennifer Love Hewitt was still a cute kid, what was her frequent billing?


125. Forget singing-for-your-supper; did Natalie Wood sing-for-herself in WEST SIDE STORY?


126. What singing actress was often called "The girl who saved Universal"?


127. When Angela Lansbury played Laurence Harvey's mother in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, what was the age-difference between the two performers, within a half-decade (5 years, 10 years, etc)?


128. What was AUNTIE MAME's last name?


129. James Dean: On the day his life ended & his legend began, with his fatal car crash, was he "at fault" in that accident? (We mean "at fault" analytically & logically, not necessarily legally).


130. The title ROAD TO UTOPIA is unique among the Hope/Crosby "Road" pictures. How so?


131. Why are the "clockers" in CLOCKERS called clockers? Addendum: We were working on a way to use that word 4 more times, but we ran out of energy......


132. What is Winona Ryder's slight objection to the wedding ring that Michael Keaton as BEETLEJUICE proffers?


133. Like prehistoric insects trapped in amber, something was preserved forever in the Abbott & Costello film THE NAUGHTY NINETIES. That "something" was both (A) an important bit of comedic Americana, & (B) their most famous vaudeville/radio routine. What was that bit?


134. What important project did Charles Boyer take care of, about 39 hours after his wife's death?


135. In ALIENS, which actor seemed to think that he was a sports broadcaster? (He announced that the game was over).


136. One of the most beautiful endings to an 80s movie: When a grandfather (Burt Lancaster) dies not long after explaining the greatness of a Viking funeral, his young grandchildren Know What They Have To Do; and they're gonna do it, too---unless the middle generation stops them. What film would that be?


137. Perhaps the greatest of the comedy/westerns is CAT BALLOU. What was distinctive about the Columbia-logo that opened the film?


138. Burt Lancaster tells Lee Marvin that they should stiff Ralph Bellamy by dropping a project he's paying them to complete; he adds that his word to Bellamy means nothing. Marvin just smiles (the smile of a man who knows he's about to win the argument....), and points out that Lancaster also gave his word to HIM(Marvin). End of mutiny. What  film?


139.THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND  DOGS.  One good  question  is  whether it's  legitimate for  Hollywood  to reveal  the  secrets  of  those  mammals(we have  a  call  in  to an animal-ethicist right now).  Another good question is who  the two  female  leads  in  the  film were.


140. ZENOBIA is a movie starring a lovable elephant and HALF of a famous comedy team (contract disputes are a terrible thing). Who played that elephant's pal?


ANSWERS 121-140:


121. Henry Fonda; Martin Milner.


122. Robert Cummings; Ronald  Reagan; Ann Sheridan; Betty Field.


123. Ursula Andress, in DR. NO.


124.  Love Hewitt.


125. Certainly not.  Now,  if  that "certainly not"  comment  sounds  dismissive & makes  us  seem  anti-Wood, we're  not: She  was  almost  always  charismatic &  interesting, even  when  the  material  was  sub-par; plus,  she was  actually a pretty  good  singer. So  what  was  the problem?  It  was  that The  Mirisch Corporation (the production company)  & United Artists (the distributor-with-a-very-big-vote) &  director Robert  Wise  all  felt  that they needed one  of the  voices-of-the-century, so  the always-perfect-&-always-uncredited Marni Nixon got the call (she  will appear  elsewhere  in these  Annals  Of  The Universe).


126. Deanna  Durbin. Her films  of the 30s/40s did so well  that they turned  around  the financial status  of  the studio.


127. Lansbury born  in  1925; Harvey  born  in 1928. Anyone  have  a medical textbook  handy?


128. Dennis.


129. The  best  reconstructive evidence  suggests  the following: Dean  was  not  principally at fault, but  he did  add  some  contributory  negligence. Another  driver crossed into Dean's lane, causing  the crash. Dean's  "contribution" (although it's  been disputed  at  times) was  that he was likely driving the way he always drove: Speeding.  That gave  him  no time  to avoid  the  accident. (Addendum: On  the speeding issue, it  surprised none  of  Dean's friends  to  learn  that he had gotten a speeding  ticket  earlier that  same  day; that's  just  the way he  drove).


130. It was  the  only  title that  did  not  name  a specific geographic  location.


131. Because  those  Young  American Entrepreneurs are pushing-the-product around-the-CLOCK.


132. It  has  a finger already  in it.


133. "Who's On  First?"


134. He  committed  suicide.


135. Bill Paxton.




137. The  Columbia-lady  comes-alive-as-Cat-Ballou  &  starts shootin'  up the place.




139. Uma Thurman & Janeane Garofalo.


140. Oliver Hardy(of Laurel & H.).



QUESTIONS 141-160:


141. What were Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett waiting to do?


142. Richard Burton & Clint Eastwood jokingly called a certain film "Where Stunt-Doubles Dare". What was its actual title?


143. Speaking of Richard Burton (either we were just speaking of him, or we should call in a neurologist because we think we were...), that's a stage name. What is its source?


144. In the Disney film IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS, George Sanders & Maurice Chevalier & Wilfrid Hyde-White character-acted their little hearts out, in support of a female star. What actress?


145. Most  analysts would  agree  that this  is a good  cast:Shirley MacLaine; Sally Field;  Olympia  Dukakis; Dolly Parton; Daryl Hannah; & Julia Roberts. But WHAT cast  is it?


146.  In a late-career Ava Gardner film, what  is  THE SENTINEL  guarding?


147. James  Spader  gets  tackled  in  the  high  school  hallway(all this violence---where's  Gandhi when we  need him?). What teen-picture  was that?


148. We'd  have  to  check  our Workmen's  Compensation Handbook  to be sure,  but  a good  guess  would  be  that  melon-growing  is  not  a  very  dangerous  profession.  However,  when  Charles  Bronson plays  that  kind  of  grower,  the  lack  of  Gandhian  non-violence  is once again (see 147) felt  in  the  land. What movie?


149. Name  hundreds  of  movies  in  which Susan  Sarandon plays  Brooke Shields'  mother;  or, if  you're pressed  for time, just  name  two.


150. Consider  the 13 billion year  history of  the  known  universe.  Several  interesting  events  have  happened during  that time,  but  in  the  universe-of-question-150, we only  care  about two  of  them: The  birth  of Dennis  Quaid, &  the  birth  of  Randy  Quaid;  which  came  first?


151. The  Jerry  Lewis  movie  THE  BELLBOY was filmed at a Miami  Beach  hotel so famous  that it didn't even have, or need, a sign  outside  announcing  its  name.  But  no doubt  YOU  will be wanting  to announce its name, right?


152. MURDER, MY SWEET.  That  1944 film  was  so  successful  that  it  allowed a certain "boy  singer" type of actor to broaden his  career   and  be  accepted  in  dramatic roles. What  actor?


153.Paris-on-the-brain; that  was  Hollywood  in  1966: Both  IS PARIS  BURNING?  and  MADE IN PARIS  were  in  theaters  that  year. Name  one  star  of each.


154. The  number  of  movies  made in the  1590s was quite  small,  but  William  Shakespeare  was  hard  at work crafting  a title  that  would  be  borrowed (& modified)  by  a prominent  filmmaker  nearly  4 centuries  later.  Naming  the  two  versions  of  that  title  would  spread happiness  all  around.


155. All her  distinguished  female co-stars  had  more  experience than she had,  but 24-year-old  Winona  Ryder  had  star-power, and  that's  what  got  this  movie  made. Anne  Bancroft  & Ellen  Burstyn  & Alfre  Woodard  & Kate  Nelligan were  favorably  reviewed(& so  was  Ryder) in  this  film  about FABRIC. What movie  would that be?


156.  In the  original  SNIPER, hard-case Tom  Berenger & desk-jockey Billy  Zane accidentally  slide down a steep hill to the water  below.  Berenger sees  Zane  do something  that makes him think that there's  potential  in  the  kid after all.  What did he see?


157. It'll  be  tough,  but we think  we'll be  able  to avoid Mother's Day jokes in  the  framing  of  the following question:  During  her  well-deserved-but-brief  period  of  stardom,  Jill Clayburgh had her  pick  of  projects.  One  she accepted  was an  English-language  film written & directed  by Italy's  legendary  Bernardo  Bertolucci.  The key scene is this one: When  her  motherly  self is unable  to  help her teenage son  kick heroin, she tries  her sexual self instead. What film?


158. By  most  criteria, the  biggest  movie  of  1957  was  THE  BRIDGE ON  THE  RIVER KWAI.  Now, MEAN website-gods  might  demand  that  you repeat entire  lines  of dialogue from the film; but  we're  so sweet  that  all  we want is the film's last spoken word.  (Addendum:  Those  complainers  who  protest  that  even  that  sounds  pretty hard  can  comfort  themselves with this clue: That single word  sums  up both the massive  carnage there  at  the River,  and the nature  of  war  in  general).


159. In  what  film does  Lee Remick mention  to  Charles  Bronson  that  she's  surprised  he hasn't made a pass at her?


160. What  performer  played  the last  human to be killed in (and by) the original ALIEN?


ANSWERS 141-160:

141. Exhale.




143. In the 1800s, Sir  Richard  Burton was a prominent explorer-of-Africa (unless  you lived there, in which case he was a prominent  invader-of-Africa).


144. Hayley Mills.

145. The  cast  of  STEEL MAGNOLIAS.


146.Nothing  important; just the doorway to Hell.








150. Randy Quaid=older  brother.


151.The Fontainebleau.


152. Dick Powell.


153. BURNING: Kirk Douglas; Leslie Caron; Jean-Paul Belmondo; Glenn Ford.  MADE: Ann-Margret; Richard  Crenna; Louis Jourdan.






156. Zane  instinctively holds his sniper's-rifle high above  his  head when he hits the water, to keep it dry.


157. Marketed  in  the  US  as LUNA,  it was often called  LA  LUNA in other  countries.


158. "Madness!"




160. Veronica  Cartwright.


QUESTIONS 161-180:


161.  In PICNIC, how did  William Holden  arrive in town?


162. Anyone  who doesn't  know  the  sequel to BEDTIME  FOR  BONZO should  of  course  be  ashamed. Do YOU  have  reason to be  ashamed?


163. After  6 decades  of  playing essentially no role  in the movie business, the name  "Ursula" suddenly  came-alive in  the 1960s: 1. An  international sex-symbol/film-actress had  that first name. 2. So did an actress  who  married  actor Robert Taylor   & appeared  multiple times  on his  TV  show.  3. "Ursula"  was  the  name  of  a key  secondary  character in the biggest  movie  musical  of the early sixties---BYE BYE BIRDIE. After  searching  our  hearts, we feel  that  what we need is: Two last names & one character-description.


164. When  the Michigan State University  football  team  was winning  or  sharing 6 national  championships in the 1950s & 1960s,  their stadium was considered  the LOUDEST venue  in the country: As  visiting  teams found out to their  chagrin, the fans  tended to scream endlessly  from start  to finish. Some  filmmakers putting together  a Roman-epic  took advantage  of that fact.  They  recorded-the-crowd at the final Michigan State/Notre Dame  game (a famous rivalry) of the 50s, in the autumn  of 1959.  MSU called  those fans "loud"; ND  called them "loudmouths".  Whichever they were, in what  1960-spectacle  were their  voices heard?


165. Give  us  a couple  of  films, other than the famous  one, with "Casablanca" in the title.


166. HOUR OF THE GUN  deals  with  the  aftermath of  the  most famous of all  western gunfights.  Therefore, logically, what historical figures do James Garner & Jason Robards portray?


167. What  was  Clark  Gable's final film?


168. Well,  the  boy  was versatile: In 1976  he played  an  enthusiastic Nazi;  then 18 months  later  he  played an enthusiastic  Nazi-hunter.  That actor would be.............


169. "Kim Novak" is a stage-name, which is odd,  since  her  real  name was perfect  for  Hollywood purposes.  So  how  come Harry  Cohn  of  Columbia Pictures  wouldn't let her  use it?


170. In  one  of  the  definitive action-thrillers, Willem  Dafoe  ridicules  William L. Petersen (his  undercover adversary)  by  noting  that he claims  to be from the desert  but never has a tan.  What film?


171. In 1966, Shirley MacLaine was  into  her  second  decade  of  stardom, but Michael  Caine  was  just starting to break through. In his first US film, he & MacLaine make  a charismatic couple  in a classic  heist-movie.  Its  most  riveting  sequence may be one near the beginning: In it, Shirley  is  constantly  onscreen  during  many minutes  of elapsed time, without  ever saying a single word.  What  film?


172. Two of the  stars of I  KNOW WHAT YOU DID  LAST  SUMMER knew  what  to do: A few years later  they got married (and they did it in the summer, too). Name  the  names.


173. A late-career  Joan  Crawford vehicle  featured  her  in a story that  might  well have been called "Axe-Murderers 'R' Us".  What  was  it  actually  called?


174. Here's  a category  that  may be  new-to-the-Universe: "Muy-macho  things  done by  women".  The first entry in that category is this: What is arguably  the  most  testosterone-drenched movie  of them all  was  written by a woman, Rita Fink. To help you name it: It was a police film.


175. What famous  actor  owned  the  island  of  Tetiaroa in the equatorial  Pacific?


176. In the Michael Douglas/Val Kilmer  adventure  film THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, what do the nouns  in  the title refer to?


177. The  archetypal "Bette  Davis  movie"  may  be  NOW, VOYAGER.  In it, co-star  Paul  Henreid did the "cigarette-bit".*  What WAS  the  cigarette-bit?            *That's  our name for it. We don't  know  what Henreid called it, and  since he unwisely did  not have  himself put  into  cryonic  suspension, we've  lost  our  chance to ask him.


178. Fans  of  the femme fatale genre  tend  to agree  that 1987's BLACK WIDOW  is  just about  perfect.  In it,  Debra  Winger  is  pursuing  Theresa Russell, a serial husband-killer.  At  a key  point in the film,  Russell  attempts  to confuse & distract Winger, and cause  her  to lose her  focus, by doing  one simple  thing. What?


179. As  the  Mississippi  River climbs toward  its source  in  northern  Minnesota, the first  sizable city it encounters in that  state is one that provided the first name of a female star of the 1900s/2000s.  Name the town, or name  the  actress, or name  both, or (we're  friendly around here) name  anything  else  that's  on  your  mind.  (Addendum: Knowing  the  wiseguy tendencies  among  our  readership, we  should  add  this: We didn't say  ".....FLOWS toward its source.."; by "climbs" we just mean climbing on the MAP).


180. There's art,  and then there's cash.  Donald  O'Connor's main  artistic  achievement  was  no  doubt  his  presence in many high-quality  movie-musicals. But his  greatest financial achievement  came in a series of broad comedies which  all  featured  the  same "co-star". What series?


ANSWERS 161-180:


161. He had  hopped  a freight train.


162. The  sequel  was  BONZO GOES TO  COLLEGE.


163. 60s bombshell: U. Andress.  Movie/tv actress-wife of Robert Taylor: Ursula Theiss. Character: "Ursula"(Trudi Ames) was the  best  friend  of Kim(Ann-Margret).




165. A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA(The Marx  Brothers); CASABLANCA EXPRESS(Glenn Ford/Donald  Pleasence/Jason  Connery.


166. Wyatt Earp & Doc  Holliday.




168. Laurence Olivier, in  MARATHON MAN  and THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, respectively.


169. Novak was going  to be marketed as a blonde sex-symbol, & her real name  was Marilyn Novak. Columbia  felt  that  in  the mid-fifties  the logical number of blonde sex-symbols named  Marilyn was One, and (as Harry Cohn put it) "They  already got onna those".




171. GAMBIT.


172. Sarah Michele Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr.




174. Rita  Fink,  along  with  her husband  Harry  Julian Fink & Dean Riesner, wrote the screenplay for DIRTY HARRY(from a story by Rita & Harry Julian). Look for her  credit  as "R.M.  Fink", and  there'll be  more on the FORM  of  that  credit elsewhere  in  these Annals  Of The  Universe.


175. Marlon Brando.


176. They  were  two lions.  They  were  also  gourmets, and to save the waiter  time, they never  even  asked  for a menu.  All they  ever  wanted  to  eat was  humans.


177. Henreid  puts  two cigarettes between his own lips, and after lighting both he hands  one  to  Davis.


178.  In a room full  of  people, Russell  suddenly  kisses  Winger full-on-the-lips, hard, and then stalks away.


179. WINONA Ryder.


180. The  "Francis  The  Talking  Mule"  series.


QUESTIONS 181-200:


181. Oh, the  injustice: Having  discussed  THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS(176), how  could  we omit  its title-sister(cousin?) THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR?  Since both the principal stars of the latter  film have lasting reputations, we think you'll  be  able to name them.


182. Natalie  Wood named  her  boat after (part of) the title of her 1961 film that confirmed her status as an adult star, following a successful child-&-adolescent career. Name either the boat-name or the name of the movie(which  launched  Warren  Beatty's film career).


183. In 2000's ALMOST  FAMOUS*, what magazine  employs the teen-journalist? ....................*As a number of  commentators have   pointed out,  one of the film's most  important  assets is the excellent  score by Nancy Wilson of Heart. That may constitute a significant  hint, since Nancy and her sister Ann are  in the same general  business  as the  magazine in question.


184. What  athletic  actor was, appropriately, chosen to star  in JIM THORPE--ALL-AMERICAN?


185. Who  were  the  three  principal actresses  in  COME BACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN?


186. Prior  to the  publication of  "Gone  With The  Wind", the novel-phenomenon  of the  1930s was "Anthony Adverse" by Hervey Allen.  Hollywood  naturally  took an  interest, and  the film version arrived in 1936. It starred  a prominent  leading man of the period, and an unusual actress: She seemed years  older than her actual age, and that allowed her to become the star of major films while still a teenager; in fact she was still only 19 when she  signed for ANTHONY ADVERSE. Name either performer.


187. Cowboy star  Johnny Mack Brown was already famous before Hollywood  looked his way.  What was his previous gig?


188. A 2001 film which initiated  the biggest car-film-franchise  of them all  shares a title  with a 1955 Dorothy Malone/John Ireland movie. The title?


189. When  the  PREDATOR first  encounters  Elpidia  Carrillo, why does he not kill her?


190. We  refuse  to  be distracted by  the  important philosophical question  of  whether  the  chicken or the egg came first; but we would  like  to  know: Which film came first: Karloff's  FRANKENSTEIN or Lugosi's DRACULA?


191. How  many film-titles could there be which feature an entire  continent screaming?  We know  of only one,  so see if  you can  match that total.


192. THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE  RUSSIANS ARE COMING. Who's in that, who's in  that?


193. The 1938 film  OVERLAND STAGE  RAIDERS  has  two  kinds of  historical significance. One  involves  John Wayne, the  other  Louise  Brooks.  Any thoughts?


194. You've  probably been  wanting  to  name a movie  with  "Thursday" in  the  title. Now's  your chance.


195. You can always  ignore  a girl who's demanding  to see your hall-pass, unless  she's  pointing  a gun at  you. What  well-known  film contains that  interaction?


196.  When  Harrison  Ford tries  that  nasty  machine  of his  on  Sean Young, what  is  he  trying  to  ascertain?  (We're  denying  you the film's title for the deep, important, philosophical reason  that we're  in a bad mood).


197.  If the  movie is about bowling,  there's a  chance  that "pin" might  show  up  in  the title. How  about  one  such  film starring  Woody  Harrelson?


198. Almost  exactly half-a-century apart (1956 versus 2007), 2 big  movies  were shot in and around the far-west-Texas  town of Marfa. The names Rock Hudson & Tommy Lee Jones  may help you  name them.


199. 1957's  UNTIL  THEY SAIL was  the movie  debut of a blonde starlet who grew  into a blonde star.  Who would  that be?


200. We'd  like  to think that we have  a sense of  the  appropriate, and  it's  appropriate  that question-200 should  be  about  200 MOTELS. What's  the  general  subject-matter  of  that film?


ANSWERS 181-200:


181. Gene  Tierney  &  Rex  Harrison.


182. "Splendour", from  SPLENDOR IN  THE  GRASS (the spelling  difference is correct).


183. "Rolling  Stone". Speaking of Ann Wilson of Heart, consider the following sentence, which has been spoken/written many times by rock journalists:"Ann Wilson has the best female voice in rock history". We don't  have a literary style-book to prove it, but we claim that sentence is ungrammatical: The  word "female "   is superfluous, and it needs  to be evicted & replaced by: Nothing (no other qualifying  adjective).


184. Burt  Lancaster.


185. Cher, Karen  Black, & Sandy  Dennis.


186. Frederic  March & Olivia de Havilland.


187. He was an All-American football star at Alabama & took  them to a Rose Bowl victory and unofficial national  championship.




189. To  the  Predator,  his  killings represent sport,  and  because she is  unarmed, there would  be  no  sport  in  killing  Carrillo's  character.


190. In early  1931, the success of  DRACULA  gave Universal the encouragement (and the cash) to put a heavy promotional campaign behind FRANKENSTEIN later  in the year; those  efforts  turned it into a hit  as  well.


191. AFRICA SCREAMS.  Making it do so: Abbott  &  Costello.


192. Alan Arkin, Brian Keith, Eva Marie  Saint, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters, John Phillip Law, et al.


193. 1938's OVERLAND STAGE  RAIDERS (along with 3 other quickies  made  that  same year) marked  the  end  of John  Wayne's B-movie career; 6 months  later  he  began work  on STAGECOACH, which made  him an A-list star. Louise  Brooks,  a silent  legend due  to  PANDORA's  BOX  and  DIARY  OF  A  LOST  GIRL, ended  her  movie career with O.S.R.


194. A  key  Thursday-saga would  be  THURSDAY'S  CHILD,  which  provided major  early  roles  for  both Stewart Granger and  Sally Ann  Howes.




196. He's  trying  to determine  whether  she  is human or machine. Our bad  mood  has  passed, so:  BLADE RUNNER.






199. Sandra Dee.


200. Life  on  the  road  with a rock band.


QUESTIONS 201-220:


201. THE  LOST  BOYS borrowed  its  title from what work by Sir  James  Barrie?


202. BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA: When they do it,  what  celebrity-couple helps them?


203. Fernando  Lamas  brought Lorenzo  Lamas into  existence  with  a little  bit  of help from an actress. Which one?


204. Chatsworth  is  a  small community at the northwestern corner of  LA's San Fernando Valley.  Amid  the  rolling lawns  of  a cemetery  there,  you  will  find  the  current  residence  of  Fred  Astaire; and just a short walk down the paths will take you to  another  famous person,  one who logically  belongs right near  Astaire. Who  would  that be?


205. Speaking  of the SAN FERNANDO  VALLEY (204), which  of  the big-two singing  cowboys  starred in a movie  with  that  title?


206. Sigourney  Weaver. Bald head. Film?


207. The  usually  unflappable  Vince  Vaughn was, well, "flapped"  when  he  first  encountered one  of  his  WEDDING  CRASHERS co-stars.  His  exclamation has  been  quoted in  various  versions, but here's  the  consensus: "Young lady, you  are  remarkably  well-proportioned!"  Who drew  that  enthusiastic  response? (Addendum: Those  able  to look  past  this  performer's startling  visual  appeal  have  found a solid  actress  as well.)


208.  It's  a test  of  character: Will you-all  have  the  common  decency  to supply the missing word  in the following title of a Robert  Preston/Ellen  Drew film?: NIGHT  OF _________ 16TH.  (Addendum: The  human brain wants to add the word "The" at the beginning of that title, but it's  correct as stated).


209. War movie: Clint  Eastwood  wants  to know  why Donald  Sutherland is  lounging  around getting  a suntan, instead of  fixing-that-tank.  What  film?..


210. When  Tyrone Power died  during  production of  SOLOMON AND  SHEBA,  his  fan-club-base  predictably  announced that he  was  irreplaceable---in general  &  in  that film in particular.  But when  the  film  was  completed  with  another actor, the Power-clubs admitted  that he did a good job replacing  their  boy. Who was that  actor?


211. Name  one  of  the stars  of  THE  SISTERHOOD OF  THE TRAVELING PANTS; and no,  we won't  accept the pants  as one of the stars (we believe  in  smacking the  wiseguys  before they smack us).


212. A certain 1955 British film  helped  Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness, & Herbert Lom gain a foothold in Hollywood over the next few years.  Your (probably undeserved) hint  is that the movie may have had "Lady" in the title; so what was it?


213.  The  Hugh  Grant film THE  LAIR OF THE WHITE  WORM has enough  dramatic  visuals  that  even  those not usually  attracted  to  the  horror-genre can appreciate it. What does the "Worm" of the title  refer to?


214.  In what film was  Kevin Kline's  character  dating  his  daughter?  (Don't get  excited---the  whole  thing  was just a terrible  misunderstanding; and don't-be-calling  the Child  Protective  Services hotline---this  was his ADULT daughter; we don't know  WHAT hotline you call for THAT.......).


215. Both the marketing  and  the  word-of-mouth for  the film STAND BY ME were helped  greatly  by the top-of-the-line soundtrack of hits  from the first decade of rock. One of  those  was  a huge hit by The  Chordettes.  The  one  hint we'll  give  you  is that  the  song should never  be played for little children; once the  wildly  catchy chorus burrows  into their  brains, they will NEVER  stop  singing it . Name that  tune.


216.  "Everlasting  Love"  is  one  of  the  defining  songs  of  the  twentieth  century.  Written by  Nashville-boys Buzz  Cason & Mac Gayden, it's been  recorded by a couple of  hundred artists.  That  kind of success inevitably attracted the attention of  Hollywood, and EL  has now been used in  multiple  movies  and  TV shows.  One  of those  films was a 2004 production  that was the  sequel to an earlier hit, and  it starred  Renee  Zellweger. What EL-film  would that be?


217. What  two  films teach  us  this  important lesson  about  etiquettte ?: Do not  walk  up behind sweet  little  old ladies while  they  are  sitting  peacefully   in  their  chairs.  (Both movies were suspense/horror  films; one  was  from 1960 & one  from  1976).


218. Francis X.  Shields was Brooke's  grandfather.  Although  he appeared in a number of films, his real  life  was  elsewhere.  Like  where?


219. Primitive Radio Gods burst  out  of  Santa Barbara  in  the  early 1990s to create  a successful career as alternative-rockers.  But  let's  talk  about  some other primitive radio gods:  These boys owned  the  airwaves starting  in 1938, as the key regulars on Kate Smith's show  (she  was  depressed  that they received  more fan mail  than  she did).  Prior to that  they had been  prominent burlesque  comics. Hollywood took an interest, but  the  studios  weren't sure  that their antics would transfer  to film effectively; so,  they were  given a "tryout"  as supporting players in the  1940 Robert  Cummings/Allan Jones/Nancy  Kelly movie  ONE  NIGHT  IN  THE TROPICS.  Who were  those  sportsmen?


220. A  1968 Disney  movie  starred Kurt  Russell & Goldie  Hawn. The  title  of  the  film had  something in common with the relationship the two of them developed: Both were  LONG. What was that movie's  name?


ANSWERS 201-220:




202. Demi Moore  & Bruce  Willis.


203. Arlene  Dahl.


204.  Ginger  Rogers.


205. Roy Rogers. (Do we win anything for  accidentally  doing two "Rogers" items  in a row?).


206. ALIEN 3.


207. At  the  extremely  advanced age  of 22, Diora Baird had  already  conquered  the modeling world. She  was  the  very definition  of  glamor-photography  and  tasteful-nude-photography in  the  early  21st  century.  A  consensus called  her the greatest Guess model & the top Playboy  model & a dozen other  superlatives. Having   taken modeling  as  far as she could, Diora  then  branched  out into acting; over  the next  few years she  accumulated a long list of  TV &  film credits, including  the WEDDING  CRASHERS  appearance  that  caused  Vince  Vaughn to make  his  editorial  comment.






210. Yul Brynner.


211. The  enthusiastic supporters  of  the  garment  industry were: Alexis  Bledel;Blake Lively; Amber  Tamblyn; & America  Ferrara. (We're not  sure  if they looked-for-the-union-label or not).




213. It's a snake-monster terrorizing  the  neighborhood.


214. SOAPDISH.  It's all Sally Field's fault.  She sorta/kinda/somewhat  forgot to tell Kline  that Elisabeth Shue  is  his daughter, which leads  to a chain of events likely  to be frowned  on from  the pulpit.


215. "Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly.......".  When  Chordettes  lead singer  Lynn Evans first  delivered  that message in  1958, it didn't take  long  for the song to sell two  million  copies. LOLLIPOP  was  just  one  of  their  two-dozen chart hits. Lynn & Carol Buschmann & Margie Needham  are still alive-&-well    and  grateful*  that  successive  generations of fans  have  continued to enjoy  their  music.                  *(We're in touch with them, & they say  that  all  the  time).


216. "Everlasting Love" is  one  of  the hardest-working hit  songs  of all  time: It went  high  onto  the  charts in four different decades  by four  different artists: Robert  Knight  in  the  l960s; Carl  Carlton  in  the 1970s; the  duo of Rex Smith & Rachel Sweet in  the  1980s;  and  Gloria  Estefan  in  the  1990s.  In the following  decade, a version by  Love Affair helped  set  the mood in BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE  OF  REASON.




218. He  was  a  famous  tennis  star.


219. Abbott  &  Costello.




QUESTIONS 221-240:


221.  Fred MacMurray  holding a door  open at a precise angle; Barbara Stanwyck hiding  behind  the  door; Edward G. Robinson on MacMurray's  side  of  the door; and MacMurray & Stanwyck knowing it's straight-to-the-gas-chamber if Robinson notices her. What  movie?


222. When  James  Coburn is  lusting  after  Maggie  Blye, he  "accidentally" falls  off  his  horse in a way which makes  him  land full-length  upon Maggie. She  just sighs  and asks  if  anyone  has  ever  said  anything about his  STYLE.  What  movie?


223. As the  1950s  came  to  an  end, James  Stewart instructed his  agents  to  stop  sending  him romantic-leading-man parts. Instead, he wanted  older-leads  and  character-leads.  His  first film  under that new system was a famous  courtroom drama.  Such as?


224. PLACES  IN  THE  HEART  can seem,  retrospectively, to be a bit of a Field Festival, due to Sally's  Best Actress Oscar and the  publicity  it  received;  but  the  two key male parts were  also  critical to the film's success, a fact that Field (a famously generous performer) was  the  first to acknowledge.  Who were  those  actors?


225. It  only  takes 2 small  changes to turn "Los  Angeles"  into  LOST  ANGELS. When those 2 changes  were  used in the ad campaign for a film with that (capitalized) title, what actors' names were featured  in the same  advertising?


226. She  carried  a watermelon. What film?


227. The  Cara Chronicles: Name  at  least  one  film associated with  Irene Cara.  Name  the  Danny  Kaye vehicle that  co-starred  Cara  Williams.  Why should  we  care about an  organization called  CARA?


228. What  distinguished character  actor  narrated  Steve  McQueen's finest  moment,  THE  REIVERS? (Addendum: Anyone  who  mentally adds  "beautifully  and  perfectly" before  "narrated"  has  our  full  support).


229.  Before  Don  Rickles  became rich and famous by orally  poking-people-with-a-stick(and schtick), he had  been  pursuing a serious  acting  career. His  biggest  film was one  starring (A) the leading  movie star of one  generation, and (B) one-of-the-biggest of the succeeding generation. What war-movie  would that be?


230. What 1990 film gave the Graboids the fame we all know they deserve?


231. Could  these  95  seconds  constitute the  most  dramatic  of all film-endings?: At  the  conclusion of  this  Donald  Sutherland/Julie  Christie movie,  all  three  of  the  plots which  have dominated   the  proceedings are wrapped  up  in one memorable  scene.  The  questions  answered  are: How  come S&C keep  seeing  their  little daughter running  around  Venice, still  dressed  in  the red raincoat  in  which she drowned? Who  is the psycho-killer terrorizing the  city? What  is  the meaning of  a vision Sutherland keeps  seeing?  Those are three  good  questions; and here's a fourth: What movie?


232. DON'T GO  NEAR  THE  WATER; and  DON'T  DRINK THE  WATER. Now  we  ask you: Is  that  fair?  If  we  can't go  near  the  water and we can't  drink it, what's it there for?   But  let's  set  aside  that  important  philosophical question and get to the names of  actors  in  those films:  NEAR:  The male  lead was a star for  decades, starting  with  his  breakout performance  in  GILDA (1946).  DRINK: The male lead was a television-legend   making  one of  his  infrequent movie appearances. Who; and who?


233. An accumulation  of  movie  profits allowed  brothers Roy and  Walt Disney  to open a small  side-business  at 1313 South Harbor Boulevard.  What venture  was  that?


234. "....And hell  followed  with him."  That  line of dialogue highlights  the arrival  of Clint Eastwood's  character in what film?


235. Darling Deschanels: Who  was born first, Zooey or  Emily?


236. Who  played  BENNY & JOON?


237.  It's  always  satisfying  to  achieve  the  dream  of  a lifetime.  That  was  Bette  Davis's  situation  in 1964, when  she  got Joan Crawford FIRED.  The  on-set  tension between  the  two  longtime foes finally convinced  Columbia Pictures that  they  had  to make a change.  The  movie  was  HUSH HUSH  SWEET CHARLOTTE, and here's the question:  Why did  Davis  and  the remaining  cast  make  sure that  they were repeatedly  photographed  drinking Coca-Cola over  the next few days?


238. When  Samuel  L.  Jackson starred in  2009's LAKEVIEW  TERRACE, the  movie  was  a project  of  Will & Jada Pinkett Smith's production  company, Overbrook Entertainment.  Why was  the name  "Overbrook" chosen  for  that entity? (Addendum:  Since  the  Smiths  have  an industrywide reputation for being nice people, we're  going  to  emulate  them  by  being nice  to YOU---in  the  form of this hint: The origins of  "Overbrook" lie in nostalgia, and old-neighborhood ties).


239. Alec  Baldwin. Daniel  Baldwin. William  Baldwin. Adam  Baldwin. Stephen  Baldwin.  It seems  cruel  to tell someone  that they "just  don't belong"---but  in  this  case it has to be done. So you do it: Which name doesn't belong  with  the  others?


240. They  were  like  a tag-team-wrestling  duo  for  a while.  In  1986  they co-starred  in  THE  BIG  EASY; then about 19 months later  they  each signed  for  SEA  OF  LOVE. Names, please.


ANSWERS 221-240


221. The  greatest example  of  film  noir, DOUBLE  INDEMNITY.


222.  WATERHOLE #3.




224. Danny  Glover & John Malkovich.


225. Donald  Sutherland  & Amy Locane.




227. FLASHDANCE and  FAME would be good picks. THE MAN FROM THE DINERS' CLUB. CARA  is  the Classification And Rating  Administration, which provides parents with  all  those  letters-&-numerals.


228.  Burgess  Meredith.






231. When DON'T LOOK  NOW  was  released in 1973, many of  the comments  about  it focused on the then-bold love scene featured  in the film.  But 1973 was also  the first year  in which DEEP THROAT  was in full nationwide release, and the  resulting skinflic-era made that D.L.N. love scene seem tame; and  in later years commentary  about the movie has shifted  to the very effective wrapping-it-all-up final  few  seconds.


232. NEAR: Glenn  Ford.  DON'T: Jackie  Gleason.


233. Disneyland.




235. In  the  spirit of Chuck D. (of Public  Enemy) and Heavy D. & The Boyz, we're  going  to nickname  the older of the Deschanel  sisters  as:  Emily  D.


236. In  1993, some  media  types  assumed  too much in  commenting on  BENNY & JOON before its release (and before  they had  seen  a  screening).  Because Johnny  Depp  and  Mary  Stuart  Masterson were  top-billed, these commentators spoke of  "...Johnny  Depp &  Mary Stuart Masterson    starring as BENNY & JOON....". Actually Aidan  Quinn played  Benny,  with Depp portraying  Sam,  who tried  the true-love-thing on Joon.


237. Because  Crawford  was  the  widow  of  Alfred Steele, head of  PEPSI-Cola.


238. WS attended  Overbrook  High  School  in Philadelphia.  His  impressively successful  career  has  now  made  him the  institution's best-known  alumnus, but  the school  was  already  celebrity-drenched  even  before  his time.  Among those luminaries were  basketball-god Wilt  Chamberlain, rock/soul  singer Dee Dee Sharp("Mashed Potato Time"), and key members of The  Dovells("The  Bristol  Stomp") & The Orlons("The Wah Watusi"). (All  the named singles were  huge  hits in  the  early sixties).


239. Those  are  the four Baldwin brothers, plus  the  unrelated Adam Baldwin(FULL  METAL  JACKET).  (Addendum: A  famously lippy  secretary  at our  end is objecting to the word "unrelated", saying: "Well, he's  related to SOMEBODY.....".  Perhaps  she'll soon  be  unrelated  to her paycheck).


240. Ellen Barkin & John Goodman.


QUESTIONS 241-260:


241. Of  the following baby-talk  items, how many, if any, are the titles  of movies: CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP; CHIM CHIM  CHEREE; & CHITTY  CHITTY BANG BANG?


242. Fans  watching  R. Lee Ermey do his hard-case  thing from FULL  METAL  JACKET  on have generally ignored  this important  societal  question:  What  does  the  "R" stand  for?


243. Do opposites attract?  We're  not  sure, but we know that "opposite"s  are  on  our  minds right  now: Name one star  of THE OPPOSITE OF SEX(1998).  Same for THE OPPOSITE SEX(1956). Same for  THE OPPOSITE SEX AND  HOW TO LIVE WITH  THEM(1993).


244. The  1929  film  that  made  the  Marx  Brothers  nationally  famous features  Groucho  trying  to  educate Chico (always  a challenge......). When Groucho   attempts  to explain certain  structures that hold-back-water,  he  explains  that those  are  called  levees.  Chico then notes  that they  must be talking  about  the  Jewish district. Groucho registers  disgust and then  says  they  will Passover  that.  What  movie?


245. A 2008  Mike Myers film and a Don Knotts  vehicle  from  1970 have very  similar titles. Take a  shot. (In fact, take two  shots).


246. Who  was Abner?  Who was Lum? Most  importantly: Who  were  "Lum & Abner"?


247. What  did  a U.S. Army  general  have  to do with  Charlton  Heston's biggest  hit  film?


248. The  Three Musketeers(Movieteers?): These guys wrapped  up  work on REBEL  WITHOUT A  CAUSE, and then within a few weeks they were gainfully  employed on GIANT.  Who were  those  actors?


249. SUPERFLY  was  such a huge hit that the  producers  began work on a sequel the evening  of  the day  in which the first box-office-totals came in. What  was  the  name  of  that  follow-up?


250. Very  confusing: Both films  were from  1965; both  were  biographical; both featured lead  actresses named "Carol"*; and both  were titled HARLOW. About  the  only  thing  differentiating  the two was  the non-identical  nature  of  the  actresses' last names.  No  doubt  you'll be wanting to name  those  performers, as soon  as  you're  finished with  that  sandwich.        *(Different  spellings).


251. When  Bette  Midler  &  Barbara  Stanwyck were little  girls, they  were  apparently taught  that  it's good to share. So, later, they shared a famous movie character . Which  one?


252. Where  did  Rumer  Willis's first name  come  from?  (An  anticipatory comment: Answering  "Her  parents"  would  show  wiseguy-tendencies   which  would  not  become  you).


253.  Speaking  of ".....would not become you" (we went to Seg-Way Camp when we  were kids): Who was the male  star of DEATH  BECOMES HER?


254.  One  of  the  major studios  has a history of  releasing  some  films under  its  "Searchlight" logo. Which studio? (It may  help you if we stipulate that  it's the LOGICAL one).


255. The  Industry With A Heart:  When  director  Stanley  Kubrick was working  with  an actress  on an early-sixties film, he  was  depressed  to find  that he  could  not  talk her out  of frequent  horseback riding.  That  left  him  with  only "Well,  if you must, at least......" comments. When  they got to that point, did he caution her against the risk of falling off and breaking all four of her limbs? No.  Did he point  out the risk of the horse crushing  every  one of her internal organs  by rolling  over  on her? No.  Instead he told  her  to be sure nothing happened to her FACE. What actress  received  that  tender, caring advice?


256. Perhaps  this  cast could  be  improved  upon,but  it's  hard  to  think  how: James  Earl  Jones, Billy  Dee  Williams, & Richard  Pryor (how  come  Pryor doesn't  get  to  have 3 names?). What  1976  film  pushed  them  together  in a very endearing  way?


257. Tom  Berenger  keeps  telling Sidney  Poitier to go back  home  and  stop  slowing  him  down.  What movie?


258. What  Mel  Brooks  film  includes  a short but sociologically important  reference to knockers?


259. Mean-spirited  films  are  easy  to find, but  in 1986  Kathleen  Turner  &  director  Francis  Ford  Coppola went  in  the  other  direction.  They crafted a movie that was sweetly emotional  without  being  overbearing.  It  was  also a film that  featured late-career  performances from three big names  from an earlier generation---Maureen  O'Sullivan, John  Carradine, and  Leon  Ames.  What movie?


260. Exalting  real life  over  Hollywood-life: On Lee  Marvin's tombstone, there  is  nothing about Oscars  or number-one-box-office-hits.  What  is  there  instead?     


ANSWERS 241-260:


241. CHIRPY CHIRPY  CHEEP  CHEEP was a huge hit song for Mac and Katie  Kissoon.  CHIM CHIM  CHEREE was a prominent song IN a film (MARY  POPPINS); but only CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG was the title of a film.


242. Ronald.


243. THE OPPOSITE OF SEX: Christina Ricci/Lisa Kudrow/Martin Donovan. THE OPPOSITE SEX: June Allyson/Joan Collins/Ann  Sheridan. THE OPPOSITE SEX AND  HOW TO LIVE WITH  THEM: Courteney Cox/Arye Gross.




245. THE LOVE GURU; THE LOVE GOD?  (That's not our question-mark*; it's part of  the  title).                        *We ran out a while ago, & haven't  bought any new ones yet).


246.  Lum  & Abner were a film-comedy team (40s/50s) who specialized in  rural stories rather than urban ones.  That role made them a kind of bridge between the rural comedies of Will Rogers in the silent era & early talkies  and the  CBS avalanche of that genre which started with  THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES. Chester Lauck & Norris  Goff,  who  played L&A,  achieved  their  initial fame with a radio  version  of  the act.  But both  of  them, when  thinking about  their legacy, realized  that film was immortal and radio was not, so they headed  for Hollywood & made 8 movies.


247. General Lew  Wallace wrote  the novel  "Ben-Hur".


248. James Dean/Sal Mineo/Dennis  Hopper.




250. Carol Lynley  & Carroll  Baker.


251. The  "Stella"  character  which  originated  in Olive  Prouty's 1920 novel  "Stella  Dallas".


252. She  was named  after author  Rumer  Godden.


253. Bruce  Willis, father of  Rumer. (Do we get paid extra  for  combining a  become-continuation  with a Willis-continuation?).


254. One  of Fox's great  pop-culture assets  is its opening searchlight logo, so the S-word seemed  like an appropriate title  for a  new  subsidiary-brand-name.


255. Sue Lyon (LOLITA).  A body-double could  compensate for Lyon's poor-crushed-torso,  but a mishap to her face would derail  the  picture.




257.  SHOOT  TO  KILL.


258. YOUNG  FRANKENSTEIN. There's  Teri Garr, & there's  this front door...........




260. The key  words are "PFC   U.S. Marine  Corps".




QUESTIONS 261-280:

261. As the  late 1960s  crashed  into  the  early 1970s, the two leading  western stars  were John  Wayne  &  Clint  Eastwood. One  distinguished actor co-starred in westerns with both  of them. Who?


262. Natascha  McElhone  just  laughs  at the theory that  Robert  De Niro  could kill her. (She's right, & it's  not due to a lack  of bullets).  What  movie?


263. Gore Vidal's #1-best-seller "1876" was DEDICATED-to-her; actor  Rod  Steiger was  MARRIED-to-her; and Charlie  Chaplin  was ADDICTED-to-her* & made her a star  in LIMELIGHT.  What  distinguished  English actress  was  getting  all  that  attention?    *(At least professionally, & maybe personally as well).


264. In WEIRD SCIENCE, Kelly  LeBrock asks  the two teenage inventors who created her what they want to do first, now that  she's  there.  What image  then  appears promptly  on the screen?


265. The  tabloid  potential (& actuality) of being  Clint  Eastwood's friend/girlfriend/ungirlfriend has, sadly, deflected attention away from Sondra Locke's abilities as an actress. She  was  nominated for an Academy Award in her very first film.  In it, her most impressive  moment may be when she explains music to a deaf man played  by  Alan Arkin.  What movie?


266. The  distinguished character actor Arthur Kennedy had  a  long  list  of  credits in big films (THE  GLASS  MENAGERIE, PEYTON PLACE, A SUMMER PLACE. and ELMER  GANTRY are  representative examples).  What he didn't  have was his own  real name on those credits, even though it would have been a perfect Hollywood name.  Why didn't he use it?


267. Toward  the  end  of  THE WARRIORS, members  of  that street-gang, along  with gal-pal(gang-pal?) Deborah Van Valkenburgh, walk beside a body of water as the closing credits roll.  What  BOW?


268. With a distinguished  cast  led by Cicely Tyson/Paul Winfield/Kevin Hooks/Taj Mahal, it  was  no  surprise that soon  people were tripping over  Academy  Award  nominations.  This  1972 film  featured  beautiful  cinematography by John Alonzo, and it also  featured  a title which we suspect  you  will  remember. Are we right?


269.  "You're  terminated".  Linda Hamilton's statement of fact from which T-movie?


270. No matter  what  the cynics may say, we can prove  that Hollywood  is a very pure place. Its  purity  is  proven by an unusual source: The weather  bureau.  Explain.


271. SUMMER  LOVERS: There are lots  of them in  the world, apparently,* but  we  only  care  about the three  in that film. Name  the  performers.            *(We  can't be sure,  because  the purity-level  around  here  is  just  as high as the level implied  in Question 270).


272. William  Hurt breaks  through  much-plate-glass  to  get  at  Kathleen  Turner.  What film?


273. Katharine  Hepburn  gives  a confused-&-confusing  account  of the recent chaos  into  which she  has  dragged  Cary Grant. A listener  points  out  that her  story  makes no sense.  Grant  exclaims  that the story will  NEVER  make sense  as  long  as  SHE  is telling it (he's a little  exasperated by that  time....). What  film?


274. THE  MAN  IN  THE  GRAY  FLANNEL SUIT:  When  Gregory Peck  went  to  work  in that attire, what onscreen industry  did he  serve?


275. If certain guys  would stay away from certain metallic  objects, we wouldn't  have to write elegiac  entries  like this one: In  1962, Vic  Morrow had been making a living in films and television for half a decade; but  only the premier of COMBAT on ABC that year finally made  him a star. On  the first day  of shooting,  he  spent  most of his free time chatting with  director Boris Sagal (Elvis called  him   his favorite director---GIRL HAPPY---and Katey Sagal called him Dad), mostly about friends  they  had  in common. Two decades  later, in separate  incidents, both men were killed by the same kind of large, dangerous  object.  What  kind of object?


276.  What street was  Amy  Irving  "Crossing"?


277.  A beautifully photographed period-piece was (A) Bert Lahr's last film & (B) the first one in which Elliott  Gould  was widely  noticed.  What  movie  would  that be?


278. What  commentator  attached  deep  social  importance to  James  Cameron's  lack of  breasts?


279. Considering  the  name  of  this  website, there's  very  little  chance  we  could  ignore a Robert-fest like CROSSFIRE.  It  was  one  of the best-reviewed dramas of the late l940s, and its female star  was  Gloria Grahame.  Its male stars were   three  Roberts.  They were all movie stars  for decades,  so we think that naming  at least one of them is do-able.


280. What famous  city  gave Hollywood  both Ann-Margret & Inger  Stevens?





ANSWERS 261-280:

261. Robert Duvall (TRUE GRIT and JOE KIDD).


262. RONIN. It's  not  that De Niro's character is a pacifist(they hardly ever are, are they?); it's that by that point in the proceedings he has developed feelings for N.M., and she knows it, which  makes  threats  useless.


263. Claire Bloom.


264. The three of them in the shower together. (Don't panic, those of you who  oppose  cheap-sex  in their movies: This film is much too  sweet-natured to handle that scene  in a non-tasteful way).




266. Because  his birth name  was John Kennedy.


267.  The  Atlantic  Ocean.


268.  The  movie  was  SOUNDER.


269. THE TERMINATOR (the first in the  series).


270.  The world  city  with a climate  most  resembing  that of Hollywood/Los Angeles is: Bethlehem.


271. Daryl Hannah/Peter  Gallagher/Valerie Quennessen.






274. Advertising.


275. A helicopter, in  both cases. Sagal walked  into helicopter blades; and Morrow had a copter fall onto him.


276. Her 1988  film was  called  CROSSING  DELANCEY.




278. Sigourney  Weaver,  who  suggested  that  Cameron failed to win the Oscar for best director (AVATAR) because the  Academy  was  very eager to have a woman  win  the  award.


279. Ryan/Mitchum/Young.


280. Stockholm, Sweden.



QUESTIONS 281-300:


281.  Who were  the big-four-leads in 2006's  THE HOLIDAY?


282. What well-known film deals with this  important question  about invertebrate zoology: If you put some melted butter down near  one side of the  refrigerator, might  the  lobster  run out the other side?


283. When Harper Lee  was writing the novel version  of TO KILL A  MOCKINGBIRD,  she patterned  a key character on her best childhood friend  from  Monroeville  Alabama.  He  grew up to be one of the best known writers of the  last  century.  Who would  that be? 


284.  Writer/director  James  Cameron  was  some  experience  with both chestbursters &  chestthumpers.  Explain.


285. An  overlooked  Law Of The Universe: In film versions of MY SISTER EILEEN, only  actresses  named  Janet are allowed  to play Eileen. Who were  the  two who have  done that so far?


286. When  WILD THINGS was  becoming a big hit, certain not very observant critics wondered  why  scenes  continued throughout the closing credits. What was the purpose of those quick-clips?


287. On the  MGM  opening  logo,  the words "Ars  Gratia  Artis"  appear.  What do they mean?


288. A  famous  Hollywood  hotel/apartment complex  and  a  1936 Marlene  Dietrich/Charles  Boyer film share  a name.  Such  as?


289. Plus-or-minus-one, how  many werewolves appear in the  Albert  Finney  film WOLFEN?


290. In PEYTON  PLACE, what was the last  name  of the mother/daughter characters  who  dominate the  proceedings?  (They were  played by  Lana  Turner  &  Diane  Varsi).


291. The  trailer  for  2007's DEAD  SILENCE  begins with  the  playing  of one of the biggest  hit songs  of  the fifties. It  went to  #1 in 1959, and  was  sung by  (and written by) these people: Gretchen  Christopher, Barbara Ellis, & Gary  Troxel.  The famous song was  COME  SOFTLY  TO ME; what was  the  name  of their  group?


292. THE COWBOYS: When  John  Wayne  refuses  to hire  Bruce  Dern, it is part  of  a chain  of events which ends  with  various  people  not breathing  as  much  as they  used to. What  reason  does  Wayne give for  that  decision?


293. DEATHTRAP: Why does  Christopher Reeve  always  lock-up a certain  manuscript every  time  he  leaves  the room?


294. In what   Clint  Eastwood film does his cop-character  pursue a killer  through the  sexual  underworld of New  Orleans?*                                                                             *(A trip he doesn't  mind at all............).


295. This  film, in the beginning, presents  itself as an Angie Dickinson movie about extramarital cheating  in the big city.   But it quickly  changes, ejecting both Angie & that theme.  It becomes  a well-made, ominous, and violent thriller which you'll no doubt be  wanting to name.


296. For part  of  his  life,  Cary Grant  had  close  connections  with two  people  who were (A) cousins  of  each other, (B) women, (C)  both  named Hutton, & (D)  among the  dozen-or-so  wealthiest  people in America. Name  those socialite-chicks.


297. Our subject today is the film ANIMAL CRACKERS: Why is ANIMAL  CRACKERS called  ANIMAL  CRACKERS? That's  all we have  to ask about  ANIMAL  CRACKERS.


298. Real-life  couples  doing  movies  together will often  draw  the  derisive term "home  movies"; but  Goldie  Hawn & Kurt  Russell once  put together a comedy that  was  so sweet-natured  and  lovable that the critics almost all  avoided  the  HM-cheap shot.  We'll  name  their  key co-star (Edward  Herrmann), leaving  only the title  for  you  to name.


299. Tangier, Morocco  has been a key symbol  of Mediterranean exoticism for many centuries. A film called  TANGIER featured  two  forties-stars  whose very names also suggested the exotic.  Name  one of the two to impress  everyone  in  the room.


300.  If  we have any  self-restraint  or  willpower, we certainly  won't  use question-300  to talk about the film 300.  With  that in mind: In  the movie  300, Gerard  Butler  and  his  homeboys play  the  Spartans. Who are  their  adversaries?


ANSWERS 281-300:


281. Jack Black. Cameron Diaz.  Jude Law. Kate  Winslet.




283. Truman  Capote.


284. Cameron  directed ALIENS, which featured those very rude creatures that burst  out of people's  chests  entirely  without  their permission; they're called, informally, chestbursters(occasionally "chestbusters").  He also directed  TITANIC; its featured  song was "My Heart  Will Go On" by Celine  Dion,  who has been  known  to thump her chest when performing. 


285. Janet Blair  and  Janet  Leigh.


286.  Those  mini-scenes  explain how key  events  in  the film were  carried  out.


287.  "Art for  the sake of art"; meaning, art for its own sake without reference to outside factors like  commercial considerations. Yeah, that sounds  like the reason  Hollywood  makes  movies......




289. None. WOLFEN  was about  highly-evolved and very  intelligent urbanized  wolves, rather  than  werewolves.


290.  MacKenzie.


291. The  Fleetwoods, a legendary group who had what was  probably the greatest vocal-blend  of  the fifties. In their debut year of 1959, they topped  the Billboard  Hot 100 with both  "Come  Softly  To Me" & "Mr. Blue".


292. He could  not  tolerate  a liar.


293. Because  he  knows  that  Michael  Caine will be appalled  if he reads it (it  comes  dangerously close to confessing the murder  they  have  just committed).




295.  The  movie is  DRESSED  TO KILL.


296. Cary  was married to  Barbara  Hutton,  and he made  OPERATION  PETTICOAT with  Dina Merrill (a  sequel  to  that  successful movie was rumored, with the same cast returning; but  Grant  was  too  busy with  new projects, and so  there was no OP-2). The two women were first cousins, because they were the daughters of the Hutton-brothers of the E.F. Hutton brokerage firm; each had similar  wealth  on  their  mothers' side, since Merrill  was a Post (as in "Toasties")  heiress, while Hutton inherited Woolworth money. Merrill's real last name was of course Hutton; because her father (E.F. himself) felt that a Hollywood  career would  disgrace  their name, she  chose  as a stage-name one that featured the surname of EF's worst  enemy,  Charles  Merrill  of  Merrill  Lynch.


297. It's  called  ANIMAL  CRACKERS because Groucho plays a big-game hunter.


298. The  movie  is OVERBOARD.


299.  TANGIER starred   Sabu, and Maria  Montez.


300.  The  Persians.


QUESTIONS 301-320:


301. What  sport  does  Matthew Modine play  in  VISION  QUEST?


302. Number-five-alive  is the concept which dominates which  Ally  Sheedy movie?


303. The  1956 film BABY DOLL starred  Carroll  Baker, Eli Wallach, & Karl Malden.  Seven  years  later,  they  were reunited in a western.  Which  one?


304. In  what  Glenn  Ford/Debbie  Reynolds  movie does a gazebo  "star"?


305. What hit song plays  at the end of THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT  MARY?


306. Name  at  least  3 people with the first name "Carmen" who've  had something to do with films.


307. SHAFT was such a big hit that  sequels were  inevitable. Name  at least  one  of the two that eventually emerged.


308. In what  film did  Jack Warden play two brothers?


309.  It's about time people on  this website stopped ignoring  Baltimore: One movie  with  that city's  name in the title was about pool hustlers;  another was  built  around a former  child-star.   Names?


310. Would  you believe us if we said it's just a coincidence  that we're using question-310 to talk about 3:10 TO YUMA?  No, huh? Well, it was worth a try............The two versions  of the film were released a half-a-century apart. Christian Bale & Russell Crowe  starred in the 2007 version;   which two actors were the principal stars of the 1957 movie?


311. Janeane  Garofalo  playing  a girl  who knows  what  she  likes  to hear on the radio: "Can  you  turn this up, please? Please. You won't be sorry.  Thank you".  The  song  was  that reverent  hymn to the goddess Sharona  Alperin,  "My Sharona", by The  Knack. What was  the  movie?


312. Sissy  Spacek providing a disembodied voice. Which Steve  Martin film?


313. From  the  serious-actors-talking-about-each-other  files:  "When ___________ dies, we all move up one".  That's  Jack Nicholson talking about a longtime  Mulholland  Drive neighbor of his. Who?


314. Gary  Cooper and Burt Lancaster starred  in VERA CRUZ. To what does the title refer?


315. LUCAS is both  endearing(critics & audiences agreed on that) and enduring (it remains popular decades  after its release).  Who were the 3 key stars?


316. There's  a fairly good chance  that the numerals to the left add  up to ten, so let's consider  the movie  "10".  What piece of music did it re-popularize?


317. During  the  second  half  of the twentieth  century, the most famous disaster at sea  was the sinking  of the Andrea  Doria  in 1956.  Three people  with strong  ties  to the  movie industry survived the crash with the Stockholm.  Name one or two or three, depending on how  much  you  want  to  show off.


318. Hollywood and Vine  is perhaps  the  entertainment  industry's defining  intersection.  In 2003   it  was  semi-officially  named  after  a movie star.  Who would  that be?


319. The  year 1981  would  have  to  be called  a "mixed bag"  for a couple of  movie-pals:  One took office as President of the  United States;  the other (his best friend & best man at his wedding) died in a household  accident.  With  our usual generosity, we are going to assume  that you know which President & won't  ask  you to prove it; but  who was  his buddy?


320. Speaking of generosity (see  preceding entry),  we're going  to give you an answer right along with this next  question:  Did  Marilyn  Monroe do her own  singing in GENTLEMEN  PREFER BLONDES?  Sort of.  That true-but-wimpy  answer needs  some additional  content, so perhaps  you'll  provide it.


ANSWERS 301-320:


301. Wrestling.






304. How  about this one?: THE  GAZEBO.


305. "Build Me Up Buttercup".


306. Carmen  Miranda was a star  of  comedies and musicals decades  ago; Carmen Electra is a more  recent addition to the list of performers in films;  and Guy and  Carmen  Lombardo's hit "Charmain"  was  used  in  THE  GREEN 





308. USED  CARS.




310. Van Heflin  and  Glenn  Ford.






313.  He said "Marlon" (Brando).


314. Vera  Cruz (Veracruz is also acceptable) is the Mexican  city where the film's action takes place.


315.  Charlie  Sheen.  Kerri  Green.  Corey  Haim.


316. Ravel's  "Bolero".


317.  Actress  Ruth  Roman (Hitchcock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN).  Actress  Betsy Drake (the  Jayne  Mansfield  movie  WILL  SUCCESS  SPOIL  ROCK  HUNTER?).  Mike  Stoller, who co-wrote  the title songs for   3 of  the  first  4 Elvis  movies: LOVING YOU, JAILHOUSE ROCK, & KING CREOLE (he also  appeared in the  middle  film).


318. Bob Hope.


319. William  Holden.


320. Monroe  did most  of her  own singing, but not all.  Her  throaty  alto could  not reach the high notes, and so Marni Nixon dubbed  those (that blend  was  a masterpiece  of sound-editing).


QUESTIONS 321-340:


321. A hit movie  from 1940  was  SOUTH OF PAGO  PAGO, starring  Victor McLaglen, Jon Hall, and Frances  Farmer(whose  dramatic life is  covered elsewhere in these   Annals  Of  The  Universe).  We'll give  you the correct  pronunciation of that  place ("pongo pongo") if  you'll  tell  us  where  it's located.


322. 2001's  OCEAN'S  ELEVEN  starred Pitt/Clooney/Roberts.  Who was  the  female star  of  the 1960 version; and who were the male stars with the top-two billing?


323. Two  actresses  from  2010's  GET HIM TO  THE  GREEK got themselves  into THE OFFICE(as regulars) on NBC. Which  two?


324. What unique  form  of capital punishment  did THE MOLE PEOPLE practice?


325. What  actor  portrayed  THE  NAKED  PREY?


326. Here's an effective  way  to get  into trouble: The good  news was  that  Michelle  Johnson's scenes  involving nudity and sexual  activity with a much older man were  shot in the year  of her  18th  birthday; but  the bad news was that the film was shot in the first half of that year (1983) & her birthday  didn't  come  until the second half. We could say, to those  who don't like that, "picky, picky, picky....", but  we  won't, because  we don't  want critics smacking  us the way  other  critics  smacked  that movie over  those  events.  Since  there  was a ton  of  A-list  talent  associated with that film, we don't  think we're  out  of  line  in asking you to name it.


327. Admittedly, "Stewart  Granger"  as a stage-name was  perfect  for  Hollywood purposes; but  so  was  his real  name.  So why didn't he use it?


328. In  WHAT A WAY TO GO!, Shirley  MacLaine had five  husbands. Who were  the five  actors?


329. Who played the  #2 villain  in DIE  HARD?


330.Continuing  our villainous ways, who  was the male  lead  in  THE  VILLAIN?


331. Dignified  roles  for African-American performers in mainstream  Hollywood films were very hard  to find in the  1940s.  But over on  its  own  track, black cinema  was alive  & well & entertaining. A  hit  from  1948  was LOOK OUT SISTER, a comedy/musical/western.  Its all-black  ensemble  was led by a man who became a  very early (second year)  inductee  into  the Rock And  Roll  Hall   Of  Fame.  He  merited  that  honor  because  lots  of  listeners who hear his forties-hits think that they're hearing rock-and-roll, a decade  before  it  was  supposedly born in  the  mid-fifties. Who was  this  man?


332. "Final  Cut" by  Steven  Bach  gets  a lot  of votes as the  best book  about making  movies (other  contenders will  be  noted  later).  It's  not a guidebook on  how to make them; it's  the history  of  the  production of  one  in particular.  To  help  you  name it, here is a quotation that is  featured  prominently in the  book: "Then I  saw  that there was a way  to hell,  even  from  the  gates  of  heaven".  That's  from  John Bunyan's  1678  work  "Pilgrim's Progress", and now  the  ball's  in  your  court.


333. If the  Voice Of  Reason  ever comes  to life and starts  renting-out  lecture  halls so it can dispense wisdom to the public, among its first  bits  of  advice  would probably  be this  one:  "Stay  away  from  them-there teenage girls, pal".    The most  famous silent-star violated  that rule  constantly, and one  of  those events  destroyed  the  relationship  between the  definitive  playwright  of the  twentieth  century  and  his  daughter.   How many  of that  gang-of-three can you  name? (Addendum: No wiseguy  comments about  the word   "violated" will be allowed).


334. Director  Robert  Aldrich (THE DIRTY DOZEN) was a cousin  of a Vice-President  of the United  States.  Which one?


335. In the title THE  FAST AND  THE  FURIOUS: TOKYO  DRIFT,  what  does  "Tokyo  Drift" refer to? It COULD mean a snowbank in a certain  Japanese city; in fact,  go  ahead  &  try  that  as  your  answer.


336. A certain  film begins  with  the camera  panning  the  entire length  of a certain sex-symbol's body, as she's  lying  on the ground.  What movie?  (Few  noticed,  but  there might also be a parachute on the ground).


337.  When  it  was  True  Love Forever  between  Douglas  Fairbanks Sr. & Mary  Pickford,  Fairbanks  arranged  for  them to  eventually  be  stashed  in the film industry's favorite  resting  place, Hollywood  Memorial  Park (now Hollywood Forever  Cemetery).  When  true love died, he  had to name-a-replacement for her;  whom did he choose to join  him  for  the  Long  Haul?  (The  lack  of cryonics  back then  wasted a lot of people.....).


338.  Consider  these  words: ALICE   DOESN'T LIVE  HERE  ANYMORE.  Although  most  famous  as a film title,   those  words  also  drew  a lot  of attention when they were  displayed  for  a long  time on the  front  gates  of a home in the  hills high  above  Sunset  Boulevard.  What's  the  story?


339. On a couple  of  occasions, Kevin Costner  affirmed  his  affection for his "W"s---films starting  with that letter which were not as critically/commercially  successful as he would  have  liked, but which still  resonated with  him. Which  three-in-a-row  were those  movies?


340. During  Jerry  Lewis's  starring/directing/writing/producing   period,  on  one occasion   he also undertook the task of designing a spectacular 3-story set  for  one of his films.   In  the movie, he played  the  only male  inhabitant  of a women's hotel/club/dorm, a role  which  was  referenced in the movie's title. What  title  would  that be?


ANSWERS 321-340:

321. Pago Pago is the main  community on Tutuila, the key island  of American Samoa(in the western Pacific).


322. Angie  Dickinson. Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin.


323. Ellie  Kemper  &  Lindsey  Broad.


324. Living  far below  the  surface of the earth, THE  MOLE  PEOPLE don't need  sunlight. In fact, it is dangerous  to them, and  therein  lies their  choice  of capital punishment: They place the offender in a spot where rays of light from above come directly down, and that exposure is fatal.


325. Cornel  Wilde.


326. The  film  was  BLAME IT ON RIO. It starred  Michael  Caine & Demi Moore, and featured  the  always-solid Valerie Harper & Joseph  Bologna.  It was written by Larry Gelbart (TV's "M.A.S.H.") & directed  by Stanley  Donen (SINGIN' IN THE RAIN).


327. Because  his real  name  was James  Stewart.


328. Paul Newman. Robert Mitchum. Gene  Kelly. Dick Van Dyke. Dean  Martin.


329. Alexander Godunov.


330. Kirk  Douglas.


331.  Louis  Jordan, who  solidified his status  as a Great American by having  a hit record  with this  title: IS YOU IS OR IS  YOU  AIN'T  MY  BABY?




333. Charlie  Chaplin. Eugene O'Neill.  Oona  O'Neill.


334. Nelson Aldrich  Rockefeller.


335. "Tokyo Drift" is a technique  in which street-racers  use a controlled  skid as one of their stunts.


336. The film  was  FATHOM, starring  Raquel  Welch.


337. Douglas  Fairbanks  Jr.


338. Rock star  Alice  Cooper lived  in  that house  for a while & then moved out.  The new owners kept  being  plagued by fans trying to see Alice, so they posted  that sign.













QUESTIONS 341-360:

341. We  like  a fully  explanatory title: Who was the  female star  of DON'T TELL  MOM  THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD?


342. Impossibly  tame  today, in 1953  this  movie had  the Forces  For  Decency In The  Community looking  for guns  with  which  to kill  themselves.  It starred  William Holden, David  Niven, and  Maggie McNamara, and the subject  was  virginity. What movie  would  that be?


343. Life is  good: Being  married  and  serving  Elvis: Two married  couples appeared  in Presley films (all  separate appearances, no joint ones).  In one household's case, the films were  BLUE  HAWAII, KID  GALAHAD, & GIRL  HAPPY.  In the second  case, the  movies  were  FLAMING  STAR & HARUM SCARUM. Name an appropriate number of those four people (we're  so laid-back that we're going to let you define "appropriate".....).


344. When "Follies"  was revived  on Broadway in 2001, two  of its  key  stars  were  Blythe Danner and  Judith  Ivey.  Previously,  they  had appeared  as sisters in a well-known film about  family-life  in Brooklyn.  What  movie  would  that be?


345. What  prominent  model produced  a son named  "Rex  Harrison Lamar"?


346. If  an actor announces that Elvis isn't dead, he just went  home, what color suit is that actor wearing?


347. During  the  closing  credits of almost every film you've ever seen, these letters appear: I A T S E.  That could  be  some kind of Secret  Satanic Symbol; but in case it isn't, what else  might it be?


348. Most  movies  proceed in a linear fashion  toward a logical outcome.  They don't feature, in  other  words, a twist-ending.  Those are relatively  uncommon, and double-twist endings are even more so.  TRIPLE-twist finishes can hardly be purchased anywhere---but  DIGGSTOWN helpfully gave you one (are you  grateful?).  How many of those U-turns can you name?


349. During her years  at Princeton  University,  Brooke  Shields dated  a classmate who  later  gained  fame as an actor.  Who was  that  second  Princetonian?


350. What actress appeared in TALL IN THE SADDLE (with  John Wayne),  the  Preston Sturges classic  HAIL  THE CONQUERING HERO, and George  Sanders' favorite film-of-his, THE STRANGE AFFAIR  OF UNCLE HARRY*?                                 *Sometimes titled simply  UNCLE  HARRY.


351. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE: In thinking  about  this  Cary Grant comedy, let's call arsenic the dominant-solid; what would  the  dominant-liquid be?


352. During the glory-days of vaudeville and burlesque, stand-up comics would often preface a joke with the words "A funny thing happened on the way to the theater tonight........".  What film borrowed most of that phrase for use  in its title?


353. As the 1950s became  the  1960s, these two performers were  starring  in the  TV show  FIVE  FINGERS.  Later, they each co-starred in separate Bond films---she in  THUNDERBALL and he in  LICENSE  TO KILL.  We claim  that  naming  them would  be a  very good thing  to do.


354. This  horror-giant starred  in two unrelated  films called  THE  RAVEN, 3 decades apart. Which bird's-best-friend  would that be?


355. In  the 2011 & 2009 Sherlock Holmes  films, Jude  Law  portrayed Dr. Watson.  What  knighted  actor played  the  same  character  in 1988's WITHOUT A  CLUE?


356. One  of  George & Ira Gershwin's most  famous  songs supplied  the title for a well-received  drama starring Mimi Rogers  and  Tom  Berenger. What song/movie?


357. After  the Young  American Philosopher Harry Callahan  made  the  .44 magnum  movie-famous in 1971 (DIRTY HARRY), it  was  inevitable  that other  big-bore handguns would also draw the attention of filmmakers.  In 1977  the unique  mother/son team of Frances  Millard (producer) & Nick Millard (writer/director) named a film after another  high caliber toy.  What  movie was that?


358. Here  are 10 words:  "A primary  source  of  male fantasies  starting  in the fifties".  Here  are 2 words  that are synonymous with the 10: "Julie  Adams".  Since she costarred with such  Main Men  as James  Stewart & Charlton Heston & Elvis  Presley,  we think you'll be able to name some of her films.  To add  a little more specificity to the "some", let's  make it  2 films (taking  our cue from the 2-words bit above; any lip  and we'll make it 10-films-to-go-with-the-10-words).


359. The film  ICEBREAKER (2000) starred Sean Astin, Stacy Keach, Bruce  Campbell----and this guy: Most famous  for  his TV  work (DYNASTY, AS  THE  WORLD  TURNS), he was the son of a very famous disc jockey. Herb Oscar Anderson was a dominant force at what  was  arguably the most important rock station in America during R&R's first decade:  WABC  in New York(it reached about 30 states after dark, and its format was widely copied, coast to coast). What's the name of  HOA's  son?                Addendum:  Those  who  rudely yelled out "WLS in Chicago!"  at the linking of "most important rock station"  and  "WABC"  will be  rewarded elsewhere  in these Chronicles.


360. What did Leslie Hamilton do for the moviegoing  public in  1991?


ANSWERS 341-360:


341. Christina Applegate.




343. Barbara  Eden & Michael  Ansara were  once  married. He was  in HARUM SCARUM;   she  was in FLAMING  STAR. Joby  Baker & Joan  Blackman were  once married. She was in  both BLUE  HAWAII and KID GALAHAD; he  was in GIRL HAPPY. We now  return  you to non-marital programming.




345. Niki Taylor.


346.  Black (from the MEN IN BLACK films).


347. IATSE  is the abbreviation for the key union  covering film crews. Its full name  is the International Alliance  of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture  Machine Operators of the  United  States  and Canada.


348. It's never  too late (we  hope....) to say: Spoiler  Alert: (A) Bruce Dern tricks  Louis Gossett into fighting one-more-guy, even though Gossett thought  he was finished.  (B) That final/extra fighter is a ringer (a professional rather  than  one  of  the local amateurs).  (C) James Woods (Dern's adversary) has already  gotten-to  that ringer, who throws the fight so that the Woods/Gossett  team can prevail.


349.   Dean  Cain.


350. Ella  Raines.

351. Elderberry  wine(a fine  place  to  put  the arsenic, in  some circles).




353. Luciana  Paluzzi  was  in  THUNDERBALL; David  Hedison  was in  LICENSE TO KILL.


354.  Boris  Karloff.


355. Ben Kingsley.




357.  357 MAGNUM. (It's shocking how rude  we were, not to call  your attention to the number  of this  question).


358.  Key contenders would be: BEND  OF  THE  RIVER (with  Stewart), THE PRIVATE  WAR  OF MAJOR  BENSON(with  Heston), TICKLE ME (with Elvis), and the  ultimate  Creature Feature: THE CREATURE FROM  THE BLACK  LAGOON (in order to keep the purity-level around  here as high as the Forces For  Decency In The  Community would like, it is important not to think about her white  swimsuit....).


359. When you're a little  kid growing up in the early rock era, it's fun to have a dad  who's heard  daily on WABC Radio, the home (at various times) of Alan Freed (who essentially invented the profession of rock-DJ), Scott Muni (his invention would be rock-on-the-FM-dial), and Bruce Morrow (who  invented.........Cousin Brucie).  That kid, whose interest in show business   was  fueled by that early environment, grew up to be actor John James.


360.  She  supported  her  real-life   identical twin Linda Hamilton  in TERMINATOR 2, by portraying  a  second version  of  Sarah  Connor.


QUESTIONS 361-380:


361. Among  the  nostalgic  crowd, one  of the  best-remembered TV-movies  is  BRING  ME THE HEAD  OF  DOBIE GILLIS (1988).  What  previous  title did  they  cannibalize to come up with that one?


362.  It's  always  good to compliment someone who plays  no  favorites: One of Rosalind Russell's 1962 films featured Natalie Wood,  and the other co-starred  her  sister  Lana.  We  were thinking  of accepting  just  one of the titles for full credit----but  that would be playing favorites, so  we'll need  both.


363.  In  what  2007  film did an actress   plunge  into the most famous rock-&-roll dance of them all, The Twist?


364. Nobody  ever said the movie  industry can't  count: When the gross & the net on THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN  were counted, a sequel became  inevitable. Its own success generated further entries  in the series. What was it called?


365.  In 2011's LIMITLESS,  the heroine chooses  an unusual weapon in defending herself against  an attacker. The weapon is a child.  No, the kid's not a shield or a hostage; we're  talking an attack-weapon. Explain.


366. Being  as  reader-friendly &  lovable  as  we always are, we'd like to give you a question & then  answer it for you (thereby preserving your  neurons for other purposes): Question: Who was  top-billed in THE  MAN WHO  SHOT  LIBERTY VALANCE, John Wayne  or  James  Stewart?  Answer: Both. Do you happen  to be able to explain that   answer?


367.  In the opening  credits of  THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER, that beastie swims across  the  screen. What stroke  is  the animal  doing?    Addendum: For the benefit of any crybabies who claim that's a hard question, here's an undeserved  clue: It's the stroke that visually seems  to be the laziest-&-easiest of the main ones.


368.  In case you ever want to go there, it's an easy address  to remember (10101 Wilshire Boulevard), and an easy location  to physically locate (it's  right  about where Los  Angeles  and  Beverly Hills  crash  into  each  other). It's the Los  Angeles  Country  Club, and when this particular celebrity  arrived there, the news was not good ("The Gypsy Cried.....", in the words of an old rock song).  He was told  that he could not join, because he was an actor.  This guy, who was best known for Biblical-muscleman roles, responded to the word "actor"  by asking if they'd ever actually seen   any of his pictures.  Who might that be?


369.  Near the beginning of 2004's  ETERNAL  SUNSHINE  OF  THE  SPOTLESS  MIND, Jim Carrey is shown near the ocean on a winter's day.  Since the location  is named  in the film, no doubt you'll be wanting  to  do your own naming, right here.


370. When  the  well-known horror-enthusiast William Malone directed a remake  of one of Vincent  Price's most famous  films, he had a good cast working under  his direction:Geoffrey Rush, Peter  Gallagher, Taye  Diggs, Famke  Janssen, Ali Larter, and Peter  Graves (as himself). What Malone/Price remake would  that be?


371.BEACHES. Bette Midler's character. Junior version. Actress?


372. What Hollywood  honor was informally  called the Walter Brennan Award for a while?


373. Gene Hackman asks someone how she happened  to get together with her current SO.*  She replies that, of the locals, he was the only one who got nicer  as he got drunker.  What film?                           *Significant Other.


374. "You are, by any standard, perfect".  In what  2004 film are those  words  spoken to a being who is (A) a significant  monster, & (B) currently  presenting herself in the form of a naked, voluptuous  blonde?


375. A 1996  film  with a predominantly African-American  cast  features  a beach as a key location  and has "Beach" in the title.  What movie?


376. Here's a good cast: Jim Caviezel(THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST);  Elisabeth Rohm (a key inhabitant of the "Law And Order" universe);  Harold Perrineau (TV's "Oz"); James Frain (the "True Blood" TV series); and Diora Baird (one of the most-photographed women* of the early-twenty-first-century, she  later evolved into a talented  actress).  What 2012 film features  those performers?                                                                   *(Many of those shots  were taken by Stephanie Vovas, who has the best "eye" of her generation).


377.  The suburbanite-boys thinking they can negotiate  with the hard-boys.  While the ending  of that process is entirely predictable, sometimes  the getting-there can be entertaining. It  was once when Hart Bochner tried it, and also when Jeremy Piven  attempted it in a separate film. Which movies?


378. The first  feature film to be produced by Walt Disney personally was SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. What was the last?


379.  When Oprah Winfrey told people what she thought of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, were her views essentially: (A) We need that.  (B) I'm not having that.  (C) I'm conflicted  about that.?


380. Almost  every major movie-comedy-team has dipped  its toes into the  horror-comedy pool(Abbott & Costello spent so much time in there that  their skin got all wrinkled).  What did Laurel & Hardy call their  entry into the spooky-sweepstakes?


ANSWERS 361-380:




362. Natalie: GYPSY.  Lana: FIVE  FINGER  EXERCISE.


363. SPIDERMAN 3.  The Twisting Queen: Kirsten Dunst.




365.  She swings a child wearing ice-skates in such a way that the blades are at face-level on her opponent.  Johnson & Johnson had to put on an extra factory-shift to produce the number of Band-Aids  required.


366.  Stewart  was top-billed  in the poster-art; Wayne  took that position in the opening credits.


367. The backstroke.


368. Victor  Mature was the victim of the anti-show-business bias which often  showed itself in Old  L.A. Money circles.


369.  Montauk, New York, out at the eastern end of Long Island.


370. William Malone  directed that fine cast in the remake of HOUSE ON HAUNTED  HILL. (Malone is also  well-known  for the  legendary  "Fair-Haired  Child"  episode of  "Masters Of  Horror").


371. The soon-to-be-Blossom Mayim Bialik. 


372. The Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, since Brennan won 3 out of the first 5 given  in that  category.








376. That cast  was having  catered lunches together during the filming of the action-movie TRANSIT.


377. Bochner: DIE HARD.  Piven: JUDGEMENT NIGHT.




379.  In view  of the  fact that she walked out  in the middle of it, we probably don't need to quibble about letters of the  alphabet.





QUESTIONS 381-400:

381. For several decades, the most famous cartoon in American newspapers was "Li'l  Abner".  Creator Al Capp patterned the  title character on a Henry Fonda character in a 1930s film famous for showing  what the then-new Technicolor process could do for outdoor scenery. What movie?


382. Consider  the 5 seasons  in which the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders went to the Super Bowl under Al Davis.  The  middle one of those seasons (1980) completely broke the heart of a well-known actress. As the young  Cuban-American linguist Ricky Ricardo used to say: "Splain" that to us.


383. A certain  2009  film didn't produce huge box-office  results, but in the eyes of many critics and fans it did produce: Justice, because  it advanced the  career of Kat Dennings, who turned in an affecting(and effective) performance as a street-girl  who may or may not want to be rescued from that life. What movie is that?


384. Let's  focus on the Talented Thespian Thora, and in particular the very-well-received Birch-performance in AMERICAN  BEAUTY.  Let's also focus  on Important Months In U.S. History: In March 2000 she turned 18.  In December 1998/January 1999/February 1999, AMERICAN BEAUTY was filmed, and that film included a topless  sequence  for  TB.  That 16-year-old partial nudity  offended  the letters-to-the-editor crowd, and soon they were writing in & doing what we like to call "whatthehelling".  Their implied question of course was: Isn't there some rule against toplessness  for under-18 actresses? What is YOUR answer to that question?


385. Were  any actors billed  above-the-title in  DELIVERANCE?


386.  David  Niven's  goofball-comedy  THE  IMPOSSIBLE  YEARS provides a direct  link between Cristina  Ferrare & Ozzie Nelson,  because  they  both co-starred in it.   But a more challenging  link (and a more circuitous one) is provided  by  their  personal  lives  rather  than their professional lives. Get back to us when you have  something  to report.


387. In a certain film*, Bob Hope goes  to Cuba.  He has one female associate & one male to help him get into trouble. Paulette Goddard was the former; the latter was one of the busiest African-American actors  of his generation. Who would that be?         *(Naming it right now would constitute  too big of a hint).


388. As  the 4 key  members  of  THE  WILD  BUNCH walk toward the camera (and toward the  final  confrontation), how were they lined up, left to right? (Actors, not characters).




390. If all  the  lines  of dialogue spoken  in film history  were to  be sub-categorized   based upon the number of words in the line, this example would probably stand  as the most dramatic* group-of-4-words: "What's  in  the box?"    What movie?                    * (With the drama-quotient based on the line's context in the film rather than on the four words themselves).


391. Speaking (#390) of lines of dialogue  gaining heightened importance through their context  within  a screenplay: The deservedly busy  actress Tracy Middendorf spoke one of the most romantic lines in movie history, and it consisted of just one word:  "Ditto".   Tell us about  that.


392. Why should moviegoers  care about the mythological creature Pegasus?


393. Imitation  is  the  sincerest form of..............something.  OK,OK, flattery-humor  aside, we'd like you to imitate  someone  who knows  the answer to this question:  What movie features  voice-god  Paul Frees imitating  Chill Wills  imitating  the voice of a mule?


394. When  Fox had CinemaScope, what widescreen  process  did Paramount have?


395.  When your lowbrow   friends  refuse  to read the classics and ask (in a lowbrow tone) what-did-Shakespeare-ever-do-for-us?, tell them he provided  a title  for a well-reviewed  Joanne  Woodward film. Which one?



396.  David Letterman ridiculing  Chris Elliott.  What oceanic film?


397.  Martin Sheen's  character is  lusting  after  the  underage body of Jodie  Foster's character.*  What  movie?                                              *In an early, internal version  of  this question, we may have forgotten to use the word "character" .  This caused  one of our attorneys (the libel lawyer) to quit  immediately; a second  had  to take between 4 and 7 Valiums; and the third  just keeps staring at the original version  and muttering  softly to himself.  Some people  are so  sensitive.............


398. REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE:  That film  eventually  helped-out a later, more  famous  one.  When visuals of a  younger version  of Marlon  Brando  were needed for the second movie,  R.I.A.G.E. became  the  source.  What was the later  film? 


399.  We'd like to  Court your goodwill  by allowing you to have the fun involved  in  answering  this   question:  Of the following  British-or-Australian female  humans,  which if any had significant  film/TV  careers?: Helen Court; Hazel  Court;  Margaret  Court.


400.  This  film was the one that put writer/director  Francois Truffaut on the map internationally.  Its release to rave reviews in 1959 also drew renewed worldwide attention to French cinema in general. Its quasi-autobiographial subject  matter  deals with the  life of  a  French schoolchild.  What movie?



ANSWERS 381-400:



382. Actress  Patricia Breslin  starred in both thrillers (HOMICIDAL; I SAW WHAT YOU DID) and lighter fare  (ANDY  HARDY  COMES HOME; GO MAN GO---the story of the Harlem Globetrotters).  In addition to appearing  in  feature  films like  those, she also compiled a massive  resume of 200-or-so appearances  in episodic  television.  By 1980 she had retired  and  was  the  wife  of Cleveland  Browns owner  Art Modell. As a key Raiders/Browns playoff  game neared its end,  all Cleveland had to do to win was kick a short field  goal.  Instead, they passed  into the end-zone.  Raiders  safety Mike Davis ignored  the receiver  and drove on the ball, intercepting it cleanly  to preserve the Raiders victory on the way to a Super Bowl win.  Like a lot of other Browns fans, Pat & Art just stared  blankly at the field for a very long time before  finally  leaving.


383. DEFENDOR, starring  Woody Harrelson, whose performance  was also  well-received. 


384(With answer-thanks to the published writings of Roger Ebert, who did some independent research on this subject when  AB was released).  Prefatory note in the form of a disclaimer: The rules outlined below seem to have been correct in the late 1990s and early 2000s(thus covering Thora's case), but we have no idea if they are current and up-to-date. In other words, don't-be-calling-us from beautiful and exotic 441 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles (the Men's  Central Jail) to complain that wiseguys in Sacramento changed the rules, resulting in your current  plight (and location....). Instead, call (ahead of time) law firms with 90210 in their addresses and look into the current state of the law, if contemplating  this kind of filming. Now, the AB-period rules: (A) There  was no general prohibition of under-18 toplessness.  (B)  If such a scene was being planned,  the parents  and California state child-labor  authorities had to approve it in advance.  (C) Similarly, a state representative and  the parents had to be present for  the shoot..................................................Addendum: Since 95%+ of  US films have their  principal  photography shot in California, we have discussed that state in  the  preceding  analysis.  We don't know  WHAT  the rules might be, or ever have been, when shooting a scene at a rural crossroads 23 miles southeast  of  Indianola, Mississippi.  All we're  sure  of is that we don't  want to get your collect  phone call  from the Sunflower County Jail either  (unless  it's  to talk about  the cafeteria's Lasagna-Thursdays, which of course  are  legendary).


385. Ronny  Cox  and  Ned  Beatty  were newcomers, so they were not contenders for  above-the-title  status. That left  Burt  Reynolds  and  Jon Voight.  BR's credit-list was much  longer than JV's, but the latter  was "hot" when the contracts  were signed in 1971, coming off both MIDNIGHT  COWBOY  and  CATCH-22. Voight's current status  in the  industry prevailed:  Voight. Reynolds. Title.


386. Ozzie Nelson's  younger son was singer Ricky Nelson; Ricky Nelson was married to Kris Harmon; Kris was the daughter of football star Tom Harmon & actress  Elise  Knox; their other daughter  was Kelly  Harmon; Kelly Harmon at one time was married to automaker  John DeLorean; and at one time DeLorean was married to Cristina  Ferrare. (We're pretty sure those were two different "time"s---but keep an eye on any  media event with "sister wives" in the title to be sure).


387. In THE GHOST  BREAKERS, Bob Hope's associate-and-rescuer was the legendary Willie Best.  When asked  by a Los  Angeles  NAACP  official why he often accepted parts which were subservient in nature, he replied: When more  diverse  parts came along he was prepared  to jump right on them---but in the meantime he had a mortgage to pay.


388. Ben Johnson; Warren  Oates; William Holden; Ernest  Borgnine.


389. A creative  thinker (Victor Moore) coordinated his schedule with that of a wealthy  family, without  their knowledge: When they closed up their mansion to spend winter  in the South, he secretly moved in and made the joint his own.


390. SEVEN.  As we all know, it's  always good to let pop-culture guide  your entire life.  If Morgan Freeman's character had just let Elvis songs be  his guide, he would have just written  "Return To  Sender" on that thing and sent it back unopened, thereby making the film's ending significantly less noisy.


391.  In JUST ADD  WATER from 2008,  almost all the non-crazy  people have deserted  the small town of Trona.  The mystery is why  Dylan Walsh  and Tracy Middendorf  have not. (They are not related or in a relationship). When Walsh finally  admits to her that he only stayed  because she was there, she hits him with the ditto-of-romance.


392. That creature   dominates  the  opening logo of the  TriStar  studio.


393.  FRANCIS  IN THE  HAUNTED  HOUSE. Paul Frees* had  recently  replaced   Chill Wills as the voice of Francis The Talking  Mule in that long-running series  of films.  So, out of his bag of endless voices, Frees yanked  one that stayed  pretty close to Wills-territory.                           *The voice of (among hundreds of  other credits) Inspector   Fenwick on  "Dudley Do-Right",  Boris Badenov  on "The Rocky & Bullwinkle  Show", and key characters in both the "Haunted  Mansion" & "Pirates  of the Caribbean" attractions at  Disneyland (& WDW).


394. VistaVision.


395. THE SOUND AND THE  FURY.   Shakespeare used the words "......sound and fury, signifying  nothing".  William  Faulkner went  with  "The  Sound And  The Fury" as the title of his novel; and Hollywood  kept his version.


396. CABIN  BOY.  Addendum: No one  was  ridiculing Melora  Walters, who was even more  adorable here than usual.*                  *We're not accepting  phone-calls  from Pasadena right now, because we're  afraid  that Cal Tech mathematicians might  bug us about this point: The word  "more " might  be objected to,  since her previous level of adorability was already infinitely  high..........






399. Hazel Court; perhaps her best-known American film was THE RAVEN(1963),  a horror film starring  Price/Karloff/Lorre/Nicholson. Margaret Court's fame was won on the  tennis court.  Helen Court  was  the  lead singer for Fancy, who had a big hit with their remake of "Wild  Thing".*                                                                      *Parental Advisory: No one on Earth is old enough to listen to her lead vocal on that song. It's not the lyrics (hers  are  the same as in the original by The Troggs);  it's her sexualized delivery  of  those lyrics, accompanied by   Miscellaneous Moans.......


400.  THE 400  BLOWS.  Later, when we have  some  spare  time,  we're going to decide if we're proud, or  ashamed, of having  linked  this particular  subject-matter  to  this  particular  question-number...............



QUESTIONS 401-420:

401. If anyone  tries to make us choose  the definitive actor of the twentieth century, we're going  to call  our  union steward and have him back  us up on this point: That's not our job.  However,  we will admit that this lad is a contender for that honor:He speaks, in one of his best-known films, two words in a tone of sincere confusion:  "  'BECOME'  English?".  Those  words were in reponse to another speaker's aspirations to leave his Mediterranean roots  behind and become-you-know-what.  That concept of course conflicts with the  two-word-speaker's  theory, which can be summarized as: You either are or you aren't,  pal---you can't  become-it.  We're  gonna  let  you  take  a shot at this question whether  you're  English  or not: Name  the  legendary actor  or  the movie.


402.  As she  prepares  to close-forever the door  to an infamous dungeon/torture-chamber, an actress announces  that  no one will  ever enter that room again.  That is very bad news for someone else.  She is elsewhere  in the chamber, and she cannot call out to save herself because  she has been bound and gagged earlier in the proceedings. Those closing the door  are unaware of her presence, and as the import of the never-enter-again announcement sinks in, the camera shows: First, the horrified gagged-face of the second actress; and then, the eyes-only as her fate sinks in. They are not happy eyes.  What horror-movie?


403. The boy tells  the girl that she looks good, wearing his  future. That thought, expressed just  before the closing  credits roll, is from a well-known comedy/drama featuring that most  dangerous  of all ethnic groups: Teenagers. What  movie?


404.  Talk about product-placement: This company not only got  its name into the title of a  major  motion picture, it (A) got it there twice, and (B)  was pleased to see that the title consisted of ONLY of its-name-twice. What movie?


405. In an article in the fall of 1960, VARIETY used the expression "the Big 4". By that they meant the 4 dominant film stars at the moment(& over the last few years). Within a mere 21 months, only one remained alive. There  were some protests from  the Wayne-crowd  & the Grant-crowd  & the Stewart-crowd, because they didn't quite make the cut. Those listed were  Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper---and the sole survivor. Who was that?


406. Because  Tyrone Power starred  in THE MARK  OF ZORRO, he probably knew the meaning  of that Z-word. Do you?


407.  We  like  numerical  symmetry: This child  was  10-in-'10   when she signed*  to do  DON'T  BE AFRAID  OF  THE  DARK.  When young  Bailee Madison was threatened by Featured  Creatures in the film, she used a common household object to distract them and buy time.  What object?                                                                 *OK, OK, her parents signed.  This bigotry against little children  binding themselves  contractually is one of the last remaining socially acceptable  prejudices, and it probably has to stop.  Probably.


408. Sidney Poitier  did two  sequels  to  IN  THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.  Naming at least  one of them is our current  definition of impressiveness.


409. The A-S-ending is prized in some circles, so tell us what you can about WAMPAS, CALABASAS & AMPAS.


410. The aunt: Nanette  Fabray (THE BAND WAGON).  The niece: Shelley Fabares (CLAMBAKE). Is the real family name the aunt's version, the niece's version, or some third  alternative?


411. Forget the Brat  Pack. What matters  here  is  the  Jack Pack: Three of them co-starred in DAYS OF WINE  AND ROSES.   You decide  how many you should name to maintain  your  social standing and continue  to  be  invited  to all the best parties.


412. Sometimes a single photo  can  come  to symbolize an entire  historical  era.  Consider  this one: An enthusiastically topless (although artfully posed)  picture of  actress  Grace Bradley.  That level of  visual  candor  would soon  be snuffed  out and not return for 4 decades.  The era she symbolizes  was  the early 30s in the movie business, a time usually  called  "____-_____ Hollywood".  Perhaps  you  would  fill in those two blanks.    (We  don't expect  much  of a  response  from male  readers, who  presumably  will refuse  to take  their minds  off  Grace herself----especially  since we're  now going to mention this: An additional motif  in that photo can best  be described  by using  this  technical term: Naked-thighs-til-I-dies-guys).


413. What a well-connected  short story:  Philip K. Dick's  "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" was published in 1966, and it has links to  film-projects both forward and backward in time. The title was a variation on the title of both a 1951 Susan Hayward movie and a 1962 Broadway show(same title); and the story was the source material for both a 1990 film  and its 2012 remake (those two shared a title, one different  from that shared by the first two).  Philip K. Dick is no longer around  to thank  you, but WE will if you  can name a couple  of  those  projects.


414. THE  MALTESE  FALCON is one of the most famous film-titles of the 1900s.  In this and every other context, what is  the meaning of the word  "Maltese"?


415. Forget the Final Four, all you college-basketball fans; we want to analyze the Final Two: In 1962 they were the last two contenders for a famous sex-symbol role; and then a year later they starred together  in a Sinatra vehicle.  Naming  both of them would show that you're a helpful person.


416.  Johnny Carson talking about funny people; and Carl Reiner  saying the funniest  people he  knows are Mel Brooks and a little kid named  Albert Einstein.  We're  pretty sure  we know who Mel Brooks is; but who's that other sportsman?


417. What  film/TV/Broadway  star  titled  her  autobiography "Call Me  Anna"?


418. Although they were a full generation apart  in age, two  of  the key stars  of A SUMMER PLACE died within a few days of each other  in 2001.  Which  two?


419.  AWAY ALL  BOATS may have starred  Jeff  Chandler, but  for The  Loincloth Crowd,*  looking back at that film reveals two actors who portrayed Tarzan at various times  in their  careers.  Which two actors?................................*(We're pretty sure that's their exact Yellow Pages Listing. Pretty sure....).


420. ______   ________ ________ _________ DANGEROUSLY. ________ DANGEROUSLY. Clearly,  we would all  be living  dangerously if we didn't fill in those two  film-title-blanks.



ANSWERS 401-420:

401. The speaker  was Laurence  Olivier,  in SLEUTH.






404.  BOEING BOEING, starring Jerry Lewis and Tony  Curtis.


405. Elizabeth  Taylor.


406. "Zorro"  is  Spanish  for "fox".


407. She blasted them with the glare from her flash camera.


408. THE ORGANIZATION.  THEY CALL ME MISTER TIBBS! (We would've called that last one "They call me Mister Tibbs,  Chump!"---but that just proves that SP & United Artists were more genteel than the rowdy crowd around here).


 409. WAMPAS  was the Western Association of Motion Picture AdvertiserS; their claim  to   fame was the annual naming   of "Baby Stars"--starlets  thought to be  on the verge of becoming stars.  Calabasas is a Los Angeles  community near the southwestern corner  of the San Fernando Valley; in roughly the two decades  surrounding the year 2000, it grew  into a favorite residential   location for show business types---its  appeal being  a combination of (A) a   pleasant quasi-rural environment   and (B) easy freeway access to the film/tv studios of both The Valley and (over the Santa Monica  Mountains) the Basin, as well  as recording  studios in both places.  We're not sure what  AMPAS is, but there's a rumor that they sometimes give out some sort of awards. Have  you heard  about that?


410.  Today's winner is:  Fabares.


411.  Jack Klugman. Jack Albertson. Jack Riley.


412. Tuesday,  September 21st, 2010 was  one of those mostly-sun-but-some- clouds  days  that are common along the  Orange County  coastline.  When  a Dana  Point resident  died  there  on that day, it happened  to be her 97th  birthday.  Grace Bradley had been popular  with the  kiddie-crowd for decades, because she made more than a thousand personal appearances  promoting the films and TV- shows of her husband William Boyd, who portrayed  Hopalong  Cassidy.  But  at the very beginning of her career,  her fans were not kiddies.  That was the era usually called  "Pre-Code  Hollywood", when the already existing Production  Code  was not yet being  actively  enforced.  Quasi-nude photos of Grace   were the kinds  of things that would not be repeated later  in the  1930s, when the Code  eliminated  such  visuals.


413. The Hayward  and  Broadway titles were both I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE.  The 1990 and 2012 films were both titled  TOTAL  RECALL. The latter two used PKD's subject matter; the former two provided only title-inspiration for his short story.


414. It's an  adjective  meaning:  Relating  to the island-country of Malta,  in the Mediterranean.


415. Anita Ekberg  & Ursula Andress.


416. Albert Brooks. As a smart  boy, he knew that if you try to become a success in show business  using your real name of  Albert  Einstein, you're going to confuse people; so AB it became.


417. Patty  Duke.


418. Dorothy McGuire (9/13/01) & Troy  Donahue (9/2/01).


419. Jock Mahoney & Lex Barker.





QUESTIONS 421-440:


421. What  important  project  were  the Vince Vaughn & Jennifer  Aniston characters  working on in their  2006 film? (Let the title  be your guide).


422. How many  movies  could there  be  about  a  dancing caterpillar?  Probably  only one, so you know  what to do.


423. One  of  the  classic  Southern California  stretches of sand is Leo Carrillo Beach.  What's the movie connection?


424. Since  we  like  to  give the  under-utilized letter  "Z"  a good  cardiovascular  workout  from  time  to time: Name at least one star  of  ZABRISKIE  POINT.  Name  at least  one film featuring  Grace  Zabriskie.


425. Here's a term from the world of cinematography: "Day For Night" (often shortened to "DFN").  What can  you tell us  about  that term?


426. Consider  these  letters: YNELITTA.  They make  up the commonly used abbreviation for the title of the best-selling  inside-Hollywood book of them all.  It was written by Julia Phillips, producer of three of the most famous films of the sound era: THE STING; CLOSE  ENCOUNTERS  OF  THE  THIRD KIND; &  TAXI  DRIVER.  What is that book's un-abbreviated  title?


427. Any  number  of analysts  have  noted  that  Mena  Suvari  unites  SPUN  and  AMERICAN BEAUTY.  But another actress also does. Who?


428.  Why  is the Denzel Washington/Gene Hackman  film CRIMSON TIDE called that?


429. She was a size 6, so of course they called her the fat girl. What movie?


430. Cid Ricketts  Sumner was a smalltown southern girl herself, so her novels usually  featured that kind of main character. Three of her most famous books were turned  into films.  One was a  well-known signature-role for Debbie Reynolds. Another was  a key part of Sandra Dee's period of stardom.  The third was a pioneering  racial drama.  Naming at least  one  of those movies would show good southern (or northern, or east-central....) hospitality.


431. Just a few miles and a few days apart, these two actors died in 1985: Rock Hudson & Mickey Simpson. What famous film scene links  them?


432. Near the beginning of 2006's  BASIC  INSTINCT 2, why is Sharon  Stone's character  having  such a hard time concentrating on her driving?


433. The  Robert  Vaughn  horror/comedy TRANSYLVANIA  TWIST has something in common with one of the most famous TV game shows, "The Newlywed  Game".  What?


434. Is BAMBI  a boy or a girl?


435. Some male-humans avoid  CRIMES  OF THE  HEART because  it has "Chick Flick"*  written on it so clearly that it might as well be rated  "CF"  instead of the PG-13 rating  it received.  That  avoidance robs them of the chance to see four of the strongest performances of the 1980s,  by actresses  with these  initials: DK; SS; JL; and TH. Naming two of the four  is probably  something  you're eager to do...........................*As is always the case herein, we're using that term in a neutral way.


436. James Dean's  reputation rests on just three  films in which he starred: EAST OF EDEN; REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE; GIANT.   Was he top-billed in any of them?


437. We claim this is a good introductory  line at any social occasion short of Sunday School: "What are you doing  after the Orgy?"  Character actor Jim Buckus admired it also  and used it as the title of his memoirs. The line is one that he spoke in one of his films, a mildly  controversial  entry from 1965. What film?


438. In THE MAN WHO WOULD  BE  KING, Sean Connery's  character comes  to a bad end.  What is the precise nature  of that  "end"?


439.  In the early  2000s,  when  analyzing  his career, actor  Hugh  O'Brian expressed  particular pride  in his  role in  1976's THE SHOOTIST---pride  based upon an historical factor.  Details, please.


440. How did a Hollywood-urchin  happen to be named  Leslie  Howard  Bogart?






ANSWERS 421-440:

421.  They were working on  THE BREAK-UP.


422. The film was ONCE UPON A TIME, starring  Cary Grant.


423.  Leo Carrillo starred  as Pancho, the sidekick of  The Cisco Kid, in films & on television.  In appreciation  for his efforts in the field of historical  preservation, that beach was named  for him.


424. The key stars of  ZABRISKIE  POINT  were: Mark Frechette/Daria Halprin/Rod Taylor/Paul Fix/G.D. Spradlin.   Significant Grace Zabriskie films: WILD AT HEART; NORMA RAE; AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN;   DRUGSTORE COWBOY;  MY OWN PRIVATE  IDAHO; ARMAGEDDON.


425. DFN means  "Day For Night", which in turn means  this: Actual darkness does not produce enough light for the filmmaking process to work. So, nighttime scenes are shot in the daytime, with dark  filters producing  the necessary dimming.


426.  From the silent era on, producers (when mad at someone) have been known to say: "You'll  never work in this town again!".  Julia  Phillips crammed  that together  with the  phrase "Take a lunch"*  and  came up with "You'll Never Eat Lunch In This  Town Again".                                          *Meaning to discuss film-business at lunch.


427. Chloe  Hunter.  She co-starred  in SPUN, and she provided the abdomen-of-the-century  for AMERICAN  BEAUTY's poster-art.


428. CRIMSON  TIDE  has a double meaning: Their boat is the  U.S.S. Alabama, & the Alabama football team is famously called  the  Crimson Tide; and  if things in the story go in a certain direction, there could soon be plenty of blood-on-the-water (and the land  as well).




430. Her book  "Tammy Out Of Time" was filmed as TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR, starring  Debbie  Reynolds.  TAMMY TELL ME TRUE (Sandra Dee) was filmed under that title.  "Quality" was filmed  as PINKY, starring Jeanne Crain as a young light-skinned  black woman passing for white.


431. Simpson famously  beat-up Hudson toward the  end  of  GIANT.


432. Her companion  in the passenger seat was manipulating her to orgasm with his fingers, completely ignoring  the strict safe-driving rules* promulgated  by the National Safety Council...............................*We were about  to say  "explicit"-safe-driving-rules, but, uh...........................

433. The  movie  featured  a parody called "The NewlyDead Game".


434. Because "Bambi" is a girl's name in the human-world,   people got confused:  An old survey once showed that the public (by about a 2-1 ratio) thought that  the  dear-deer-creature was a girl too.  But as with Mark Twain  saying that  reports  of his death were  greatly  exaggerated, Bambi  would no doubt say the same thing about reports of his femininity.


435. Diane  Keaton. Sissy Spacek.  Jessica  Lange.  Tess  Harper.


436. James  Dean  was  top-billed only in   REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. In EAST OF EDEN, the much better known Julie Harris  was billed  above him; and in GIANT he was preceded by both Elizabeth Taylor & Rock Hudson.


437. JOHN GOLDFARB, PLEASE  COME HOME!   (The controversy arose because of Notre Dame's  objections    to some  of the  movie's content.)


438.  He is made to stand  in the middle of a mountain-to-mountain rope bridge, while the locals slowly cut the supports away, until he falls  to  his  death.


439. He was  the last person  to be shot onscreen by  John  Wayne.


440.  Bogart  bestowed the name out of gratitude to Howard, who had  insisted  that Bogart be cast in the film version  of  THE  PETRIFIED FOREST, which kicked  off  the star-portion of his career.




QUESTIONS 441-460:

441.  We seem  to have forgotten the first two words  in the title of this well-known Hollywood  biography: "________ _________: From Mayberry To The Moon---And  Beyond".  Can you help us out?


442.  Presenting  the  famous tag-team  acting duo of Shirley & Stella. In 1963 the subject on their mind  was courtship; and  in 1965 it was a  secret. Could  you  add  some  specificity?


443.  FROGS.  What about  'em?


444.  The nice  symmetry of 10/10  (October tenth)*  was, unfortunately, matched by some sad symmetry on the health-front.  One death in Hollywood & one in NYC that day robbed the movie world of these guys: (A)  Perhaps  the most famous  actor/director;  and  (B) an actor famous for playing the same part  thousands of times in various media (and one who correctly pointed out that he possessed wide-ranging  talents which were often hidden by all that type-casting).  When that Thursday ended, who were  the missing?................................................................*1985.


445. One  of  the most  famous  and controversial books about the movie industry, it featured (A) a title which helpfully told you what you were getting into ahead of time; and  (B)  many pages  in which the narrative-&-photographic  focus could  best be described  using the  (created  just now)SOD-acronym: Sprawled Out Dead.  Here you see the title, SOI (Sprawled  Out  Incompletely):  "Hollywood  ________". Don't leave  us  hanging.


446. In the 2012 film  THE THREE  STOOGES, who played  those misbehaving boys?


447. This actress's  autobiography was  called  "By Myself", a reference  to the death of her (famous)husband when she was  still  in her  early  30s.  What's her name?


448.  _____ _____: MEN IN TIGHTS.  (A) Is that a trend? (B) Can the Fashion Police stop it? (C) What are the missing  words?


449.  When Rudy Vallee & Robert Morse were filming an episode of Rod Serling's  TV show "Night  Gallery", they spent their  breaks   talking about a very famous musical film they had done together.  It's fairly clear that they remembered the name of it---but do you?


450. In item #248 of these Annals Of The Universe, there was a reference to the 3 young actors who went from REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE right into GIANT. By stretching a point hardly at all, it could be said that there was a 4th guy in that category. Who?


451. Author E.M. Nathanson had multiple connections to the world of films. One of the important ones was that his most famous book became THE DIRTY DOZEN on film; another was that the book was dedicated to a famous director. Who?


452. What minor inconvenience occurs at the end of THE BEDFORD INCIDENT?


453. With (insincere) apologies to Washington Irving and James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne was probably the most important American author of the first half of the 1800s. Vincent Price celebrated his work in what might be called a "numerically diverse" film. Such as?


454. What 2 graduates *from TV's "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" were reunited in BONNIE AND CLYDE?

                     *as semi-regulars.


455. The title  of   1961's  A THUNDER  OF DRUMS  has a nice musical  ring to it, which is appropriate, since multiple cast  members had hit records  in the early  1960s.  Name at least one of them.


456.  Although the film industry is actually scattered  over  dozens of locations in Los Angeles  County, for this question  let's  humor Beverly  Hills, which has  at times  billed itself  as  "The Movie  Stars'  Hometown!"   Which of the following came first?:    Beverly  Hills  High  School.  The Beverly  Hills Hotel.  The City Of  Beverly  Hills.  Beverly Hills  Boulevard.


457. Once  the  most  famous  comedy team in films,  Wheeler  & Woolsey have, sadly,  been somewhat  forgotten---but possibly  not by you.  What can you  tell  us  about  them?


458. A film with "Misbehaves"  in the title is sometimes cited  as containing  the first adult  performance  of a very famous  child-star. Details would  be helpful.


459. In 1976, a few minutes apart, they  arrived  at the premiere of  a well-known Disney film in which they co-starred.   In 2006, a few hours apart, they died in Los Angeles. Who were they?


460. An  informal  poll  of  media-consultants  once rated  the following  image  as the best-known Hollywood  snapshot of the 1950s/1960s: A Very Big Star  staring  at  Jayne  Mansfield's breasts  as  they struggle to escape  their  unjust  imprisonment within her gown.  (In deference to the immense power of the famous  pressure-group The Forces  For  Decency  In  The  Community, we have ejected  the  adverb "lovingly"  from the previous  sentence).  What Very  Big  Star  would  that be?






ANSWERS 441-460:


441.  Ron Howard.


442. Shirley Jones  &  Stella  Stevens  did  THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S  FATHER together  in  1963; and then  they were reunited  in  1965's THE SECRET OF  MY  SUCCESS.


443. FROGS is one of the archetypes of the nature-takes-revenge genre. Those escapees from "Amphibians 'R' Us" become hostile toward such nearby humans as Ray Milland and Sam Elliott.


444. Orson Welles  & Yul Brynner.


445. Babylon.


446. Sean Hayes. Will  Sasso.  Chris  Diamantopoulos.


447. Lauren  Bacall, the widow of  Humphrey  Bogart.


448. Robin Hood.




450. Nick Adams.   After  appearing  in  REBEL  WITHOUT  A CAUSE, he did some dubbing for James  Dean's voice   in GIANT after  Dean violated  several key  recommendations of the Insurance  Institute For Highway  Safety.


451. Russ  Meyer.


452. A thermonuclear weapon is detonated, an event which (as we understand it) is usually considered  bad news.


453. TWICE-TOLD TALES.  We labelled it  "numerically  diverse" because (A) it has a two-reference in the title but (B)  the film  features  three  stories.


454. Warren Beatty  & Michael J. Pollard.


455. Duane  Eddy  was the leading solo  instrumentalist  (guitar) during rock's first generation, charting nearly 30 hits. Richard  Chamberlain   leveraged  his fame on "Dr. Kildare" into a  3-year  pop career  in the early 1960s.


456. The Beverly  Hills  Hotel. Everything else grew up around it---except of course Beverly  Hills  Boulvevard, which we're  pretty sure we just made up (check back with us at a later date to see if we're ashamed of that or not).


457.   Bert  Wheeler  &  Robert  Woolsey  were  famous  for the kind of lewd/rude/crude dialogue that  was possible before the Production Code  was  fully  enforced.  Sample: Woolsey  is caught staring at a woman's figure. When she asks him if he was staring at her legs, he fakes outrage and says he is above that.


458. Elizabeth  Taylor  co-starred  in  JULIA  MISBEHAVES.


459.  Darren  McGavin  &  Don  Knotts  co-starred  in  NO DEPOSIT, NO  RETURN.


460. Sophia Loren.




QUESTIONS 461-480:


461. The  legendary  character-actor Henry  Daniell  was happy  to appear  on TV's  "Thriller", * as a favor to  his old pal   Boris  Karloff, who hosted  the show.  In the 1940s  the two  men  had starred IN a thriller, one  derived  from the works of  Robert  Louis Stevenson.  What movie?.............................*That show is the subject  of a true gem of pop culture,  The bosses of that particular  asylum  are Peter  Enfantino  &  John Scoleri, and they analyze  every episode of that legendary series; in the process they have attracted some of the most  literate  commentators  anywhere on the web.


462. When Jim Brown retired from the NFL as the greatest running back of his time, he went to Hollywood. One of his starring vehicles featured Raquel Welch  as the female lead.  If you feel like naming that film, we won't object.


463.  Gena Rowlands  & Marisa  Tomei  received  some of the best  reviews of their respective  careers for a drama involving a young mother, an older mother, and the little boy who's a dominant part  of both their lives.  What  film?


464. When Alex Karras (BLAZING  SADDLES, VICTOR/VICTORIA) died in 2012, one of his personal legacies was that he had named a son after a famous literary figure of the twentieth  century's second half.  This man was founder/editor of the Paris Review,and the discoverer of Terry  Southern (EASY RIDER, DR. STRANGELOVE).  Who would that be?


465. Who played  the  SERGEANTS THREE?


466.  Elaine May  needing to have food-crumbs  dusted  off of her from  time to time.  What film?


467. Who, or  what, became  self-aware on August 29, 1997?


468. Such  competent  commentators as Marlon Brando  &  Paddy Chayefsky (who wrote her film  THE  GODDESS) thought that Kim Stanley  was  the  definitive  actress of her time.  One  of her movie appearances  wasn't  really  an  "appearance"  at all, since  she was never shown  onscreen. Instead, she provided  the   narration;  since  the movie was one of the most famous dramas in Hollywood history, perhaps  you can name it.


469. LADY IN  A  CAGE.  What kind of a cage  was it?


470.  We're having  trouble telling  two movies apart---THE  GREAT WHITE  HOPE  and  THE  GREAT  WHITE  HYPE. Perhaps  you could help us by naming one star  of each.


471. While you  are  un-confusing  us about #470's  subject-matter,  put our minds straight about  this item as well:  Differentiate  between  actresses Anjanette  Comer  &  Antoinette  Bower. (The  nettes   will thank you).


472.  We need  your full  concentration on the following  question,  so tell  your  Parole Officer you'll have  to call  him back later:  One of the films that Hayley  Mills  did  for Disney was  THE  MOON-SPINNERS.  What is the meaning  of  that  title?


473.  Although BEACH  PARTY is famous principally  for being  the first of the  Frankie/Annette series of  fun-in-the-sun  movies, Avalon & Funicello  were not top-billed.  An actor & actress one generation older than  F&A got that honor;   who would  those  SAG-persons be?


474.  What  is  the family  connection between  Drew  Barrymore  and actress Carol Wayne, who was best-known as Johnny  Carson's  "Matinee  Lady"? 


475.  The arrival  of  a newborn  is  cause  for celebration, and today  we're  celebrating  the  birth  of our  "Top  Of The Stairs" File.  From that file: (A) Name one  of  the  stars  of THE DARK AT THE  TOP  OF  THE  STAIRS.(B)  Name the actor who (in PSYCHO)  was  mildly   inconvenienced near the top of the stairs.


476. THE EIGER SANCTION:  What does the middle word mean?


477. In naming  his 2012 memoir, Arnold   Schwarzenegger borrowed  the title of one of his most famous films. Which one?


478. After many shameful decades  of paying  very little  attention to the praying  mantis, Hollywood played catch-up in a 1957 movie. Which one?


479. There's a lot to be said for tall chicks,  and for fifties movies. So........................Who were  the  female leads  in ATTACK  OF  THE 50 FOOT  WOMAN  and  THE  30-FOOT  BRIDE  OF  CANDY   ROCK?


480. In what  movie  does  Denzel   Washington play a  Jamaican police  chief?




ANSWERS 461-480:



462.   100 RIFLES.




464.  George  Plimpton. The two  became close  while  filming PAPER  LION.


465.  Frank  Sinatra.  Dean  Martin. Peter  Lawford.  However,  purists are now banging  on the door (so far  the deadbolt  is holding.....) & yelling that the film should have had  "4" in the title, because  Joey Bishop played  a sergeant-major. We may have to call the American Arbitration Association to resolve this.


466. A NEW LEAF.


467. Skynet, from the Terminator  films.  Having  become cognizant of its own existence, it then decided that its  interests might  be different  from those of  humans.   While it's  hard  to  say how many human deaths this led to, it was definitely  more than one.




469. An  elevator, in which  Olivia  de  Havilland is treated  rudely by James  Caan.


470:  "Hope": Key players would be James Earl  Jones  &  Jane Alexander.  "Hype": Samuel L. Jackson  and Daymon  Wayans.


471. Anjanette  Comer  &  Antoinette  Bower  had  more  in common  than  just  their similar - sounding names.  Both  began  working  steadily  in  the  early  1960s;  both  were  praised  by  producers for  having  a  strong  combination  of  beauty  and  talent; both  were brunettes;  and  both  spent  most  of  their   time  in  television with  occasional  forays  into  feature  films:  Comer  co-starred  in  such  movies  as  Brando's  THE APPALOOSA  and  the  Robert  Wagner film  BANNING;  and  Bower was seen in  productions  like PROM NIGHT,  with  Jamie  Lee  Curtis, and  CLUB  PARADISE, starring  Peter  O' Toole  and  Robin  Williams. 


472. The film's title  was taken from the name of  the small hotel (on Crete) where  much of the action  takes  place.


473. Robert  Cummings  and  Dorothy Malone.


474.  Carol Wayne's sister: Actress  Nina  Wayne(LUV, with Jack Lemmon; THE COMIC, with Dick Van Dyke).  Nina Wayne's child: Fathered by actor John Drew  Barrymore(HIGH LONESOME;  HIGH  SCHOOL  CONFIDENTIAL!).  Drew  Barrymore: Also fathered by JDB, during a non-Wayne relationship.


475. The key  DARK stars:  Robert Preston.  Dorothy  McGuire.  Eve  Arden.  Angela  Lansbury.  The actor who never  should  have  climbed  those  stairs:  Martin  Balsam.


476. Mount Eiger,  in the Bernese* Alps,  is perhaps  the  greatest  mountaineering  challenge outside of the Himalaya/Karakoram/Hindu Kush monsters.  In the film, the  mountain  lives  up to its reputation.                 *Meaning:  Near, or in, the city or canton of Bern.






479. 50: Allison  Hayes.  30: Dorothy  Provine.  (We were  about to label them as the "big one "  &  the "little one"; but since even the little one was pretty big, we had a crisis  of  conscience----meaning  we wimped-out----and went with numbers  instead).












QUESTIONS 481-500:

481.  Western  side-kicks:  Leaving aside Tonto (Jay Silverheels), who was really  more  of a co-owner-of-the-corporation  rather than  a mere side-kick,  the most  famous of the true SKs was probably  "Gabby" Hayes.  He was  presumably aware  of his real first name; are you?


482. While still in her  twenties, she appeared  in an early  Bela  Lugosi film.  Three  decades later,  she co-starred  with Doris  Day.  In between, she was  a pioneering female star of television's  first  generation.  Sound  like  anyone  you  know?


483. As  Christina  Ricci &  Lolita  Davidovich  &  Robert  Wagner pass back and forth in front of the  NO VACANCY  sign,  what  is the name of the relevant motel?  (A double-clue  is that (A) there's a color  involved; and  (B)  that same  color  also appears in the name of  a rock group whose most famous song is  referenced in the film).


484. THE END. Of what?


485. Widely  known  as a financially generous  person,  this actor  learned that Bernard Lee (of the James  Bond  films) was thousands of dollars in debt.   One  phone call to the first actor's  Wilshire  Boulevard  accountants, and those  debts were  extinguished.    What actor (British but not connected to the Bond movies) made that call?


486.  For  decades,  one  of  the most  powerful   newspaper  publishers in the country  was  Dorothy  Schiff  of the New York  Post.  Her daughter-in-law  was also  successful---in movies.  She starred  with such hard-working guys  as Jerry  Lewis, Ray  Milland, Burt  Lancaster, Robert  Mitchum, Ronald  Reagan,  and  Dean  Martin. Who  was  Schiff's  DIL?


487.   In a career  which lasted  more than  half a century,  Henry  Wilcoxon was perhaps best  known for playing  Marc  Antony  in Cecil  B.  Demille's early-talkie  version  of  CLEOPATRA.  Toward  the  late  end  of  his  career-continuum, his penultimate  feature film was a golfing  comedy.  What  GC would that  be?


488. What Rita  Hayworth film is famous for a striking  hall-of-mirrors  sequence?


489. Rock Hudson's breakthrough to the A-list  came when he was given the chance  to be the male lead in two films of Jane Wyman (then a much bigger star than he was).  Each was a drama,  and each has a title which is yearning  to be named  by you.


490. A  new  rule  of  human behavior: Don't  be  too quick  to assume that you have  failed; you  might not have.  Consider this sequence: Boy  meets girl.  Boy tries to pick up girl.  Girl mocks him relentlessly for most  of a minute  and then stalks off toward  her waiting taxi.  After  being shot down like  that, the guy understandably does not follow her---and it takes  him a while to notice that  after she climbed in, she carefully left the door open for him.  What  1995 film  showed  that delayed good luck?


491. If you ran into  DAVID  AND  LISA on the street, they'd  probably  admit  that they  have some problems.  Would those be principally physical, or mental?


492. In 2009, the word  "squeakquel"  was being talked about; in what  context?


493.  What movie featured quality performances from Mary McDonnell & Alfre  Woodward &  Angela  Bassett  & Nora  Dunn?


494. Once & for all: Should  Christian  Slater  and Helen Slater be described as  "related"  or "unrelated"?


495.  Walt  Disney  decided to do an animated version of ALICE  IN  WONDERLAND because  of his affection for the 1933 live-action  version. That earlier film  starred  Charlotte  Henry, but most  of the  advertising  focused on 3 stars who took pay cuts to do the movie.  It would constitute a good-day's-work  on your  part to name at least  one of the characters  played by  Gary  Cooper, Cary Grant,  or  W.C.  Fields.


496.  Eddie  Mekka  and  Lynda Goodfriend  were significant  players in the "Happy Days"/"Laverne  & Shirley" universe.  In 1988 they were reunited in a hit film.   Which one?


497. A well-known  Ava Gardner film   provided  name-inspiration for a popular TV cooking show half a century later. Which AG-movie?


498.  Like all dangerous ethnic  groups, blondes  come  in various  types  &  sub-types.  The  name  for  one  of  those subdivisions  was already in circulation  prior to 1941, but a well-known  film  from  that year  put  it over-the-top as an everyday expression.  What  movie would that be?


499. Let's  consider  Elisabeth  Shue's real-world  first name versus her movie-world  first name: What do her family and friends call her?   (You  might  be able to make an educated guess by deconstructing "Elisabeth", because the answer is hiding  in there somewhere)...................Addendum: We're having  second thoughts about contrasting "real-world"  with "movie-world";  that  phrasing  might seem to imply that what's shown in movies isn't real, and  that can't be true...............Can it?


500. VICTOR VICTORIA.  SUNSET.  The state  of  Oklahoma.   What's  the  connection?





ANSWERS 481-500:


481. The Gabster's  real name  was  George.


482. Arlene  Francis(The "Home" Show on NBC; "What's My Line?" on  CBS). The Lugosi film: MURDERS  IN THE  RUE  MORGUE.  The Day picture: THE THRILL  OF  IT ALL.


483.  The Pink Motel; Pink  Floyd; "Money".


484. THE  END  of life.  Burt Reynolds  examines the truer and deeper meaning of suicide, with  (very little)help from Dom  DeLuise.


485. Richard  Burton.


486. Diana  Lynn.










491. Mental.  If we have violated any medical-confidentiality laws by revealing that,  we have our bail-money  ready.




493.  PASSION  FISH.  (Whether fish deserve  to  have  the word "passion" linked so closely to them is a question best  addressed to  the American Society Of Ichthyologists  and Herpetologists, who may be reached  at their headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas).


494. Unrelated.  A number of websites  & print-sites have periodically called them related due to two factors: (A) The LLL* phenomenon:  Listing  them as related  creates  some additional  interest  in an entry, even if that comment is false; and  (B) the two performers' biographies do have many similarities, enough to make a familial  relationship seem plausible: (1) Both were born in the 1960s; (2) both came to prominence in the early 1980s; (3) both were from the NYC-metro-area; (4) they co-starred in the teen/cult  film THE LEGEND  OF BILLIE  JEAN; and (5) most importantly, they played brother and sister  in  that  film.                                * Lying Low-Life.  


495.  Cary Grant played the Mock  Turtle.  Gary Cooper  portrayed the  White  Knight.  W.C.  Fields  was Humpty-Dumpty.  Disney's favorable opinion of the Charlotte Henry version was not unqualified, and he hoped to improve some things in his telling of the story. 


496.  BEACHES.  




498.  When she signed to play the STRAWBERRY  BLONDE, Rita Hayworth was just 23 months out of her  teens.  That successful film gave her enough early momentum to build an A-list  career  by the mid-1940s.


499. When Elisabeth  Shue  was  growing  up in the exotic  Jersey-suburbs of  NYC, perhaps  one day she  played  a game of croquet  with her brothers.  If one of them had teased her by saying  "Well, Lisa, you sure messed-up that shot",  she might  have  told him to shut-up-&-pipe-down, but she would  not  have  objected  to the name.


500.  Both films starred  James  Garner.  Both were written and directed  by Blake  Edwards. A phrase like "well-known Oklahomans" would describe both  of those guys.




QUESTIONS 501-520:


501. Here in the cyber-age,  nobody  ever  talks to anyone in person---but just in case someone did:   Should the first name of actor  Leif  Erickson (TEA AND  SYMPATHY,  etc.) be pronounced   "leaf"  or  "life" or some  third alternative?


502. The definitive Leslie Caron film is  probably  LILI.  It has at least two connections to a wildly  popular first-generation-TV-show: The producers of the movie mentioned  being   inspired by that TV program's puppet-performers;  and the creator  of that show was offered   major production-input into the film (he declined). What's the  television show?


503. Betty Noyes  dubbing  Debbie  Reynolds dubbing  Jean Hagen. What movie?


504. This discrimination  against seniors  has got to stop: This movie featured one-junior-after-another  supporting  Kirk Douglas in a western. There  was  Lon Chaney Jr. & Alan  Hale Jr. & Elisha Cook Jr.  What film?


505. A dance-oriented  film  like  2000's  COYOTE  UGLY could hardly ignore a song like this one: It was the key hit for the band EMF, and by one-of-several measurements it was the 1000th  record to hit number one on the Billboard charts.  What song?


506. Busy in the early  1970s: Together they starred in  SUMMER OF  '42; and separately  they each starred in John  Wayne movies.  Name that actress and actor.


507.  In 2012,  TV's  "666 Park Avenue" presented an episode named after a very famous film  starring  Bette  Davis and  Joan Crawford.  Later on, when you've finished  your  Community  Service for the day, see if you can name  the movie.


508. When  "The  Writing On The  Wall" became one of the biggest  hit songs  of 1961, it put some money into the pockets of two guys who later put together significant movie-credits. Adam Wade sang it. Sandy Baron co-wrote it. How about naming one film from either  of their later careers?


509.  Consider  these  two  consecutive  Tuesdays  in world  history:  1-1-35, LOLITA's birthday.  1-8-35,  Elvis Presley's birthday.  The accuracy  of the second date  can be documented by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Lee County Courthouse  in Tupelo , Mississippi;  but how can we be sure of the first date's  accuracy?                                                  Addendum:  With our usual, legendary  generosity, we're going to save you from going down this wrong-road:  The correct answer is not that the date is directly mentioned in either  the screenplay or the novel;  it takes  some detective  work to put  it together.


510.  TWILIGHT's LAST  GLEAMING  is a sometimes-overlooked doomsday-thriller.  In it, Burt Lancaster & Paul Winfield  &  Burt  Young (having some time on their hands) take control of 10 ICBMs with thermonuclear  warheads.  If their demands are not met, they plan to launch them &  do their bit to help out  with the world's  overpopulation  problem.  When Lancaster  discovers  that those he's been negotiating with (principally  Richard  Widmark) have  lied to him and betrayed him, does he throw a 20-minute fit? No.  Does he fire some guns so that they can be heard over the radio link? Certainly not. Instead  he  makes  one simple  move that puts the negotiations  right back on track.   What  move?


511.  Gwyneth Paltrow  was  born to what distinguished  actress? 


512. When James  Coburn  was  parodying the  James Bond  franchise  in a couple of films,  one of them had what might be called  the "Errol Flynn title".    What title would that be?  A hint would be the fact  that   Flynn was widely  thought to be getting a little  too rowdy with the teenagers (and we don't mean the 18- & 19-year-olds......).


513. Consider the film  ACROSS  110TH  STREET, starring  Yaphet  Kotto  & Anthony  Quinn.  What  is the significance  of  that particular  street?


514. Because Los Angeles County  has more people*  than most  individual  countries, the Superior  Court there has such a massive  case-load that it requires  multiple venues around  the county.  On 10/9/59, the  Santa  Monica  location was the site of a legal-name-change on the  part of a popular young actress.  That date was a Friday----which makes no sense at all, considering  who the actress was. Any thoughts?.......................................................*Around  ten million.


515.  Was 2004's  FAT ALBERT  a live-action film,  or  was it  animated?


516. William  Shakespeare, being a friendly guy,  was constantly trying to be of assistance  to people 4 centuries  into the future.  On one occasion he used a play-title which was copied almost exactly by the producers of a Vincent  Price  horror-comedy.  The WS version was  "The Comedy Of Errors".  What was the VP version?


517.  Generally  speaking,  we're  too pure  to be viewing  "Playboy" images.  But  one time when we did sneak a peak, here was the result: There  was a picture  of two  NLLs*    doing their thing, and a caption  reading  "NEITHER  ONE  of these girls can help it!".  That caption drew  its  inspiration from the title of a well-known  film  from the  1950s.  Which  one?............................................*Naked Lipstick-Lesbians.


518. TWO WEEKS  IN ANOTHER  TOWN.  What town?............................................................................OK,OK, before any crybabies have time to  get organized and form an AFL-CIO union in opposition to the perceived hardness of that question: The municipality involved  is probably  among the five most famous  cities on  the planet.


519.  What's  the connection  between  Jim Caviezel (2004's  THE  PASSION OF THE  CHRIST) and the  National  Football  League?


520.  What major 40s actress (& co-star of multiple  Bob  Hope vehicles) has a building  named after her at New York University?






ANSWERS 501-520:


501. Leif  Erickson  and his agents  only  "enforced" it intermittently, but their preferred  pronunciation  was  "life".   He began to care more about the issue later in his career. So, for example, when he was doing some TV work for Universal in the 70s*,   booth-announcers when introducing that night's  stars of an  episode would always  say "life".                                                                  *E.g., "Night  Gallery".


502.  "Kukla, Fran  and Ollie", whose creator  was Burr  Tillstrom.


503. SINGIN'  IN THE RAIN was the film, & here's the story: A key plot-thread deals with the Debbie Reynolds character dubbing  for the Jean Hagen one.  Then,  for a mixture  of creative and logistical reasons, it was decided that  Betty Noyes  (we're shifting from characters to humans  now) should dub some of  Debbie's work.........................Addendum: If anyone contacts us to say that we missed the "real" story----maybe Doris  Day was dubbing for  Betty Noyes  dubbing  for Debbie Reynolds  dubbing for Jean Hagen----our frustration might lead to dramatic events; we're not sure what  those  frustration-driven events might be, but they could well  end in a 911-call.


504. The  movie  was  THE INDIAN FIGHTER.


505. "Unbelievable"  was the song.  The reason it cannot categorically be called  the  1,000th  Billboard #1  hit  is this:  The most common way to begin that count is with the debut of the  "Hot Hundred" on August 4th, 1958, when Ricky Nelson's "Poor  Little Fool" began a 2-week-run at the top. But the magazine published   many other top-hit charts  in the decades before the  HH,  so other  number-one-tabulations are possible.  


506. Jennifer O'Neill  was in RIO LOBO.  Gary Grimes was in CAHILL U.S. MARSHAL.






509. The novel  and the longest version  of the screenplay by Vladimir  Nabokov include these bits of information:  (A) Lolita was a New Year's  Day baby.  (B)  She is 12 *  while touring the country doing  mildly eccentric things in motel  rooms with Humbert Humbert.  (C) The year is 1947. 1-1-35...................................................*Of course, in the final,  filmed  version  of the screenplay, L's  age was raised  into  the mid-teens; all parties had agreed to that at the beginning of negotiations.


510. He simply  initiates  the firing-sequence, which causes the missiles to slowly rise into firing-position.* Not surprisingly,  that makes the (Pentagon) opposition anxious to be nicer to him..........................................................................................................................................*At that point the missiles suddenly  have a decent proportion of their  length visible  above ground. 


511. Blythe  Danner.


512. IN LIKE FLINT (from the catchphrase  "In like Flynn").


513.  Because  Harlem is a neighborhood, rather than  a  city or town or suburb, it has no official  boundaries. But in common usage, when people drive north out of Midtown Manhattan they are considered to be entering  Harlem  when they  cross  110th  Street.


514. The name-changer  was TUESDAY Weld.


515. Both.




517. THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT, starring  Jayne  Mansfield.


518. Rome.


519. Caviezel  and  (former)St. Louis Rams  head coach Scott  Linehan married  sisters.


520. Paulette  Goddard.  She gave the cash; they gave the name.




QUESTIONS 521-540:

521. Robert Wise was one of the dominant directors of the second half of the 1900s: Multiple Oscars, very famous films (WEST SIDE STORY, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, THE SOUND OF MUSIC), the presidency of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, the presidency of the Directors Guild Of America, and many other honors were on his resume. After directing ROOFTOPS at age 75, he felt that he still had one more film in him. Although it was never made (health and other problems intervened), it's too good a story not to tell:

RW derived his inspiration from a song, which he intended to flesh-out with his own ideas. He pictured a large eastern city in the mid-1800s. A late-teenage orphan would occasionally supplement his tiny income with some petty theft. Appalled at the thought of violence, he was never armed; his specialty was staking out houses for a week or so, to determine when they were likely to be unoccupied. When the right moment appeared, he was in and out quickly with whatever valuables he could grab.

But all of that ended on the day he saw a young woman of his own age-bracket coming out of the house he planned to rob next. He was so drawn to her that he went home, rejected his life of occasional theft, sold his few possessions to raise money for one perfect outfit, and called upon her as a suitor. Since the film was never made, even people as unreasonable as we are probably shouldn't ask you to come up with its title; but how about the title of the much-recorded song which provided inspiration to Robert Wise?


522.  We have  a question  and a request.   The  question:  Who was the principal  star  of  DIARY  OF A  MADMAN?    The request:  Let's all behave  ourselves and avoid jokes about past or present  politicians.


523. The surprise  hit of  2008 contains  a nice scene illustrating how a simple but dramatic  ACTION can be better than  a wordy monologue.  The protagonist who is holding a gun on an adversary  ignores a  possible five-minute  announcement  that  the man must die; instead the gunman simply covers the  top of the  barrel with fabric to muffle the upcoming (loud)sound. What film?............................Addendum: Wiseguys will point out that  a (tiny)number of words are spoken as the barrel is covered; but the drama is in the action, not the minor verbiage.


524. These 2 eighties-films share  a dark behind-the-scenes  event: THE  SWORD AND THE SORCERER  and MILLION  DOLLAR MYSTERY.  What kind of event?


525. A BIG HAND FOR THE  LITTLE  LADY.  What kind of  "hand" would  that be?


526. Aside from his career-starter "It's Only Make  Believe", Conway Twitty's  most famous  song was probably  "Hello Darlin'."  In a  2007 comedy, those two words are changed to "Hello Darleen" as the singer  begins to do his thing.   What  movie?


527. FIVE.  Five what?


528. The Steve McQueen movie  HELL IS FOR HEROES featured  multiple actors who were bigger  on the record  charts  than they were  in films. Name one.


529. This early film actress had one of the most distinctive names ever to appear in movie-credits.  Her name might be called numerically arboreal.  That adverb/adjective combination  is your only hint, so see what you can do.


530. Co-starring in EIGHT MILE and CROSSROADS and THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL is what Taryn Manning has to do with music-movies. What does she have to do with big-time sports?


531. "She only said no once, and then she didn't hear  the  question".  That not entirely friendly assessment was made in what famous film about Broadway?


532. Although they were  released 6 decades apart, A STOLEN LIFE(1946) and SUPERMAN RETURNS(2006) have something important in common. Like what?


533. Dean Stockwell  and  Dennis  Hopper were in 1982's  HUMAN  HIGHWAY together.  Borrowing   from astronomy: If that was their "nova"  pairing, what film  from  5  years later  was their supernova?


534. Someone takes a hostage to keep  from being killed  by Rip Torn.  Being an analytical thinker, Torn simply shoots the hostage  before moving on to other business.  What film?


535. What a (female-dominated) cast: Geraldine Page, Ruth Gordon, Mildred Dunnock, & Rosemary Forsyth. What murder-mystery?


536. During the 2012-2013 season, THE SIMPSONS did an episode titled  "Adventures  In ____  _______".  Proper etiquette requires that you should name either the episode or the film which inspired  that title.



537. In what  2009  film does a guy complain about being handcuffed to a Ford? (Before GM & Chrysler & the imports get too happy: It's not the Ford brand-name he is opposed to; for  some reason, being handcuffed to ANY kind of car  is against his policies).


538.  The producers of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT  II  had some fun with the opening  Universal-logo.  What kind of fun?


539. These two  actresses each spent some time in the "American Pie"  Universe; & later  each  unpacked  her bags  in  "Two  Broke  Girls" territory. We need names.


540.  This  actress  might  have  been  Tatum O'Neal's  mother; and she might  have  co-starred  in  the best-reviewed  of  the  Elvis-comedies, FOLLOW THAT DREAM; and you might  want to tell us  her  name.


ANSWERS 521-540:

521. One of the great love-song lyrics: ".......I was Susan's true belief.....". Here is its full context:
The lady came from Baltimore, All she wore was lace; She didn't know that I was poor, She never saw my place.
I was there to steal her money, Take her rings and run; Then I fell in love with the lady, got away with none.
The lady's name was Susan Moore, Her Daddy read the law; She didn't know that I was poor, & lived outside the law.
Her Daddy said I was a thief, & didn't marry her for love; But I was Susan's true belief, & married her for love.
The house she lived in had a wall, To keep the robbers out; She never stopped to think at all, That's what I'm about.
"The Lady Came From Baltimore". Words and music by Tim Hardin; copyright 1967.
Hundreds of artists have now recorded "The Lady Came From Baltimore"; these are among the definitive versions (all can easily be purchased online): The 1967 hit version by Bobby Darin; Tim Hardin's duet with Twiggy (yes, THAT Twiggy; in England her singing career was as big as her modeling career); and the reigning country version by Johnny Cash.
In a secluded spot in one of Oregon's smallest towns (Turner), Tim Hardin's headstone reads "He Sang From His Heart". Fair enough; but for Robert Wise and the hundreds of musical artists & millions of fans captivated by "The Lady Came From Baltimore", an equally fitting epitaph would be "I Was Susan's True Belief"---especially since Tim Hardin's wife was named Susan.
522. Vincent  Price.
524. Sadly, a stuntman was  killed during  the  filming  of  each.  The performers  were Jack Tyree (THE  SWORD  AND  THE SORCERER) and Dar  Robinson (MILLION  DOLLAR  MYSTERY).
525. A poker hand.
527. Five survivors  of  a global thermonuclear war.
528. Bobby  Darin and  Bob  Newhart  were record-gods with minor movie-careers.  Then   in a separate category  there was Fess Parker, who was a minor factor in records (two hits) and in films, but big on television.
529. Helen Twelvetrees.
530. Her father and Archie Manning: First cousins.  Archie Manning: A well-known National Football League quarterback himself, and father of two other ones, Peyton  and  Eli.
531.  42ND STREET.
532.  The key character-name in A STOLEN LIFE: Kate Bosworth.  A key performer in SUPERMAN  RETURNS:  Kate Bosworth. 
534. NADINE, with Kim Basinger in the title-role & Jeff Bridges (sort of)helping her.
536. Title of episode: "Adventures  In Baby Getting".  Source-material: ADVENTURES  IN  BABYSITTING.
538. They presented animated auto-racing right on the logo.
539. Beth Behrs  &  Jennifer  Coolidge.
540. Joanna Moore.



QUESTIONS 541-560:


541.  Someone expresses this concept: You will see me one more  time if you do good.  You will see me  two  more times  if you do bad. What well-known film featured that useful  information?


542. There's probably only one film with "playlist" in the title. What would that be?....................Addendum: We'll think of a suitable  website-punishment  if it turns out there's more than one.


543. This guy's half-century career was built  principally upon legendary  nightclub appearances and TV-shots.  But he did take time out to do such movies as ALLIGATOR,  THE  HORIZONTAL  LIEUTENANT,  and  WON TON TON: THE  DOG WHO SAVED HOLLYWOOD.  What comic actor?


544. In  2008's  27 DRESSES, what #1 hit by the Turtles plays as a wedding is ruined with a slideshow?


545.  For some guys, there seems to be a shortage of  20-something-female-humans----because they go right for  the teenagers: When  this 50-year-old  actor started  dating 19-year-old  Susan  Blanchard  in 1948,  the age-difference approaching a third  of a century was only one of the complications  facing  the relationship; the other  was that she was the step-daughter of a prominent  employer-of-actors, Oscar Hammerstein  II. Who was that guy who was open-minded enough to be unprejudiced against teenage girls? (Prejudice is a terrible  thing....).


546.   Among   Olympic  events  featuring  individuals  rather  than  teams, the decathlon is the glamorous  item.  So perhaps  it's  appropriate that at least 4  of the gold-medal winners  have had some connection to movies.  Name as many as you have time for before your  hourly drive to the liquor  store. 


547.  HELLZAPOPPIN'.  Is it really?  We're not  sure  about  that, but  we are sure  we'd like  to know  the name  of the once-legendary  comedy team who  starred  in that film.


548. Did  "The Marx  Brothers" ever vary that billing during their film career? (Ignore films where a brother might have appeared  alone).


549.  The Robert Montgomery  film  LADY  IN  THE  LAKE is famous  for a certain technical distinction.  What  is it?


550. Once  the  James  Bond films became  an  institution, everyone in America   except  two caribou & one elk began to parody them.  One  of those satires  was directed by Norman Abbott, nephew of Bud A. of the most famous comedy  team  of  them all,  Abbott  &  Costello.  That was  appropriate, since the film starred another comedy duo.  The movie  was  THE  LAST OF THE SECRET  AGENTS?  Who were the boys?


551.  What 1971  western  was marketed  under a two-word  title  containing  no capital letters?


552. When finding  out that an old girlfriend  has turned to  prostitution to  end her poverty,  this guy was not  exactly   sympathetic: "Why didn't  you  starve  first?"  That line was intended to be creepy, and audiences  agreed that it was.  The  movie  was 1937's  DEAD END.  The actor and the actress both won Oscars during their careers, so perhaps  you could  name  one  of them.


553. Consider a soundtrack on which a hospital's public  address system is paging  "Doctor Howard" and some other people. Who's about to show up?


554.   In  2007's  TRANSFORMERS,  Bernie Mac's character is hard at work---doing  what?


555. These singer/actresses  originated 3 of the most famous roles in  Broadway  history: Joan Roberts, Jan Clayton, and  Barbara Cook. Remembering the subject-matter of this website, you may be able to tell us another  important thing  they had  in common.


556. Identify  Richard  Koz.


557. Ordinarily  we would  avoid a cliche like saying  someone  "took one for the team", but in this case it's such a good fit that we might have to make an exception.  In dealing with a serious underwater problem,  an actress expresses roughly  this philosophy: First-I'll-drown-and-then...........................................Since she was so brave & helpful in her T.O.F.T.Team  mentality,  perhaps you'd like  to reward her by naming either the  actress or the movie.


558. In HANNIE  CAULDER, Robert  Culp  teaches  Raquel  Welch  something.  Like what?......................................................................P.S.  For  the benefit of any wiseguys  there in the back row  of the classroom:  If anyone yells out a sexual answer to that question, we're going to yell right back: "Don't make us come back there!"


559.  Since the word "Dalmations" has now appeared in the title of multiple films, it's time to talk about that word's origins.  The ultimate source of that word is  "Dalmatia"---which is what?


560.  Because  George  Sanders was such a commanding character  actor, he was given almost no shots at being a leading man (The studios  don't believe  in tampering with a working formula).  One of the few exceptions  to that rule came  in a 1945 production in which Sanders knows-what-he-has-to-do,  when his family begins  to interfere with his romance.  What movie?




ANSWERS 541-560:






543. Jack Carter.  An encyclopedic  overview of his career  can be found at  (A couple of public commentators have been nice enough to label our own website as "essential"   for the movie-crazed  crowd---and we'd like to pay that compliment forward in connection with early television  and nightclubs: Kliph Nesteroff knows all.)


544.  "Happy  Together".


545. Henry Fonda.


546. THE BOB MATHIAS  STORY  and  JIM THORPE: ALL  AMERICAN were popular films.  Rafer Johnson  appeared  in such movies as WILD  IN THE COUNTRY  and  LICENSE  TO  KILL.  Bruce Jenner  starred  in CAN'T  STOP  THE  MUSIC.


547.  (Ole) Olsen & (Chic) Johnson.


548.  Yes. If you check-out  a film like DUCK  SOUP, you'll  see them billed  as  "The Four Marx  Brothers" (Zeppo was still in the act at that time).


549. The entire film is shot as if looking  through  the   eyes  of  the protagonist (we're not alluding  here to his intellectual point of view---lots of films  do that---but to his physical/visual point of view).


550.  (Marty) Allen & (Steve) Rossi.


551.  "something big" was always written with small-letters-only  as a contrast with the "big" of the title.


552. The creep was played by  Humphrey  Bogart. The creepee*  was portrayed by  Claire  Trevor..............................................................................................*Of COURSE we can prove that "creepee" is the correct term for someone  who's  been creeped-out; we're just too busy right now.


553.  The Three Stooges. The full bit was calling-Dr. Howard-Dr.-Fine-Dr. Howard.


554. Selling  cars, as the enthusiastic  Bobby  Bolivia.


555. Their signature roles  on Broadway (in, respectively, "Oklahoma", "Carousel", &  "The Music Man"), were  all played on film by Shirley  Jones.


556.  Rich Koz rose to fame (first local-Chicago, then syndicated, then networked) as Svengoolie, the horror-movie-TV-host.


557.  Mary  Elizabeth  Mastrantonio.   THE  ABYSS.


558. He  shows her how to become a gunfighter.  She has an interest in that career-choice  partly because  her aptitude test  suggested  that direction and partly because she was out for (lethal)  revenge.


559. Dalmatia is a region  in the current  European  country of Croatia.  The Popular  Pooches  are  thought to have originated there.


560.  THE STRANGE AFFAIR  OF UNCLE  HARRY, which is sometimes  marketed as simply  UNCLE  HARRY.


QUESTIONS 561-580:


561. PULP  FICTION  and CAREER  OPPORTUNITIES* could  hardly be more dissimilar. But they do have one thing in common.  What?..........................................*We would like  the  stenographer  to note for the record that we completely disapprove (probably.....)of what Jennifer  Connelly is doing with that horse.


562.  In  LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1986), what performer's voice  insistently  demands  to be fed?


563. This  suave, London-born actor once worked with a  European  director who  hadn't quite learned as many English words as he needed.  Not  yet having  "riderless"  in his vocabulary, he said "Bring  on the empty  horses"---a  phrase the actor later used as the title of an autobiography. Which actor?


564.  In a film from 2003, this actress's  character  is teased  about  just staring  at Victor's  tomb. What movie or  actress?


565.  In 1964 the famous  YAI,*  Lew  Wasserman  of  Universal, was planning this production as the first  made-for-television movie,  a concept he had just  created  .  But as the script  evolved  it  became  so violent  that  a TV-release  was vetoed  and it went into theaters  instead.  At the end of the film dying hitman Lee Marvin cuts off Angie Dickinson's pleas  for her life by expressing his current philosophy just before pulling  the  trigger: Lady-I-just-don't-have-the-time.  What movie?.................................................................................................*Young American  Inventor.


566.  These two actors  probably  wouldn't  mind  if we call them Mr. B.  and Mr. R.    Nor  would they  likely  have objected to  being named  as guys  who united the two  most famous action-films  of the 1960s.  Have at it. 


567. This  comic actor, the star  of such films  as LUCKY ME and TOM, DICK, AND HARRY, had a  production company named after his favorite greeting.  The company was  called  Gladasya (sound it out) Productions.  Who's the guy?  


568.  A 2013 episode of "Raising  Hope" reunited two key elements from the BACK  TO  THE  FUTURE  films.  Such as? 


569.  In an obvious conspiracy  to confuse  the  public, this famous actor starred  in two different movies  called  TOWER OF LONDON.  What double-dipper  would  that be?  


570.  It's rare to find this much  empathy in a young child: When speaking  about a comatose patient,  her  expressed philosophy is   approximately he's-a-vegetable-now-&-soon-he'll-be-nothing.  What 2003 film featured that anti-Pollyanna?   


571. When  Marlon  Brando announced  that he would be directing  himself  in  ONE-EYED  JACKS,   it brought  a lot of additional publicity to the film. What they forgot to publicize  was this important  question  of universal interest: Which jacks ARE the one-eyed-ones?  (Put  down that deck of cards , which  you're probably using to cheat (A) on this question & (B) on  your card-game).


572.  Producers tend to get  tense  when you  accuse  them of  using  "gimmicks" in their  films---gimmicks often designed  to be talked about in order to gain extra publicity.  But we don't care;*  we're still going to ask what 3 gimmicks were used to promote  2002's  IRREVERSIBLE, through a combination of advertising  and  word-of-mouth..............................*If any producers get rowdy,  we just climb up to the 4th floor  &  pour hot liquid down onto them.  (Cream of mushroom  soup or molten lead,  depending upon our mood).


573.  In one  of the most famous films of the 1940s,  a key point in the plot comes when a cat learns, sadly, that It's True  What  They Say About  Electricity.  What movie?


574. Even people who have never been  to Ireland  will be  allowed*  to answer this question:Can you name at least three  film performers with  "Ireland" as a last name?.....................*It's a good thing  for you  that we're  too busy  to compliment our own  generosity.


575. From the original CROCODILE DUNDEE:  When the saltwater-C  decides to  chomp-on  Linda Kozlowski's  body, what does he chomp-on first, as a means  to that end?


576. According to both its title and its screenplay, the subject of this famous 1970 French film was a body-part.  Which B-P?


577. In this  2007  marital comedy, this is the husband's philosophy:  The most dangerous  time  in a marriage is when the parties accept that they're no longer having  sex.  What movie?


578.  When "Mrs. Miller"(that was her billing) began to hit the album and singles charts with her imperfect but lovable vocals, one of her LPs was called "Will  Success  Spoil  Mrs.  Miller?"  That  title was lifted almost  intact from the name of a well-known film  from the  1950s.  Which movie?


579.  What's the connection between  THE  GROUP  and  KANSAS  CITY BOMBER?


580.  As with a lot of other troublemakers, the  WOPR* probably  thought it  was being helpful.  Instead,  it almost caused  the extinction of humanity. What movie?...................................*Colloquially  pronounced  "whopper".




ANSWERS 561-580:


561. Frank Whaley  starred/co-starred  in both.   More  on the  Jennifer-Connelly-and-that-horse*  subplot: Although she  later  proved  to be an  exceptional  actress(bright  objects to put up on the mantel....), at this point (age 20) in her career she was often used as simply  eye-candy.  While the phrase  "eye-candy" is sometimes  meant  as a term of derision, in this case it is just an affirmation  of this fact:  If you call  Jennifer  the most beautiful woman of her generation, even fans of  other contenders  don't  argue-back very hard.

*Official  abbreviation: JCATH................Official pronunciation: jay-kath.


562. Levi Stubbs, the legendary  lead singer of  The  Four  Tops............................Addendum: Here's proof that the universe is badly (and sadly) structured: If you stand  on a little elevation in Detroit's  famous Woodlawn Cemetery, you can see the graves of 3 out of the 4 Tops.  Unless there is an intervention in the form of cryonics (which is apparently  being  discussed), within a few years our webmasters will have to update this entry by saying  "all 4" instead of "3 out of the 4".  Does a universe like that  really  deserve  our support?


563. David Niven.


564.  Kate Beckinsale.  UNDERWORLD.




566. Ernest Borgnine. Robert  Ryan. THE WILD BUNCH. THE DIRTY  DOZEN.


567. Phil  Silvers.


568. Christopher  Lloyd  and a DeLorean.


569. Vincent  Price.


570.  UPTOWN  GIRLS,   in which Brittany  Murphy  & Dakota  Fanning  AA-ed*  each  other  throughout  the  screenplay.............*Aided & Abetted.


571.  Hearts  & spades.


572. The gimmicks:  (A) The scenes of the film were shown  in reverse  chronological order.  (B)  The soundtrack  was dominated by ultra-low (and therefore disorienting)  tones.    (C)  The movie's centerpiece was a rape scene so extended and revolting  that it triggered walkouts when the movie was in theaters.




574. Jill Ireland(BREAKHEART PASS). John Ireland(ALL THE KING'S MEN). Kathy Ireland (NECESSARY  ROUGHNESS).


575.  A strap hanging dangerously from her neck as she goes near the water.




577. Chris  Rock's  I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE.


578. WILL  SUCCESS SPOIL  ROCK HUNTER?, with Jayne Mansfield & Tony Randall.


579. Kevin McCarthy was the male lead of  KANSAS CITY BOMBER.  His sister  Mary McCarthy wrote the novel "The Group", on which the film was based.


580. The "star" of WAR  GAMES was the War Operation Plan Response (WOPR).



QUESTIONS 581-600:

581. It's the Family Hour: In the mid-1930s  this performer spent roughly 105  days making a movie with the father; then in the early 1940s she spent just about the same number of days making a movie with the son.  Since she was one of the most famous actresses of that period,  and the father & son were very well known as well, perhaps you can name some combination of movies-&-humans.


582. When    LOVE NEST  was filmed, these  two  performers  were  merely supporting  players.  But in retrospect, it is now their presence  which draws attention to the movie.  That's because she became  the definitive sex-symbol of  the 1950s; and he became the most famous  talk-show host of the same decade.  We're waiting.


583.  What is the connection between the films  A RAGE IN HARLEM  and  THE PICTURE  OF DORIAN  GRAY?...........Please note(but only if you want to......): This is not an actor-to-actor/million-degrees-of-separation question.  The answer involves all 3 categories  traditionally  covered by the word "noun":  Persons, places, & things.


584. Covering  both ends of the spectrum:  ENTER LAUGHING  and  ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING.  While we await  the intermediate entry in that trilogy-waiting-to-happen ("Laughing In The Middle"), how about naming one star of each of those two L-films?


585.  Within  the  film industry, what  is the meaning  of  "high concept"?  For  the benefit of those of you with enough self-restraint to avoid  drug-jokes, here's a hint:* It has something to do with how to pitch a script to a studio or production-company............*Yeah, yeah, we know there's  no way to keep the rest   of you slackers from freeloading  on that same hint; life is so unfair.


586. Within  the universe of 50s-films, who was  Pyewacket?


587. During  a key scene  in this 1984  film, a guy casually mentions  that the auto-suck  is broken. What movie?


588. According  to  usually reliable  sources,  a young actor once ACCEPTED  MONEY to give  Kristy  Swanson a bath. Could  that be right?  Wouldn't  he have  paid  them  instead?  We're willing to ignore  the  answers  to those questions if you'll  answer  this one:  What movie?


589. Albert  Brooks asks the  casino boss  if they could just-forget-about   that gambling-debt.  YOU wouldn't  just-forget-about  naming that film, would you?


590.  Whenever  Glenn  Ford's character comes to a new town in the old west,  he takes  the elementary precaution of beating up  the  toughest  guy in town. That  encourages the rest of the population  not to bother him.  What movie?


591.  The key lyric  from one of the most-recorded songs of the pre-rock era:  "Do do that voodoo  that you do  so well".  Who took that advice to heart in  MAJOR  LEAGUE? .......................................What do you MEAN do-we-want-the-actor-or-the-character?  You must  not be familiar with the level of generosity around here;  either will  be fine.


592. Jim Brown  asks  Fred  Williamson if he feels  like being a  gentleman. That seems  agreeable,  so they go ahead  and  rescue  one  of the estrogen-crowd from some   badly-behaving  members   of the testosterone-crowd.  What movie?


593.  Three  magnificent  monuments  lined up along the ocean in  Miami Beach: The Eden Roc Hotel; the Fontainebleau Hotel;  and Jill St. John  in a bikini  that even people  with  amnesia  can  remember  easily. What film?


594.  Mammalian generosity  is  a wonderful  thing to see;  but since  HUMAN-mammals  are  often  so disappointing  in  that  respect, let's try  another M-category:  What about a squirrel  who  showers  people  with  money?  Show  us  your  own  mammalian  generosity by naming that movie.


595.  John Turturro's  philosophy  is that all he has  to do is squirt-a-few, and he'll be fine.  What movie?


596.  In a move that no doubt made his mother proud, this character  turns down the too-young  charms  of Courtney  Thorne-Smith; don't turn down your  chance to name  the film.


597. For a film-title consisting of just one letter, this one is working pretty hard.  Its workload consists of packing two diferent meanings into that miniature title.  The  2001 movie we're talking about is  O*; now you  talk about  the two meanings.............................*That is a capital letter, not a numeral.


598. The originators:  David  Niven &  Marlon  Brando.  The  successors:  Michael  Caine  & Steve  Martin.  How about naming  the original film or  the(retitled)  remake?


599. The billing 99% of the time: "Lesley Ann Warren".  When she varied it for a while, what was the new version?


600. Grace  Jones  lounging  around  at a vampire-club*.  What  movie?  .....................*That's a lot like  a regular  nightclub,  except  that you have to carry around a large  roll of Bounty   towels .                                                




ANSWERS 581-600:


581.  Mary Astor co-starred  in  DODSWORTH  with Walter  Huston.  Then later she was directed  by his son  John in  THE MALTESE  FALCON.


582.  Marilyn Monroe.  Jack Paar.


583. A RAGE IN HARLEM  starred  Robin  Givens. Robin Givens was married to Mike Tyson. Tyson was a legendary champion of the heavy division of boxing.  Modern boxing took flight under the rules compiled  and  codified by the  Marquess of  Queensberry.  His son was Lord Alfred  Douglas.  Douglas was  part of London's  leading gay couple, with Oscar Wilde.Wilde's only novel and the film it later inspired  were both called  THE  PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. 


584. ALWAYS  LEAVE  THEM LAUGHING: Milton Berle.  Virginia Mayo. Ruth  Roman.  Bert  Lahr.  ENTER LAUGHING: Rene  Santoni.  Shelley  Winters.  Jose Ferrer.  Elaine  May. 


585.   A  "high  concept" property is a screenplay or story that can easily  be summarized very briefly---usually  in  just one short sentence.    For example,  THE PANIC  IN  NEEDLE  PARK  was described  as  "Romeo  & Juliet on heroin".


586.  In BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE, Pyewacket was the companion & pal & cat &  familiar  of Kim Novak's witch-character.


587. CRIMES OF PASSION.  If confronted by the powerful pressure-group  The  Forces For Decency  In  The  Community over the use of this question, we're going to fire-back  in this way:  "Are you saying it WASN'T  broken?"


588.  FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. The young  actor  who let cleanliness be his guide was Jeb Stuart  Adams.


589. The  movie  was  LOST IN AMERICA.




591. Dennis  Haysbert  as  Pedro  Cerrano.  The lyric is from  Cole  Porter's  "You Do  Something  To Me".


592. TAKE A HARD RIDE.  Since we spoke  about the estrogen-crowd  in  the question: A member  of  that group  who  hangs  around here  sometimes has expressed this opinion: "I'm thinking  those  two guys had twice as much 'Rico'  &  three  times  as much  'Suave'   as anyone else around at that time".  She may be right.


593. TONY ROME, starring  Frank  Sinatra.


594. THE  GREAT  RUPERT, starring  Jimmy  Durante.






597. The film-title   O    refers to both (A)  Othello, the key character  in  the play which is the source-material for the film, and (B) Odin, the movie's principal  character.




599.  "Lesley  Warren" was her billing for such gigs as  her stint on TV's  "Mission: Impossible".  One theory of the change  was that the full version of the name kept  connecting her with the very young roles which brought her to prominence;  that was an  image which she was trying(successfully) to shed.


600. VAMP.



QUESTIONS 601-620:


601. It may have been  the  double-standard's  finest  hour.  When  THE  ROAD  TO  HONG  KONG was being  planned, the question  arose  as to whether  Dorothy  Lamour was  "too old"  to  star   once again with Hope & Crosby.*  So did she do so?............*Logicians  tried to help her case  by pointing  out  that she was  11 years  younger than those guys---but of course they didn't understand the truer-and-deeper  meaning  of the double-standard.


602. A big  movie  from  2002  could easily  have been  called  "PreCrime".  What name  was  chosen  instead?


603.  We're calling  this  our  Jar Of  Olives:  One Olive  co-starred in THE SEARCHERS  & was closely related to two western  stars;  one co-starred in the 1963  horror/comedy  THE  RAVEN; one provided  the  source-material  for STELLA  DALLAS  and  STELLA; and one  had something  to do with  Robin  Williams'   list of credits.   What can  you tell us?


604.  She describes a wonderful scene and then adds  that the whole thing will of course  be under  SWAT-team surveillance.  What film?


605. In the late 1950s, Fox used the  threat  of  Jayne  Mansfield  to try to keep Marilyn  Monroe in line,  just  as Columbia  used the threat  of  _________  ___________  to "reason with"   Rita  Hayworth.   You know  your  duty.


606. In cases where a screenplay/teleplay has three or more writers credited, the screen  will  sometimes shift from "and"   to  "&"  right in mid-credit. How come?..................Addendum: Any variation  of the phrase  "general  incompetence"   will be  deemed  unacceptable; and anyone pointing out that "unacceptable" and "inaccurate"  are not  the same thing  will be deemed a wiseguy.


607.  The first guy points  out that what they're  about to do  will have repercussions, back at Camp  Pendleton.  The second guy's response: "What-a-yah, kiddin'?   We're not gonna  live through this".  What 2011  production?


608. During  many years  of  the  studio's  history, the "Universal"  logo contained that word plus one other. What was the second word?


609. What movie  was the juvenile-delinquent  version  of  DANGEROUS  LIAISONS?


610.  Consider  these two  LLLs*:  Fernando  Lamas  and  Ricardo  Montalban.  Although  each  found  success  in a little-known village in Southern  California, they were both born  in foreign countries.  Which ones?.........................*Lionized Latin  Lovers.


611. What romantic film caused a large wave of new business for the Grand Hotel, on Mackinac  Island  in  Michigan?


612. There was  no bigger fan of Elvis  Presley's  music than actor Tony Perkins.  In addition  to liking that Tupelo-child's songs, Perkins had at least  three other connections to Elvis.  Naming at least one of them would make us semi-happy.


613. What is the meaning  of the word  "ALUCARD"?


614. Does the phrase  "harpooned  on  dry land"  make you  think of any particular Lee  Remick  movie?


615.  If people don't  get their booster shots, they might develop night vision. While we research that claim, perhaps you'd like to keep busy by naming  the relevant movie.


616. A key film version of  THE SCARLET LETTER  featured  Senta Berger being  directed by Wim  Wenders. Those two people were aware of which "Letter" of the alphabet was being  dealt  with.  How about you?


617.  Don't  bother  to look up the definition of  "nihilism" in some authoritative literary  resource; here's a guy who's going to give it to you  in one  quick  sentence: "What can be broken must be broken".  What 2007 film?.......Addendum: OK,OK, we're going to give you an authoritative definition ourselves, just to show  that our-boy stayed very close to the "official" definition.  From The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: ...."A true nihilist would  believe  in  nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose  except, perhaps, an Impulse To Destroy".


618.  We have  to stop meeting like  this:  In 1944  the young  actress  Gail Rusell  PLAYED  Cornelia  Otis  Skinner*  in a movie;  and  in the same  year  Russell co-starred  WITH  COS in a  separate  film.  Naming  either production would, we feel sure,  constitute a significant achievement...............*A well-known older  actress and  author.


619.  A double meaning can be a good thing.  AT WAR WITH  THE ARMY refers to both (A) a willingness to fight an external war as part of that institution, and (B) an inclination to engage in an internal battle against that same  institution (through  chaotic behavior, in this case).  What two actors  were the warriors?


620. They are two movies with much in common:  (A) Their titles are quite similar---HOT ROD GIRL  and  DRAGSTRIP  GIRL.  (B)  They were early  releases  of the recently-formed  American-International  studio. (C)  They were profitable enough  to provide  funding for subsequent, more ambitious films,   including &  especially  the  Roger  Corman/Edgar Allen Poe  series.  (D) They both featured appearances by a guy who later became  famous as an impressionist, but who  kept his hand in acting by playing  the Riddler.  Who was that?




ANSWERS  601-620:


601. She appeared, but only in a cameo. Her place as leading lady was taken by Joan Collins, who was about 2 decades  younger than she was (and 30 years younger  than  H&C).




603.  Olive Carey from THE SEARCHERS was the wife of Harry Carey  Sr. and the  mother of HCjr.  Olive  Sturgess was  THE-RAVEN-maven.  Olive  Prouty  created the Stella-character.  Olive Oyl  cavorted   with  Williams' POPEYE  character.




605. Kim Novak.


606. "Sally & Sam" is the credit of a writing  TEAM  working  together.  "Sally  and  Sam"  is the  credit of two screenwriters working separately on the same project.  "Sally  &  Sam   and  Herbert" is what appears when a team and a separate individual have worked on the same  production.




608. International.




610.  Argentina  for  Lamas.  Mexico  for  Montalban.


611.  SOMEWHERE IN TIME, a movie  which was filmed at that location.


612.  (A)  Perkins  had a hit record in  1957.  It was called  "Moon-Light  Swim".  Elvis  liked  that  song  so much that he put it on what may have been* the best-selling  album of the 1960s: His soundtrack from  BLUE HAWAII  in 1961.  (B)  Although Perkins started his recording career on Epic, his    goal was to be on Elvis's label (RCA), a goal he achieved  with "MLS". (C) Tony  named  a son of his  Elvis.........*In the era before  SOUNDSCAN, which actually  counts sales reliably,  there was a lot of guesswork (and  lying....)  built into sales-reports.  But with an astounding 20 weeks at number one on the album charts,  BLUE HAWAII  was certainly  a contender for king-of-the-universe. A comparison: Presley's key rock-competition during the 60s was The Beatles, whose biggest LP spent "only" 15 weeks at #1(that was "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band").


613.  It is "Dracula" spelled  backwards, a fact not lost on the makers of  SON OF DRACULA, who used it as a key plot-device.


614. It should make you  think of THE OMEN(1976).




616. "A". Apparently some people are married, and then they lose  their focus a little bit, and then.............


617. 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. 


618. Portraying  COS: OUR  HEARTS WERE  YOUNG  AND  GAY.  Appearing  with  COS: THE  UNINVITED.


619. Dean Martin & Jerry  Lewis.


620.  Frank  Gorshin.




QUESTIONS  621-640:


621. "Daphne  Zuniga  portrays  THE SURE  THING..........".  That sentence appeared in a couple of pre-release reviews of the indicated film.  Any comment?


622.  It was  probably  just an  honest mistake.  Instead of reading him his rights, Jamie Lee  Curtis  executes  him.  What movie?


623.  In the original PSYCHO, what actor  saves  Vera  Miles?


624.  Was  HANNAH  AND  HER  SISTERS  Woody Allen's  Magnum Opus?  Very possibly, but we're  nervous  around  uncertainties, so let's move over to a question  with a more definite answer:  How many  of those S-humans did  Hannah have?


625. It may be  the most  famous  western of them all.  Its advertising  campaign  was  dominated by the tag-line  "He had to find her....he had to find her".  Its title is:


626. What famous  movie ends with Keye Luke, walking away, with his friend?


627. When the famous  YAL*  Tyrone Davis  sang  "Peoples, let me tell ya-all........"---they let him.  That plural-people reminds us that we've been wondering  about the male leads  in PEOPLE  WILL  TALK  and  THE  PEOPLE  VERSUS  LARRY  FLYNT.  Who were they?.................*Young  American Linguist.     Addendum: Pay no attention to any High Literary   authorities who  claim that  "Peoples"  cannot be used in that way; they are  not  fun-lovers  and are  not  your  friends.


628. On the one hand, the bookstore-worker was very helpful in finding her selections; on the other hand, he wasn't really a bookstore-worker.   What  2007  rom/com  featured that  early,  getting-to-know-you  scene?


629. Kathleen Turner, lacking words, but not lacking  a knife in her throat.  What film?


630. In  this military  comedy,   US forces  are occupying a village.  The spokesman for  the locals tells the  US commander that the beautiful  Lotus  Blossom   is unfair competition for the other ladies, and that  true happiness  will not be achieved until the others have what Lotus  Blossom has.  The  officer very sensibly  points  out that what  LB has, the government  does not issue.  What  movie?  (Question-thanks  to Tom Koerner  writing at  IMDb).


631. Within The John Derek Universe,*  the two key events happened 47 days apart in the autumn  of 1956.  One was personal; the other professional.  One happened  in Long Beach;  the other in old-Hollywood.  What kind of candle-light can you throw upon that subject?.................*Of  course  there's a John Derek Universe, a fact that we'll be proving soon using  computer  modeling.  Probably.




632.  "Sticks Nix  Hick Pix".   Don't blame us;  "Variety" has a history of talking  like that.  What did that particular headline mean?


633. The makers of the film CB4 definitely knew what that title meant. Has that knowledge drifted  over* from the west side of Los Angeles  into the  neighborhood/state where you live?...............*No, not like air-pollution(don't  hate-on LA), but like beautiful clouds  of joy.


634.  Over the decades,  hundreds of movies  have been filmed in  LA's  San Fernando  Valley & the adjacent separate  city of Simi Valley.  The key way  to get  from one of those locations  to the other  is to  go through Santa  Susana  Pass.  A famous singing cowboy  took note of that scenic  location in 1949  and  used its name (slightly  modified)  as the title of one of his films:  SUSANNA * PASS.    Who was the S-cowboy?  *(The spelling difference is correct).


635. The reputation  of the 1950s as a socially  conservative  decade  is  apparently  immortal.  Other immortal  things appear in a 2002 film in which one  character  asks another how it was possible to slip through the  fifties  in red velvet.  What movie?


636.  Why is the Burt Lancaster/Shirley Booth  film  COME BACK, LITTLE  SHEBA  called  that?


637. "When I get back to my room,  you're  the only thing I  want to find  missing".  That comment-to-a-roommate is   from STAGE DOOR, and the recipient of that unkind cut was actress  Gail Patrick, who as Gail  Patrick  Jackson  went on to produce  "Perry  Mason" on television.  The speaker  was one of the best-known actresses of the 1930s/1940s. Such as? 


638.  The four  Marx  Brothers   "help"  a college.  In what film did that tragedy  occur?


639. Very few sentences  get some nice momentum going  and then suddenly stop  in the middle & go back  the other way.  Here's one: "If what I think is happening, is happening,  it  better not be". What animated film  from 2009 gave us that comment?


640.  What well-known fifties-film (later remade)ends with 4 halos  onscreen?   (The halos and the  title are related).






ANSWERS  621-640:


621. Although Daphne was the female lead of the film, TST was played by Nicollette  Sheridan.  (A radical suggestion  for writers and critics: Don't comment  on  the movie until you've  seen the movie).




623. John Gavin.


624. Two.




626.   GREMLINS.


627. Cary Grant  &  Woody  Harrelson.  You can probably guess which is which---although the thought of Cary Grant as Larry Flynt is worth some consideration.  Addendum:  Tyrone Davis's  words to the public came in one of the defining songs of sixties-soul, "Can I Change My Mind?" It was a number-one  R&B hit in the winter  of 68/69,  and it neared the top of the pop charts  as well.   Words and music by Carl  Wolfolk &  Barry  Despensa (there's two peoples  right there). Copyright  1968.  Warner/Chappell Music.








631. On October 5th, Paramount  released John Derek's biggest film,THE TEN  COMMANDMENTS.  On November 20th, (the future)Bo  Derek was born.


632. Films  with rural  themes were falling out of favor at the box-office, and those turning against them the most were rural viewers, who wanted stories about the  sophisticated  big cities.


633.  Cell  Block 4.


634. Roy Rogers.




636.  If your  favorite pet is gone/gone/gone,  it would make sense to say that, so  Booth's  character did.


637. Ginger  Rogers.






640. The original  WE'RE  NO  ANGELS.  In a burst of inter-species solidarity, the halos were over 3 mammals & 1 reptile.




QUESTIONS  641-660:


641.   One of  director John  Ford's  films took as its title  the first four words of  what may have been  the best-selling song (sheet-music) of the 1800s.   The song   was Stephen  Foster's   "My Old Kentucky  Home". The movie's name?


642.  We're calling this the Double-R Award, and we're giving it to a guy  who (A) recognized a riveting  short performance when he saw one, and (B) described it in  a riveting   way.  The writer:  Peter Travers.  The venue: Rolling Stone.  The description:  " incendiary  cameo from MAD MEN's Christina  Hendricks..........".  That's the right label---an incendiary cameo.  Accept  no substitute-verbiage.  What movie?


643. Because of the similarity of their names, Pamela  Franklin  and  Pamelyn  Ferdin were sometimes  confused with each other    by careless commentators  during  their  1960s/1970s  career-peaks.   So that  WE  don't become careless commentators,*  perhaps you could give us enough info  to tell  them apart................*Don't say it.............


644. Is this a common source of complaints among teenage girls?: Getting felt-up by your own grandmother.  That important question was put into our brains by watching a Molly  Ringwald  movie.  Which  one?


645. In the William  Holden  film  S.O.B., Robert  Vaughn plays the head of a movie studio.  At one point  he asks a studio employee nearby, "You the cutter?"   What's a   cutter?


646. This  is shocking  stuff: Two sets  of  violent  triplets.  One  group sings  of their  yearning for a  gun. The other group doesn't  sing at  all;  they're  too  busy  inflicting  mayhem  upon  their  opponents  at a sporting  event.*  Naming one  of  those  films  would  be something  nonviolent you could do...............*And it  wasn't boxing,  where (we're  told) such things  are  sometimes  encouraged.  (Addendum: Some  readers  may have some trouble with using  the  word "triplets" in  the second case;  that  phrasing does pop up quite a bit among the public, but you could also call them "The _______ Brothers" if you wish).


647.  One of the  "Road"  pictures featured Hope  &  Crosby  bothering-the-locals on an island that is part of  the  nation  of Indonesia.  Which  movie?


648.  At the end of this classic  spaghetti-western,  Lee Van Cleef asks a guy if everything's OK.   His listener, who has  just solved a  little mathematical problem,  says  yes.  What film?


649. Whatever the truer-&-deeper meaning  of the word "hip"  this week, most viewers would  agree  that this  1969 movie  featured the  hippest advertising agency ever put on film.  What  movie?


650. Consider  the  2007   film  THE DEATH AND  LIFE OF BOBBY Z. Why was that phrasing used, instead of the more common life-and-death?


651.  Over the decades,  a number  of commentators  have spoken (when talking about PLAN 9 FROM OUTER  SPACE) about the "first-ever teaming of B-movies greats  Bela Lugosi  and  Lyle  Talbot".  Two problems  with that: (A) Lugosi would have  rejected  the "B-movie" reference,  for that was not how he viewed his career.  (2) That film wasn't their first teaming.  In 1944  they starred   in   _____ _____ TOO MANY.  The missing words, please.


652.  When  Chelsea Handler named a book  "Chelsea  Chelsea  Bang  Bang", that action was  proof that a certain  movie  had  burrowed  into her brain at some  point.    Which one?



653. An actress from THE  ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN  and  an actor from  THE HUNGER share Elvis'  January 8th birthday.  Naming at least one  of the two would  be  your  birthday present anybody who  has  a B.D. on whatever day you do all  this hard work.


654.  On  the  one hand, all  right-thinkers  agreed  that she had to be killed; on the other H.,  nobody wanted to do it.  What Mimi Rogers  film?


655.  Since  RKO  films were  often  marketed   under  the logo  "An RKO Radio  Picture", we're going to foolishly  assume that you don't need  much help figuring  out what that first letter  stands  for;  but the identity of the "K" and the mystery  of the "O"  are bugging us, so see  if you can rescue us. 


656.  When  Jack  Webb  was dominating  television with "Dragnet",  the studio-gods reacted by dumping feature-film money upon him.  One result was the movie -30-.   Why was -30-  called  -30-?


657.  Who portrayed  THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER?


658. Could this boy  be a sore loser?: "Why didn't you take off all  your clothes? You could have stopped forty cars".  Perhaps the biggest movie star of them all, speaking to the winner.  What film?


659. What 1985 movie dealt with  a semi-scandal at Oxford  University in the 1850s   and  1860s?


660. Showing  solidarity with both evolutionary  biology and the African/tropical heritage,   reggae-god  Jimmy  Cliff  sang  that life couldn't have begun in a refrigerator---it must have begun  in an incubator. In what  comedy did he make that musical statement?  (It was a movie that had, fittingly, a tropical setting).









ANSWERS  641-660:




642. 2011's DRIVE.


643. Both were born in the 1950s, Ferdin in Los Angeles  and  Franklin  in Japan  to British parents.  Ferdin concentrated on television but was  also seen in such feature films  as THE ONE AND ONLY, GENUINE, ORIGINAL  FAMILY Band  and (in a pivotal role)  THE  BEGUILED.  Franklin's  many films include(as a child) THE INNOCENTS   and  (as an adult) THE PRIME  OF  MISS JEAN BRODIE.




645.  Cutters  are  film editors.


646. The singers  were in THE BAND WAGON.*    The  mayhem-boys  were  in SLAP  SHOT.............*Each of the three yearned for a little gun with which to kill the other two.


647.   ROAD  TO BALI.  (Since   this was a film about Bali produced in Hollywood,  would   India's film industry object if we called it a Baliwood movie?).


648.  FOR A FEW  DOLLARS  MORE.  The  amateur  mathematician  was  Clint Eastwood.




650. After reports of Bobby Z's death appeared, various sportsmen brought him back   to "life" using  an  imposter. Death, then life.


651.  The film   was  ONE BODY  TOO  MANY.




653. Sarah Polley & David Bowie share January 8th with that other guy.




655. K means  Keith and O means  Orpheum(they were theater circuits).


656. Within the newspaper business,  "-30-" gradually emerged as a way to deal with this issue: When a reporter sent  in an electronic dispatch from a field-location, the newsroom might not be sure if they had the whole thing, or if more might be coming.  "-30-" meant they had it all. 


657. John Wayne. Dean Martin. Earl Holliman. Michael Anderson, Jr.




659.  DREAMCHILD.  Historians are still smacking each over the exact details, but this much is certain: The adult Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) was emotionally but not sexually obssessed with 12-year-old Alice Liddell, who in turn would end her  adolescense with a history of multiple adult men who'd lost their  minds over her.







QUESTIONS  661-680:


661.  The success of Jim Brown's action-film  SLAUGHTER led to a sequel. What was it called?


662. When the hibernating  animals are reluctant  to awaken fully  and start the new season, a skunk motivates  them by  threatening  to do something for which skunks  are famous.  What 2006 movie?


663. In the 2009 film  THE SOLOIST,  what two musical instruments are crucial to the plot?


664.  When "The Many Loves Of Dobie  Gillis" was a top-rated  TV show, one of its most famous episodes  was titled  "Lassie Get Lost".  Where'd that name come from?


665. In this baseball film, a pitcher is working on a perfect game.  Surprisingly, the  other team is opposed  to that goal.  As one of their batters prepares to hit, he gets this advice from the bench: "Wreck it!".  What  movie?


666.  There  are plenty of humans walking around in WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN?, but the true star of the film is a substance. Who'll stop you from naming it? No One.


667. Since we had too much class  to use a satanic item as question 666,*  let's try one here: If someone offers  you a satanic  mechanic, we're not sure if he should be trusted(check with the Auto Club to be sure)---but try to name a film in which that happened...........*What do you MEAN, we probably forgot?


668. WAYNE'S WORLD:  Because of Tia  Carrere's  startling visuals,  some moviegoers may have forgotten that during her pivotal "Ballroom Blitz"singing-scene she was also playing  a musical instrument.  What type of instrument?  (No brand-names or other  details needed; just the broad category).


669.   In what well-known  film does the simple act of opening a refrigerator door constititute a key event in the plot?


670. The well-received  film  RUN LOLA RUN features a final line of dialogue that closely parallels a 4-word  question famously asked by Brad Pitt.  We'll  be happy to hear your  RLR thoughts.


671. Joely Richardson began the 2000s by starring in two consecutive  films which shared their titles with famous hit records of the 1950s.  You could name one; you could name both; you could go hang out at the liquor  store as usual. We're neutral.


672. It's  not  the kind of thing  you  want to say out loud. So, the junior syndicate-guy  indicates  how big a deal his older  companion is by  insisting that the hotel room  they're about  to be assigned  should be one with a key from the upper-level of keys (the ultra-penthouse floor).  What film?


673. TimCurryNYCdj*. What movie?.......................*Either our space-bar melted, or we're being  cute. We'd rather not comment any further.


674.  The four principal stars of  2008's DOUBT were Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Viola Davis, and Amy Adams.  Their performances were generally called flawless, and accolades  rained down upon them.*  At the end of the film,  one of their characters suffers a shattering breakdown. Which one?...............*(One  of the falling  accolades  nicked a   bystander on the shoulder, but it was covered by insurance).


675. When A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS  launched  the  spaghetti-western genre, it's unlikely  that the makers of the film would have  anticipated this: "(A)Fistful of A--holes" as the proposed  name  of an indie-rock band.  What 2008 movie?


676. During the  1970s, fans  of the much-loved  Jean Arthur/Charles Coburn comedy THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES  were complaining all over the place. Why?


677. When a B-level horror film made this guy a movie star in 1958, he began to get the A-movie offers  that had eluded  him previously.  The first of them was the Sinatra vehicle  NEVER SO FEW.  But before he made that film, this  actor did a radical thing by Hollywood standards---he kept his  word.  He had  previously agreed to do another B-film, THE GREAT ST. LOUIS  BANK  ROBBERY; since the money was ultra-low, some  performers might  have been tempted to stiff-those-boys and get going on the A-movie carousel. Not this guy; he had been signed for the film when his reputation was tiny, and he was grateful enough to honor the  contract.  Who-he?


678. A big movie  from 1991 and a musical trend from that era share most of a title. 100% credit for getting just one of the two. (That's what troubled commentators usually call  the lowering of standards  in education).


679. It sounded like a mismatch,  but the starpower  of  Barbara  Stanwyck  jammed  them  together  and  made  it work. Those being jammed were  a "man's director"(William Wellman) and a "woman's writer"(Adela Rogers St. Johns). A typical entry from WW's list of credits  was  WINGS;  CHILDREN OF DIVORCE was prominent  on  ARS's  resume.  He directed & she wrote the original screen-story for a Stanwyck movie from  1942. The name?


680. This line sent people scrambling for  their  calendars: "My mother told  me never to enter a man's room in months ending in R". In what famous romance from the late  1930s did Irene  Dunne pass along that information?





ANSWERS 661-680:






663. Violin. Cello. 


664. They derived their title from what was arguably the definitive kid-flick of film's first half-century, LASSIE COME HOME.




666. Heroin.




668. Electric bass.


669. WAIT UNTIL DARK. The refrigerator-light changed  the balance  of power in a darkened  apartment.


670. Lolaville: "What's in the bag?" Pittville: "What's in the box?"




671. "Return To Me" by Dean Martin.  "Maybe Baby" by The Crickets(Buddy Holly's group).






674. Streep's character.




676. The skinflick industry had released a big hit called THE DEVIL IN  MISS JONES.


677. Steve McQueen.


678. NEW JACK CITY. New Jack Swing.






QUESTIONS 681-700:

681. Ignore professional connections and concentrate  on personal ones: What is the fairly-direct link between Clark Gable & Ricardo Montalban?


682. In this 2007 film, Melissa McCarthy helpfully takes  the guy's cellphone away from him, because she knows he'll get into trouble if he keeps it. He complains  that all his numbers are in that phone. MM  tells him to dial any 10 digits at random, and they'll be better  for him than the numbers  in that phone. As we understand it, the next step in the process  is for you to name the movie.


683. In quick succession, Laura San Giacomo  asks if two separate things are for her.  The movie?


684. A Dan Ackroyd movie  shares a title with various local-market  tv shows focusing on hunting & fishing. What title?


685. There's a rumor  that you'd like to answer a question about an actor and an actress. Since by law we must take all rumors seriously: What is the connection between Liam Neeson and actress Audrey Dalton*.  It might be a relationship which has both professional and personal elements...........*While she appeared in a fair number of films(KITTEN WITH A WHIP, the 1953 version of TITANIC, MR. SARDONICUS, etc.),  her  professional life was dedicated largely to a huge number of appearances in episodic  television.


686. When Jimmy Durante's movie career tapered off, he transitioned easily into television.  The younger-TV-generation appreciated  his broad humor in the same way that they liked The Three Stooges. But he kicked away some of that youthful goodwill by slightly mocking a hot rock band of the late 1960s, saying that they didn't have a manager, they had a gardener.  What group?


687. When Rodgers & Hammerstein's CAROUSEL hit theaters,  suddenly nightclub and TV comics were all doing pregnancy  jokes, based on the title of a key song in that musical.  What song?


688. One day in 1979, part of the "Wall Street Journal" 's  front page looked a little like "Variety" 's FP.  Readers were presented with the story of the making of a particular  motion picture.  Which one?..................Addendum: Even though we really should discuss whether you are worthy of a hint, here's one on general(and lax)principles: If you called the movie a creature feature, no one would argue with you.


689. One of the most famous of all  Hollywood "feuds" was the one between  W.C. Fields and someone we'll call Adversary Number One. Fields  called him  The Woodpeckers' Pin-Up-Boy.  Who might that be?


690. A killed-version of Samuel L. Jackson is not unknown in film history, but today we want to talk about a kilted-version. What 2001 movie?


691. We're wasting  too many neurons thinking about a certain  issue, so maybe you'd like to take over the burden. What can you tell us about a real person named Elliott Reid, and a fictional character of the same name?


692. This 1963 film's advertising-gimmick was the promise of five big stars appearing  heavily disguised. What movie? 


693. 1986 was the year that Susan Dey began starring  in "L.A. Law". It was also the year  in which she starred in a "small" film about a  well-known neighborhood in Los Angeles. The name of the movie & the neighborhood are the same. We don't want to insult you by assuming that you need any additional hints, so.................


694. Who starred  as  Bullwhip Griffin?


695. Tolerance is a wonderful thing. When it becomes clear that his would-be girlfriend is hundreds of years old, this speaker  announces that he would have no problem dating an older woman. What 2008 movie?


696. A key reason  that lyricist Paul Francis Webster's resume was littered* with Oscars & Oscar-nominations was that he could write what might be called a "muscular" lyric---one so strong that it stayed in people's memories. Consider this one: "Once on a high and windy hill, in the morning mist, two lovers kissed, and the world stood still". What movie-title-song?.............*Rock stars doing their community service in orange vests would drop by once in a while to take care of that.


697. When the Addams Family movies began to make their network-television debuts during the 1990s, one such showing contained a message which surprised some viewers  who hadn't gotten-the-word about something. What was the message?


698. Very confusing.  Within about 36  months of each other, theaters were featuring (A) a doggie-film with Lad(d)  in the title, and (B) a doggie-film starring a guy named Lad(d).  Get back to us when you're ready.


699. For nonsexual reasons, the top portion of her costume has been opened-wide, exposing everything from the top of the cleavage to the chinline. Her male companion reacts to that by gently and tenderly  re-fastening her apparel at the throat, changing the much-skin  scenario into a no-skin one. What Cameron Diaz movie?


700. After announcing  over the wireless device that 3 men  and a woman are in need of help, he adds this: If help cannot be sent---send two more women. (He's flexible). What movie?


ANSWERS 681-700:

681. Gable had a child with Loretta Young. Young's half-sister married Montalban.


682. THE NINES. (Couldn't they have waited 2 years until 2009 to release the picture? People are so impatient).






685. Neeson portrayed MICHAEL COLLINS,  perhaps the most important figure in the millennium-long fight to expel the invading British from Ireland. Audrey Dalton was the real-life daughter of Emmet Dalton, one of Collins'  closest confidants.


686.  The Grass Roots,  who were famous for such late-1960s hits as "Midnight Confessions" and "Let's Live For Today".


687. "June Is Bustin' Out All Over".


688. ALIEN.


689. The great-wooden-god himself, Charlie McCarthy.


690. FORMULA 51.


691. One Elliott Reid starred in such 50s/60s films as GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES and INHERIT THE WIND. The other was a character played by Sarah Chalke on "Scrubs".






694. Roddy  McDowall, in the Disney movie THE ADVENTURES OF BULLWHIP GRIFFIN.




696. LOVE IS A MANY-SPLENDORED THING. Of course, geologists and geophysicists would probably protest that the world never stood still in that manner---but we all know what spoilsports they are.


697. The announcement commemorated the movie's male lead, Raul Julia, who had died  suddenly not long before.


698.  The films were LAD: A DOG and the David Ladd movie A DOG OF FLANDERS.


699. 2002's GANGS OF NEW YORK. Being a gentleman: Leonardo DiCaprio.


700. DUCK SOUP, featuring the even-rowdier-than-usual Marx Brothers.







QUESTIONS 701-720:


701. We're strangers in these parts, so perhaps you would show us some hospitality by allowing us to ask these stranger-related questions: Who was the female star of STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET? What movie introduced the #1 hit song "Strangers In The Night"? What circular device provided the ending  for STRANGERS ON A TRAIN?


702.  Just as some people hog-all-the-blankets, these Sarah-chicks are hogging-all-the-NAMES: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout. While such celebrities as Cher & Madonna have had to struggle along with only one identifier apiece, the Sarahs have accumulated an average of 3.33 names each, which does seem excessive. With our usual gullibility, we will assume  that you know something about SMG & SJP; but what can you tell us about the worst offender, SCSS? 


703. What Hitchcock-type thriller  hinges upon the visual acuity of Steve Guttenberg's character?


704. It's one of the most famous westerns of them all, and these dates are closely connected to it: 11/18/02. 12/11/02. 3/3/03. 8/30/03.  Comments?


705. Could this represent brilliant product-placement on the part of the convention-&-visitors-bureau of a certain Mexican city?: A character named Detective Vera Cruz.  What 1999 film?


706. What is the truer-and-deeper-meaning of "the Brooks bob"? ................Addendum: A website with the name of this one  is bound to be drawn to a question like that; we're not ashamed............


707. What is the very direct connection between the 80s-teen-movies SAY ANYTHING and THE IN CROWD? (Think how rude it would be for you to say "They're both 80s-teen-movies").


708. As the Original Rock Era was coming to an end* in late 1963, an Elvis song, "Bossa Nova Baby", was high on the charts. The song was also used prominently in a 2011  romantic  comedy. Which one?....................*"I Want To Hold Your Hand" & the English Invasion were only a few weeks away; that avalanche ended the chart-careers of a couple of hundred artists who had dominated rock's first decade, from The Crystals to Ricky Nelson to Fats Domino to Dion.


709. Because of his flamboyance,  Twentieth Century Fox  co-founder Darryl Zanuck was often teased in print. One of the teasers was Ernest Hemingway. He called a film adaptation of some of his material "The Snows Of Zanuck". What was the movie's real title?


710. Both of these guys starred in dozens of films over a third of a century, but fans who approached them generally wanted to talk about one in particular---GONE WITH THE WIND. They died just 11 days apart, in November of 1960.  Who were they?


711. We're depressed over the lack of movies called THE NORTHERNER or THE EASTERNER, so perhaps you could cheer us up by naming the male leads in THE SOUTHERNER and THE WESTERNER.


712. For more than a century, Hollywood has made it hard to think pure thoughts, because they keep releasing films with words like "Pink Nightgown" and "Pink Tights" in their titles.  While we re-focus our efforts on  purity-in-thinking,  you might as well name the two  films containing those title-words.


713. Hiding within OCEAN'S 11*  are what we might call "Ocean's 3".  They were the  three actors who (a)  were big enough to  get Jack Warner to open his checkbook, (b) were top-billed, (c) received almost all the attention in the ad-campaign, and (d) were legendary singers. One was also well-known as an impressionist.  Which one?                            *The 1960 version.


714.  Different-strokes-for-different-Ephrons:  Screenwriter Nora Ephron(WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE) was known to badmouth the works of Rod McKuen; but her   director/screenwriter father Henry Ephron spent a whole year of his life hyping  McKuen.  RM had written the title-song to a movie  which  Henry E. was producing and directing; Ephron knew  that a hit song on the radio could help a film's prospects, so he used all his contacts across the country  to get DJs to play it; they did, it became a top-30 hit, & all parties agreed that it helped the  film's box-office. The movie was a teen-music film, and it starred a reigning teen-idol of the late 1950s, Tommy Sands. What three words identify both the film and the hit song?


715. Our lively imaginations have come up with this lively list of questions: (A) What famous singer starred in the film STEP LIVELY? (B) What movie featured Blake Lively in a story about a slightly eccentic college? (C) The 4 stars of THE LIVELY SET were very well known in the early 1960s. Two were singers, two were not. Since it appears that several months have now gone by since that time, naming even one of the four would make you look good.


716. You don't stumble upon lyrics like these very often:"Take 10 terrific girls, & only 9 costumes.....". What movie?


717. Consider the Michael Biehn film K2.  Was that legendary peak given that name (A) because it is the second highest elevation on Earth; (B) because that is the second name usually associated with the peak(replacing an earlier  name in the public's consciousness); (C) both of those reasons; or (D) neither of those reasons?................Addendum: Both of the statements in "A" & "B" are factually correct----but that still leaves open the question of whether one or both could be the source of the name.




719. Who was the last survivor of the Big Four performers in THE WIZARD OF OZ?


720.  Martin Lawrence's character expresses an opinion that a listener considers eccentric. The latter asks ML if he really believes all that stuff he says. Lawrence very sensibly replies that he doesn't know until he stops talking. What movie?


ANSWERS 701-720:


701. Kim Novak. A MAN COULD GET KILLED. A carousel.


702. Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out.* We'd rather not discuss what happened next. Too tragic...............*The historian who reported that to the world was Shel Silverstein. 




704. Consider the actors who played THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. For decades, the answer to a  well-known pop-culture question remained the same: "5". The question was: How many of the seven actors are still walking around? Then suddenly, over an elapsed span of only about 9 1/2 months, a majority of the 7 were annihilated. The indicated dates were bad ones for, respectively, James Coburn, Brad Dexter, Horst Buchholz, and Charles Bronson.




706. Half a century before either Farrah Fawcett or Jennifer Anniston became a hair-icon*, Louise Brooks invented that category. The hairstyle of the legendary silent actress was widely copied in the 20s/30s......................*YES, we're ashamed to be using a frivolous phrase like "hair-icon"---but its Hollywood-hype qualities seem to be overridden by its accuracy,  so we're sticking with it.


707. Each film starred one of the offspring of 1960s rock-god Donovan(HURDY GURDY MAN, CATCH THE WIND). Ione Skye starred in SAY ANYTHING. Donovan Leitch starred in  THE IN CROWD.






710. Clark Gable & Ward Bond.


711. THE SOUTHERNER: Zachary Scott. THE WESTERNER: Gary Cooper.


712. THE FUZZY PINK NIGHTGOWN, with Jane Russell. HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS, with Sophia Loren.


713. Sammy Davis Jr.




715. (A) Frank Sinatra. (B) ACCEPTED. (C) The singers, who each had million-sellers, were James Darren("Goodbye Cruel World") and Joanie Sommers("Johnny Get Angry").  The non-singers were Doug McClure, one of the stars of "The Virginian" on television, and Pamela Tiffin(STATE FAIR, COME FLY WITH ME).




717. Neither; it was a nearly-random event which created the name: When the English invaders were mapping the Karakoram, they used such peak-names as K1, K2, K3, K4, and K5; and this peak just happened to draw "K2" in that sequence.  Addendum: The earlier widely-accepted name for K2 was Mount Godwin-Austen, after one of the aforementioned foreigners. The  sequence was (A) "K2" randomly at first for about 10 seconds with no worldwide recognition*;  (B) "Mount Godwin-Austen" quickly taking over & lasting for decades & being used internationally*; and then (C) back to K2 permanently as colonialist  names were ejected..........................*That very-brief-&-very-localized status of K2 is why we're calling MGA first & the modern re-invention of K2 second.


718. It is on the  Caribbean shores of Honduras and Nicaragua. Assisting Harrison Ford in the movie of the same name were such stalwarts as Helen Mirren, Martha Plimpton, and Butterfly McQueen in her final movie appearance.


719. Ray Bolger 1987. Jack Haley 1979. Judy Garland 1969.* Bert Lahr 1967.....................*Sadly, everyone knew that SHE  was not a candidate for this particular honor. 




QUESTIONS 721-740:


721. In what (logical)country is James Bond Beach?


722. In the 1959 female-incarceration flic GIRLS TOWN, who played the main G-in-the-T?


723. One of the best-known films of the early 1960s used the same word in the title four times. What movie?


724. There have been so many car-chases in films that it's hard to do anything new-&-creative with them; but here's an honorable attempt: In this Patrick Swayze adventure, the blocking car is impeding the progress of the pursuing car by sliding SIDEWAYS down the highway at a very high rate of speed*. What movie?....................*In other words, the pursuing car is pointed in the usual direction, but the blocking car is providing a rolling roadblock by being at right angles to the centerline. 


725. Although not much for roaming the world, Tarzan did manage to inject the name of a famous city into one of his film-titles.  Details? (Theatrical films only)*................................................................*OK, so we're snobs.     


726. A coffee so powerful that they just had to name it after the most famous Charles Bronson movie; in case we want to ask for it by name, what should we request?


727. He played a nice guy as a regular in a dramatic TV series; he later played a nice guy in a TV western series; and in between he played a classic psycho in a movie. As you put your brain in gear (we know it's a chore...), we'll help you out by mentioning that those events took place between the late 1950s & the late  1960s. Name that versatile dude.


728. "Piper, Piper, & Pippa".  Could that be the name of an accounting  firm? You'd have to check with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants at their Avenue Of The Americas offices in NYC to be sure---but if that's too much trouble, just give us a movie-related connection for each name.


729. One of the dominant films of 1956 was AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. Seven years later, a comedy team mangled that title for their own use. What was their movie called?


730. In a 2013 episode of ABC's "Don't Trust The B---- In Apt. 23",  someone is described as having "All-About-Eved" someone else. Just approximately, what did that mean?


731. If you were going to parody the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, likely film-titles to use might be SATURDAY THE 14TH and/or THURSDAY THE 12TH. Has anyone  used one or both of those names yet?


732. If physical beauty is the criterion, this production-still has something for everyone*: Both genders. All sexual orientations(in fact, people have been known to switch back & forth while viewing it): A blanket is spread on the ground, and a swimsuited Luana Patten and George Hamilton are inhabiting it. What movie?.............................*Well, all humans, anyway. The sexual preferences of the wildebeest cannot be gone into on a G-rated website like this one.


733. How to remember the combination: 2-10-11 (for eyes-fingers-toes). What movie?


734. Apparently we are easily confused*, because we're having trouble differentiating among these 3  filmsters: Anita Loos. Anita Louise. Tina Louise. Can you help?...............................*That does not require any comment on your part. 


735. Juliette Lewis speaking French in Canada.  What movie?


736. As the spring became summer in 1963, the legendary Jules Stein/Lew Wasserman management at Universal tried an experiment. They told their ad/pub* department to run newspaper ads across the US promoting their entire slate of films  for the summer and early fall.  Here are a representative comedy and drama from that list: C: A movie which featured the reuniting of Julie Newmar and Leslie Parrish from LI'L  ABNER. D: A film starring Rock Hudson as a flyboy. Since S&W went to all that trouble, how about naming at least one of the two?....................*Advertising/publicity.


737. Since 2009's CHLOE was about marital infidelity, which of these was guilty of that transgression?: (A) Liam Neeson's character. (B) Julianne Moore's character. (C) Both. (D) Neither.


738. Joan Crawford was the star of this 1938 drama, but audiences and critics agreed that the best one-liner came from actress Mary Phillips: "I'm sick of hearing about men that do the little things. Give me a guy that does a big thing once in a while, like paying a month's rent". Tell it, girl! In what movie DID she tell it?


739. We like educators. Here's one: Kim Cattrall educating the public about the lusciousness of her thighs. What movie?


740. We'll  probably lose our G-rating if we talk very much about people sleeping-around, but: We do need to know the female lead in SUSAN SLEPT HERE and in GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE(two separate actresses). 


ANSWERS 721-740:

721. Jamaica, residence of Ian Fleming & the setting for various JB-activities.


722. Mamie Van Doren.










727. Ross Martin. ("Mr. Lucky". EXPERIMENT IN TERROR. "The Wild Wild West").


728. Piper Laurie starred in such films as THE HUSTLER and CARRIE(1976). Piper Perabo has reached such destinations as THE PRESTIGE and COYOTE UGLY. Pippa Scott has AUNTIE MAME and THE SEARCHERS on her long list of credits.



730.  The TV show meant that a recent event had replicated the plot of ALL ABOUT EVE. That plot involved the efforts of someone to supplant or replace or supersede someone else. (We're giving you multiple verbs to increase the chance that whatever feeble guess you made can be called "right").


731. Titles used so far: SATURDAY THE 14TH, with Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin. SATURDAY THE 14TH STRIKES BACK, featuring Ray Walston and Patty McCormack. THURSDAY THE 12TH, starring such comedy-forces as Tom Smothers/Paul Reubens/Carol Kane/Phil Hartman/David Lander. (That last one is sometimes marketed as PANDEMONIUM, which is good, because the TTT of the other title makes us think conspiratorial thoughts: Surely "TTT" is some kind of secret satanic symbol along the lines of "666"---especially since "T" is 6 letters in from the alphabet's last letter).


732. One of MGM's definitive dramas, HOME FROM THE HILL. Young Liza Minnelli visited the set, because the movie was directed by her father Vincente. To see the still alluded to in our question, Google "images" for Luana Patten. That system on a bad day may  try to fool you with what we'll call a fraudulent version---meaning, of course, one featuring too much clothing. The discerning viewer should keep looking until the perfect one appears. (An outside company, rather than MGM itself, took a lot of the stills for promoting the film, and that particular shot was done in multiple versions).




734. Anita Loos wrote the literary source-material for GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES. Anita Louise can be seen in such 30s/40s films as THE LITTLE PRINCESS and LOVE LETTERS. Tina Louise co-starred in GOD'S LITTLE ACRE and THE GOOD GUYS AND THE BAD GUYS(she may also have taken a detour into television, but that's only a rumor).


735. 2001's PICTURE CLAIRE.




737. JM's character. Shame, shame.


738. MANNEQUIN(1938). Crawford at that moment was a bigger name than co-star Spencer Tracy, so he (cheerfully?)accepted second billing.




740. SSH: Debbie Reynolds. GWSH: Ann Sheridan.




QUESTIONS 741-760:

741. PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES is one of the most distinctive of all film-titles. It was not chosen randomly; it springs directly from the actions of some of the characters. Such as?


742. An early-&-legendary* episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was called "Support Your Local Mother". Where did they get that title?.................*The L-word is in there because that episode marked the first appearance of Nancy Walker as the mom of Mary's best friend Rhoda(Valerie Harper).


743. A comedic combing-the-desert scene. What movie?


744. A great subtle moment which is sometimes under-appreciated because of the even greater moments which follow: A driver who would usually sneer at seat-belts sets his jaw & buckles the belt, because he knows he'll need it. What film?


745. It was often overlooked at the time, but during her Teen Queen years Molly Ringwald often had very strong supporting casts. Here's one: Harvey Keitel/Mildred Dunnock/Lorraine Bracco/Danny Aiello/Dennis Hopper/Vanessa L. Williams.*  What TQ film?...............*We have omitted her leading man, since there is no evidence that you deserve that strong of a hint.


746. They both have the "feel" of westerns, even though neither is set in the usual W-location, the American frontier of the 1800s. So one is often called a "northern" and the other a "southern".  What two movies? (They're from the 1960s & the 2010s respectively).


747. Riley Keough(THE RUNAWAYS)  and Kendall Jenner("Keeping Up With The Kardashians") have some obvious things in common. They're of the same generation(born 6 years apart). They're locals-to-each-other(both born & raised in the quaint, sometimes peaceful village of Los Angeles). They both entered show business at a young age. But there's also a deeper, more circuitous connection between them, one which began before they were born. What is it?


748. Since we have way too much class (ask anyone...) to have used an airplane-item for question 747, we'll drop-it-in now: What actress, already working steadily, suddenly became FLF* in the mid-1970s by taking the controls of a 747?........*Front-Line-Famous.


749.  When the twenty-something hears herself described as a virgin, she begins to correct that---but Sigourney Weaver stops her by saying "We work with what we have". What well-known film?


750. The two actresses died in the same state(California), just months apart. The other thing they had in common was that they rose to fame portraying the same character, a girl who loved horses. Any thoughts?


751. Which of these two had a film-connection?: Ima Hogg. Yma Sumak.


752. Who needs dialogue? We just need the look of surprise-&-happiness appearing on the faces of these actresses: Cellist Virginia Madsen as she notices the computer playing along with her on "A Lover's Concerto"; and Taraji Henson as she hears her voice on the playback of a demo-tape. In what movies did they give us those moments?


753. This actress and/or her agents may just like the name Chloe.  First she starred in a film whose title contained that word; then just a couple of years later she signed for  a movie featuring an actress named Chloe. The name of the  2-Chloe actress?


754. The phrase "lust in the dust" has two principal meanings in Hollywood history. Naming one or both would be good. Naming neither would be bad.


755. Throughout the 1940s, this colloquialism was often heard: "Call me on the Ameche".  What's the story?


756. Even though the bowl of blood lacked many essential nutrients, the little girl drank it, in an attempt to save the situation.  What 2009 film?


757. In one of the most famous scenes of the 1950s, Debbie Reynolds sits by a moon-drenched window and sings her #1 hit "Tammy". The movie was TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR, and her singing was interrupted briefly by a famous character actress. Who was that?


758. "Action" of a different kind: Although he had many different types of films on his list of credits, this man was usually described as "Action-director __________  _____________".  His final film was not a shoot-'em-up; it dealt instead with female tag-team wrestling. We'll take the name of the movie or of the director.


759. Chris Rock's PPP* is that in his trailer he has more white girls than the first lifeboat off the Titanic. What 2001 movie?........................................*Principal Philosophical Point.


760. A romantic moment crammed into an action-movie stands a good chance of being overlooked, and this one often is: After a man and a woman survive a cataclysmic crash, she says she can't believe it---not that they survived, but that he didn't LEAVE her to face the disaster alone(he was physically free to leave, but she was not).  What film?





ANSWERS 741-760:



741. What if a little kid liked to eat pieces of wallpaper? What if the wallpaper featured pictures of daisies? What if the parental units needed a phrase to get the child to cut it out?


742. Their title-inspiration was the James Garner comedy/western SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF.




744. BULLITT. Fastening the belt was legendary driver Bill Hickman, whose story will be told elsewhere herein.


745. THE PICK-UP ARTIST, co-starring Robert Downey Jr. 




747. Track #1: Nine months to the day after Elvis & Priscilla were married, Lisa Marie Presley was born. She eventually gave birth to Elvis's first grandchild, Riley Keough. (Father: Musician Danny Keough). Track #2: After the Elvis/Priscilla divorce, Elvis decided that the perfect number of marriages during his lifetime was ONE(hey, a guy's got a right to a favorite number, doesn't he?). That philosophical position  eventually caused live-in girlfriend Linda Thompson to move-out-&-move-on(hey, a girl's gotta look out for her future, doesn't she?). Entering the Hollywood scene, she married Bruce Jenner in 1981. After their 1984 divorce, he went on to marry Kris Kardashian and to father Kendall Jenner.


748. Karen Black, in AIRPORT 1975.




750. Elizabeth Taylor played Velvet Brown in the movie-version of NATIONAL VELVET; Lori Martin took over for the TV series.


751. Yma Sumac; her song "Ataypura" is used in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Ima Hogg was a Texas socialite; "socialite" is a fancy way of saying she had money because of her parents---but she also had that name because of her parents.  Whether she should have thanked them or sued them is a subject which need not detain us.


752. Taraji Henson's facial expression(and the rest of her) appeared in HUSTLE & FLOW. Virginia Madsen smiled for us in ELECTRIC DREAMS.............Addendum: What the  culturally-deprived people(us.....) call "A Lover's Concerto" is known to the culturally-enriched people as the Minuet in G Major From "The Anna Magdalena Notebook", by Johann Sebastian Bach.


753. Amanda Seyfried. She starred in CHLOE and then later appeared in LOVELACE with Chloe Sevigny.


754. Because the film DUEL IN THE SUN was considered erotic for its time,* it was often jokingly called "Lust In The Dust". So about 4 decades later,** the industry decided to make-it-official by releasing a film with that exact title.........*1946. **1985.


755. After Don Ameche had a hit with THE STORY OF ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL in 1939, "Ameche" & "telephone" became synonymous for a while.


756. THE GRUDGE 3.


757. Mildred Natwick.


758. Robert Aldrich(THE DIRTY DOZEN) bowed out with ALL THE MARBLES.




760. SPEED.









QUESTIONS 761-780:


761. Within the history of film-criticism, what is the truer-&-deeper-meaning of "slim Siskel"?


762. Linda Fiorentino, sitting in the back seat, notices the driver studying her in the rearview mirror. "Can I help you?" is her response. What movie?


763. Stop whatever anti-social behavior you're currently engaged in, and concentrate on these six letters:........f....r....o....m....a....n. If you add four in front of those, you'll get the name of an oldtime star who was the subject of a major biopic in the 1950s. Now clear that slate & do this: In front of those six letters, add one which will produce the name of an entertainer whose biggest song closed JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK. Details would be nice.  


764. On the evening of Thursday, November 21, 1963, two principal events were dominating Richard Chamberlain's career: (A) He was in the middle of a month-long series of interviews promoting his new movie; & (B)NBC was airing what would become perhaps the best-known episode* of his show "Dr. Kildare"---"Four Feet In The Morning", starring Tony Dow from "Leave It To Beaver".  At high schools around the US the next day, the morning-teen-chitchat was about that film and TV show; the afternoon-chitchat was about something else. We're guessing you'll have no trouble identifying the "something else"; so the only task remaining for you will be to name Chamberlain's movie.............*Only the "Tyger, Tyger" two-parter with Yvette Mimieux would be in its fame-class.


765. SSS* coming up: We should take the extra trouble to let a lot of questions go by before dropping in another Yvette Mimieux reference(see 764). With that in mind:  We're tired of cynics claiming that Hollywood always messes up everything.  In the early 1960s, their sole duty was to get Yvette Mimieux's facial features onto 35 mm  repeatedly, and they did that perfectly.  Why not reward the studios by naming at least two of her theatrical films?.................*Serious Slacker Stuff.


766. On the one hand, it was just a short-&-simple part, featuring an actress with her hair in a mono-braid and her figure surrounded by a waitress's uniform. On the other hand, the "her" refers to Rachel Ticotin, which changes everything. What movie?


767. The star of THE FULLER BRUSH GIRL was often teased(affectionately?), at various points in her career, for having a hair-color not found in nature.  Who would that be?


768. He had so many roles in western projects that sooner or later he was bound to stumble upon a repeat-title; that title was RAWHIDE, and this actor appeared in a film and a TV show of that name*. Who's the westerner?........*"Rawhide" was the title of the series, not the particular episode.


769. How much did the white boy want to be black? He kept a picture of Don Cornelius from "Soul Train" under his pillow. What 2002 movie?


770. Edward Norton is in the park, negotiating a cash-for-codes deal. When he asks his adversary about the second guy he's brought with him, the reponse is: My cousin. Norton then indicates the 300-pound-muscle-mass sitting on a nearby bench & says that's HIS cousin. He then sarcastically/humorously notes that it's good that they all have family present. What movie?


771. You'll see the word in the closing credits: "Continuity". What are they trying to tell us?


772. Sometimes the truth hurts*, but it's always good to get it out there: "In all my years of hostage-taking, you are by far the most annoying". What Patrick Dempsey movie?.....................*We found that in a book of cliches(it's out of print now).


773. DOG DAY AFTERNOON: What's in that glove compartment?


774. Four actors, four separate films, but just one title. The guys: Douglas Fairbanks Senior, Steve Reeves, Peter Ustinov, and Sabu. The title?  (We don't like to say it officially, but the ancient region of Mesopotamia might constitute a clue). 


775. Director John Ford once said if you can't make your point using visuals alone, you're not much of a filmmaker. Here's a scene which says-it-all, without dialogue: Having just watched some sexually explicit material, Janeane Garafalo suddenly knows just what kind of a mood she's in---and she knows just what to do about it.  She simply bangs loudly on the wall standing between her motel room and that of a male associate nextdoor. What movie?


776. Forget about travelogues & National Geographic specials. All you need as an introduction to the scenic beauty of the Upper Mississippi is a movie about a very sweet girl who works at a riverside fast-food-shack with her friends. What 2009 film?


777. Fearing permanent typecasting, Boris Karloff quit the "Frankenstein" franchise after 3 movies. What actor succeeded him?


778. Aside from Tombstone, no towns "say" The American West better than Dodge City and Deadwood. An actor who appeared in perhaps the leading youth-cult film of all time was born in Dodge City in 1936. An actress who co-starred in a well-known Disney film with "cat" in the title was born in Deadwood 16 months earlier. Speak.


779. This scene was designed to either (A) showcase a brave and resourceful heroine as she successfully fights off a predator, or (B) get Saffron Burrows a new side-career as a lingerie model. What movie?


780. It's a tender moment: Katt Williams dabbing another man's tears. What 2007 movie?




ANSWERS 761-780:


761. When Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert were beginning their careers as film-critics on television, people would write to newspapers with some version of this comment: "I like that show, but I can never remember which one is which". That alliterative  mnemonic was often offered as a way to tell them apart, since their body-types were so different.




763. Jane Froman's story was told in WITH A SONG IN MY HEART. Afroman's tender ballad was "Because I Got High".


764. The movie was TWILIGHT OF HONOR.




766. DESERT SAINTS(2002).


767. Lucille Ball.


768. In 1951 Jack Elam co-starred in the Tyrone Power film RAWHIDE. Then in 1962 he appeared in a "Rawhide" episode. His character was named after a real historical figure, Turkey Creek Jack Johnson  of the Earp-Wars in and around Tombstone, Arizona; but  any similarity between the character and the real guy is minor.






771. The continuity-function is devoted to ensuring that the making of a particular film proceeds LOGICALLY*. For example: If the first half of a dinner-table scene is shot Monday & the second half Tuesday, that actress at the head of the table better be wearing that same cute blue dress both days.....*This generally means visual logic; if intellectual logic were the goal instead, then many members of the Directors Guild Of America and the Writers Guild Of America, West would now be working at that one car wash over there in Van Nuys.


772. 2011's FLYPAPER.


773. A handgun.  Those guys don't-play-fair.


774. THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD. If anyone smacks us over the technicality that the Reeves version was sometimes marketed without the word "The", we may have to go looking for our sad-face emoticon(it might have rolled under a desk).


775. CLAY PIGEONS. This is our website not even pretending to be neutral: Garafalo here was  perfect for approximately the twelfth time in a row.


776. Although the name Iowa seems to shout "Prairie!"  louder than "River!", the state is in fact one of the most scenic of the Mississippi-R states.* Shot mostly in the twin rivertowns of McGregor and Marquette, 16 TO LIFE's cinematography brings to mind Mark Twain's comment about that same body of water; he said you could put a frame around almost any picture of it and hang it in any living room in America. This film has other items going for it, and those will be addressed elsewhere; but the visual beauty is the starting point..............*Of course the prairie-part is true as well; while the boundaries of the prairies cannot be identified with precision,  a symbolic beginning of the Ps is right across the river from Marquette & McGregor: Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.  (Going east across the river to PdC is OK, but you wouldn't want to go west. That direction might produce a bit of a sad trip, one which would take you along US 18 to Clear Lake & Mason City, Iowa, where various people gave their final performances and then boarded a plane).


777. Lon Chaney, Junior, in THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN.


778. Dennis Hopper. Dorothy Provine. (The DP film was THAT DARN CAT! We have been unable to confirm the rumor that Walt Disney briefly changed the title to "That Damn Cat!" when he tripped over one of them late one night).


779. BIG BLUE SEA.  While there are many enthusiasts who would say that showing Saffron's   semi-clothed version doesn't need anything as silly as a reason, there actually is one: Standing right beside some water, she is about to try to electrocute a shark. She strips off her wetsuit in hopes that if she stands on it, its rubber-content will provide her with  insulation against the electricity.


780. NORBIT. Since Williams is the dabber, that would make Eddie Griffin the dabbee.


QUESTIONS 781-800:


781. 9/30/55 is one of the most famous dates in Hollywood history, because James Dean ended that day in substantially worse shape than he entered it. Even if you don't happen to know for sure what day of the week that was(try to keep better track of these matters in the future), you might be able to guess it, based on his famous reason for that road-trip. ?????


782. This is the PPP*: In one of the Abbott & Costello movies, there is an important philosophical debate, perhaps as important as the contest between gradualism and catastrophism in geology, and similar Big Questions.  The debate, which is between Lou Costello and himself, is over the question of whether he should pat the cute backside of a prone woman. Which movie?.................*The Posterior-Patting-Project.


783. Since the movie has no character named Amy,  why is it called CHASING AMY.


784. One Gary Owens was featured in such movies as THE LOVE BUG and DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN. Another Gary Owens made contributions to movies like SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON and THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON. What can you tell us about the two GOs?...................................Addendum: Pay no attention to issues of spelling; those will be addressed in the answer.


785. When a conversationalist refers to a waxing moon, a listener responds "I'm a cheerleader. I know what 'waxing' means". What 2009 movie?


786. The concept of a drummer-girl  plays a part in the careers of both Teri Hatcher and Diane Keaton. Some specifics would be nice.


787. What was Van Heflin's contribution to the spaghetti-western genre?


788. Today's phrase is "A natural progression". Here's one, from some advertising on a storefront: "Guns. Liquor. Bail Bonds". The film may have starred  Mekhi Phifer, and its closing shot may have featured a statue of Chuck Berry, so it may be _________________________.


789. One movie. Two actresses. A parent of one: Meryl Streep. A parent of the other: Ron Howard.  That would be 2008's ______________________.


790.  Sure, sure, we're sad that he was killed, BUT:  Since he took life-or-death risks for the non-life-or-death purpose of impressing the girls, he gets our Lesser Sympathy rather than our Greater Sympathy. "He" was an actor who received excellent reviews for anchoring the younger-generation portion of THE CAINE MUTINY.  That success quickly landed him roles in other major films. Then came a partly-hazy afternoon in The Glendale/Burbank section of the San Fernando Valley. The actor was an inexperienced pilot whose plane crashed, killing himself, The Girl, and  one other passenger. Which actor?


791. Explain the phrase "It's a Curly!".


792. Gore Vidal and Paul Newman were pals* for half a century.  In the early portion of that friendship, they collaborated(somewhat indirectly) on a key version of the Billy The Kid* saga. What was that film's title?............*We had to use "pals" rather than some other choice, because that word was emblazoned long ago above the individual tombstones of BTK & two of his friends.


793. Sometimes bureaucracies issue such odd rules. For example, some schools seem to frown on the principal using the 10-year-olds as his personal indentured servants. When that I.S. motif was used at the beginning of a 2008 film, various educators  objected, saying that such a thing has never happened & could never happen(the Cover-Up continues......). Name that unfavorite movie of theirs.


794. Two preliminaries, and then the question. Both preliminary points deal with the movie's title, BAD LIEUTENANT. First, based on the film's content, it should of course be VERY BAD LIEUTENANT. Second, resist the temptation to add a nonexistent "the" to the beginning of the title; since that'll probably be the only temptation you EVER  resisted, it'll be good for you. The question: How would you describe, by profession, the young rape victim who refuses to help the police pursue the case?


795. Forget cheap-shots; let's do a cheap-question instead. Consider these titles: "Let's Do Something Cheap And Superficial"; and "Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control".  Which one of them has a movie-connection? (Might be one; might be both; might be neither).


796. Jet Li and the woman he is standing beside are attacked by a female martial-arts assassin. He is briefly confused about how to strike back, because: "I can't hit a girl". He solves the problem by  grabbing his companion and using her limbs to counter-attack. What movie?


797. As the murder-cleaver continues to rise and fall, a nearby bandleader chooses that moment to serendipitously shout out "One more time!" What well-known film?


798. What was Charles Bronson's last semi-B-movie before DEATH WISH catapulted him onto the A-list?  (Since MR. MAJESTYK was released only about 96 hours before DEATH WISH, we propose to exclude that one from the "before" category*, since it hadn't had time to make a public impact before DEATH WISH; which leaves a 1973 western with Jill Ireland)..........................*With your permission, of course.


799. Because of its huge size, we're going to label Los Angeles as the unofficial capital of the DSW*.  It has the climate which defines most of that realm, meaning generally about zero snow-days per year and around 9 truly rainy ones. One of those rare rainy periods came on the night of January 12/13, 1962. An actor whose final film had been released just days earlier failed to negotiate the slick streets and died in the resulting crash. The movie was SAIL A CROOKED SHIP. The actor?.......................*The Desert South West.


800. Ordinarily we're not allowed to talk about this kind of stuff(too young....), but today we got a special dispensation, so: Everybody needs guidance at some point; what follows is just such a point. When a man has finally found JUST the right spot during a certain activity, the woman should simply say if-you-move-I'll-kill-you. In what 2010 film did we learn all that?




ANSWERS 781-800:


781. As was widely known both before and after the crash, Dean was on his way from Hollywood to Salinas(near the Monterey Peninsula), to participate in their famous Saturday/Sunday auto races. So he was, logically, making that trip Friday afternoon, to get a good night's sleep before the early Saturday start.




783. CHASING AMY takes its name from a cautionary tale told by Silent Bob in the movie, a tale which is his version of advice to the lovelorn. (No, we're not going to tell you what his advice is.  The wise move is to watch the scene yourself, and savor Silent Bob's sincerity; in fact, just the NAME "Silent Bob" deserves savoring---as does  ANY use of the name "Bob," now that we think of it......).


784. THE LOVE BUG's GO was the Announcing God himself, the "Laugh-In" spokeshuman. SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON's GO was a song. Variously spelled "Gary Owens" or  "Garry Owen" or "Garryowen"*,  it was one of the most famous songs of the U.S. Cavalry.............*Some scholars accept even more variations.


785.  FIRED UP!


786. Keaton starred in THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL. Hatcher played a drummer girl in TANGO AND CASH(however, her visual appeal was so striking that lots of het-males and Lesbians Of All Nations don't even remember that there was a drum in her key scene).




788. HIGH SCHOOL HIGH. The other principal stars were Jon Lovitz, Tia Carrere, and Louise Fletcher.




790. Sunday, 7/31/55 was the final day for Robert Francis. Since we criticized him slightly in the question, let's rehabilitate him somewhat in the answer: As the plane fell to the ground, it narrowly missed a large group of people. The aeronautical evidence suggests that pilot-efforts caused that life-saving miss, not mere chance.  It appears that Francis died the same way Casey Jones did---ameliorating the carnage.


791. The Three Stooges (re)gained huge popularity in the 1950s as their famous  shorts were released to television.  All the stooges were revered by their youthful audience, but Curly was first-among-equals. When an opening would show that a certain production featured Curly rather than Shemp(his brother and replacement), shouts of "It's a Curly!" would be heard in the land. Addendum: A good place to find Stooge-&-other pop-culture gems is The key hardworking madman there is Ivan Shreve Jr.  A good TSS item is a 2013 posting called "All The World's A Stooge".


792. Newman and Vidal were born just months apart in1925, so they were both turning 30 when their Bill-the-child project began in 1955. That beginning was a teleplay titled "The Death Of Billy The Kid". Vidal wrote it, and Newman played the title-character. By the time it became a feature film, Vidal's teleplay was being channeled through a screenplay by Leslie Stevens*, and the name had been changed to THE LEFT HANDED GUN......*He's perhaps best known for his association with "Playhouse 90" and both versions of "The Outer Limits". (Fans of TOL should drift on over to*. There you'll find an encyclopedic look at the original series, put together by Peter Enfantino, John Scolari, and their associate-madmen. It's just as entertaining as their, profiled in item #461 of this Compendium).   *After spending much, much time right here, of course.


793. LOWER LEARNING. Epilogue: If you are both (A) cold-hearted and (B) a fashionista, you might well say "Them-there-children sure are abused, but the important thing is that they're beautifully dressed, right down to their little white butler's gloves".


794. She was a nun.


795. FAST, CHEAP & OUT OF CONTROL was a 1997 film. "Let's Do Something Cheap And Superficial" was a chart-single by Burt Reynolds, from SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT II.


796. 2000's ROMEO MUST DIE.




798. CHINO.


799. Ernie Kovacs.






QUESTIONS 801-820:

801. A guy is paid(one horse) to place a bomb near Henry Fonda. Fonda(a logician of some note) asks him how many horses he wants to take it away. What spaghetti-western?
802. This episodic feature film had as its final segment a story dealing with a Steve-McQueen-related wager(McQueen is not in the movie). The bet might be said to deal with digits---and not the numerical kind. What film?
803. What significant movie star used this bit from time to time on TV & in personal appearances?: He would raise a (full)shotglass up to his face, touching it to his forehead rather than his mouth, and then he'd say "Oh, I thought I was taller".
804. In what thriller did Glynn Turman substantially lower real estate values on both sides of a railroad track?
805. Sonny Bono agreed to appear in this teen/surf film partly because it was named after one of his favorite songs from the mid-sixties, the same era that made Sonny & Cher a household word(OK, OK, 3 household words; we're continuing with our policy of smacking the wiseguys before they smack us). What movie?.............Addendum: The song was not a song BY S&C.
806. When Denzel Washington recruits an out-of-towner as an enforcer, he gets a little more violence than he was really looking for.  This explosive import is supposed to just-watch somebody, but the watchee quickly ends up dead. The watcher is unapologetic and summarizes his philosophy as roughly: If you didn't want him killed, why did you leave him with ME? What movie?.............Epilogue: We were about to provide a hint in the form of the second actor's name; but reports of all your recent bad behavior have gotten back to us, so...............
807.  Both Time Warner and its predecessor company Time Inc. figured out a long time ago that the  best-selling issues of Time Magazine on newsstands were ones with a movie star on the cover. For one issue they double-dipped, featuring the two leading late-1970s box office champions posed together. Both were men. Both had names you probably want to announce.
808. It was an indirect compliment, but a strong one nonetheless. It came from an outside observer who was viewing Jenny McCarthy's scenes from a certain film, during post-production: "I don't think you guys were able to ugly-her-up enough". He was alluding to a subplot in which JM falls from the top of the beauty-pyramid to the bottom. His point* was made in connection with what 2008 movie?...............*That it's very hard to fully extinguish her hair/figure/face appeal.
809. There is probably a loose consensus that Jean Arthur was the greatest of the screwball-comedy actresses. In a sometimes-overlooked film of hers, she is given dating advice by a galpal: A woman should never let on to a man that she is the more intelligent of the two, because "They can't take it".  The movie may have had "secretary" in the title, so............
810. An "establishing" scene or shot is one intended to sum-up-quickly what the audience needs to know about a person, a place, or a thing.* In this Best Picture winner, Spring Byington completely ignores the explosions going on in front of her and goes on with her work, thereby establishing the main point about this joint: Chaos is the norm, and no one even reacts to it anymore. What movie?..........*Don't tell us we don't know the definition of "noun".
811. Along with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and several contenders in Midtown Manhattan, Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida can stake a claim as the most expensive shopping street in The U.S.  A Peter Falk comedy showered a lot of attention on that thoroughfare, and also on a very famous nearby hotel, The Breakers. What movie?
812. In what Mandy Moore comedy did she receive acting-support from a married couple famous for coming out of the same "universe"?
813. As those TV heroes Rocky & Bullwinkle battle to the death against Boris & Natasha, narrator William Conrad refers to the local swimming location, which just happens to be named after a big movie star of the 1940s. If he took the trouble to say it, you can take the time to name it.
814. The recently-away boyfriend has returned to town, and he's suspicious about his girlfriend's activities while he was gone. When he asks her* what she's been doing, she says: Same thing she does when he's around---fending off unwanted advances. What Danny Kaye vehicle?............*The always perfect Eve Arden.
815. During the early-talkies portion of his career, this actor was not yet billed as "Tyrone Power". What was the billing?
816. Since the genre of female heroism took flight starting with Weaver/ALIEN, that kind of character has been common. But one movie not only doubled-up, it kept it all in the family. In this 2012 film, the heroine is brave & intelligent & resourceful throughout the movie; then near the end of the film, when she could really use some help---she's rescued by her mother. What movie?
817. Speaking(816) of movie genres, it's always nice to see the young'uns pay tribute to their elders. In A MAN CALLED DJANGO, a certain event is so appealing that it draws this line of dialogue: "That trick is worth _______ _________ _____ _______". It would be rude to leave those blanks as-is.
818. Forget the good, the bad, and the ugly; this item is about the good, the bad, and the middle.  What can you tell us about (A) "good stuff" as the title of something; (B) the phrase "very bad things"; & (C) the middle-item in the John Wayne/John Ford cavalry trilogy?
819. Much to her displeasure, Kyra Sedgwick has been put in charge of the mob boss's girlfriend. When the latter refuses to get into the back seat of a car as she's been instructed, Kyra simply uses the remote to pop-open the trunk. The refusenik jumps into the car so fast that there really should be a "whooosh" -ing noise on the soundrack. What movie?
820. In this well-known film from the 21st century's first decade, the following motif is introduced early-on: "T.I.A.---this is Africa". We'll leave it to you to decide if that is spoken with affection. We'll also leave it to you to name the movie.
ANSWERS 801-820:
803. Dean Martin.
804. 2011's SUPER 8.
805. UNDER THE BOARDWALK. The hit single with that name was recorded by the best-selling group of the first rock generation, The Drifters. It was released in the summer(of course) of 1964.
806. Generally, the only scenes Denzel Washington does not dominate  are ones in which he does not appear. But in DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS, every time Don Cheadle enters the frame he threatens to take over the movie(and that's not the only thing about him that's threatening).
807. Clint Eastwood. Burt Reynolds.
812. LOVE, WEDDING, MARRIAGE. Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof came from the realm of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", which is sometimes called the Buffy-Universe or  (the condensed version)Buffyverse. (We were going to shorten it even further, to B-verse, but that could be misinterpreted).
813. Veronica Lake.
815. "Tyrone Power Jr."  That phrasing was chosen to pay tribute to, and to differentiate himself from, his father. Tyrone Power(Sr.) was a significant actor of the previous generation.
816. HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET. Rescuing: Elisabeth Shue. Rescued: Jennifer Lawrence.
817. ".....a fistful of dollars". (After the film which invented the spaghetti western).
818. "Good Stuff" is the name of a book by Jennifer Grant. It's about her father Cary Grant, and the title comes from one of his favorite expressions. VERY BAD THINGS is a Cameron Diaz/Christian Slater film. The middle entry in the cavalry trilogy is SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON.
820. There was a time when Jennifer Connelly had to battle to get the industry to see past her (startling)visual appeal to the talent beyond.  Similarly, for a while Leonardo DiCaprio and his agents were trying to gain acceptance for him in fully adult roles, as opposed to the 15-to-25-age-bracket parts that first brought him fame. Their mutual success can be seen in their BLOOD DIAMOND scenes together, especially the last one, which is by telephone. It might be the finest one-minute example of honest emotion in cinema.
QUESTIONS 821-840:
821. Just because it's a comedy doesn't mean it has to begin on a cheerful note. A wealthy man decides that his very best move is to become dead. After ruling out suicide, he spends about ten minutes trying to talk the film's male lead into killing him. A town in Maryland may provide a clue to all this. The movie?
822. What do you MEAN Cheech & Chong only did stoner comedies? Don't forget a movie which (A) was set centuries in the past, (B) had a storyline which was not a smoke-fest, & (C) featured Cheech Marin outlining the somewhat rowdy sexual behavior of a particular woman: They were going to name a port of entry after her. What film?
823. For  a while, the executives at a certain studio were pushing this slogan: "MGM m______ g_______m_________". Carefully suppressing our wiseguy tendencies (which might cause us to ask you to define "a certain studio"), we'll just ask you to fill in the blanks.
824. If you're going to deliver a threat, make it a good one: "Don't make me take away your masturbation privileges!" In what movie did (that big bully)Amanda Peet address that issue?
825. It's always good to be loved, even during an argument: "I love you when you're about to be slapped". That's a key line from a Johnny Yune movie which parodies martial-arts films. The name?
826. In addition to his chart-topping singing career, Pat Boone's resume includes a fair number of movies. One from 1964 borrowed most of its title from a Doris Day film of the previous year. Day's was THE THRILL OF IT ALL. Boone's was ______________________________. 
827. Preferring to spend time with his younger girlfriends, Yves Montand has been generally ignoring Ingrid Bergman. This aggravates her loyal maid Gaby. When Montand finally does show up one day, he greats Gaby pleasantly and notes that he hasn't seen her for a while. Gaby is happy to tell him, with a sneer, why that is: "I'VE been HERE". What film?
828. Forget a-man-with-a-plan. This is a-woman-with-a-plan. When Jena Malone's character realizes that the guy wants to kiss her, she says "I'm saving that for a day when I need to be reminded how wonderful the world can be". What motion picture?
829. Chico playing the piano. Groucho not happy about it. Showing a shocking lack of respect for the 4th wall, Groucho looks into the camera and says: "I've got to stay here; but there's no reason you folks shouldn't go out into the lobby til this thing blows over".  Which MB movie?
830. Playing younger: (A) 24-year-old Leslie Parrish portraying a 17-year-old. (B) 22-year-old Kim Darby playing a 14-year-old. (C) 21-year-old Hallee Hirsh playing-16. (D) 22-year-old Ann-Margret slumming as a 16-year-old. In honor of those elderly ladies, name as many of the 4 films as you can.
831. STEPPING RAZOR: RED X is sometimes called "a film about the second-greatest of the international reggae stars". Who would that be?
832. In both 2008's WHAT JUST HAPPENED and 1995's LIVING IN OBLIVION, Catherine Keener's character is in the ____________  business.
833. Kim Cattrall "merely" unfastens her dress & lets it fall to the floor; Gayle Hunnicutt does the same with her nightgown. The first film was a comedy. The second was a horror movie. Naming at least one of them would be good; then you can get back to thinking about other things.
834. WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. What worlds would those be?
835. File this under "Succeeding beyond your wildest dreams". The 18-ish guy has fallen for a female human in that same age-bracket.  He's afraid to push things too fast, and finally she makes the first move, inviting him out of town for the weekend.  He wants to know if it'll be like a date. She says more like a honeymoon. What Ben Kingsley film?
836. As the result of various cosmetic procedures. Frances Fisher announces that her facial features now resemble those of a teenager---one who went through the windshield, but still............................................What 2004 movie?
837. The girlfriend of George Burns is played by an actress *in her mid-40s. Referring to her, a commentator says that if she were as young as she claimed to be, she would be carrying schoolbooks. What movie?..................*Have words like "bombshell" & "statuesque" & "voluptuous" been overused in the world lately? On second thought, we don't care: Those kinds of words have to be used to talk about Anita Morris's  flashy performance here.
838. This is Hollywood being "flexible"(we can think of other words, but this happens to be the one day of the week we try to be polite*): When this movie was released to theaters, it was advertised as a rock-&-roll movie starring Justine Bateman(the only name above the title). But then when it was released to commercial television, it was suddenly advertised as a beach-girl movie starring Julie Roberts, who had(in the interim) become a big star from other work. The title was also changed, so you'll probably be wanting to name either that one or the original one...................*What do you MEAN you've never seen us be that way?
839. The public generally didn't understand it or didn't care about it, but they certainly saw it often enough. "It" was a kind of "subtitle" to perhaps the most famous motion picture logo of them all.  Here was its visual structure: Top line: "_____________________________". Bottom line: "Controlled by Loew's Incorporated". If you'll give us the name of the studio, we'll give you some good gossip.
840. This is either a brilliant example of careful & prudent parenting, or it's a scandalous case of parental censorship: Whenever Cheryl Hines and her spouse want to discuss sex and they're not sure if the kids are out of listening range, they refer to the "good naps". What 2006 movie?
ANSWERS 821-840:
821. FLETCH, starring Chevy Chase.  Chevy Chase, MD is a suburb of Washington. If, somewhere, there is a medical doctor named Chevy Chase, we'll be too confused to continue.
822. Since a red squirrel recently ran away with our style-guide,* we can't remember if we should call this movie simply THE CORSICAN BROTHERS or CHEECH & CHONG'S THE CORSICAN BROTHERS(it's been marketed both ways). You choose, just as the RS chose whether or not to steal our book...........................................*His interest, as we understand it, was in the debate over the serial comma.
823. "MGM means great movies".
825. 1982's THEY CALL ME BRUCE?
830. Parrish: LI'L ABNER(1959). Darby: TRUE GRIT(1969). Hirsh: 16 TO LIFE(2009). A-M: BYE BYE BIRDIE(1963).
831. Peter Tosh. Of course, there are some neighborhoods in Kingston, Jamaica where you might get pounded for calling Tosh the SECOND greatest of the reggae giants. These are neighborhoods which have been completely bypassed by a famous world religion. That religion is called "In reggae, Bob Marley is God & everyone else is a pretender".
832. Movie.
833. Gayle Hunnicutt decided to Do The Right Thing in THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE; Kim Cattrall was equally helpful in MANNEQUIN.
834. The Earth, and a runaway star headed right toward it. The human race avoids extinction by landing a few people on a planet of the star. For the plausibility of all this, contact: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 4800 Oak Drive, Pasadena CA 91109. We're sure they'll be happy to hear from you.
837. 18 AGAIN!
839.  "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer". The unusual logo was used partially to express a position in an intra-corporate rivalry. Louis B. Mayer  was in charge of the actual physical process of film-making, but Marcus Loew & his successors were in charge of the money---and we all know how that battle always turns out. That second line of the logo was disliked in certain circles because it was taken as an assertion of the superiority of east-over-west, midtown-Manhattan-over-Culver-City, and the Loew-crowd-over-the-Mayer-Crowd.
840. RV.
QUESTIONS: 841-860:
841. During the final full decade of Old Time Radio (the 1940s), one of the most popular characters was the one played by the teenaged Louise Erickson. In 1948, Louis B. Mayer scanned his list of contract players(& others who owed him a film on a one-time basis) and began putting together a feature-film version of the show. That movie starred Jane Powell, and it shared its title with the radio version. That title is _____________________.
842. Because of Deanna Durbin's voice-of-the-century singing performances, her films are usually categorized as simply musicals. But they were generally comedies as well and contained items like these: (A) When a male admirer says that surely she realizes how attractive she is, she says not really, because she does not appeal to herself in that way. (B) When she is jailed briefly, a visitor offends her and she suddenly takes a proprietary interest in the place: "Get outta my jail!" Those moments came in a movie which probably had "wind" in the title........
843. In this comedy, Marjorie Main and Joe Besser are discussing food versus starvation, while JB shovels plenty of F. into his mouth. Besser: "How long you figure it takes a man to die of starvation?" Main says she doesn't know; then, seeing the size of his latest mouthful, she adds "Guess you'll never know either". What Donald O'Connor vehicle?
844. What 2012 film has a title which is reminiscent of the most famous horror novel of them all?
845. In one of the best known of the Ginger Rogers comedies, GR plays a movie star who's feeling sad at the moment. A studio boss tries to cheer her up by saying it'll-pass & referencing his own wife as an example: "She was feeling kind of low, you know; she went around saying I bored her. Can you imagine?" We can imagine; we can also imagine your eagerness to name the movie.
846. After DR. NO took over the American box office in October of 1962, it was often said that the U.S. audience was not familiar with Ursula Andress until that film. But issues of both the fan-mags & the trade-papers show that to be false. Andress was already being widely discussed throughout 1962 in ways unrelated to the still-unreleased DR. NO. In November 1961, John Derek convinced Universal to use her in perhaps the best-remembered episode of a famous TV show. The episode was "La Strega"(the witch).  "L.S." immediately became famous for (A) its horrific(for early-60s primetime) subject matter, & (B) Ursula's striking visual appeal. What TV show?
847. A producer and an agent, talking in 1925: P: "Has that 40-something client of yours stopped driving everyone crazy by dating the 19-year-olds?" A: "Yes, technically, he has stopped". P: "I'm afraid to ask what 'technically' means". A: "It means he has totally revolutionized his worldview & now is dating a 22-year-old". P: "Could've been worse---he might have moved-it 3 years in the OTHER direction". The relevant 19-year-old was Mary Astor. The "older woman" was Dolores Costello. The wild man is often called the greatest American actor of the 20th century's first half. Put a name to him.
848. This 2006 film is a character study which also features (A) a little mantra about having faith in your salesmanship(if you're hunting Moby-Dick, take along the tartar sauce), and (B) a classic twist ending that few saw coming. To you, that film probably  sounds like ___________________________.
849. For all we know, Danny DeVito's history may be littered with 200 guys named Michael Douglas; but with our usual laid-back attitude* we'll settle for just two examples from you.............*It's the talk of the town, as you may know.
850. When Bullwinkle J. Moose decides that he is matinee-idol material, he tries out a little bit of some of the most famous dialogue of the 1950s. The name "Stella" may be relevant. What can you tell us?
851. Juilliard professor: "Just remember, Bix Beiderbecke invented Bing Crosby". J. student: "What do you mean by that?" Professor: "Until his association with Bix, Crosby was content to be just another crooner like Rudy Vallee & Russ Columbo. Bix taught him how to swing and how to groove and pushed him in a jazz-direction which let him break out of the crooner-pack". A major motion picture dealt with the life of BB;* which one?...........................*Love those initials.....................
852. A 2013 episode of TV's "Bob's Burgers" was called "The Unnatural". It's not unnatural that we'll be wanting you to tell us where they got that name. Here's a hint: It would be too big of a hint to name the the episode's subject matter.
853. When 1963's THE HAUNTING was released to commercial television later in the decade, a number of station-chains used the following line in radio & tv ads promoting their showing of the film: "Then WHO was holding her hand?" What is the meaning of that phrase?
854. Nine out of ten surgeons surveyed agree that castration-by-gunfire is the most challenging of all methods. Still, producer Walter Wanger* did the best he could. When he became convinced that his wife's agent was sleazing around with her, he bypassed restraining orders and went right to blazing away. Hit in the upper thigh was well-known Hollywood figure Jennings Lang**. What actress had those two boys in a fever?..............*CLEOPATRA is the most famous item on his resume. **He eventually transitioned from agenting into producing; in the latter capacity he was involved in the production of key Eastwood vehicles, including PLAY MISTY FOR ME, THE BEGUILED, HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, and JOE KIDD.
855. Consider the movie KEPT HUSBANDS. Acting in your best interests at all times, we are hard at work posting this entry---and completely ignoring several guys who keep shouting that they want to become KHs themselves. The female lead in this comedy was Dorothy Mackaill, a then-famous star of early talkies. Her male counterpart eventually became one of the kings of the B-western; perhaps only Randolph Scott was his equal. Who would that be?
856.  In 2002's BLUE CRUSH, what was the principal surfing location? 50%* for naming just the U.S. state or foreign country; the other 50% for adding greater specificity...........*Are we grading on a curve?  We're not sure; we'll see what the teachers' union has to say.
857. It WAS around the middle of the week. It WAS around the middle of the month. It was NOT a good day for the pop-culture crowd. Wednesday, 10/18/00  saw the death (in Woodstock, Vermont) of the female star of DAMN YANKEES, and (in LA's Encino neighborhood) the death of the female star of MAN OF THE WEST. Names.
858. Any parent knows this stuff: Never, never ask children merely rhetorical questions---because they are highly likely to answer you: "Do you take your parents for a couple of half-wits?" "Yes, sir!"  The movie's title is one of the relatively few starting with "and", and you know what to do next.
859. THE TOWN WENT WILD over the fact that two babies may have been switched at birth, thereby creating a situation in which a girl might be about to marry her own brother.* The movie features a very-rare-for-the-time female judge, and some nice cynical dialogue about marriage: "You must wait 3 days, & then the license is published, & then comes the execution". Two well-known character actors were elevated to semi-lead status here. One was an escapee from ARSENIC AND OLD LACE; the other was insufficiently respectful to Joe Don Baker in CHARLEY VARRICK. Who-they?.............*Hey, wait---is that illegal now? These bureaucratic regulations are getting completely out of control.
860. By the time the rock-culture was about 5 years old (circa 1960), it had become self-aware enough to realize that it had a significant history. That caused various radio stations and chains  to program oldies weekends, using songs from the past half-decade. That programming often took its title from a 1948 movie, namely __________________ _____________________ WEEKEND. We hate blanks.
ANSWERS 841-860:
844. PROMETHEUS. Here's the full name of the book alluded to in the question: "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus". That literary construction* was popular throughout the 1800s; it then slowly faded during the 1900s and today is rarely seen. Prominent examples would include(from novels) "Moby-Dick; or, The Whale" and (from films) DR.  STRANGELOVE OR:HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB.............*The main title, followed by the word "or", followed by the subtitle.
846. "Thriller", hosted by Boris Karloff. Interest in "Thriller" has continued through the decades. There are usually threads focusing on it on multiple websites year-around. One in 2013 dealt with a question we can answer here: Why did the well-reviewed and fairly-well-rated show only last two years? The answer is (no surprise) cold-cash. The 4 profit-participants were: Karloff himself; Hubbell Robinson, whose production company created the show; NBC, which aired it; and Universal, whose "Revue" TV-arm filmed it. When the show proved to be a big enough hit to be renewed for a second season, all of those parties wanted a "bump" upward in their deal, and the resulting squabbling eventually made everyone give up and move on to other projects.
847. John Barrymore.
848. THE LAST TIME. The end-OF-the-twist-ending features Amber Valletta crying over what she has lost. The emotional honesty of her performance was so compelling that it even caused male humans to stop thinking about........thighs.
849. DD starred with one Michael Douglas in ROMANCING THE STONE(among others); he also starred in BATMAN RETURNS with Michael Keaton, who, when he first opened his eyes and surveyed the western suburbs of Pittsburgh, was named Michael Douglas.
850. He took a shot at Brando-in-A-STREETCAR-NAMED-DESIRE.
852. The source-material for the title was the Robert Redford film THE NATURAL. Both scripts were about baseball.
853. When Julie Harris is in distress, she is comforted to find her hand being held, presumably by Claire Bloom, the only other person in the room. But then she sees that Bloom is asleep in her own bed; T.W.W.H.H.H.? (We'd rather not think about it..........)
854. Joan Bennett. We have been unable to confirm the rumor that as Wanger was lining up his shot, he was humming the theme-song from TV's "I Married Joan".
855. Joel McCrea.
856. The setting was the North Shore   on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. The NS is the world headquarters of big-wave surfing;  its most famous locations are Waimea Bay & The Banzai Pipeline.
857. DAMN YANKEES: Gwen Verdon. MAN OF THE WEST: Julie London.
859. Edward Everett Horton. Tom Tully.
860. Full title of film & programming: MILLION DOLLAR WEEKEND.
QUESTIONS 861-880:
861. In this 2005 movie: (A) An unusual event makes a character think she's being "Punk'd", and she goes looking for Ashton Kutcher. (B) The famous phrase "The Summer Of Love" becomes "The Summer Of Like". (C) All-4-One are magnum-opusing all over the place. (D) When the question is where's-all-the-Vicodin-coming-from?, the answer is "Mom"(it's a sweet  family moment....).  The title?
862. When Reg Presley of The Troggs was writing the (eventual)big hit "Love Is All Around" in 1967,  he was looking for a strong secondary lyric to go with his primary one(the title). He found it in the title of a 1957 film which he had seen multiple times at the local cinema in Andover, England. That title may end  with the word "wind".* Get back to us at your convenience.........................*As questions go, this one may be a third-cousin-separated-at-birth with #842.
863. This comedy/drama contains these elements: (A) Binnie Barnes exclaims "My little girl's going to have a birthday this year!" (B) A line of dialogue is so cruel it draws gasps from moviegoers: "We'll get the old lady yet". (C) Richard Carlson signs a letter "Yours with very little respect.....". The movie?
864. Enforcer John Ireland tells PI Franchot Tone to get out. When Tone doesn't seem to be moving very fast in that direction, Ireland asks "Something holding you up?" Tone says no, & then decks him. As Ireland hits the floor, the wise-girl waitress says "Nothing holding him up either". What famous film noir?
865. To help you identify this film, we're going to name 3 people who were not in it(we try to be helpful). Those names may still do you some good, because one relative of each was a star of the movie: Gwyneth Paltrow. Laura Dern. Meryl Streep. ???????????
866. Two different people named Leslie Hope have compiled significant resumes in films & television. What can you tell us?
867. For a relatively small burg,* Redondo Beach, California has many connections to combatants in the Hollywood-&-music wars, among them these: (A) A movie star who broke through in the 1980s & spent part of her high school years in RB.  We don't like to call anyone a "brat", but if you capitalize the "b" it might constitute a clue. (B) Two  RBers who were huge in late-1960s TV. (C) A local girl who beat the odds & made the rare porn-to-mainstream transition. (D) Two teenage cousins from nearby Hawthorne who would sit in their car at RB's King Harbor, listening to the Hollywood DJs & dreaming of becoming rockers themselves (they succeeded). (E) A woman who was probably D.W. Griffith's second favorite actress, after Lillian Gish but before Dorothy G.; her Big Two were the same as his, THE BIRTH OF A NATION and INTOLERANCE. Her current location is RB's beautifully-named Pacific Crest Cemetery. To be sure we don't overwork you (remember what your doctor said........), we'll name the non-movie people & leave the rest to you: TVers: The Smothers Brothers. The RB-KH guys were Brian Wilson & Mike Love of The Beach Boys; big on LA-radio at that time were such famous people as Art Laboe, Huggy Boy, Wink Martindale,** Hunter Hancock, & Bill Ballance...........................*About 60,000 inmates. **Yeah, him; a fair number of national game-show hosts started as LA disc jockeys, because TV producers would hear them while driving around town.
868. What movie made Pam Grier famous?
869. Anna Kendrick types so fiercely on her computer that her companion asks if she's mad at it.  What film?
870. A starlet tells someone over the phone that she has injured her ankle, and she  indicates that it has swollen to "twice as normal". A female character* who's led a quiet life finally decides that "It's about time I had something on my conscience". What Joan Caulfield movie? (Her character is referred to in the film's title)..................*Not the ankle-ette.
871. This film features (A) Tony Curtis present in almost every frame, fooling people; (B)the credited film debut of Sue Ane Langdon; & (C) a theatrical run throughout 1961 that was helped in its second half by a hit record named after the movie(it was inspired by the film but not included in it). It was sung by The Fleetwoods.* What title unites the song & the movie?......*For more on movies-&-the-unique-vocal-blend of Gretchen Christopher/Barbara Ellis/Gary Troxel(The Fleetwoods), see #291. 
872. This Loretta Young vehicle is distinctive because (A) she portrays a sleepwalker & (B) it's more dialogue-intensive than most of her films: (1) A householder mentions that his aunt has "been visiting with me briefly for 3 years"; (2) when Young convinces a roller-coaster employee to try his own ride for the first time, he screams in horror at the top, causing her to say "Listen to him enjoying himself!"; & (3) when a guy is looking for female companionship, he showcases his knowledge of population demographics by asking if any of "the majority" are around. What movie?
873. Bored beyond endurance by the stale adult conversation, the young boy hears a reference to a suicide hotline. He asks "Do you still have that number?" In the same film, pill-popper Betty White describes one of her favorites: "Onna those babies & she'll be able to taste sunlight". What movie?
874. When the Academy Awards were telecast in 2006, the in-memoriam segment included a reference to one of the most famous directors of his time, Robert Wise. In a sad coincidence, that segment also included an amazing SIX  of his favorite actors in his own films. One-each was in these pictures: THIS COULD BE THE NIGHT; BLOOD ON THE MOON; THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE; ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW; THE HINDENBURG; & UNTIL THEY SAIL. Only the first involves a male performer. Even one or two names would impress us.
875. Edward G. Robinson & Joan Bennett had a hit with THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW. We hate to pry, but: What kind of a window was that?
876. Conscientious dental patients generally remember to take their retainers out anytime they might get in the way. So, in the no-turning-back scene of ___________________, that's exactly what Dominique Swain did.
877. When Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis conquered the world of nightclubs in the late 1940s, the movie studios began watching their antics closely. Paramount finally decided to give them a try, but on a qualified basis. Rather than build a movie around them as the stars, they had them support others, to see how the movie-public liked them. What was the name of that on-film audition?
878. This 2005 thriller features beautiful views of the Danube, from both the Buda and Pest sides, and also what might be the "tightest" twist-ending of them all. By that adjective we mean that it was ultra-condensed, with the key portion only lasting about 45 seconds, and that it was accomplished without a single word of dialogue. The title?
879. File this under the category of "See, what she MEANT to say.........":  In the film just before SIXTEEN CANDLES launched her into Teen-Queen Orbit, Molly Ringwald is insulted twice within one sentence: She's called a "scav"* girl who's just barely out of her diapers. Angrily, she responds that she's NOT a scav girl & she's NOT out of her diapers. What movie? .............*Watch the movie.
880. Burt Lancaster generally had his agents send him only dramas & adventure-stories for consideration, because he felt his strengths were in those areas. But occasional comedies did pop up, including one in which he dealt with counterfeiting.  What movie?
ANSWERS 861-880:
861. JUST FRIENDS (like Mom & her Vicodin).
862. When "Wild Thing" by The Troggs took over the music world in the summer of 1966(#1 in multiple countries), lead singer Reg Presley had just two small objections to that phenomenon. First, he thought of himself as a songwriter, and he didn't write that one.* Second, he thought he had the makings of a ballad-singer, and that one was an all-out rocker. He solved both problems the next year, when he wrote "Love Is All Around", a ballad which took a key(& repeated) lyric from the title of 1957's WRITTEN ON THE WIND("It's written on the wind.....)...........*It was written by Jon Voight's brother Chip Taylor; since Chip also created the much-recorded "Angel Of The Morning", his semi-annual BMI checks do not disappoint.
863. THE YOUNG IN HEART. The movie was Richard Carlson's feature debut. David Selznick had cast him for his visual appeal, but audiences liked his acting as well, and he was on his way to a multi-decade career.
864. I LOVE TROUBLE(1948).
865. 2009's THE LIGHTKEEPERS featured Blythe Danner, Bruce Dern, & Mamie Gummer.
866. One Leslie Hope has appeared in such films as TALK RADIO, MEN AT WORK, and IT TAKES TWO, in addition to dozens of TV episodes.  Another Leslie Hope(1903-2003) apparently adopted a stage name at some point; using it, he achieved a bit of success in movies and television.
867. The BratPacker: Demi Moore. The porn-excapee: Traci Lords. The GriffithGal: Mae Marsh.
869. 2009's UP IN THE AIR. Epilogue: If Anna Kendrick had appeared in 47 RONIN, would we all have called that her "AK-47" appearance?
871. THE GREAT IMPOSTER. The Fleetwoods had already gone to #1 on the national pop charts twice,* & it looked as if this song would make it as well. Written by  the powerhouse duo of Jackie DeShannon & Sharon Sheeley, ** it kept peaking at #1 in major cities across the U.S., but  never at the same time . So The Fleetwoods settled for a big hit but not a national chart-topper........*"Come Softly To Me" and "Mr. Blue". **Both went to #1 as writers, DeShannon with "Bette Davis Eyes"(Kim Carnes) and Sheeley with "Poor Litle Fool"(Ricky Nelson).
872. HALF ANGEL, co-starring Joseph Cotten.
873. 2010's YOU AGAIN.
874. THIS COULD BE THE NIGHT: Tony Franciosa. BLOOD ON THE MOON: Barbara Bel Geddes. THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE: Simone Simon. ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW: Shelley Winters. THE HINDENBURG: Anne Bancroft. UNTIL THEY SAIL: Sandra Dee. 
875. A store-front window. It contained a  key plot-device, a picture of Bennett.
876. LOLITA. Because of her age and the nature of her character, Dominique received the bulk of the female publicity emanating from the film; but a good case can be made that the movie would not have worked without the strong performance of Melanie Griffith. Her perfect depiction of her character's neediness is what demonstrates the intensity of Humbert's obsession with Lolita: To be near the girl, he's willing to marry the clingiest vine of them all, MG's hard-to-top version of Charlotte Haze.
877. MY FRIEND IRMA. Based on the popular radio show, it starred Marie Wilson as I. & Diana Lynn as the pronoun.
878. 8MM2.
880. MISTER 880. Hmmmmmm. We  ALMOST made a New Year's resolution to stop being sneaky by relating movie titles to question-numbers. Almost.
QUESTIONS 881-900:
881. An American gunfighter, a Japanese samurai, and a French adventurer battling  it out on the frontier. That would be 1971's _________________ __________________.
882. Mother-&-daughter-movie-star duos are rare in the first place. Even rarer are the twosomes who would have posed for this kind of picture: On the right, the mother, looking beautiful and serene. On the left, the daughter, looking the same way. In between them,  a full-maned lion, looking...............well, "beautiful and serene" probably describes the cat as well. Who were the humans?
883. When this movie came along in 1956, its female star had been a famous singer since her teens and a movie star for most of a decade. It was filmed in and around Carmel, California, a location so scenic that this actress began a half-century-plus residency there. Naming either the actress or the movie would definitely be merit-badge material.
884. Even in the nonfeminist/antifeminist 1930s, this exchange drew some jeers: Husband: "Who is your boss?" Wife: "My husband". This early (1931) talkie  starred the then-famous Helen Twelvetrees; its title was a woman's first name. What name?
885. Which of the Doctor Doolittle movies takes place largely at a dude/dudette ranch?
886. THE MISFITS is famous as the final film for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe; but what was the next-to-last movie for each of them? (Two separate films; both were comedies).
887. In 1981, The Film Society Of Lincoln Center honored one of the most famous actresses of the century. The written materials included this quote from film critic Richard Corliss, focusing on her tough-girl roles: "One look could be fatal---as MacMurray* and a bunch of postwar punks (Burt Lancaster in SORRY, WRONG NUMBER, Kirk Douglas in THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS, Robert Ryan in CLASH BY NIGHT) discovered to their ultimate regret". The actress?............*Fred. 
888. Nestled in the prairies of northwestern Iowa, the small town of Storm Lake & its surrounding countryside have connections to a surprising number of movies, among them these: THE FRENCH CONNECTION; UNFORGIVEN; JOAN OF ARC; THE QUIET MAN; SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON; THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY; LA BAMBA; I'D RATHER BE RICH; and FOXFIRE LIGHT. Even a little bit of explanatory detail would be appreciated.
889. The 2013 version of THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY is a remake of the signature-film of what major star?
890. A temporary team: In 1964, Victor Buono and Ellen Corby co-starred in one famous film and in one sometimes-overlooked one. The former was HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE. The latter?
891. "If you don't mind, I think I'd rather have scurvy". That's the kind of thing people might say to you if you keep trying to give them yucky foods & medicines to fight off that disease. The quotation is from a Jane Powell vehicle in which people visit the southern hemisphere.  Your thoughts?
892. The multi-film saga of A STAR IS BORN includes two famous women named Barbara*.  Details, please.....................*Possibly under two different spellings.
893. In this comedy from 2000, the heroine tries to get the guy to stop kissing her on the lips by mentioning that: (A) She's a married woman; and (B) she's his sister. Shy and unsophisticated about these matters ourselves, we checked with the relevant authorities, who say that she should win that argument on points, or even a TKO. What film?
894. A good time for a birth: "I was born in Brooklyn, as a child". Cesar Romero wanted to say that(so he did); John Payne & Alice Faye wanted each other; Sheldon Leonard wanted his money; do you want to name the film?. 
895. Two film actors named William S. Hart. Only one of them was allowed to appear oncreen with that name*, and he became suitably famous. The other also became well-known,  under his stage-name, in both movies & television. He was also the husband of two actresses(yeah, yeah, sequentially) and the father of another. Ghosts may have played a part in his most famous role. Who was that boy who was robbed  of his birth-name?..........*See the answer for more details on that point.
896. Double heat. First the objectors opposed the fact that Don Ameche & Vivian Blaine were shown in bed together.* Then they didn't like the enthusiasm with which Carmen Miranda sang the word "ecstasy" multiple times in the movie's opening number. What film were these commentators badmouthing?.............*Since this was a forties-film, you will not be surprised to learn that there was a G-rated reason for that; but The Objectors were in no mood to listen to reason.
897. They were among the dance-gods of their generation, and they  were billed variously as  The 4 Stepbrothers, The 4 Step Brothers, The Step-Brothers, & The Step Brothers(why worry about precise billing when you could be dancing?) Among the movies in which they appeared were (A) an Abbott & Costello horseracing comedy, (B) a Bob Hope/Tony Martin film, and (C) a musical biopic starring the Warner-threesome of Ann Sheridan/Jack Carson/Dennis Morgan. Step up, and name something..................Epilogue: Don't lose your focus and confuse the 4 Stepbrothers with The 5 Stairsteps, creators of the soul- classic "O-o-h Child".
898. One of the projects that earned writer Dan Harmon the "Community" gig was his screenplay for a 2006 movie about a dwelling. It was an unusual home in many ways, one of which was that it would sometimes go to sleep. What film? 
899. A well-known Cary Grant film from 1957 shares a title with a big hit song from 1991. The latter was by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and it topped Billboard's "Modern Rock Tracks" chart throughout that summer. What title unites those two projects?
900. Although Ann Harding's reputation has now faded somewhat, she had a top-billed period in the 1930s, an era which also saw a lot of  attention paid to her by both the fan-mags and the trade-papers. Her best-remembered line of dialogue was from a movie which took its title from biology:"A foolish virgin, me; well, foolish anyway". What film?
ANSWERS 881-900:
881. RED SUN.
882. While continuing to be active in films and television, Tippi Hedren at a certain point decided to devote the bulk of her time to animal-protection issues. That interest led to the movie ROAR, to the Roar Foundation, and to her Shambala Preserve north of Los Angeles. So, it was logical that she and daughter Melanie Griffith would happily pose with one of the Big Cats............Epilogue: In addition to calling Tippi & Melanie "beautiful and serene", we were also going to label them "elegantly gowned and coiffed"---but then we couldn't figure out how to include the lion in that, so we wimped out and dropped it.
883. JULIE. Doris Day.
884. The movie was the very early talkie MILLIE, from 1931. Also talking was Joan Blondell(but she didn't say the line; that was Twelvetrees).
885. 2006's DR. DOOLITTLE 3.
886.  Their penultimate films: CG: IT STARTED IN NAPLES, with Sophia Loren. MM: LET'S MAKE LOVE, with Yves Montand. 
887. Barbara Stanwyck.  Epilogue: We don't like to pat ourselves on the back* for creating this question, but any time a prestigious film critic uses a phrase like "postwar punks"---it's worth calling attention to the event................*Or do we?
888. Gene Hackman(UNFORGIVEN; THE FRENCH CONNECTION) did a stretch at Storm Lake High School. Winton Hoch, arguably the most famous cinematographer of the classic era(Oscars for JOAN OF ARC, THE QUIET MAN & SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON) was born in Storm Lake. Buddy Holly/Ritchie Valens/Big Bopper pilot Roger Peterson grew up in the twin-town universe of Alta & Storm Lake. Storm Lake is just up US71 from Wall Lake, hometown of I'D RATHER BE RICH star Andy Williams; reviewers called the film "The Tenor VS. The Baritone", since he* & Robert Goulet** battle over Sandra Dee. Romance novelist Janet Dailey, born in Storm Lake, wrote both the novel & screenplay versions of FOXFIRE LIGHT; the latter featured a top-of-the-line performance from Tippi Hedren.............*The tenor. **The baritone.
889. Danny Kaye.
890. The suspenser called THE STRANGLER.
891. The movie was NANCY GOES TO RIO.
892. Barbra  Streisand starred in the 1976 version. Barbara Stanwyck enters the picture because there has long been an intra-industry view that the films are derived from her real-life relationship with husband Frank Fay. When they were in New York, he was a significant star and she was: Not-a-factor. But once they hit Hollywood, her star ascended as quickly as his career fell apart. Sound like any screenplays you know?
893. Heather Graham was a COMMITTED person.
894. The movie was WEEK-END IN HAVANA.
895. Robert Sterling. Due to a combination of SAG/AFTRA rules, longstanding tradition, and general logic*, no two performers may appear under the same billed-name; so Hart became Sterling. His actress/wives: Ann Sothern and Anne Jeffries. His actress/daughter: Tisha Sterling. ............................*That's right, we said it: Logic & Hollywood, going hand in hand. We stand by that concept. Maybe.
897. The movies were (A) IT AIN'T HAY, (B) HERE COME THE GIRLS, and (C) SHINE ON HARVEST MOON.
901. Except in cases where the character's name matches the film's title*, it's unusual for a c.n. to become about as well-known as the movie's name.  One such case involved a man's name which, among other things, was used multiple times during the Allen/Paar/Carson decades of "The Tonight Show"; and "The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis" had a well-remembered episode in which the G-family knew two people named Fred C. Dobbs(Sr. & Jr.). The movie?.......* E.g., STELLA DALLAS.
902. The dominant song of 1982 was probably "Jack & Diane"(4 weeks at #1)*. The producers of a film from 2003 couldn't resist using that title to promote(in letters as big as the movie's name) their film. That made sense, considering who the stars were. Naming the J. or the D. or the movie would make us happy..................................*The artist on "Jack & Diane" was John Cougar. Not John Cougar Mellencamp. Not John Mellencamp. We're aware that the singer disliked his original stage-name; but since that was the name under which he first took over the charts, he & his fanbase should  probably just accept it, as an interesting historical artifact.
903. When this film was being shot, Jane Powell was only 15. So, audiences were amazed to hear that 50-foot voice coming out of that 5-foot frame. Although technically her second film*, this was the first true JP vehicle, meaning a movie built around her and giving her top billing. The title consisted of an adjective modified by an adverb(think back; fourth grade English......). What are the two words?.......*SONG OF THE OPEN ROAD came a year earlier.
904. In preparation for the release of the upcoming (possible)film "Murder They Said", we'd like to refresh our memories about MURDER SHE SAID and MURDER, HE SAYS. Naming the female star of the first and the male star of the second would help us.
905. Believing in fairness to all age-brackets, the producers of NOB HILL loaded the film with 3 lead-actresses---one in her mid-teens, one in her mid-20s, and one in her mid-30s. Why not reward them for their sense of justice by naming at least one of that trio?
906. To lead a productive life, try to fill in one or more blanks every day: NUTTY PROFESSOR II: ____________    __________.
907. A legendary actor(Boris Karloff) on the way out. A legendary director(Peter Bogdanovich) on the way in. A legendary disc jockey(The Real Don Steele) on the radio. The movie?
908. The first Trial Of The Century(the 1900s) occurred when the most famous architect in America(Stanford White) was murdered by one of the wealthiest men in the country(Harry Thaw). Later in life, after his prison-term,  he took one look at a famous Hollywood theater, decided he was appalled, and exclaimed: "My God! I shot the wrong architect!".  What theater?
909. "On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe". That's already been honored once, at the Academy Awards. Why don't you honor it again by explaining it?
910. This thriller covers multiple vertebrate-groups nicely. Fish: There is speculation as to whether fish have dreams. Reptiles: Iguanas are shown onscreen, but there is some doubt as to whether they are real. Mammals: One of those expresses his philosophy: A man without a gun---that's not a man. What 2009 production?
911. This was such an early talkie (1934) that it influenced other odd-happenings films that followed.  It also  contained a fair amount of comedic dialogue: "You're coughing terribly". "Can you do any better?"........................About an erratic clock: "It's a union clock. It strikes any old time". The word "ghost" appears in the title, which is ________     ___________  _____________.
912. Many things happen in this well-known film from 1956. One is that Timothy Carey talks about firepower; he says that this particular gun may not kill everyone, but they won't be good for much of anything afterwards. The other(considered slightly erotic for the mid-fifties) is that the (anti)hero pulls Coleen Moore to him,  sits down so that he'll be at eye-level to her navel, and  completes her process of dressing by tightening the belt at the top of her skirt. The movie?
913. One of the best-known films of 1961 featured this logo near the beginning: "Southeast Kansas 1928". What movie?
914. One of the most famous of the screwball-comedies, this entry features (A) a final shot focusing on a highly relevant cuckoo-clock; and (B) Irene Dunne(accused of a drunken inability to drive) making assurances that she can make it "in two minutes on two wheels". What movie?
915. The 1892 title(play): "Lady Windermere's Fan". The 2004  title(movie):   _________ _________ ____________.
916. We're too shy(as you know......) &  tentative to state for certain that this movie has-it-all, but it definitely has some-of-it. It provides (A) Good advice---"Don't point your finger at crazy people!"; (B) a good defense when people call you suicidal just because you swallowed an entire  bottle of aspirin---"I had a headache!"; and (C) a good analysis of one's situation---"Taking us for ice creams in a blizzard....makes you wonder who the real whack-jobs are". The film?
917. At the end of this 1997 action-film, two women hit the road together. One is already dangerous; the other apparently wants to achieve that status in the future. What movie?
918. This 1997 drama features Monica Keena(WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING) and Daisy Eagan(LOSING ISAIAH) on the run. They are sisters (fraternal twins)*, and they have most of their adventures at a sleepy Army base(they make parts of it less sleepy). What movie?...............*Where's  the feminist movement when we need it? Surely non-identical twins who are both girls should be referred to using the perfectly good word "sororal", but they never are.
919. This well-known film from 2008 has a title which consists solely of three proper nouns.  In it, a slightly unorthodox course of action is suggested. When someone expresses doubts about that, a bolder voice sneers that they shouldn't be worried about the "Appropriate Police". What movie?
920. The presumed good guy turns out to be the bad guy. Therefore, the villagers remove, from around his neck, an honor they had previously bestowed upon him. They helpfully add that they'll find something else to put around his neck later. What 1949 musical comedy? 
ANSWERS 901-920:
902. Jack Nicholson & Diane Keaton starred in SOMETHING's GOTTA GIVE.
904. MURDER SHE SAID: Margaret Rutherford. MURDER, HE SAYS: Fred MacMurray.
905. Teens: Peggy Ann Garner. Twenties: Vivian Blaine. Thirties: Joan Bennett.
908. The Chinese Theater, on Hollywood Boulevard.
909. That's the title of one of the most famous railroading songs of the 1900s. It came from the film THE HARVEY GIRLS. They were the waitresses who staffed the Harvey House restaurants that Fred Harvey built throughout the American southwest.
917. JOYRIDE, with Christina Naify (the fierce one) and Amy Hathaway(the hopeful).
918. RIPE.
920. THE INSPECTOR GENERAL, starring Danny Kaye.
QUESTIONS 921-940:
921. By the 1980s, singing cowboys were gone/gone/gone from the screen---except for one instance in 1985, when a friendly parody of them appeared. Be friendly yourself, and name the movie.
922. Although it was later superseded in the public's consciousness by the 1959 remake, the 1940 version of LI'L ABNER was a success in its own time. In it, Abner created what became a short-lived catch-phrase. When he hit a guy so hard that the victim lost consciousness, that would be called a "Dogpatch lullaby".  What actor was putting people to sleep in that way?
923. Jeremy Irons bossing around Simon Baker, who's bossing around Kevin Spacey, who's bossing around Paul Bettany, who's bossing around Zachary Quinto. What film? 
924. Spring Byington in charge of 4 women who were sisters in real life and onscreen here. What movie?
925. "Spyros", as a first name, has been common in Greece for centuries; but in Hollywood---not so much.  Still, we can think of at least three occasions when that name has popped up, so maybe you could name at least one of them. 
926. It's the very definition of small-town hospitality: Ketchum,  Idaho welcomes both those who are breathing and those who are not. The former of course are just a bunch of show-offs(breathing and all that) so let's concentrate on the latter. Just yards apart in the Ketchum Cemetery are two film actresses. One starred in LIPSTICK. The other was Oscar-nominated for THE WHALES OF AUGUST.  If you can tell us one, we'll tell you the other.
927. The 2010 comedy TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL features, toward the end, some  male/female G-rated bonding. There is a sport involved, namely
928. In this 1998 action-film, 2 second-generation-but-first-quality actresses dominate the proceedings. One of them also dropped in a key in-joke("I love desperados"), and saved the day with her little shotgun.  The movie?
929. When TV's "Perry Mason" was being cast in late  1956, Raymond Burr had a key advantage over other contenders for the lead role. Just a few years earlier, he had played a very Mason-type character in a movie with Angela Lansbury. What film?
930. What is the connection between Mia Farrow and noir-goddess Lizabeth Scott?
931. 2011's biggest comedy hit featured (A) AC/DC doing the very pure "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", (B) plane-talk("There's  much more community in coach") & (C) plane-action(two of the title-characters feverishly kissing each other for what seems like a good reason---although male viewers were not asking for a reason). The movie? 
932. Already angry with her brand-new husband, Ginger Rogers asks Joan Davis "Are you suggesting that I live in the same house with him!?" Davis: "Some brides do!" More JD commentary: "Don't you know the one way a woman can really get even with a man is by living with him?" The movie?
933. From an episode during the last season of "Daria": "We will never play farm wife and National Geographic photographer again". That sounds like a reference you'll be wanting to explain to us.
934. Linda Harrison and her friend, filmed on a Malibu beach. Very famous movie; very famous conclusion; very famous twist. Details?
935. Is the phrase "gritty urban drama" still listed in The Big Golden Book Of Famous Cliches? Oh, it is? OK then, we'll just provide this film's title without any introductory phraseology: TROUBLE IN THE HEIGHTS. That movie from 2011 features a character capable of making fine distinctions. When her boyfriend has messed up badly & then asks her if she loves him, she replies "Right now, or in general?"  That character knew which "heights" those were. Do you?
936. In HERE COME THE GIRLS, the comedian asks a little kid his name: "Crosby" is the answer. He then asks the child's first name. "Bang". What non-Crosby star is, therefore, likely to be the comic asking the questions?
937. Some questions are important. One is whether Genghis Khan or Kublai Khan was the better ballroom dancer. Another is what movie this is: Rosalind Russell views Gloria DeHaven's curvy figure & tight costume and comments "She's bursting...................with talent". ????????????????
938. While scientific research continues on the often-expressed claim that happiness-is-a-warm-puppy, here's another version of happiness: "There's nothing like a woman's laughter to tell you you've done the right thing".  The movie containing  that quote featured Chuck Woolery as himself, a 1989 release date, and a title that has been used multiple times. The film?
939. The plot of 2003's STEALING CANDY might deal with stealing candy from a baby; but in case it doesn't, what's another meaning the title might have?
940. With the help of four other rockers who revered him, Roy Orbison had his final Pre-Posthumous* hit, in the last quarter of 1988. "Handle With Care" had a lyric which caught the attention of many DJs: "Oh, the sweet smell of success". That  phrase had become famous in the 1950s. How?...................*We may copyright that phrase, so behave yourself.
ANSWERS 921-940:
921. RUSTLERS'  RHAPSODY, starring Tom Berenger.
922. Jeff York, who was known to a later generation as keelboatman Mike Fink, in Disney programming of the late 1950s.
923. 2011's MARGIN CALL.
925. Spyros Acebos was a key character in 1960's OCEAN'S 11. Spyros P. Skouras was a legendary head of Twentieth Century Fox. Spyros S. Skouras (SPS's son)  was one of the producers of  2013's WILD HORSES.
926. Margaux Hemingway. Ann Sothern.
927. Bowling.
928. ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE. Male leads James Woods & Vincent Kartheiser were just fine, but Melanie Griffith* & Natasha Gregson Wagner** dominated the proceedings. Melanie in particular elevated the material, as she so often does.........*Daughter of Tippi Hedren & wife of the DESPERADO himself, Antonio Banderas.  ** Biological daughter of Natalie Wood & adopted daughter of Robert Wagner. 
930. Mia's father John Farrow lauched Lizabeth's film career by directing her first movie, YOU CAME ALONG.
933. That's a description of the two key characters from THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY.
934. Charlton Heston & Linda were filming the revelatory scene in PLANET OF THE APES.
935. The reference is to a famous NYC neighborhood---Washington Heights, at the eastern(Manhattan) end of the George Washington Bridge. (For those whose geography-exam is coming soon: The western end crashes into Fort Lee, New Jersey). 
936. (Bing)Crosby-pal Bob Hope.
937. The film was THE GIRL RUSH.
938. COLD FEET, starring Keith Carradine & Sally Kirkland. 
939. Kidnapping a movie star named Candy.
940. The famous 1957 film SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS is often called the acting-peak for both Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis. (Orbison's musical pals were Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison, & Jeff Lynne. The quintet recorded as The Traveling Wilburys).  
QUESTIONS 941-960:
941. Short; sweet:  IT. IF. Differentiate.
942. The TV-crowd referencing the movie-crowd: In a 2014 episode of "Suburgatory", "Buckles Stuart Masterson"  is mentioned. It might be too easy to just ask you to name the film-performer being alluded to; better name one of her movies as well. 
943. This 1949 comedy features (A) Robert Montgomery always addressing his mother as "Madam", (B) the production of accidental laughter when he announces how much he loves-the-heroin(e)*, and (C) the theory that the patter of little feet refers to mice. The movie?..............................................*That's laughter today, not in 1949; if the producers had known how rowdy current audiences would be, they would probably have used the lady's name instead of that word.
944. This movie features a bunch of silent talent catapulted ahead into 1941. It starred Adolph Menjou. It was directed by Hal Roach. It was co-written by Harry Langdon. It also contains a character-name which is a parody of Calamity Jane's name ("Calliope Jane").  The movie is ______ ______.
945. If it's not too much trouble, divide the 1960s into 2 halves. During the first period, this actor introduced this actress at the beginning of a famous episode  ("Flowers of Evil") of NBC's "Thriller". During the second, they appeared together in the movie THE VENETIAN AFFAIR. Names?
946. If a memorial service could be said to have a "star", then the S. of this 2006 event was a lady who (A) was 95, (B) had been the co-star of one of the most famous Marx Brothers films, and (C) sang "Always" in a slinky, red, leg-revealing gown. The man being remembered was Skitch Henderson, leader of the "Tonight" show orchestra for both Steve Allen & Johnny Carson(in the beginning). The singing actress?..............Addendum: On the important question of whether it's disrespectful to call someone the "star" of a memorial service: We tried to reach Miss Manners today to ask about that, but she was out(presumably not doing anything disrespectful).
947. If you want your high school to have a role in show business, try to be sure it's located in Los Angeles.  The founders of Dorsey High School in South Central L.A. cleverly took care of that, and so DHS can boast of such things as (A) their cheerleaders backing Toni Basil on her #1 song "Mickey", and (B) a Julie Benz/Rose McGowan movie being filmed there in large part. What 1999 production was that?
948. When the famous English author Aldous Huxley arrived in Hollywood in 1937, the studios immediately put him to work. He wrote the screenplays for such prestigious early-1940s films as JANE EYRE and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Since he also wrote such famous books as "Brave New World",  "After Many A Summer Dies The Swan", and "The Doors Of Perception", one would have thought that his death would be widely reported on the day it happened. It wasn't. Why not?
949. When Helen Gahagan and then Ursula Andress portrayed SHE, those 3 letters constituted only the abbreviated name of the lady. Beginning in H. Rider Haggard's novel with that title, her fuller name was  "______-  ______ -________- _________- _________". Inform us.
950. In this 2007 comedy, there is some protest about calling a drink a "nightcap", because it's only 8:30; yes, says a counter-protester--but it's 8:30 at night. There's also some discussion about how-a-guy-is-doing. Another speaker notes that  since the guy has a body in his trunk, everyone's up to speed on how he's doing. You might want to name the movie, which has a title of interest to primatologists.
951. Everyone knew this actress was destined for the big screen, but she did generously devote a year of  her teenaged self to a famous TV show. In it, she delivered a line which was missed by the CBS standards-&-practices people during the teleplay-readthrough; when they finally heard it during the actual broadcast, there was heat: "Look at these teeth, & this face, & this body!"  A boy's name: Appeared in the show's title. A girl's name: That's what we want you to tell us(actress or character).
952. It might be the only time in film history that entire audiences burst into spontaneous applause at the end of a "mere" car-chase. The year was 1968. The movie was ___________________.
953. Since the first-name "Deke" is not heard as often as name-connoisseurs think it should be, we're going to generously give you some instances in which it did pop up*: (A) Elvis played a character with that name in one of his best-known films; and (B) Kirk Douglas  had that character-name when he starred in a comedy from 1963. Much honor will come to you if you name at least one of those films.............*This is to stop you from saying we never do anything for you.
954. A  girl's  description: She was so popular around her town that she was named homecoming queen of a neighboring high school. You can find that reference in a 2011 movie with a youthful title. What film?
955. Three well-known fifties-actors, doing a filmed meet-&-greet 2 decades  later. The actors were Rory Calhoun(RIVER OF NO RETURN), John Ireland(GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL), and Rod Cameron(SAN ANTONE). Their 1978 movie dealt with bad behavior after dark. Naming it would be good behavior on your part, no matter what time of day you do it.
956. Because our life's goal is to battle for your interests at all times*,  we'll let you come up with just a single word which will do quadruple-duty & complete all these entries: (A) A well-known Roy Rogers western named MY _______ TRIGGER. (B) A Mickey Rooney film called MY _________, THE KING. (C) Science fiction filmmaker George _______. (D) Both "Wipe Out" & "Pipeline"(both used in multiple movies) were recorded at ____________ Recording Studios in Cucamonga, California. Go ahead, be a wordsmith...................................*We heard that comment.
957. _______________________________________________ was Mariette Hartley's first film and Randolph Scott's last.
958. The  scenic Catskill Mountains of New York State have been "movie stars" for more than a century, dating back to a time when the film business was centered in NYC rather than LA. Some of the best views of the mountains & their villages appeared in a much-lauded bro/sis movie from 2000. What film?
959. From BODY COUNT(1998): "That white boy you killed was my friend..........I'm running out of friends". What actor registered that complaint?
960. When a certain producer's piled-up-movie-profits finally allowed him to open Disneyland in 1955, the opening ceremonies featured tri-hosts. One was Art Linkletter. The other two had starred together in a big 1942 film.  They were _________________ & ____________________________.
ANSWERS 941-960:
941. 1927's IT was Clara Bow's biggest film; after its release, she was called "The It Girl" for the rest of her career. IF(followed by 4 periods) was Malcolm McDowell's first movie(1969). 
942. Among Mary Stuart Masterson's films, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, BENNY & JOON, and CHANCES ARE might be the best-known.
945. Boris Karloff. Luciana Paluzzi.
946. Kitty Carlisle (Hart), co-star of A NIGHT AT THE OPERA.
948. Because he died on 11/22/63. 
949. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed.
950. WHO'S YOUR MONKEY?  The primates are the lemurs, the monkeys, the apes, & the humans. Those are listed in ascending order of evolutionary complexity(and bad behavior).
951. In "The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis", Tuesday Weld got rowdy as Thalia Menninger.
953. Elvis played Deke Rivers in his second film, LOVING YOU.  Douglas portrayed Deke Gentry in FOR LOVE OR MONEY.
955. MIDNIGHT AUTO SUPPLY. (Are they open weekends?).
956. Pal.
959. Ving Rhames.
960. Robert Cummings & Ronald Reagan starred in KINGS ROW.
QUESTIONS 961-980:
961. Although the GSP* probably didn't approve, a prominent show business autobiography was titled "Me And My Shadows".* While we hum the words "My Shadows And I", perhaps you could name the writer, whose close relatives were prominent in multiple areas of the entertainment world.....................*Grammatical Secret Police. The autobiographer  headed off any snippy comments by pointing out that her title-inspiration came from one of the biggest songs of the 1920s, the Al Jolson/Billy Rose standard "Me And My Shadow".
962. In this 2003 film, Mom (bless her matriarchal heart) is said to be running a loose-cannon factory. What was said the following year was that this film's Sean Penn & Tim Robbins monopolized the male acting Oscars.  The movie?
963. "To hell with equivocation or beating around the bush: Terrence Malick's 1978 ____________________ is the greatest film ever made". The critic: Nick Schager. The venue: Slant magazine. The year: 2010. The motion picture?
964. Instant puberty for some little boys(nasty devils): Two well-known actresses, long hair flowing, nightgowned, and hugging in bed. Those who liked that visual didn't even care that they were hugging in fear. That scene was from 1963's THE ___________________. 
965. Here's how deeply embedded in 50s/60s pop culture a certain woman was: During showings of LI'L ABNER, one of the biggest laughs is produced when a character's name is merely spoken out loud. The name is Zsa Zsa. Having some (possibly groundless) faith that you can easily come  up with that real-life woman's last name, we better challenge you a bit more by having you name any movie in which she appeared. 
966. Since he almost always played macho-boys on film, it's appropriate that his last name has a masculine ring to it, once the letters are rearranged. That would be ___________ ______________.
967. Just before they go outside to settle their differences Tom Cruise tells the other guy to pay his tab first. That sportsman says he'll pay it afterwards. Cruise tells him he won't be able to. The movie?
968. What Hollywood-related things can you tell us about Hazel Flagg, Fannie Flagg, & Randall Flagg? We'll read your responses with unflagging interest.
969. What well-known Clark Gable film was named after a poker hand?
970. These three words are DDD*. They are the title of a 1965 movie which featured the Best Supporting Actor performance; and they make up the answer in one of Johnny Carson's favorite Carnac The Magnificent bits: The question: Who created the NBC fall schedule? Another question: What are the three hardworking words?..................................*Doing Double Duty.
971. One film referring to another happens fairly frequently---but this instance was more creative than most: "I'm telling LASSIE. I'm GOing HOME". That LASSIE COME HOME reference occurs in what 2012 movie? ...........As a favor to Lassie & a hint to you: The film was promoted under two slightly different titles.
972. During the long history of "The Tonight Show", the most variety was seen during the middle 6 months of 1962---variety in the matter of hosting. Because Jack Paar left at the end of March & Johnny Carson was not contractually available until the beginning of October, fill-in hosts took over in the interim (one or two weeks at a time). 5 of those guys had significant filmographies. One was perhaps the most famous film comic of them all. Another starred in multiple Hitchcock movies. A third was a Rat Packer in good standing. The fourth one could almost rival the first one as the dominant movie comic. #5 was a leading song-&-dance man in films for decades.  Since the "Interregnum"* is many decades in the past, naming even one of those guys would impress us...........*As it is sometimes called.
973. Pressured into agreeing to marry someone she hates, Kim Basinger asks the guy if sex would have to be involved. When he gives the obvious answer, she shows how clearly she understands levels of intimacy by saying OK-but-no-kissing. The movie?
974. We're going to get radical & predict that this item should be filed under the letter "L": L. Frank Baum, L. David Sloane, & L. Ron Hubbard. One movie-thing about each of them would impress the cities, the suburbs, & the rural areas.
975. How many films feature Barbra Streisand confessing that it was a trampy year for Mommie? Assuming the answer is "one", name it.
976. If you were lounging around in 1991, you could probably have filled in the blanks in this film title: _________ __________: ON THE MOVE. How about now?
977. The largest private home ever built in America dominates a well-known movie from 1979. The dwelling is the Biltmore mansion near Asheville, North Carolina, so the film must be ____________  _______________.
978. When Darryl Zanuck & Joseph Schenck formed 20th Century Pictures(a key predecessor of 20th Century Fox) in 1933, they probably weren't thinking much about the distant future. Even if they were, it's hard to say what they would have thought about a logo saying "30th Century Fox". Where did that name famously appear on television?
979. A single plot-device unites these 3 films: 2009's PINPRICK, 1968's THREE IN THE ATTIC, and 1968's THE BLISS OF MRS. BLOSSOM. That plot-gimmick might be abbreviated as HHH. Any thoughts? 
980. What famous movie star is prominently named in  Wham!'s #1 hit "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"?
ANSWERS 961-980:
961. Lorna Luft was not given "Connected" as a middle name, but she might as well have gotten it: (A) Her mother was Judy Garland. (B) Her father was Sid Luft, Garland's manager/husband & the producer of A STAR IS BORN. (C) Her half sister is Liza Minelli. (D) Through Liza she is connected to director Vincent Minnelli, Liza's father. (E) That same LM-link produces singer Peter Allen & documentarian* Jack Haley Jr., both husbands of Liza. (F) Lorna was married to Jake Hooker, who co-wrote one of the most famous rock songs of them all, "I Love Rock And Roll"..........*THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT, and the TV series "Hollywood and the Stars". Of course, any mention of Jack Haley  Jr. takes us to Jack Haley Senior,  who co-starred in Judy Garland's signature film THE WIZARD OF OZ; that of course was some years before Garland gave birth to Lorna Luft, who.................
964. HAUNTING. Those (very thoughtfully) hugging each other: Claire Bloom & Julie Harris.
965. Zsa Zsa Gabor became famous partly as the result of such films as MOULIN ROUGE, LOVELY TO LOOK AT, LILI, WE'RE NOT MARRIED!, & BOYS' NIGHT OUT.
966. Jack E-l-a-m/M-a-l-e.
967. 2012's JACK REACHER.
968. Hazel Flagg was the key character in the classic film NOTHING SACRED, which was remade(and re-gendered) as LIVING IT UP; the first movie also served as the basis of a play titled with her name. Fannie Flagg wrote the screenplay for FRIED GREEN TOMATOS. Randall Flagg was the (mildly)misbehaving character who dominated  "The Stand" (by Stephen King) on TV.
972. Groucho Marx. Robert Cummings. Joey Bishop. Jerry Lewis. Donald O'Connor.
974. L. Frank Baum provided the source-material for THE WIZARD OF OZ. L. Ron Hubbard did the same for BATTLEFIELD EARTH. "L. David Sloane" was a significant chart-hit for Michelle Lee, the female lead in HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. Addendum: Could all of that have anything to do with the TV series "The L Word"? They told us we were too young to watch that, so we were just wondering......
975. 2012's GUILT TRIP.
978. At the end of episodes of "Futurama".
979. HHH=Hiding Humans in Houses. That's what happened in those films---sometimes in the attic, sometimes in the closet, but never in the kitchen, where, we claim, you might be able to stash-a-guy curled up under the sink(and considering  the nature of that room, food for him would always be nearby).
980. "......You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day............."
Questions 981-1000:
981. Confusion is everywhere: This film has been marketed under both a one-word title & a two-word one(with no duplication among any of the words). It features Andie MacDowell trying to uncover her husband's dubious activities. She is not easily shocked, and when told about an amount of liquid that would put the oceans to shame, she simply says "That's a lot of ink". That's a lot of info for you.  Get back to us.
982. We're too well-behaved to yell "Nepotism" in a crowded theater, but we do need to point out that this film may hold the record for the number of people related to others in the industry. It featured (A) a relative of John Mitchum of the DIRTY HARRY films; (B) someone related to Jennifer Jones; (C) a friend-&-relation of John Carradine; (D) a relative of Nancy Kelly (THE BAD SEED); (E) a member of Dean Martin's family; and (F) someone related to Jim Mitchum of THUNDER ROAD. Whether you are nepotistically inclined or not, perhaps you could name the movie.
983. Blue Island, Illinois is a close-in suburb of Chicago; it shares a border with the South Side. The star of 2000's MISSION TO MARS was born there. The writer and first-recorder of the legendary Presley hit "Mystery Train"* died there. Enlighten us.................................*The song later (1989) inspired the movie of the same name.
984. Here's a good way to elicit a gulp-response from male viewers: A man is speaking with a call girl*. When he hems and haws about whether there might arise a special situation in which she could assist him in her special way, she replies "I will be happy to attend to you under any circumstances". What 1998 film?...........................*That's a modern usage because using the period-appropriate term might give away too much.
985. Movie fans who admired appropriateness were very happy during the period when actress Pamela Mason lived on Pamela Drive in Beverly Hills. So, she acquired her property tax bills from B.H. City Hall---but where did she acquire her last name?
986. What's the connection between THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY and POETIC JUSTICE?
987. The squares in Human Resources probably didn't approve, but Eddie Murphy actually had a very reasonable question. He just wanted to know what the ramifications would be if he stabbed Johnny Whitefeather, who was bugging him. The movie?
988. What movie-connected things can you tell us about the "Thirty Mile Zone" and "Twenty Mile Zone"?
989. This musical comedy starred Slim Summerville*, and he was assisted by such musical acts as (A) The Pied Pipers, who were a key part of the early-Sinatra sound("I'll Never Smile Again" may be their best-remembered hit); (B) the well-known singing cowhand** Jimmy Wakely; (C) Merle Travis, who later wrote what may have been the best-selling single of the 1950s, "Sixteen Tons"; and (D) Mary Ford, who helped husband Les Paul create revolutionary audio landscapes in the 40s/50s. What movie with the name of a state in its title  was that?...................*Star of the greatest anti-war movie(masquerading as a war movie) of them all, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. **Can you tell that we've grown tired of the phrase "singing cowboy"?
990. Prologue:  When this item first appeared in print, reader-input indicated that printing it chuck-by-chunk over several days was helpful, so that people could ponder one section before going on to the next. So that's what we'll do here:
Forget such cinematic questions as WHO'S HARRY CRUMB? and WHOEVER SLEW AUNTIE ROO? and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBITT*; the only  important question is: Who wrote BEN-HUR?  Since it's one of the most famous of all films and analysts have had many decades to think about that issue, one might think that a definitive answer has been produced---but that's not the case**. You'll be sad to learn that it won't be conclusively answered here either, but some semi-inside info will be added to the mix---information which points to a single individual as the principal screenwriter. We now go to our ring-announcer for the introduction of the contestants***: (A) Karl Tunberg.  We hate to use a cliche like "journeyman", but that's what KT was. He turned out entertaining but lightweight material for such studio-formula stuff as Shirley Temple's REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM and Deanna Durbin's UP IN CENTRAL PARK. BEN-HUR of course was not going to be a lightweight film, and the ruling troika****(Charlton Heston, director William Wyler, & producer Sam Zimbalist) quickly agreed that they could not use Tunberg's version of the script.
*You'll recall that this was the year Disney ran short of money and couldn't afford to buy a question-mark.
**Fortunately, the question of who wrote the original novel is not similarly disputed. Crawfordsville, Indiana is located in the western part of that state, not far from the Illinois border. In a secluded cemetery there, there used to be a small handwritten sign identifying Lew Wallace as the author of "Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ". It's gone now---but who are we to argue with the accuracy of small, handpainted signs?
***Those male-minds hoping for the appearance of a partially clad "Ring Girl" carrying a sign of some kind can forget it. We don't go for that sexist trash. (Probably).
****Two loudmouths at one of the studios keep telling us to call those boys The Holy Trinity; don't those fools realize how well-behaved we are around here?
(B) Maxwell Anderson was a famous* playwright, and under other circumstances  he  might have contributed much to B-H. But he was very ill**, and he spent more time calling his doctors than he did calling MGM. His short stint created overly formal dialogue which had to be improved by the last guy on our list...........................................*"Key Largo", "The Bad Seed", and "Anne Of The Thousand Days" are among his best-known works. **He died long before B-H was released.
(C) Another Broadway playwright*, S.N. Behrman was known for such hits as "Fanny" and "No Time For Comedy". MGM paid him a lot of money for a little bit of work, and then they moved on........................*Hollywood has always been somewhat in awe of that crowd, and the industry thinks they are worth-their-weight-in-prestige; even if they use very little of a playwright's submission, as in Behrman's case, the attendant publicity makes the money seem well-spent.
(D) Christopher Fry. His contributions were of intermediate importance. Hollywood's other inferiority complex(see "C" preceding) has been in connection with English performers and writers. He brought the immense prestige which came with having written "The Lady's Not For Burning" to the project; and he "delivered", becoming the second most important contributor to the screenplay.
(E) The mystery man. Backers of Capote and others threaten suicide when they hear it, but this lad was probably the definitive American writer of the 20th Century's second half. In the decade or so following BEN-HUR's release there appears to have been a loose intra-MGM consensus that this sportsman should be considered the principal screenwriter. Although that consensus later grew somewhat weaker, the best evidence still points to this author as #1, just ahead of Christopher Fry. The E-boy was known primarliy for his novels, but he was also a force on Broadway and in early television. If we generously concede that Christopher Fry's contribution was almost equal to the mystery man's, will you generously name him?
991. This 2010 production shows Milla Jovovich sadly viewing a burned-out Los Angeles*. It also showcases the Ali Larter Slide. Watching it is a lot more fun than sliding into third base and hurting yourself. The movie?........................*Yes, that constitutes bad news; don't be a wiseguy. 
992. In the mid-1960s, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, began their music career with 7 consecutive top-10 hits*. GL was named after one of the most famous movie stars of them all. Which one?........................................................................*Starting with the #1 hit "This Diamond Ring".
993. On the American frontier of the late 1800s, it was a common 4-word phrase. Then it appeared as the title of a well-known Willie Best/Richard Travis short from 1941. Finally, it was reworked as the title of a number-one LP from 1975. Either version could be written onto any blank line you might come upon, including this one:______________________________.
994. Tourists. When The Bad News Bears left the US, where did they go? The answer is, for the sports-minded, a logical one.
995. For many years, in various media, Don Ameche & Frances Langford portrayed "The Bickersons", the world's leading battling married couple. Their most famous bit was probably this one: Landford suspects that Ameche had something to do with the death of her beloved cat. Ameche says he's innocent and suggests that the cat probably killed himself. FL says cats don't commit suicide. DA says sometimes they do. Langford says "Well, they don't hang themselves!"  That famous line reappeared, virtually verbatim, in a well-known Kate Bosworth movie. Which one?
996. This boy has a point: "Love has got to stop someplace short of suicide". Walter Huston said that in a famous film derived from the writing of Sinclair Lewis. What movie might that be?
997. Not far from where the Ohio River is formed by the merging of the Allegheny & the Monongahela, it touches 3 states at once---Ohio & Pennsylvania & West Virginia.  Somewhat downstream from that point is Steubenville, Ohio. Although a fair number of well-known people have come from there, we've only discovered a few film-performers. One had dozens of successful films to go along with #1 records, a top-rated TV show, & legendary nightclub appearances.  Another made the nearly impossible transition from porn to mainstream films. A third was a character actor who unites MILLER'S CROSSING and THE DIRTY DOZEN. Another riverine C-actor achieved success in the 80s(THE RIGHT STUFF), the 90s(PUMP UP THE VOLUME), & the 2000s(I AM SAM). Make the River happy and tell us what you know.
998. Larenz Tate. Vanessa Bell Calloway. A movie whose title ignores the solid state & the gaseous state in favor of the third one. The film?
999.  When Shirley Temple died in 2014, she left behind a double legacy. One was a collection of wildly successful films from her childhood. The other was a slightly successful grouping from her adolescence and young adulthood. The former are too famous to need analyzing here. As to the latter, her best-remembered films are probably (A) one in which she bugs Cary Grant, and (B) one in which she co-stars with John Wayne & magnificent scenery(unbilled). A? B?
1000. Sisters. Three. Leigh. Lange. Pfeiffer. Movie?
ANSWERS 981-1000:
981. Sometimes that  1992 film is marketed as RUBY CAIRO; sometimes it's DECEPTION. 
982. YOUNG BILLY YOUNG starred Robert Mitchum, brother of John; Robert Walker Junior, son of Jennifer Jones; David Carradine, son of John C; Jack Kelly of "Maverick", brother of Nancy K; Deana Martin, daughter of Dean; & Christopher Mitchum, brother of James M..............Epilogue: Of course, the Mitchum foursome could be mixed-&-matched in various ways. In fact, maybe all those combinations could be made into a boardgame of some kind; give the Milton Bradley company a call (413-525-1767) and see what you can work out.
983. Gary Sinise.  Little Junior Parker.
984. DANGEROUS BEAUTY, a film based upon the book "The Honest Courtesan". When a movie critic and a literary critic were debating one versus the other, the literary critic championed the book version, saying that it "lacked nothing". The film critic retorted (understandably, but perhaps illogically*) that "It lacked Catherine McCormack, & anything lacking her is suspect from the beginning"...........................*Perhaps her image could be inserted into future printings of the book. We'll contribute half of our net worth to pay the costs---and the other half to add references to her acting. 
985. She Masonized herself by marrying actor James Mason.
986. On September 7, 1936, Buddy Holly was born. Exactly 60 years later, to the day(9/7/96)*, the star of POETIC JUSTICE, Tupac Shakur, was blasted in Vegas; he died a few days later..................Addendum: Apparently we're not very analytical around here, because we can't figure out why a guy would beat up a prominent member of the South Side Crips** and not expect a fast response; but that's just us---maybe you can figure it out.. .................*No, it wasn't the same day of the week. We were going to have you look that up yourself, but worried about your work-ethic we looked it up for you.......................**As Tupac did earlier that night. 
987. 2009's IMAGINE THAT.
988. A more explanatory name for the 30-mile-zone is the studio-zone. It is the circle beyond which extra wages-and-expenses kick in, for those working in the production of films.  That zone is centered at the intersection of Beverly* & La Cienega** on the west side of the LA metro area. "Twenty Mile Zone" was the key song*** from a famous album, Dory Previn's "On My Way To Where". It was later eclipsed somewhat by another song from that LP, "Beware Of Young Girls"---and your tabloid-files can fill you in on the rest....................................*A prominent east-west street.  **A famous north/south street. ***Defined here as the song sent to radio as the single & marked as the A-side.
990. Gore Vidal. In the Question, we referred to "some semi-inside info". This is it: Some years ago, a granddaughter of one of the key people in the making of the film*, and a grandson of another*, made nearly identical points to us: In the decade or so following the movie's release, this would happen at the occasional house party** hosted by Heston in Coldwater Canyon and by Stephen Boyd (Messala) over the hill*** in The Valley. Guests would ask them how people could be so sure (as they had heard) that Vidal was the principal screenwriter. The hosts would answer with some version of this sentence: "Because as we would be shooting a scene at one end of a Cinecitta soundstage, we could see Vidal at the other end, feverishly writing new pages & trying to stay one scene ahead of us!".............*Not necessarily the celebrities about to be named. **There could easily be a lot more on this subject in Kid 'N Play's HOUSE PARTY. Maybe. ***The Santa Monica Mountains...........Addendum: Because of their extreme political differences, Heston chose not to be a public cheerleader for Vidal, even after some reflection caused him to shift from Fry to Vidal as the main screenwriter; but privately his actions and words seem to have been as indicated above. Speaking of cheerleaders: Vidal's biggest one would probably have been BEN-HUR producer Sam Zimbalist(a V-fan), but Zimbalist let Vidal down terribly by dying in Rome during production.
992. Cary Grant. The future rocker's  mom was a big Grant fan and chose the name accordingly. But that name only lasted about 36 hours, because a California hospital's mistake switched it to "Gary"*.......................................................................*Probably just as well. We're guessing that the playground is no fun for a young boy named Cary.  If that name had stuck, our advice to the kid would have been to walk around only with serious security. We would suggest Suge Knight---although we would not drive with him.  
993. First, "West Of The Rockies". Then, "Rock Of The Westies".  
994. The "logical"* answer is also the correct one: The relevant title is THE BAD NEWS BEARS GO TO JAPAN.......................*Consider the American-produced ball-games. Football spread only to Canada. Basketball spread everywhere. Baseball (sport of the BNB) spread only to the Caribbean and: Japan.  
995. 2011's STRAW DOGS. 
997. Dean Martin. Traci Lords. Al Mancini.  Scott Paulin. 
999. THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY-SOXER*. FORT APACHE........................................................*There's something about that hyphenated name that appeals to us. We not sure what it is, but we'll put a researcher on it.
1000. A THOUSAND ACRES.................................Addendum: We were considering a New Year's Resolution to stop matching-up question-numbers with intellectual content---but then we remembered: Our last NYR was to stop making resolutions.
1001. Cornel Wilde needs help in finding something, and Phil Silvers provides it. What well-known 1940s-film?
1002. The public has always been a little confused about a certain issue, but the movie's original poster-art got it just right. Underneath the film's title was this tagline: "The Man Who Made A Monster". What production was that?
1003. We're too polite to accuse this guy of having a one-track mind, but: When educating the new guy in the locker-room, he (A) tells him to stay away from his percosets, & (B) asks him if he has any percosets. What 2011 movie?
1004. This actress's resume includes many theatrical films, but her early fame came from TV. As a regular on a well-remembered series, she could be counted upon to drop in the phrase "It behooves me....." at regular intervals. Who?
1005. It seems likely that someone should be able to explain these 3 nearly identical phrases: "On a clear day you can see Alcatraz" & "On a clear day you can see forever" & "On a clear day you can see Catalina". We're very busy with other projects, so you take a shot at it.
1006. Our kitchen scales fell down the back stairs yesterday*, so we're unable to perform any exact measurements right now, but this is a good educated guess: Hollywood's least favorite magazine of the 1990s was probably "Movieline", whose operating thesis was that the moronic-quotient in the film industry was pretty high. That was also the viewpoint of a famous book made up largely of the "Movieline" columns of writer Joe Queenan. Alluding to his outsider-status vis-a-vis Hollywood, he titled the book "If You're Talking To Me, _____________ _______________ ___________________ ____________ _____________ _________________".  Think how lonely those blanks look...........................*Missing both penguins, fortunately. 
1007. 2011 saw the debut of a web/tv series called "Where The Bears Are". Where'd they get that title?
1008. Although his dozens of film comedies produced many quotable one-liners, this actor once said his favorite, of all his spoken lines, occurred within a TV broadcast rather than in a movie. In the scene, a curvaceous woman strolls by our boy. After studying what there is to study, he announces the truth of the matter: "She brings it with her". Since he was probably the most famous comic of that one century(we're not good with numbers.....), it's reasonable to ask you to name him.
1009. In the late 1950s, pop-culture fans heard about Albert Lea, Minnesota from time to time, because pioneer rocker Eddie Cochran would often name the town as the place where he grew up. But in the preceding decade, showbiz fans knew the burg as the birthplace of a well-known film star. This guy would mention AL in interviews during the period in which he starred in such movies as THE GHOST BREAKERS and THE LITTLE FOXES. Who would that be?
1010. In the late 1940s, MGM head Louis B. Mayer was well aware that movies about Hollywood had often performed badly at the box office. But he felt he had to take a chance on one, because it seemed to be a perfect vehicle for a leading comic actor, Red Skelton. What was that 1947 film?
1011. This boy died at 102 in 2007. His centenarian status might be called his secondary claim to fame. His primary one was that he was the archetype of the character actor whose face is known to millions but whose name is harder to remember. Who was this co-star of BUT NOT FOR ME?
1012. Who played the TANK GIRL?
1013. During the 1930s, theaters often used a particular tagline to advertise this famous film on radio & in newspapers: "Watch, but do not see, __________  _____________  _________________". What very logical movie title belongs in those blanks?
1014. When THE PETTY GIRL was released in the summer of 1950, Tom Petty hadn't been born yet*, so his name can't explain the title. What can explain it?.............................................................*Although he did not yet have a room-of-his-own, he did have a womb-of-his-own; he was released about two months after the movie was.
1015. This 2012 action-film features (A) a guy pausing in mid-crime to say "This is definitely a violation of my parole", and (B) certain criminals being described as so hardcore that they'd take out one of your kidneys & not even bother to sell it. The movie?
1016. It's good to behave. We'll probably do better at that if you could answer these questions for us: "Don't Misbehave" was the key line on the poster-art for what 2010 movie? The film BEHAVE YOURSELF! starred what famous actress? What fictional character just loved to say "Oh behave!"  What 1980 film's soundtrack featured the Tommy James & The Shondells hit "I Think We're Alone Now", whose key non-title  line is "Children behave..........."? If you're willing to promise to behave in the future*, we'll give you one hint: The first & last entries have a very important thing in common....................*Let's face it, your past is no doubt too depressing-&-distressing to talk about.
1017. During the late 1950s, he was the king of the Paramount lot. Since LI'L ABNER was scheduled to be filmed just across the parking lot from his office, it seemed both convenient and logical to drop the boy into the movie. Who made that cameo appearance?
1018. The three female stars of GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL also have Elvis-movies on their list of credits. One starred in IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, another in SPEEDWAY, & the third in both GIRL HAPPY and HARUM SCARUM. Names?
1019. The male star of GOOD SAM & the m.s. of GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM are famous enough* that we think you may be able to name at least one of them..................*Each actor was an Oscar-winner.
1020. What well-known  film from 2011 features these three words as an introductory phrase: "Part One          Justine"?
ANSWERS 1001-1020:
1001. A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS. On the double-use of 1001, please see feeble (semi)apology in 1000 preceding.
1002. FRANKENSTEIN. Starting the day the Karloff picture was released, the public has almost always used the F-word to refer to the monster, when it properly refers to his creator. The accurate poster-art was quickly overwhelmed by little kids saying "I like all those monsters---Dracula & the wolf-man & Frankenstein".
1003. GOON. 
1004. Jami Gertz. It behooved her to star in "Square Pegs".
1005. "..........on a clear day you can see Alcatraz" is a key line from the famous song "Lydia, The Tatooed Lady". Groucho sang it (sweetly.....) in the Marx Brothers film AT THE CIRCUS. ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER is the title of a Streisand movie. The lineage of both of them stretches back to a 1920s-phrase in Los Angeles real estate circles: "On a clear day you can see Catalina". (That's a reference to Santa Catalina Island, which can be viewed from multiple parts of the Southern California coastline).
1006. "Your Career Must Be In Trouble".
1007. From the most famous spring-break movie of them all, 1960's WHERE THE BOYS ARE. 
1008. The highly accurate commentator was Bob Hope.
1009. Richard Carlson.
1011. Charles Lane.
1012. Lori Petty.
1014. Real-life artist George Petty was best known for "The Petty Girl", a multi-decade series of paintings in the female-beauty genre. The movie starred Robert Cummings as Petty.  Most people like to "fit in", and this film blended in perfectly with other movie biographies of the 50s---it put being entertaining ahead of being accurate. (That may not be an insult ; apparently people will pay good money to be entertained). 
1016. The first & fourth entries deal with films called MOTHER'S DAY. BEHAVE YOURSELF! starred Shelley Winters. Austin Powers was fond of the phrase "Oh behave!".
1017. Jerry Lewis.
1018. Joan O'Brien was in IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR. SPEEDWAY featured Nancy Sinatra. Mary Ann Mobley co-starred in both GIRL HAPPY and HARUM SCARUM.
1019. GS: Gary Cooper. GNS: Jack Lemmon.
QUESTIONS 1021-1040:
1021. One of the most-recorded songs of the 1900s came from the hit film THE UNINVITED. It featured a woman's name in the title, as well as some alliteration. The young Sinatra had a hit with it at the time; in a later generation, Sergio Franchi's famous album-cut version melted the hearts of women who didn't even mind that he was singing about their competition. What's the title?
1022. The US has a lot of tri-state-areas, and one of those is where Kansas, Oklahoma, & Missouri have been cohabiting for some time now. The little town of Cherryvale KS was working hard on Hollywood's behalf during the early 1900s. Just 2 1/2 years apart, it produced one of the co-inventors of the sitcom(in 1951) and a legendary silent film actress famous for such movies as DIARY OF A LOST GIRL and PANDORA'S BOX.  Thoughts?
1023. While taking a road-trip through Greek mythology, this actress's parents became fond of two names which they put to good use when she was born: ______________________ ____________________ Zuniga. In this case, naming just one of the two  will not be enough.*
*After "enough" we were going to add "What are we---saps?", but we were afraid you would answer.
1024. Mike Epps and Art Carney both played ____________    ____________________.
1025. Sometimes it's necessary to say "Bad dog!"*; but here we need to say "Bad Saturday!". On 11/5/60, two movie-connected guys died just a few hours apart, and just a few counties away from each other in Texas. One of those men had recorded the  hit title song for NORTH TO ALASKA that year; the other's long list of film credits included some of the most famous westerns of them all. What names come to mind?..................................*Have you SEEN the ocean of feathers that has now replaced all three sofa cushions?
1026. Mickey Roarke playing a humanitarian: He says that the deaths they can overlook, but they want their money back. What nonnonviolent 90s-film?
1027. How's that again?: "From now on, you're the only man in the world my door is closed to". Setting aside the risk of exhaustion, let's focus on Norma Shearer's career. She gave spouse Chester Morris that news bulletin in the film which won an early(third-ever) best-actress Oscar for her. That would be  _________   ___________________.
1028. Pugilism at its finest. In this rowdy 2002 movie, striking people with a closed fist is sneered at in favor of smacking them in the face with a six-pack of beverages. What film? (The key, as we understand it, is all in the follow-through........).
1029. "Silver Bells" sounds like the kind of holiday standard that might have been around for centuries; but actually it didn't show up until movie-song-gods Jay Livingston & Ray Evans wrote it for a Bob Hope comedy of 1951. That would be _______________   ___________________ ___________________   ________________.
1030. WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP. Be that as it may, what actress played someone who wanted very much to be on television?
1031. The 1949 drama THE CLAY PIGEON starred the parents of actor William Katt, namely ______________________________________ and ______________________________________. 
1032. Consider 2012's SNOW ON THA BLUFF. What's up with the word "snow"?  What's up with the word "bluff"?.....................................................................Addendum: We'll just tell you what's up with the word "tha"; you can thank those tender balladeers NWA for popularizing that construction.
1033. William Holden spent the 1940s  working steadily but never really getting onto the A-list. The latter didn't happen until his big-3 "S"-films of the early 1950s. They made him famous enough that you'll probably be able to name at least one of them.
1034. Consider the Wide World Of Pasta. What form of that dish plays a memorable part in LADY AND THE TRAMP?
1035. What country-music bombshell enhanced W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS?
1036. People, people....It's so important to read things carefully, especially if we're about to lip-off about something we've read. One time, the general manager of a TV station complained to his family that he was offended by something that happened at work that day. Some movie-syndicators had offered him a film-package containing (he thought) "Delivering A Kilo" as the first item. What was the actual name of that 2001 movie?
1037. Although her fame has faded a good deal, in her prime she was almost always  billed above the male star. Famous examples include MY FAVORITE WIFE(Cary Grant) and LOVE AFFAIR(Charles Boyer). Who would that be?
1038. What was the first Hope/Crosby "Road" picture?
1039. Directors haven't done anything for us lately, so today's motto shall be:  Producer Supremacy Forever. Armand Deutsch's production of THE MAGNIFICENT YANKEE helped usher in the 1950s, and Richard Zanuck's COMPULSION helped bring them to an end.  A very famous event from 3 decades earlier unites the two movies. What event?
1040. A 2014 episode of TV's "The Mindy Project" was titled "French Me, You Idiot". That name was a parody of what was the probably the dominant catch-phrase of the 1910s/1920s in America. What movie-related things can you tell us about that?
ANSWERS 1021-1040:
1021. "Stella By Starlight". 
1022. Vivian Vance("I Love Lucy"). Louise Brooks.
1023. Daphne Eurydice.
1024. Ed Norton. AC did it on television. ME did it in the 2005 film THE HONEYMOONERS.
1025. Johnny Horton. Ward Bond.
1028. SPUN.
1030. The performer: Rosie Perez. Her goal: "Jeopardy!".
1031. Barbara Hale & Bill Williams.
1032. Curtis Snow is the guy plying his (not entirely legal) trade on the streets of the Atlanta neighborhood called The/Tha Bluff.
1034. Spaghetti. A strand of the stuff makes things get a little rowdy, so we'd probably better not discuss the matter any further.
1035. Conny Van Dyke.
1037. Irene Dunne.
1038. ROAD TO SINGAPORE. The unexpected size of its success made Paramount decide to keeping doing that stuff for two decades.
1039. The Leopold & Loeb thrill-killing. The Zanuck connection is that his film dealt (loosely) with that crime. The Deutsch connection is this: Throughout his life, he always claimed that he was the intended victim of that murder, but that when L&L couldn't find him that day they looked elsewhere. While we are not aware that his assertion has ever been independently verified, his early life adds some credibility to the claim: His family knew the  L&L families. They lived near each other. They both had high-level connections with Sears, Roebuck. So who knows?
1040. The phrase was "Kiss me, you fool!" When it first became popular, critics pointed out that the actual line of movie-dialogue was "Kiss me, my fool!", but the public adopted the modified version. KMMF was from A FOOL THERE WAS, the film which launched the legend of Theda Bara. (Much)more on her later.
QUESTIONS 1041-1060:
1041. Their lives were very similar, in many respects. They were born just weeks apart, in 1917. They died within a few weeks of each other, in 2012. As you would expect from that info, they died at the same age---95. The 4 events noted above all happened within the NYC metro area. Most importantly, they shot to fame on the same day, on the same stage. The Broadway show was the most famous one of all, arguably, and these two actresses played the two female leads. Since the leading female characters in "Oklahoma!" were Laurey* and Ado Annie*, we must be talking about __________________________________________  and ______________________________________..........................................................*The first actress had only a limited film/TV career, but the second was all-over-the-place for half a century.
1042. The immense success of THE WILD BUNCH made exhibitors and studio execs want to put a big push behind Sam Peckinpah's next directorial project. That turned out to be a sweet and fairly peaceful comedy/drama. The name?
1043. Casey Affleck spying on Heather Graham spying on Luke Wilson. What movie?
1044. GOODBYE, MY LADY. So, was that his girlfriend?
1045. TWO RODE TOGETHER. Which two (actors)?
1046. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT? What is the truer-&-deeper-meaning of that movie title?
1047. What's a key connection between the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE universe and the only directorial effort of actor Charles Laughton?
1048. One of the biggest hits of the big band era was "Pennsylvania 6-5000". What does that have to do with the universe of the movie-title?
1049. An alternative version of this film's title might have been "Grappling With A Winner Of The Nobel Prize In Literature". What was its actual title? 
1050. When America's (anti)sweetheart Daria was starring on MTV, a recurring feature was an announcer talking about the mythical(but funny) TV show "Sick Sad World". On one occasion he talked about human organs being used as fishing bait, in an episode called "A Liver Runs Through It". Since naming the movie-source of that title would be a little too easy, you'd better also name at least one actor who held a fishing rod. 
1051. What is the most important part of Milla Jovovich's body (careful now....) in 2007's RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION?
1052. "I was reading that machinery is going to take the place of every profession". "Oh, my dear, that's something you need never worry about". In 1933's DINNER AT EIGHT, the then-famous Marie Dressler made that latter comment to the first of the famous blonde bombshells. Such as?
1053. A well-known US tv-movie from 1988 took half its title inspiration from the most famous western of them all*, & half from the name of the leading character in the '88-effort. What's the name of that production?................* We considered wimping-out and calling it "arguably" the most famous western; but then we remembered how much we enjoy reading hate-mail, and so we let the unqualified original version stand.
1054. She was briefly famous for being in the right place at the right time. Twice. When it mattered.* In a key scene from a 1937 movie, she helped Bing Crosby introduce the song "Blue Hawaii" to the world. Then a year later, she and Bob Hope performed the same service for "Thanks For The Memory". The lady's name was Shirley Ross. The names of the films were ___________________ _____________________ and _______________ _________________  ___________________ _________________________ _____________________. We feel that SR would want us to accept just one right answer for full credit......................................................*Assuming that movies matter.
1055. 2004's TREMORS 4. When his group is getting ready to make camp, the demanding guy played by Michael Gross says that he must have trees. Was he looking for shade?
1056. Male fans of Veronica Lake & Rita Hayworth & Hedy Lamarr would have said that there wasn't anything wrong with them physically, but by film-industry standards there was. It might have involved something they couldn't do very well. Details, if you have time.
1057. A friend of George Brent once said that his most famous work was done during his Hollywood period, but his most important work was done during his IRA period. Born in Ireland in the final year of the 1800s, the teenaged Brent joined the Irish Republican Army's effort to expel the British invaders. The latter would have hanged him if they could have, but he escaped to another dangerous location---Los Angeles. His many ultra-suave roles include one as the villain in a famous Dorothy McGuire movie, one in which she plays a mute woman. That movie?
1058.  Old Home Week. When Sam Peckinpah arrived on the set to begin shooting THE WILD BUNCH, he saw 3 actors from a previous western of his, MAJOR DUNDEE. Two of their characters in TWB may be said to be gorched, while the third was ungorched. With the sweetness which defines us*, we have decided that naming any one of the actors will suffice.................................*And, some would say, did not define Peckinpah.
1059. When Mickey Rooney died in 2014, his legacy was a huge collection of (mostly) successful comedy films; but he and his admirers were also proud of his occasional  appearances in dramas. Perhaps the most famous of those was a famous boxing movie from 1962. That would be __________  __________  __________  __________.
1060. In the mid-1970s, Hollywood studios and production-companies were starting to take an interest in writer/director Louis Malle. That attention eventually led to his American debut with PRETTY BABY. The cause of the industry's original interest in him was the worldwide success of his French film profiling a mother/son relationship. Any analyst who says that those two became closer than most such pairs ever do would be on the right track. The movie features a title which is generally a medical phrase, transformed here into a psychological one. What 4 title-words are we looking for?
ANSWERS 1041-1060:
1041. Joan Roberts. Celeste Holm.
1043. 2000's COMMITTED.
1044. No, his dog. That 1956 drama featured Brandon de Wilde as the dog-owner, and a classic supporting cast: Walter Brennan, Phil Harris, Louise Beavers, and a young Sidney Poitier.
1045. James Stewart. Richard Widmark. 
1046. That Doris Day movie dealt with the NYC power-blackout of 1965. 
1047. For most of its television run, "Mission: Impossible" starred Peter Graves. The same actor had a short but crucial role in NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.
1048. The horror-comedy TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 found its title-inspiration in that song.
1050. In A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, key rod-holders included Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer, & Tom Skerritt.
1051. Her blood. It's the key to......................everything.
1052. The target of that (possibly)slanderous attack was played by Jean Harlow.
1055. No. Being a hardcore, roughing-it mad-man, he needed trees for his hammock.
1056. Their singing abilities were generally considered to be not quite good enough, so they were often dubbed. In fact, one singer was intra-industry famous for dubbing all three of those actresses: Lamarr in MY FAVORITE SPY, Hayworth in TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT, and Lake in ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? Her name? Martha Mears.
1058. The MAJOR DUNDEE alumni: Ben Johnson & Warren Oates played the Gorch brothers;  robbed of the blessing of Gorchdom was L.Q. Jones.
QUESTIONS 1061-1080:
1061. Since the character of The Lone Ranger has now made so many appearances in films/tv/radio, we want to be sure we have our history straight. His "lone" status was caused by the depredations of the ______________________ gang.
1062. Comeback kids. Two actresses in THE PICK-UP ARTIST survived career-setbacks that might have crushed less determined people. Both went on to have very successful later careers. Who were those two survivors?
1063. It's hard to impress a computer-voice, but: "Checking for concealed weapons. Number of weapons found..................Many!" What 2006 action-film featured that surprised computer?...................................Addendum: Since we believe (probably incorrectly) that you do not deserve to be called "clueless", we're giving you this clue: Think of a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is just as real as visible light, but which cannot be seen by (most) humans.
1064. Historically, the field of celebrity-impersonation has featured a lineup of almost-all-male mimics; but some female impressionists have broken through. One was tv-star Sheila MacRae.* Another was singer Marilyn Michaels.** A third was a major movie star for two decades; the fact that one of her films was I LOVE MELVIN may help you name her..................*Best-known for playing Alice in the 60s version of "The Honeymooners". **Within the youth-culture of the 1960s, she was beloved for singing "Tell Tommy I Miss Him". That was the "answer song" to perhaps the most famous teenage-death song of them all, "Tell Laura I Love Her", by Ray Peterson.
1065. In 1987, actor/director Robert Townsend presented the public with his comedic view of the black experience in Hollywood. That film was __________   __________.
1066. Like a couple of tag-team-wrestlers, they moved together from venue to venue. Brian Keith & Maureen O'Hara starred in two movies in 1961. One was among the most famous of the Disney films. The other was a western . The latter was somewhat overlooked at the time, but it gained some extra attention in later years due to some historical significance. Name whatever number of those films you would like---except zero.
1067. In 2001's A BEAUTIFUL MIND, how did Russell Crowe's character finally figure out that the people he kept seeing were not real?
1068. If Hepburn/Stanwyck/Davis/Crawford can be considered The Big Four of 30s/40s actresses, then 50% of that category had a kid-problem.* Which two had daughters who turned on them?....................*We toyed with the phrase "Ungrateful brat", but we are too polite(as you know....) to use it.................Addendum: Politeness aside(always a good motto), we also lack inside-info on those cases; for all we know, the most appropriate label might be "Ungracious parent".
1069.  Both movies were set in the American South. Both dealt with the rural/smalltown part of Southern geography.  Each was released in the middle portion of the 1900s. Each was based upon source-material from the most famous Southern writer of them all, Nobel laureate William Faulkner. Finally, they both featured the well-known character actors Will Geer and Juano Hernandez. Which two films? (Ten extra points if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).
1070. The 4th production from the BEACH PARTY crew shares its name with a pop singing trio from the era where the 1980s met the 1990s. Thoughts?
1071. The Disney organization presumably did not want this honor, but they got it anyway. In 2014 astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson suggested nominating one of that company's 70s-films as the most inaccurate space-movie of them all. Which one did he have in mind?
1072. The Octet: The wife of Marlon Brando. The father of Drew Barrymore. The brother of Barry Fitzgerald. The son of Charlie Chaplin. The father of Natalie Cole. The wife of Jack Webb. The wife of Harry Belafonte. The husband of Mamie Van Doren. The all appeared in the well-known 1959 drama _____   _____   _____   _____   _____.
1073. Consider  the town of Lordsburg, New Mexico, there in the southwestern corner of the state. Its influence on films includes such items as these: (A) "Stage To Lordsburg" was a famous magazine story, from the period when "Collier's" Magazine was an important outlet for fiction; that narrative by the well-known frontier writer Ernest Haycox provided the source-material for one of the most famous movie westerns of them all. (B) In 1970, Lordsburg was the location of a fatal auto crash involving a singer/organist/pianist who also appeared in such movies as TENDER IS THE NIGHT and JUKE BOX RHYTHM. The rumor that we'd like some info from you is correct.
1074. When rap music began to take over the landscape(soundscape) in the early 1980s, Hollywood immediately began to think about ways to cash-in. There were various plans for all-rap musicals but nothing happened until 1984, when this particular film got its financing in place. It featured Run-D.M.C. doing their video-friendly song "King Of Rock", and its name was __________   __________.
1075. In this 2004 comedy, Lauren Graham's advice goes over badly because (as her companion tells her) Lauren is stoned. She is not offended by that comment; in fact she turns it into a compliment: "I have stoner clarity". What movie?
1076. In between promotional tours for a couple of his films, this actor dropped by tv's "I've Got A Secret" as a guest. He was introduced as a taxi driver, a description which seemed to be a little light on truth-in-advertising. However, the program had made it a true statement, because earlier that evening, the disguised actor had driven panelist Jayne Meadows to the studio in "his" cab. His career lasted around 60 years, and that span included a best actor Oscar for portraying a lonely bachelor in 1955. Who?
1077. 1979: A theater manager & his assistant were studying the poster-art for a newly arrived film. This particular photo rejected the usual cleavage queen found in teen-B-movie advertising and concentrated instead on the female posterior. "What do you think of this?"............."Hmmmmm. I think it means the world is coming to an end"......................"Yeah, either that, or it means pop-culture has finally hit rock-bottom". The movie's title contains a reference to one of the most famous locales in greater Los Angeles. Naming the film would put you at the top, rather than the bottom.
1078. This has "rudeness" written all over it: Trying to assassinate a preacher who's speaking from the pulpit. That's the famous opening to what well-known action-film from 1974?
1079. It's definite that singer/dancer Paula Abdul appeared in this 2009 film. It is less definite that she was happy about it. That movie would be  __________. 
1080. One of the biggest films of 1973 referred to a previous year in its ad-campaign. The key line was "Where were you in '62?" The movie?
ANSWERS 1061-1080:
1061. Cavendish.    
1062. Molly Ringwald was fired from "The Facts Of Life" and went on to become Teen Queen Of The 80s.  Vanessa L. Williams was forced out as Miss America and went on to a very successful multi-media career.  
1064. Debbie Reynolds.
1066. THE PARENT TRAP. THE DEADLY COMPANIONS, which was the first feature film for  legendary director Sam Peckinpah.
1067. Despite the passage of time, the little girl among them never grew any older.
1068. Davis & Crawford had daughters who scandalmongered them*.............................................................*Or truthmongered them. You choose.  
1070. PAJAMA PARTY. Annette Funicello starred in the film. The singing group with that name charted with hits like "Yo No Se", "Over And Over", and "Hide And Seek".
1072. NIGHT OF THE QUARTER MOON. The relatives appearing: Anna Kashfi(Brando's wife); John Drew Barrymore (Drew's dad); Arthur Shields(Barry Fitzgerald's brother); Charlie Chaplin Junior(Senior's son); Nat King Cole(Natalie's dad); Julie London(Jack Webb's wife); Marguirite Belafonte(Harry Belafonte's wife); and Ray Anthony(Mamie Van Doren's husband).  
1073. "Stage To Lordsburg" became STAGECOACH, the movie which inaugurated the A-list portion of John Wayne's career. Crashing there was Earl Grant, whose biggest hit record was the 1958 million-seller "The End". In addition to appearing in the films named, Grant had his music used on the soundtracks of multiple others.
1076. Ernest Borgnine played MARTY.
1079. BRUNO.
QUESTIONS 1081-1100:
1081. Laraine Day was signed as the female lead of this movie mainly because she brought The Facial Features Of The Century with her. However, when the post-release fan-mail began coming in, commentators of both genders focused on her significant charisma and likeability rather than that physical-trash. All was happiness---except that one of those genders sneered at this scene: When something needs cleaning up on the floor, Kirk Douglas and Keenan Wynn start to take care of it---but then Day takes over, announcing that "This is a woman's job". Since we're pretty sure we have no comment on that, let's jump right to the name of that 1948 comedy. ?????
1082. These two things happened: In 1932, the public got its first look at a famous early talkie that was considered somewhat shocking for the time. A nice, even, half-century later (1982), the rock group Blondie hit the charts with a single with the same title as the old film.  It would appear that we have __________    ___________   __________   __________ on our minds.
1083. When Casey Kasem died in 2014, his principal legacy was that of a Los-Angeles-&-national disc jockey; but he also made some film appearances. One of those had him co-starring with Bruce Dern in a story about the advancement of science(sort of; kind of; maybe). What 1971 movie?
1084. During the 1950s, this actress was known for such films as the Sinatra vehicle THE JOKER IS WILD, the mystery D.O.A., and the SciFi production NOT OF THIS EARTH. In later decades she was famous for her hotel in North Hollywood in The Valley. Whose picture was on the walls of that place's hallways?
1085. Logically, the letters in the credits for BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA could only have been printed in one color. Correct our logic or name the color.
1086. Although it is a rock-video and not a movie, its film-connections are strong: (A) The setting is that vanishing venue, the drive-in movie-theater. (B) The singer links this question to movie-question #1080 above, by referring to singing a song from 1962. Since both the singer and the song are quite famous, naming at least one of them seems do-able. 
1087. 6/24/14. Tuco. Details?
1088. Consider The 1900s,* and specifically the first half. One production which took its film-name from a year-name(& nothing else) was an epic with a European setting; another equally well-known example was a big-budget comedy. Names?....................*That's a slightly different concept from The 20th Century. Because there was (looking backwards in time) no year-zero, the year 100 was needed to complete that first century; so it began the 100s(by definition) but did not begin The Second Century; and so on through the year 2000---it began the 2000s but not the 21st century; since the year 2000 was needed to complete the 20th Century, the next one began on l/l/01.
1089. Why would the work of a couple of movie-stars be memorialized at the US's National Baseball Hall Of Fame?
1090. "French ladies! Don't do it!" That's what we would've told them. Their suicides came three springs apart, in 1987 & 1990. Both had significant film-appearances on their resumes, but the 87er was known primarily for something else. She was one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. Because the US market is the biggest one and she never cracked that, her great fame is largely limited to the Eastern Hemisphere. The 90er appeared in such major Hollywood productions as NORTH TO ALASKA, THE PINK PANTHER, and WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? A passing grade will be delivered unto you for at least one of the names.
1091. The title of the 2004 Scarlett Johansson film THE PERFECT SCORE has a double meaning.  We're positive that at least one of them is living within your brain. Fairly positive. Somewhat positive. A little positive. There's a good chance. There's some chance.  There's a tiny chance. Just ignore those cheap-shots & see what you can do.
1092. It's a conversation which contains multiple elements, including mathematics, philosophy, and predictions about the future. The position of the 3 men sent to confront Charles Bronson is that they might be short-one-horse, because they did not bring one for him(since they figure he'll be dead in a minute). Bronson disagrees, saying "You brought two too many". That's the well-known opening to what famous film?
1093. Considering their (very similar)titles, both an Elsa Lanchester horror film & a Peter Cushing one should be thought of as taking place exclusively in June. What say you?
1094. As was noted in #542 preceding, 2002's IRREVERSIBLE triggered a fair number of outraged walkouts. The cause was an ultra-graphic rape scene. Those protests were reported accurately, except that they were called "unprecedented". That's wrong. Decades earlier, a certain 4-hour production featured similar bad reactions(during its sneak-preview phase), and for exactly the same reason: It featured a sexual assault scene which was considered outrageous and demeaning to actress Isabelle Huppert, to her character, and to women in general. The movie?
1095. Merle Oberon tells Burgess Meredith that he is a puzzle; he tells her not to try to solve him. Cecil Kellaway tells Bette Davis that she is his favorite mystery; she asks if he has ever solved her.  It will be both a puzzle & a mystery to us if you don't name at least one of those movies.
1096.  PLATINUM BLONDE. That may be Jean Harlow's best-remembered film, and it's also the one which solidified that two-word phrase as the public label for her. Therefore, the top-billed actress in PLATINUM BLONDE was obviously __________________     ___________________.
1097. What do these 3 film-titles have in common?: MOVE OVER, DARLING; SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE; & MY FAVORITE WIFE.
1098. In a well-known US television comedy of the 2010s, one episode contains a discussion about whether a key character is having a lucid day, or the other kind. It appears that it's a bad day, because the character now thinks that she won an Oscar & dated Warren Beatty. Because we have recently rejected all other religions & have now adopted Broadmindedness as the One True Faith, we'll happily accept any-old-comment you want to make about that subject.
1099. Things were so peaceful, there in her canoe. Then suddenly, they weren't. That's the famous ending to what hit movie from 1980?
1100. She was known to the little kids for voicing Judy J. in JETSONS: THE MOVIE. The slightly older kids bought so many of her records that 2 consecutive singles of hers hit #1 on Billboard's Hot Hundred. For pop-culture historians, she's famous as The Goddess Of The Mall Tour. Who?
ANSWERS 1081-1100:
1084. Beverly Garland.
1085. (Blood)red.
1086. "Night Moves". Bob Seger.
1087. That date saw the death of Eli Wallach---famous for many roles, but especially for that lad in THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY.
1088. 1900. 1941.
1089. Because they're Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, famous for baseball's greatest PR achievement, the "Who's On First?" comic routine.
1090. Dalida. Capucine.....................................................Addendum: Around these parts, we really admire the careers of both those ladies.  We're mentioning that so that the following wise-guy question will seem less rude: Could their depression have been triggered by having to struggle-along with just one name, when most people are allowed two?
1091. The title refers to (A) the highest score on college-aptitude tests and (B) a heist(score) designed to steal the answers to such tests.
1093. Is the phrase "June brides" still a thing? If so,  you can see why BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE BRIDES OF DRACULA should be thought of as June-movies, irrespective of their release dates or viewing dates.
1094.  HEAVEN'S GATE. Because  Hollywood has always admitted that it is not a normal place, it is common to do preview-screenings FAR out of town. In this case the walkouts occurred in such cross-country spots as Seattle & Portland(to represent the US West Coast), Pittsburgh(for the East), Kansas City(for the Plains states), Denver(for the Rocky Mountain West), & the Chicago suburbs (for the industrial midwest). Those walkouts were under-publicized at the time partly because the sneak-previews themselves were designed to be under-the-radar, and partly because the trade-papers had other HG-things on their minds, especially the movie's skyrocketing budget.
1096. Loretta Young. When the contracts were signed, she was already a star, while Harlow was just moving in that direction.
1097. Those are essentially three different versions of the same property. MY FAVORITE WIFE, with Irene Dunne & Cary Grant, was the original film. Decades later, Marilyn Monroe was remaking it as SOMETHING's GOT TO GIVE when suddenly it was time for Dr. Thomas Noguchi. Finally, Fox then turned it into MOVE OVER, DARLING, a Doris Day vehicle co-starring James Garner.
1098. The character may have not done that stuff, but the actress---Cloris Leachman---certainly did...................................(Actually, we should say that she certainly won an Oscar; we've been told that we're too young to think about that other item).
1099. FRIDAY THE 13TH.
1100. Tiffany. 
1101. The #1 box-office star of the late 1970s, talking to Johnny Carson.  The latter wants to explore the rumor that a former co-star of his guest was pretty egotistical. The response: He's going to be very surprised the first Easter after his death. The two men were the stars of the tv series "Riverboat" long before. Name either one.
1102. What do you call 1000 lawyers buried up to their necks in sand? Not enough sand. Hey, tell the Bar Association not to send those complaint-letters to us. Our politeness is so well known that we must just be quoting an outside-source, such as the 2002 Christopher Walken film _______________    _______________.
1103. They meet when she rescues him from drowning. Later, he tells someone else he feels she is a girl whose wants/needs are small. When asked how he knows that, he says from the size of her bathing suit. Wearing that suit: Betty Hutton. Commenting on it: Barry Fitzgerald. Thinking about it: Us. Ignore that last bit and just name the musical comedy we're talking about. 
1104. We're tired of people ignoring the middle initial "Q".* Within the movie-universe, the possessors of that artifact include a Silent Goddess who also appeared in such talkies as SUNSET BOULEVARD and EVERY GIRL SHOULD BE MARRIED, and a mainly-tv** guy who also appeared in AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER and HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. Thoughts?..........*Is there some bureaucratic office where we can file a complaint?......................** Among his key credits: "The Match Game", "What's My Line?", & "T4"(we don't care what the estates of Mark Goodson & Bill Todman have to say, that's what we're calling that Bud Collyer extravaganza).
1105. A catch-phrase proves its durability by  escaping from its original source-material and going on to enter the broader culture. Consider: (A) A high school student, confronted by a hall-monitor, might say "I don't need no stinkin' hall-pass!"  (B) A college student, accosted by the traffic-enforcement crowd on campus, might say "I don't need no stinkin' parking permit!" (C) In the Weird Al Yankovic film UHF, this is heard: "We don't need no stinkin' badgers!" (D) This particular phrase has been used so often on radio & television that we'll just choose one example: Jazzbo Collins* would have civilians deliver a line about no-stinkin'-badges** over & over until he felt they had achieved the proper enthusiasm and authenticity. All of that activity was generated by a famous exchange in what well-known 40s movie?.......................................*He was all over the world of broadcasting for decades, and his most prestigious gig may have been on one version of "The Tonight Show". Between the abdication of Steve Allen and the coronation of Jack Paar, NBC tried a half-year format called "Tonight! America After Dark".  Collins was one of the key hosts.....................**For more NS-talk, see # 1349's answer.
1106. In 1980, a United Artists executive flew from New York to Gstaad, Switzerland. His goal was to motivate someone, a man who was one of the biggest film stars of his time.  The actor/screenwriter was supposed to be working on the script for the next entry in a very successful movie-series; but his health was so fragile that nothing much had been done. After many peptalks, the UA exec felt that the performer would now work hard. Not long after his return to New York, word of the actor's death arrived. A 2004 film about that man was called THE LIFE AND DEATH OF __________   __________.
1107. We're way behind in our chores around here, especially sweepin' out the back room. Maybe this question will make us feel less guilty. Consider these phrases: (A) "WLS, sweepin' across the prairies right to you!" (B) "Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain...". (C) "That's Jorma Kaukonen's guitar sweepin' in the thunder right after Grace Slick's lead vocal". Each of those S-quotes has a movie-connection. Naming even one of them would be a pretty big deal. 
1108. So far, MGM* has delivered unto the public two productions of THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. That doubles your chances of telling us what those four badboys are generally said to represent...................*OK, OK, in the first case it was one of their predecessor companies, Metro.
1109. One of the best-known movies of the 1960s, it had an unusual dual premiere. One was at Radio City Music Hall. The other was at the Gateway Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The NYC venue makes sense*, but why have a premiere in the relatively small town of Fort Lauderdale?............................*RCMH was the site of many film-debuts.
1110. So close. Only one letter prevents an exact match between the title of a 1991 Herbert Lom horror film and the duo-name of some Arizona Rockabilly Goddesses of the 2010s. You know you can do this.......... 
1111. Hollywood first took note of this comic duo due to vaudeville routines like this one: She(talking about creating backyard circuses when she was  a child): "Of course admission was free, but that was only for people who could afford it". He(straight-manning it): "That seems logical". She: "Yes, & Uncle Otis was the strong man. He'd come out in a leopard skin & put giant nails between his teeth, until they'd bend". He: "That's quite a trick". She: "Yes, but then he looked pretty silly walking around with all those bent teeth". He then told her to say goodnight, which she did, badly. From their vaudeville beginnings they moved into such well-known 30s-films as SIX OF A KIND and the BIG BROADCAST series. Who?
1112. Showing magnificent self-restraint, we did not make question 1111 about the date 1-1-11. However, that S-R has now faded badly, so: On January 1, 1911, the predecessor of the magazine "Boys' Life" was founded. In a fairly linear way, that event led to the title of a Robert De Niro film. Ponder it, ponder it.
1113. Is this guy giving proper respect to the movie-business?: "The film studio of today is really the palace of the 16th century. There one sees what Shakespeare saw: The absolute power of the tyrant,  the courtiers, the flatterers, the jesters, the cunningly ambitious intriguers. There are fantastically beautiful women, there are incompetent favorites. There are great men who are suddenly disgraced. There is the most insane extravagance, and unexpected parsimony over a few pence. There is enormous splendor, which is a sham; and also horrible squalor hidden behind the scenery. There are vast schemes, abandoned because of some caprice. There are secrets which everybody knows and no one speaks of............" That is from Christopher Isherwood's novel "Prater Violet", whose subject matter is that disrespected industry. Some of Isherwood's other writing provided the source material for what was arguably the most lauded film of 1972*.  That movie was set in a European country that Isherwood knew quite a bit about. The title?.....................*Don't give Coppola our e-mail address.
1114. During the 2010s, those crazed Georgians* who run the Snorg operation gave us a T-shirt with this advice: "Never judge a _______ by its _______". Try to unblank.........................................*These are not the Georgians who had a good deal of face-time with Soviet tanks; but being as cynical as we are, we assume those people are just as crazed as the southeastern-Americans.
1115. As a character-name, it identified the male lead in 3 versions of the same film---one from 1934, one from 1946, & one from 1964. As an actor's name, it identified a man whose biggest picture was probably CALAMITY JANE. First name? Last name?
1116. Audiences knew Pat McCormick primarily as an actor*. Within the industry, though, he was famous as Johnny Carson's most maniacal** writer. One M-example among hundreds: On-air with Carson, the host asked him if he had  any events that he'd like to mention. McCormick said yes, and then alluded to Truman Capote's anniversary tribute to ______   ___________.  That's a movie title, but PM was using those two words in a context which would probably have shocked, for example, Spencer Tracy. There may be additional shocking material in the answer...........................................................*Most prominently in the SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT series. **A description he would have loved. 
1117. (A) When Johnny Depp's character thinks he's about to be drug-busted, he cheers himself up by noting that many great books have been written in prison. (B) When asked why he thought crashing a narc-convention was a good idea, he answers that he thought the drug-culture should be represented. To those items we respond "Sounds reasonable" and "Sounds reasonable".* The most reasonable sound you could make would be to name that 1998 movie......................*We were going to vary that second response instead of being lazy and letting it just repeat the first one, but then we noticed that our thesaurus was propping up that one short leg of the pool table & we didn't want to disturb the situation. (We all have our priorities).
1118. His way of looking at the interelationship between taxes, bank robberies, and FDIC insurance: Bruce Willis says that the government steals money from people, and guys in a certain line of work take some of it back(blended somewhere within his thoughts is the theory that the  depositors have a neutral result, due to FDIC insurance). What 2001 entry?
1119. Trying to convince a reluctant friend to go with you to a basketball game: "Are you crazy? This game is the E-Ticket of the entire season!" Attempting to overcome someone's objections to coming-along to see a certain Broadway show: "Get serious! This thing is the E-Ticket of the entire Broadway season!" For a long time, the term "E-Ticket" meant top-of-the-line. Where did that name originate? (Movie-profits had something to do with it).
1120. After DOUBLE INDEMNITY, Barbara Stanwyck usually got the first look at any new film noir screenplay that came along. One she signed up for featured: (A) A mid-film oddity in which her character ran around planting her fingerprints all over the place;  (B) a murder-suicide in which the lethal weapon was a car's cigarette-lighter; & (C) one of the most widely misspelled film titles. That would be _________________     _______________________     _____________________     _________________     __________________.
ANSWERS 1101-1120:
1101. Talking: Burt Reynolds. Being talked about: Darren McGavin................................................Addendum: Slacker-behavior at its worst: We meant to keep an eye on that particular Easter, to see if  anything rowdy happened, but we were busy thinking about movies, so, uh.........................
1104. Anna Q. Nilsson. Robert Q. Lewis.
1106. PETER SELLERS. As you would guess, it was the Pink Panther franchise he was semi-ignoring.
1107. (A) That was The Wild Eye-Tralian, Dick Biondi, hyping "The New WLS"* to nearly 40 states in May of 1960. What was "new" was that ABC-Paramount Theaters had handed over WLS's powerful signal to the rock and roll crowd. (B) That's a famous line from the title song to OKLAHOMA. (C) That's legendary disc jockey Robert W. Morgan, speaking on the most profitable rock-radio station of all time, KHJ in Hollywood. He's talking about 1967's "Somebody To Love" by Jefferson Airplane.**.......................................*Thus the promise is fulfilled. When we were busy idolizing WABC in New York as a key force in the first rock generation(#359), we noted that its key competitor, WLS in Chicago, would also be given its due in these pages. (Think how rude it would be for you to say "You sure took a long time getting around to it". The delay was obviously due to the fact that we were out doing important work in the public interest. Probably)...........**The song's significant multimedia afterlife included being used in such movies as AMERICAN POP and THE CABLE GUY(see #1141 for more "STL"/film debris).
1108. Famine, war, conquest, & death. Personally, we think those chumps should be quarantined somewhere. An abandoned boathouse on Saint Helena sounds about right.
1109. Because it was the premier of WHERE THE BOYS ARE, the movie which INVENTED Fort Lauderdale as a key element in spring-break-pop-culture.  
1110. THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER. The Devil's Daughters.
1111. George Burns & Gracie Allen.
1112. By the 1980s, the (magazine)title "Boys' Life" had been in the public consciousness for many decades. So, author Tobias Wolff knew that his (book)title "This Boy's Life" would resonate with the public. Hollywood kept the same title when it turned the book into a film.
1113. CABARET.
1114. "Never judge a book by its movie".
1115. Philip Carey.
1116. BOYS TOWN. If you don't get that joke, count yourself lucky*. That's the advice of that fearsome pressure group The Forces For Decency In The Community, Inc. ............................... *OK,OK, we'd better spread the knowledge: The LA version of Boys Town is a strip along Santa Monica Boulevard. Its fame derives from young gentlemen who really ought to be in school, but aren't. Insteady they're in clubs & on streetcorners, and their activities are alluded to in this bumper-sticker: "If God doesn't destroy Boys Town, he really owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology".
1118. BANDITS. 
1119. At movie-money-built Disneyland, for many years this was the payment-system: There were 5 kinds of tickets, each named after one of the first 5 letters of the alphabet.  The least popular/spectacular rides got the "A"-Ticket, right on up through the "E"-Ticket for the top-end rides. Due to the park's close proximity to Hollywood, that concept began to get movie-tv references, in places where the script needed to label the-best-of-the-best.
QUESTIONS 1121-1140:
1121. Teamwork. If the tv-team was Barbara Eden & Merry Anders & Lori Nelson, and the movie-team was Monroe/Grable/Bacall, then we must be talking about _______________    _______________    _______________    _______________    _______________.
1122. Assume that the catering truck has just arrived onset. Now assume that a little time has gone by and everyone is sitting around eating. If Emily Blunt seated herself between Tom Cruise and Bill Paxton, would that be what people mean by the phrase "Middle English"? OK, OK, if you don't want to answer that question, answer this one: What 2014 film could have produced that eating-lineup?
1123. When Molly Ringwald was taking over the teen-film-universe in the mid-1980s, she was assisted by significant character actors playing her father(s). Working hard on her behalf were Dennis Hopper, Paul Dooley, Harry Dean Stanton, and Tim Gamble. You would be working hard on our behalf if you would link some of those names to movie titles.
1124. As an actor's name, it can be found in the credits for PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES. As a character's name, it comes early in the credits for AFRICA SCREAMS. Must be ____________________    ____________________.
1125. If your last name is Frankenstein, should you really be going to medical school? Doing so is bound to give you ideas.........That happened in a 1972 movie in which the generally-hard-working* student was a woman. Therefore, it was logical that the film was titled __________________    ___________________.....................................*She did tend to sleep-in past that Friday-8-AM-chem-class, but you know how that is.
1126. The Convention & Visitor's Bureau must have to work really hard to get people into this town: "Even a psycho killer knows to avoid this place". That comment from a resident occurred in a 2006 movie which was the third in a series. The fairly long title was _________________.
1127. Forget Malcolm McDowell(who starred in the film) & Gore Vidal(who wrote it) & Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione(who financed it). What we want to know is: Who was CALIGULA?
1128. We wouldn't want to claim that people named "Desi" have appeared in films very often, but since we can think of at least 3 such performers, maybe you can name one.
1129. Famous all over the place: In the movie-world, he wrote many well-received screenplays*, and has also appeared in films.  In television, he wrote for one of the most famous of all sitcoms, and his onscreen appearances were frequent. Less famous, but equally funny, were his magazine pieces. One of those was called "How I Invented Playboy"**. In it, he mentions that he's so close to Hefner that he's allowed to call him by his nickname, "Ner". What's the name of Ner's friend? ..............*Although we're probably not helpful enough to name one of his more famous efforts, we're going to grudgingly say that one of his mid-range screenplays was the one for THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT................**We can't quite remember the magazine in which that appeared. Maybe you can figure it out.
1130. In 2014, unleashed a new series, one with a western theme. They gave it a title which matched the name of one of the best-known Laurel & Hardy comedies. What would that title be?
1131. The first name "Van" seems to have lost some of its popularity at the moment; but during the 20th century's middle third, it was fairly common. In Hollywood, for example, there  were these specimens: An actor who starred in SHANE, one who was featured in IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME, and a guy who was a tv-series regular in both "Bourbon Street Beat"  and "Surfside 6". Last names.
1132. As the Gershwins informed us, certain fields of employment constitute "Nice Work If You Can Get It". This next guy got it. Within just a few years, he starred in one-film-each with Ursula Andress, Raquel Welch, and Barbara Steele. What 3 John Richardson movies do we have in mind?
1133. So close. So close to sharing exactly the same name. In fact, in the oral/aural world, they did; only in the world of printing did the small difference pop up. Each of them had a movie-connection, although they were famous for other things. The man was perhaps the most famous raconteur of his time. The woman was a well-known singer. The man appeared in the film NEW FACES. The woman saw her husband portrayed in SWEET DREAMS. Naming just one for full credit sounds generous on our part---but if you name one you're accidentally naming the other apparently we're demanding two after all.
1134. We like a truthful human. Many people would react angrily if someone calls them corrupt. Not this boy. When a hostile questioner asks him if he is completely corrupt, Paul Giamatti's character simply says "No, not completely". What 2006 film?
1135. This is from the  long-lost file* titled what-have-you-done-for-us-lately(or ever)? We know what Norma Shearer did for us(& for her own wallet); by most criteria she was the most successful female movie star of the 1930s.  But what did her brother Douglas ever do for us? Because his work was done behind the camera instead of in front of it,  some may label this a "hard" question; but we don't care---you known it's time you learned this stuff....................*We found it under a half-full pizza-box marked "1971".  We'd rather not discuss whether certain parties tried to "test" the contents by
eating them.
1136. We call this parental overreaction of the worst kind: Barbara Stanwyck's father, disliking her boyfriend, simply has him hanged. That fun-fest would be __________    __________. 
1137. In two of the early* movies which made Jeanne Crain* famous, she played characters named Margie(although one of the names varied the spelling slightly). One was a famous musical; the other was one of the most nostalgic films ever made. So much of a century has now gone by that naming even one of those productions would be a good day's work........................*She was just a teenager when signed for the first of the two, in 1944.
1138. In 2014, The Guardian mentioned a film producer(Irish, apparently) named David O'Selznick. What can you tell us about that guy?
1139. Ladies with "Benjamin" as a last name: One example was the lead character's name in a major comedy; another is the name of an actress with a multi-decade career. We're too lazy right now to type-in-blanks, so plunge right ahead without them.
1140. This famous director made so many films at a certain Western location that they finally named part of it after him. The overall location is Monument Valley; his part is called __________    __________    _________.
ANSWERS 1121-1140:
1124. Stanley Livingston. 
1127. The first 5 Roman Emperors were all from the family of Julius Caesar. CALIGULA was the third one. After a short reign of rowdy behavior, he was assassinated and the Praetorian Guard said "Next!"
1128. Desi Lydic may be seen in STAN HELSING. Desi Arnaz Jr. is viewable in THE MAMBO KINGS. Desi Arnaz Sr. co-starred in TOO MANY GIRLS.
1129. Buck Henry.
1131. SHANE: V. Heflin. IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME: V. Johnson. Television: V. Williams.
1132. Andress: SHE. Welch: ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. Steele: BLACK SUNDAY.
1133. The man: Jean Shepherd. The woman:  Well-known country singer Jean Shepard. Her husband was Hawkshaw Hawkins; he died in the Patsy Cline plane crash & was profiled in the Jessica Lange film.
1135. When people criticized early talkies using words such as "creaky" or "primitive", they were not talking about the cinematography(that had been perfected during the silent era). They were talking about the sound. Douglas Shearer was the key technical innovator who raised motion picture sound recording up to the level of its photography.
1136. THE FURIES. 
1137.  Crain played Margy in STATE FAIR & Margie in MARGIE.
1138. Although many people went online to search for "David O'Selznick", he could not be found. That's because the entire incident was caused by a typo. The Guardian meant GONE WITH THE WIND producer David. O. Selznick.
1139. The first name of PRIVATE BENJAMIN was Judy. When someone married actor Richard Benjamin, she became Paula Prentiss Benjamin.
1140. John Ford's Point.
QUESTIONS 1141-1160:
1141. If your uncle is one of the most famous of all movie stars, there are two ways to play it, if you're embarking upon a show business career of your own. The first is to try to advance your position by mentioning that fact at every opportunity. The second is to keep it quiet and attempt to make it on your own merits. When Jefferson Airplane broke-big*, in 1967 , their drummer was Spencer Dryden; he chose the latter course of action. His uncle's fame was so great that he can be said to have co-invented** the very concept of the movie star. If we add that his genre was comedy, we're thinking that's all the help you'll need to name him.......................*Starting with "Somebody To Love". (There's more "STL"/movie stuff at #1107). **Along with Theda Bara & some other contenders profiled throughout this website.
1142. Take two guys & mix them up in a blender, and you get: "Lawrence Of Olivier".  That construction can be found in the 2012 comedy __________   __________   __________   __________   __________   __________   __________.
1143. BLOW-UP is to picture-taking as ________________ is to sound-recording.
1144. This hit comedy from 1937 featured (A) Cary Grant billed second, as he generally was in those days; (B) the line "If I'm in the way, you folks can leave"; and a guy "swearing" by saying "Sparrows!", because his wife won't let him use any bad language. ______________ would be the film.
1145. As in #1134 preceding, this character doesn't take offense at insults. When Woody Allen says to her "I'd hate to be your boyfriend. He must go through hell", she simply replies  that she's worth it. What famous 90s-film?
1146. By the mid-2010s, actress Jennifer-Juniper Angeli had compiled a long list of credits in series-television, along with the occasional movie(e.g., AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: THE BOOK OF LOVE). Any competent genealogist* can probably tell you a lot about the origin of her last name; which means all we have to do is tell you about her first name(s). That hyphenated festival comes from the title of a hit record of the late 1960s. It was by a rock/pop/folk god who followed soft with hard. "Jennifer Juniper" was soft; his next single was one of the leading hard-rock blasts** of the decade. Who?.................*There's one in every shopping-mall, isn't there? **The guitar solo is particularly famous.
1147. In view of the high purity-level in Hollywood, this sequence would probably never occur in real life around town; but here it is from a movie: Several characters are wondering about the identity  of the 20-something bombshell they keep seeing here & there. Finally someone comes up with the answer: "She's a very particular friend of the director who's making this picture. He sticks her in every scene he can". You could call that truth-in-advertising, or breaking the 4th wall, or being self-referential---but whatever you name it, be sure to name the movie also. Its 3-word title heralded a starring performance by Adolph Menjou.
1148. "It was about eleven o'clock in the morning, mid October, with the sun not shining and a look of hard wet rain in the clearness of the foothills. I was wearing my powder-blue suit, with dark blue shirt, tie and display handkerchief, black brogues, black wool socks with dark blue clocks on them. I was neat, clean, shaved, and sober, and I didn't care who knew it. I was everything the well-dressed private detective ought to be. I was calling on four million dollars". That quotation is connected to a number of "first"s. (A) It's the first paragraph of a very famous book. (B) That book in turn is the first novel by Raymond Chandler, perhaps the greatest chronicler (in fiction) of Greater Los Angeles. (C) That volume is also the first novel about Philip Marlowe, LA's favorite non-existent private investigator. When the movie version came along, it kept the book's title. Naming the stars would provide too big of a hint; but we are, with our usual generosity, willing to say that they were an early "power couple". The film?
1149. A family reunion. One of them starred in CONAN THE DESTROYER. Another appeared in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. The third sang the lead vocal on Manfred Mann's hit record "The Mighty Quinn", whose title was borrowed for the (unrelated)movie of the same name.* You could give us the last name; and to show off further you could add some first names.............................*For info on the re-usability of titles, see #5 preceding.
1150. During the 2010s, "Auntie Meme" could be spotted as  a contributor to such online locations as Cracked and Twitter. Where'd she get that moniker?
1151. As we understand it, north, south, east, & west are still pretty popular as directions. If that's true, then we have these 4 statements to make:  __________ North co-wrote perhaps the most famous movie-song of them all, "Unchained Melody". Singer/songwriter __________ South has had his songs used in dozens of movies & television shows; famous examples would be "Hush" in BEYOND THE SEA and "Rose Garden" in MONSTER'S BALL. __________ East was the boxing-name of the young Bob Hope. __________ West was the drummer for THE RUNAWAYS. We've said a lot; now you say something.
1152. Damning with faint praise: When asked if he found Marilyn Monroe to be likeable, Jack Paar responded "Architecturally, yes". He reached that conclusion after spending two months with her filming ___________    ____________.
1153. In her film debut, 27-year-old Julie Harris famously played a 12-year-old. That might seem like a stretch, but her reviews for __________    __________    __________    __________ __________   were excellent.
1154. She's someone whose career began in the 1980s and continued into the 2010s. She's also the only film actress who could make this (hypothetical)statement truthfully: "I remember the time Charlie Sheen shot me.................". Since she's out of the emergency room & all-better-now, she probably wouldn't mind if you name her.
1155. Two movies. Both dramas. One was from the first year of the 1940s & one was from the last. The former's female lead was Ann Sheridan; Cathy O'Donnell  starred in the latter. Only one word keeps them from sharing a title: THEY __________ BY NIGHT. What can you tell us?
1156. A one-liner festival: "When he read 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', he thought Simon Legree was the hero". Explaining the facts of life to an adolescent boy, he draws a stick-figure of a woman; reflecting upon the fact that he & his wife never have any alone-time any more, he mentions that he had to do the drawing "from memory". When a little preschooler makes a small mistake & everyone stares at him, he says "So shoot me". When the hero is asked if there's anything wrong with his wife, he cheerfully says "Naturally". What well-known Cary Grant film?
1157. During the early 1940s, WHEN THE DALTONS RODE was a dominant western. During the early 1970s, UCLA's startling 88-game winning streak in basketball was a dominant sports story. What's the connection?
1158. When BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR was collecting all of its accolades in 2013, it also collected some additional publicity for a famous silent film. Footage from it was shown in the background of a key scene. The movie was one that silent goddess Louise Brooks made in Germany under the direction of G.W. Pabst, and it was called __________    __________.
1159. THE ADVENTURES OF ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD. Walt Disney went to a lot of trouble to put those two guys together---but we need you to separate them, by naming the source-material for each character.
1160. One of the best-remembered films from Fredric March's leading-man period told the story of the best-selling American novelist of the 1800s. You could name the guy or name the movie. You could also pretend that you deserve this hint: The film's title may have a connection to #1159's title.
ANSWERS 1141-1160:
1141. Although we were too unhelpful to mention it, Spencer Dryden's name itself provides a clue to the answer, which is: Charles Spencer Chaplin.
1142. MAC & DEVIN GO TO HIGH SCHOOL. Of course the real L-boys spelled their names in two different ways---but we don't think Mac & Devin cared.
1143. BLOW OUT.
1144. TOPPER.
1146. Donovan. The rock song was "Hurdy Gurdy Man".
1148. THE BIG SLEEP, with Bogart & Bacall.
1149. "The Mighty Quinn": Mike D'Abo. CONAN THE DESTROYER: Olivia D'Abo(Mike's daughter). THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS: Maryam D'Abo(Mike's cousin).
1150. AUNTIE MAME was a famous movie from the 1950s. (For more on The Mamechick, see # 128 preceding).
1151. Alex North. Joe South. Packy East. Sandy West.
1152. LOVE NEST.
1154. Kelly Preston.
1157. The movie was about the Dalton Gang. The sports world borrowed that famous name, changed one letter, and named the UCLAers the Walton Gang, after legendary center Bill Walton.
1159. Ichabod Crane was the "star" of "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow". The Toad-boy dominated "The Wind In The Willows".
QUESTIONS 1161-1180: 
1161. Errol Flynn ended the 1040s* with a saga about the most famous fictional lover of them all. The movie was __________    __________     __________    __________...................*And, some would say, his A-list period.
1162. While we search this section of the universe to see if there's a film called "Middle Love", see what you can tell us about FIRST LOVE(1939) and LAST LOVE(2013).
1163. THE SWIMMER. A sports movie?
1164. THE BRIDE(1985). Which bride in particular?
1165. A famous western, DUEL IN THE SUN, was important in building Gregory Peck's early career. He returned to that genre periodically, and near the end of the 1960s he did two in a row. One co-starred Eva Marie Saint; in the other, Camilla Sparv & Julie Newmar provided support. The goal here would be to name at least one of those.
1166. In 2014's NYMPHOMANIAC(Volume 1), Joe's father has a particular interest in one aspect of botany, namely a__________    t__________.
1167. From "Time" magazine: "Screen's most talented tough guy rough-houses one of screen's best dramatic actresses". The former was James Cagney and the latter was Bette Davis, so the movie must be  1941's __________    __________    __________    __________.
1168. It was The Character-Acting Festival Of 1959. The movie featured Arthur O'Connell(PICNIC), Claude Akins(YELLOWSTONE KELLY), Edgar Buchanan(MCLINTOCK!), Royal Dano(THE OUTLAW JOSIE WALES), Jane Darwell(THE GRAPES OF WRATH), Betty Field(KINGS ROW), Virginia Gregg(PSYCHO), & L.Q. Jones(CASINO)---all in support of a reigning teen-idol from that year. We would define "making-yourself-useful" as: Naming either the singer/actor or the movie.
1169. Let's revise a famous phrase. The original: "If you can do it, it's not bragging". The revision: "If you already did it, it's not bragging". Taking the latter formulation as our guide, consider these words seen at an actress's gravesite: "The First Movie Star". Although there are some other contenders for that title, her claim is the strongest, and her name is Florence __________.
1170. Although this 2008 road-comedy got financed because Seth Green and James Marsden were attached, 3 younger performers got most of the screen-time.  They were the ones taking the __________    __________.
1171. What is the truer-&-deeper-meaning of this listing?: Henry Morgan; Henry 'Harry' Morgan; Harry Morgan.
1172. In 1952 Fox put a big promotional push behind its star-heavy* production of O. HENRY'S FULL HOUSE. What's the meaning of that title? (The OH part & the FH part refer to slightly different concepts---& we'll take either one for full credit; we'll have this offer notarized if you wish).......................*Laughton/Monroe/Crain And Associates.
1173. The title of a Joanne Woodward film became the name of a significant rock act which began recording in the 1980s. ????????????????
1174. A story about the world of fashion, from the year 2000. It's populated by Joan Rivers & Peggy Lipton & Gwyneth Paltrow & Paulina Porizkova & Tommy Hilfiger & Diane von Furstenberg & Kathy Griffin, all swirling around Dominique Swain, who plays the __________.
1175. In the years before Nielsen SoundScan began to count record-sales systematically, naming the best-selling song of a year or a decade was an imprecise science. For the 1980s, though, the performance of "Bette Davis Eyes" was so strong* that it's a principal contender for the title of #1-for-the-decade. In addition to BD herself, what equally famous actresses are named as Kim Carnes sings?.......................*A powerful 9-week run at the top of Billboard's "Hot 100" singles-chart.
1176. A movie song provides this tender lyric: "There's a wardrobe of love in my eyes........See if there's something in your size". Beatty/Hoffman/May. 1987. The film's title?
1177. After noticing his older brother's movement toward the full-vampire state, the younger brother (A) gives a news report & (B) makes the ultimate threat: "You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this". What famous teen-movie?
1178. During one of our wilder moments recently, we decided to talk about this subject: (A) __________ WILDER was the name of a well-known comedy from 2002. (B)  WILDER __________ is the name of a cult film. (C)  __________ Wilder is the name of a famous director. (D)  The music of __________ Wilder was used in such films as MAKE MINE MUSIC and THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. The Wilder __________ produced such hit records as "The Mountain's High" and "Thou Shalt Not Steal"(both by Dick and DeeDee). Since your contract* states that you only have to answer questions about movies, we'll give you that last one: The Wilder Brothers. What about those others?..................*Revised edition, page 6, section 14.
1179. In the song, everybody seems to be on the move toward Wyoming. In the movie of the same name, western-biggies Gene Autry & Smiley Burnette & William Farnum dominate the proceedings. The shared title is __________    __________    __________    __________.
1180. A time-capsule from 1929. Florenz Ziegfeld produced his version of Broadway-on-film, in a movie which featured Rudy Vallee, Eddie Cantor, a young Johnny Weissmuller, and the then-very-famous Helen Morgan. The phrase "American girl" may appear in the 4-word title.
 ANSWERS 1161-1180:
1161. ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN. Now that the 3-Adventures-in-a-row bit has been completed, we're going to get out of that rut* and not do a 4th..................*Of course, that vice will no doubt be replaced by another one shortly.
1162. FIRST LOVE was one of the most famous of the Deanna Durbin films, because in it she received her first screen-kiss(from Robert Stack). LAST LOVE's L-type was platonic, but very strong nonetheless(the "lovers" are Michael Caine and Clemence Poesy).
1163. Nope. THE SWIMMER  is a straight drama about a suburbanite who decides to swim all the way across his neighborhood, using one backyard pool after another. There is some not unintelligent philosophizing along the way; that made Burt Lancaster a good casting-choice, because he had a history of being able to handle both cerebral and physical roles.
1164. That movie is essentially Elsa Lanchester's BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN*, reworked as a vehicle for Sting and Jennifer Beals..................*That was the title Universal used throughout the production process, but most of the eventual poster-art added a "THE" in the appropriate location.
1166. Ash trees.
1168. That cast-of-many assisted Fabian in HOUND-DOG MAN.
1169. Lawrence.
1170. Amanda Crew, Clark Duke, and Josh Zuckerman took the SEX DRIVE. We have no information on their mpg.
1171. That's the credit-transition that the "Dragnet"/"M*A*S*H" actor went through to avoid being confused with the humorist Henry Morgan(who got-there-first with that name).
1172. The movie is based upon famous short stories by the American author O. Henry*.  There are 5 of them, which is the number of cards in the poker hand called the full house.............................*The pseudonym of William Sydney Porter.
1174. INTERN.
1175. "Her hair is Harlow* gold................". "She got Greta Garbo stand-off sighs................."..................................*Jean.
1176. ISHTAR.
1178. VAN WILDER. WILDER NAPALM. Billy Wilder. Alec Wilder.
1179. GIT ALONG LITTLE DOGIES. The key lyric-line: "....Git along little dogies, for you know that Wyoming will be your new home".................Addendum: For the benefit of (possibly undeserving) city-slickers: Those d-creatures are not dogs, they are calves who have become permanently separated from their mothers. (We were going to use the simpler label "motherless calves", but that would have allowed wiseguys---who are numerous & vocal & without conscience---to say " 'Motherless calves'---that sounds impossible").
QUESTIONS  1181-1200:
1181. When Paramount executives were casting DOUBLE INDEMNITY in 1943, their principal goal was to find male/female leads who would have guaranteed chemistry with each other. Luckily for Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray, they had already done a "screen test" showing that kind of compatibility, in the form of a movie from 3 years earlier. That film was __________    __________    __________.
1182. Philosophizing in 2013. Rather than outlining the details of the tragedy which destroyed her life, Julianne Moore simply notes that cars are terrible things. Also, it is noted that: Just because you don't pick up the phone, that doesn't mean you're busy. The same guy wrote & directed & starred in __________    __________.
1183. Let's ignore the legal & moral issues* and go right to the question of ingratitude: In a well-known movie from 1969, Steve McQueen's character has a ladypal who springs him from behind bars by sleeping with the appropriate person; McQueen later rewards her by slapping her around for having done it. In an equally famous film from three years later, exactly the same thing happens. In what two  productions did this serial ingratitude occur?................*In other words, let's adopt the Hollywood lifestyle. 
1184. One movie star talking about another. The former says that his friend was a good man, but a bad boy. What can you tell us about that 80s-
1185. The stories of the (few) Miss America winners who've achieved success in show business are scattered throughout this website. But limiting our focus to only the first-place finishers would omit the greatest post-pageant career of them all. This performer finished as a MA semi-finalist and then went on to a half-century career in Hollywood. The title of her starring vehicle BLONDIE JOHNSON hints at her name, which is __________    __________.
1186. Universal films released in 2012 made an announcement as part of the studio's famous world-turning opening logo. What was it?
1187. In American sports, from the pros to colleges to high schools, "Vikings" is a favorite team-name. That choice usually refers directly to the Scandinavian adventurers of a thousand years ago; but in the case of a prominent Los Angeles high school,* the direct inspiration was a major motion picture**which was in local & national release as the school was opening. The year was 1958, the school was Monroe High in The Valley, and what we'd like from you is at least one star-name from the film(whose title is  perhaps too obvious to use as a question). A couple of married humans may be involved.............................................*Among the celebrities who cruised the hallways: Debra Winger and Meredith Baxter..............**Which in turn dealt with the Norse explorers.
1188. Hurley/Herlihy/O'Herlihy. The first was known to hang out with Austin Powers. The second knew Perry Como personally. The third was given the most important doomsday-role in FAIL-SAFE. It seems a little cold to describe them using just their unadorned last names. Perhaps you could add some firsts.
1189. The career of dance-song king Chubby Checker* has multiple film-connections: (A) His music has appeared in dozens of movies. (B) He himself showed up in a few films, including DON'T KNOCK THE TWIST and TWIST AROUND THE CLOCK. (C) His mother was a big movie-fan, so CC grew up with two brothers named after one of the biggest stars of the century---one bro got the actor's first name, & the other got the last. As we gaze into the Hint Vault, we see that when Chubby was born during the Halloween-month of 1941, a prestigious horror film was dominating screens nationwide. Since DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE starred mom's favorite actor, the brothers must have been named __________  &  __________..........................................*In addition to delivering the #1 hit "The Twist" unto the people, he also charted-high with "The Fly" & "Let's Twist Again" & "Pony Time" & "Slow Twistin' " & "Limbo Rock" & "Twist It Up" & "The Hucklebuck".
1190. 2005's HUSTLE & FLOW. Actors, not characters. When La Policia grab Terrence Howard, who within his crew takes charge?
1191. In a movie-website, is it acceptable* to present a question which is all-television, as long as the answer involves the film-industry? Let's be bold: Where did the name of the "CW" network come from?......................................*We've misplaced the hotline-phone-number of The National Acceptability Authority.
1192. For the first generation of tv-viewers, the character-names "Dr. Kildare" & "Dr. Gillespie" called to mind Richard Chamberlain & Raymond Massey. But to the first generation sound-film-viewers, those characters meant __________    __________ and __________    __________.
1193. Three generations of success in show business. The oldest generation: A famous violinist. The middle generation: A prominent actor. The youngest generation: A well-known actress. That must be the __________ family.
1194. During the 2010s, a feminist video-game-industry  group began operating. They called themselves The Fine Young Capitalists. That name was drived, ultimately*, from a well-known Robert Wagner movie from the 1960s, namely __________    __________    __________    __________    __________...............................*Some would say that there was a middle step, in the form of an 80s rock group's name; but that name in turn clearly came from the movie---so either way it's the movie-culture for the win, with or without the intermediation of the rock-culture.
1195. Geographers might appreciate the town of Wahoo, Nebraska because it forms a nice triangle with that state's two dominant cities, Omaha and Lincoln. But for the show-business crowd, it has a couple of other key meanings. Naming one would be good.
1196. As John Travolta leans in toward Dominique Swain & announces a news bulletin(she has something he craves), what million-seller is playing on the soundtrack? Addendum: In view of our well-known generosity*, you might expect us to give you a hint at this point. We could, but it may not be necessary, because (A) Travolta's dialogue references the song, & (B) its title hints at the main plotline of the movie..........*Quiet.
1197. A movie-comedy from 1949 took its name from a popular catch-phrase, which in turn referred back to the works of "The Hoosier Poet".* His key poems include "The Old Swimmin' Hole", "When The Frost Is On The Punkin", and "Little Orphant Annie". You could name the guy or the movie.................*Most likely, although there are other theories.
1198. And this is a guy she likes: She says she'd like to do his autopsy. Hmmmmm*. What 2008 Sarah Paulson film?..................*We'd rather not speculate about what she'd tell someone she didn't like.
1199. There can't be very many film titles consisting of nothing but a cheerleader's chant. So, any examples would probably be so distinctive that you need no hints to name one............................OK, OK, stop snivelling(as the lady sang)*, we'll hint-around about one such film. (A) The year was 1941. (B) It starred a husband/wife musical team who would be prominent during television's early years. (C) It also featured a rare mother/son acting duo............................*Chrissie Hynde/Pretenders/The first week of the 1980s/The beautifully named "Tattooed Love Boys".
1200. Forget "Love Jones"* and "Basketball Jones"** and a heroin-jones.***  We want to talk about a Tom-Jones-jones. That phenomenon(meaning TJ-love) took place in the early-to-mid 60s, as the entertainment industry gave people 3 different TJs. One was a famous film. One was a well-known singer. The third co-wrote a famous musical which gave rise to the hit single "Try To Remember". That musical was later filmed, and what we'd like to know about it is its title....................*A hit single by Brighter Side Of Darkness. **A hit single by Cheech & Chong, although those modest boys gave the credit to "Tyrone Shoelaces". ***The street-term which gave rise to the other two. In all cases the meaning of "jones" in this context is a liking-for or addiction-to the relevant item.
ANSWERS 1181-1200:
1182. DON JON. The "guy" was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
1184. That's Dan Aykroyd talking about John Belushi.
1185. Joan Blondell.
1186. The studio was proud of its 100th anniversary.
1187. THE VIKINGS starred Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.
1188. Elizabeth Hurley appeared in the first two AUSTIN POWERS films. Ed Herlihy was part of a few movies(THE KING OF COMEDY and A FINE MESS are examples), but he was best known as the food-spokesman on "Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall" on television. Dan O'Herlihy played an Air Force general who behaved rudely toward New Yok City in FAIL-SAFE.
1189. Spencer & Tracy.
1190. Taryn Manning. She did a nice job there, just as she did when announcing the world's shortest feminist anthem: "Men being in charge has never done me any good". (That's from "Orange Is The New Black").
1191. The CW arose from the merger of two previous networks, both owned by film studios. The WB was an offshoot of Warner Bros. UPN(United Paramount Network) was owned by the CBS/Viacom/Paramount Pictures conglomerate. C for CBS; W for Warner.
1192. Lew Ayres * and Lionel Barrymore.............................................*Joel McCrae actually initiated the film series, but then Ayres replaced him, did all the  other DK-movies, and became fully identified with that character.
1193. Zimbalist(Efrem Senior, Efrem Junior, & Stephanie).
1195. Twentieth Century Fox co-founder Darryl Zanuck was from Wahoo. David Letterman pretended his home office was there.
1196. During the first rock generation*, James Brown owned the top-end of the r&b charts**, but he never had a top-10 hit on the pop charts. That changed in 1965, when the broke-through-big with two legendary singles. The second was "I Got You(I Feel Good)"***. The first was the answer to our question: "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag". (FACE/OFF's key plotline was about a very different papa in Dominique's household)...........*From the Presley explosion of Jan-56 until the British Invasion of Jan-64. **He was beginning the run which would make him the alltime biggest-charting-artist in that field. ***That hit later inspired the lovable-&-legendary song "I Feel Better Than James Brown"(Was/Not Was).
1197. THE LIFE OF RILEY took its title from that catch-phrase, which was a dominant one in the first half of the twentieth century. It is thought to have come from the happy & carefree homelife depicted in the works of Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley.
1199. ZIS BOOM BAH. The television-couple: Peter Lind Hayes & and his singing wife Mary Healy. The film also starred PLH's mother Grace Hayes.
1200. Lyricist Tom Jones wrote "The Fastasticks" with composer Harvey Schmidt.
1201. Among the famous movie-houses along Hollywood Boulevard, the Pantages Theatre is distinctive because it's hard for the non-LA public to pronounce its name correctly. That was not always the case; for a long time it was the home of the Oscar telecast, so viewers nationally & internationally got the correct pronunciation directly from the network's booth-announcer. Exactly what syllables did that guy enunciate?
1202. Naming the leads of this 2010 movie about getting into private school might provide too big of a hint, so we'll mention instead that Christopher McDonald & Kate Mulgrew are present for riotous comedic support. Must be __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1203. If a film actor were to release a comedy album with a track called "Fernando's Special Gift", what two guys would be involved?
1204. Much in common, these two. (A) Both were disaster-movies. (B) Each was filmed in the 1970s.* (C) Both featured William Holden and Paul Newman. (D) Each was surrounded by much private and a little public bickering over billing. Naming either one would earn you no gifts but much appreciation................*Although production-problems delayed the release of the second one until a few months into 1980. 
1205. One of the reasons that "Gilmore Girls" lasted 7 years and became a signature-show of the WB was that it was comic-dialogue-intense. Because the two leading characters were pop-culture-lovers, that dialogue was often about movies. When there's a discussion about 3 versions of the same film, this is heard: "Janet, Judy, and Babs. The Holy Trinity"*. The movie?.....................................................................*We're a little shy about comparing our purity-level with that of the Gilmore-humans, but we would like to contrast(with zero seriousness) the show's easy adoption of "T.H.T." with our reluctance to use it in #990 preceding. As for the motive behind our 990-reluctance: Could it be respect? Could it be cowardice? Could it be that we'd rather not discuss which one it was?
1206. File this line under "Hey, wait a minute---was that an insult?" Cynical girl Lily Collins certainly meant it as one, when she said "You reek of romance and good intentions". What 2012 film?
1207. Consider these famous films: MISTER ROBERTS. LEAVING LAS VEGAS. RAINTREE COUNTY. What sad fate unites the writers of the original source-material?
1208. There are lots of versions of THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN floating around, but only one of them contains a Light Heavyweight Champion of the boxing world. If we mention that he was in the 1960 version, maybe that'll help you name him.
1209. In 1960, a hard-working starlet and an equally H-W character actor kept meeting each other on multiple sets. Myrna Fahey and Harry Ellerbe co-starred in both a famous horror movie and an episode of a horror-anthology on television. The former initiated the Poe/Corman/American-International cycle; the latter was hosted by a movie star. Since so much time has passed, any amount of info would be impressive.
1210. This 2014 release features (A) the female star singing a very distinctive version of the much-recorded rock-hit "Hey Joe" and (B) a  small patch-of-sunlight of unknown origin*.The movie?...........................................*Think how rude it would be for you to say "I think it originated in the sun". We, and the film's dialogue, are talking about its immediate(inter-building) origin, not its ultimate one.
1211. Since there is no dispute over which Tarzan movie was the first one*, why should there be any ambiguity over which actor first portrayed T. on film?..................*TARZAN OF THE APES, 1918.
1212. In 1995, Brad Pitt had some interest in getting beyond his heartthrob image. Partially for that purpose, he signed on for a project (A) which dealt with time-travel, and (B) whose title may related to the number of this question.
1213. If the pfink turned out to be pink, what would we be talking about?
1214. 2000's HOLLOW MAN. In what respect was he "hollow"?
1215. The plumbing truck is noticed, and a famous studio is named. The laundry truck is seen, and a well-known comedy group gets its name. Hints: The film studio has a strong claim to being the oldest of them all. The comics appeared in THE THREE MUSKETEERS(1939) and ARGENTINE NIGHTS. We need answers.*..............................*We were going to say "We need help", but then the wiseguys would surely have said "You certainly do", or, alternatively, "We've been saying that for years".
1216. When the phrase "love-ins" began to appear in the winter of 1966/1967, it paved the way for a couple of pop-culture items during the latter year. One was the movie called THE LOVE-INS; the other was the title of a famous tv comedy whose first trial episode aired that same fall. You could do your minimal-duty by naming the television comedy; and you could show off by identifying anyone in the film.
1217.  The television version of M*A*S*H was a solid hit by the time its  third season began in the fall of 1974. The opening episode was a strong one called "The General Flipped At Dawn". Where'd they get that title?
1218. (1) There is a bulldog who, very respectfully, salutes. (2) When it is learned that a list of sinners on campus exists, a  sex-crazed character demands phone numbers. (3) This 2009 production is the third in a series. The title?
1219. What is the (fairly direct)connection between the Jodie Foster thriller THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE and Elvis Presley?
1220. Although he was a key figure in the success of tv's "The Steve Allen Show", Tom Poston was unable to capitalize on that record in films. The industry* gave him some chances, though, and this was one: (A) It's from 1962. (B) Its title is a one-word exclamation. (C) It features a couple of other tv-refugees, Jim Backus** & Julia Meade***. (D) Gimmick-driven producer Wlliam Castle arranged for special coins to be handed to those who came to see the movie. We'll allow you to name the title with or without its exclamation-point............*When we have time later, we'll probably apologize for our lack of reverence in not capitalizing that. **Although "Gilligan's Island" was still ahead of him, JB had already been very successful in broadcasting, in "I Married Joan" and as the voice of Mr. Magoo. ***Meade's tv appearances were generally those of a game-show panelist and spokeshuman. Her associations included pop-shops like "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "To Tell The Truth", as well as prestigious venues like "Playhouse 90" and the "Armstrong Circle Theatre".
ANSWERS 1201-1220:
1201. Pan-TAY-juhz, after Greek-American showman Alexander Pantages.
1203. The Northern Hemisphere's* leading Fernando Lamas impersonator, Billy Crystal, called his 1985 album "Mahvelous!".....................*We've heard a rumor about a guy down in Patagonia.
1204. THE TOWERING INFERNO and WHEN TIME RAN OUT. The "Towering" billing dispute ended with equal(diagonal) billing for Newman & Steve McQueen, with Holden third. "When" ultimately featured equal/diagonal billing for Newman & Jacqueline Bissett, with Holden third again(the boy was in a rut).
1207. All three were suicides; and all three of them did it at or near their peak of success. The writers: Thomas Heggen(MISTER ROBERTS). Ross Lockridge(RAINTREE  COUNTY). John O'Brien(LEAVING LAS VEGAS).
1208.  Archie Moore. When Heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano became bored with his 49-0 record, he shocked the boxing world by retiring. That action led to a mini-tournament to name a successor. The final bout matched LHW Champion Moore against a young(21) kid from New York, Floyd Patterson. The latter prevailed and became the youngest Heavyweight Champion---certainly up until then, and maybe since then too*....................* Both Patterson & Mike Tyson have valid claims to being the youngest. The title that Patterson won was an undisputed one, but that was not the case when Tyson won his first version of the title at 20 years & 4 months; he had to gradually unify the title by winning the other 3 versions , and by the time he did that he was 72 hours short of his 22nd birthday---older than Patterson, who was 2l years, ten months, 3 weeks and five days old. But, can't we all just get along?: Both men made history, Tyson as the youngest to win any Heavyweight title & Patterson as the youngest to win an undisputed one. 
1209. HOUSE OF USHER. The "Girl With A Secret", a well-remembered episode of Boris Karloff's "Thriller"(that and every other episode is carefully---and entertainingly---analyzed at that gem-of-pop-culture "").
1210. NYMPHOMANIAC(Volume 2).
1211. Elmo Lincoln starred as the adult Tarzan; but before Lincoln's screentime began, there was footage of child actor Gordon Griffith as Tarzan while growing up. After extensive consultations involving 4 arbitrators & 3 mediators, we've decided upon this formulation: Griffith first appeared as T. and Lincoln first starred as T.
1212. 12 MONKEYS.
1213. THE PINK PFINK was a well-known cartoon released(1964) to capitalize on the success of the pink-panther feature films.
1214.  The movie is the Shue/Brolin/Bacon version of the concept of invisibility. When Bacon is in that state, he usually wears an outer-wrapping which allows his colleagues to "see" him. As they look into the eyeholes they see nothing inside, which makes him look hollow.
1215. Paramount Plumbing became Paramount Pictures*. Ritz Laundry became the Ritz Brothers.................*More later on Paramount's (plausible but not definitive)claim to being the oldest studio.
1216. "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". THE LOVE-INS starred British actor Richard Todd, in-demand starlet Susan Oliver, and a pre-"Hawaii Five-0" James MacArthur.
1217. One of Gary Cooper's best-known thirties-films was THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN.
1218. VAN WILDER: FRESHMAN YEAR. (Some other people are getting wilder at question #1178 preceding).
1219.  A key supporting role in that film was played by Mort Shuman. In a previous incarnation, Shuman had been a part of one of Presley's most famous songwriting teams. With partner Doc Pomus, he wrote such E.P. hits as "Surrender" & "Viva Las Vegas" & "Little Sister" & "(Marie's The Name)His Latest Flame" & "Kiss Me Quick" & "Suspicion"*.................................................*Although Terry Stafford took that to the top of the charts, he cannibalized it from an Elvis album from two years earlier("Pot Luck").
1220. ZOTZ!
QUESTIONS 1221-1240: 
1221. One was a late-career film for Burt Lancaster. The other was an early-career effort by Michael Caine. ZULU DAWN was one of them. ZULU was the other. If only we could remember which is which...........
1222. Forget the Pepsi Challenge ad-campaign; & the Challenge Cup in Rugby; & tv's "The $64,000 Challenge"; & Challenge Records*; & the Pepsi Challenge cross-country skiing race; & "The Man And The Challenge" series from television's first generation. The only C. we care about is this one: Nicolas Cage challenges a young woman to have sex with him right then, right there, with her husband just yards away in another room. The movie?.........................................*They released what is still probably rock's most famous instrumental, "Tequila".
1223. Because we follow the RPA* Method of discussing Tim Roth films, that just leaves his co-star to be discussed. The remarkable child actress Eloise Laurence dominated 2012's ______________ as Roth's daughter..........................*Roth Perfect Again.
1224. It's a double tragedy. First, there's the troubling case of someone who gets arthritis-in-the-trigger-finger. Then things get even worse, with this onscreen announcement: "One out of every ten black males will be forced to sit through at least one 'Growing Up In The Hood' movie in their lifetime". Which G.U.I.T.H. film do we have in mind?
1225. Here's what we have to say about it: (A) Although a sequel, it didn't suffer the dropoff-in-respect usually accorded such films---it was given generally favorable reviews, just as its parent was. (B) It generated some extra money for Disney's music-publishing arm, through a rendition of "Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah". (C) It featured perhaps the greatest of the Lower Mississippi antebellum mansions, Ashland Belle Helene* in Geismar, Louisiana. (D) A character says they'd better get going, because some of the local boys can't be trusted alone with the dogs. (E) The pink Cadillac runs fine, but a character mentions that if you want it to stop, you have to plan ahead(by locating something not-too-lethal to crash into). Must be the 1989 movie __________    __________..................................*4-way symmetrical and super-massive, it was the largest plantation home in the south until it was superseded by Nottoway(across the Mississippi) in 1859(whether 1859 was a good year to be unveiling mega-mansions in the south is a question which need not detain us).
1226. No one was surprised when Carrie Snodgress was nominated for an Oscar for this film. In it, she is intellectually abused by the key men in her life. Although some analysts referred to the movie's "feminist" message, resistance to the kind of treatment shown is not just feminist---it's humanist. What film?
1227. The title of Victoria Laurie's 2008 book "Demons Are A Ghoul's Best Friend" should make you think of a bunch of well-dressed guys. In what film were they wearing that apparel?
1228. Their very similar titles surfaced 11 years apart. The Elton John #1 album was called "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player"(1973). One of the biggest moments in Charles Aznavour's career came with the 1962 film ___________    ___________    __________    __________.
1229. Could it feature a bulldog named Elle Macpherson? Does it give us Kiss's principal ballad-hit "Beth" on the soundtrack? Does it provide a slight misunderstanding of the statutory rape laws("If she can cut her own food, she's fair game")? Does it showcase The Afghan Whigs as a bar-band? Does it deliver to us a romantic young woman whose version of happiness is to have the right person say this to her daily: "Good night sweet girl"?* It can-&-does do all of that. What 90s film is "it"? .............................................................................................*It's your duty to challenge any most-romantic-quotes list which doesn't have that at #1.
1230. From one big singer/actor to another, within 12 months. In 1945, Bing Crosby had a big hit with this song. In 1946, Gene Autry named his new movie after it. In connection with the three-word title, we refuse to say anything about northwestern Iowa. (Maybe later).
1231. GINGER SNAPS. She certainly does; but why?.....................Addendum: Whatever that answer might be, we'd like to compliment the film for showing more (justified)respect for serious long hair than anyone has since David Coverdale & Tawny Kitaen rolled on down the road.
1232. At the 1991 services for this famous film actress, two guys not known for singing---sang. One of the best-known Broadway composers joined a major actor(& significant piano player) in singing "Anyone Can Whistle". That was the title song of the 1964 show written by this composer around the talents of this actress. Although that production didn't last long, her singing of the title song lingered in the pop-cultural memory. Stephen Sondheim was one of the singers. Jack Lemmon, one of the female performer's best-known co-stars, was the other. The actress was __________    __________.
1233. Once upon a Hollywood time, a couple of the snippier gossip-columnists were bugging Barbara Stanwyck privately about her having agreed to play the proprietor of a brothel. Her response: "What did you want Columbia to do, go out & hire a real madam? " The movie?
1234. It's an under-used character name, but it did surface in such movies as OKLAHOMA and PET SEMATARY. In the former the last name was Fry, and in the latter it was Crandall, so we must be talking about the name __________.
1235. Elizabeth Berkley being helpful. Jennifer Beals being very helpful. What 2002 movie?
1236. Actress Dorothy Stratten was murdered during the post-production phase of her movie __________    __________    __________.
1237. Within the vocabulary of film critics, 1966 & 1971 proved to be big years for the phrase "Ice Queen". In the first year, that usage was prompted by a Candice Bergen character; in the second, a Cybill Shepherd character drew that label. Possibly you could name at least one of those IQ*-movies..........................*It's a good thing that both actresses have a reputation for intelligence;  otherwise we would not have had enough self-restraint to avoid intelligence-quotient jokes.
1238. It featured Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy before they starred in "Peter Loves Mary" on television; Hans Conreid before his  Uncle Tonoose days; and Tommy Rettig before he became Lassied. The title contained what might be called a mammalian impossibility. What movie?
1239. Would it be possible to use this phrase respectfully?: The chickiest chickflic of them all. Well, that's the way we mean it, in speaking of this 2011 film. The movie's point-of-view is that of extreme romanticism, with a nearly complete absence of subplots*and other distractions. The principal romantic is Michelle Williams, speaking the words of another one, Sarah Polley. Must be __________    __________    __________............................*Around 4% of the running time lets Sarah Silverman shine in a booze-against-woman battle.
1240: KMS Radio, in the upstate New York town of Oneonta, has the same initials as a Dean Martin film that was arguably the most sexualized major-studio production ever, as of its 1964 release-date. Since you already know the number of words in the title, no additional hints will be forthcoming.
ANSWERS 1221-1240:
1221. Caine's ZULU was a 1964 film. Lancaster's ZULU DAWN came along in 1979..................Addendum: The rock band ZZ Top went the Z-name route to make their albums easy to find in the stores, but the z-names here of course come from history. The Zulus were the principal inhabitants of the part of southern Africa invaded by the British in the 1800s. 
1222. ZANDALEE. While we hesitate to defend Cage's loudmouth behavior, the actress was Erika Anderson, so.....................Addendum: Having now dealt with 4-Z-movies-in-3-questions, we can return to business as usual. (It was a necessary digression, because letterism---prejudice against certain letters---is a significant social problem which needs to be fought, especially in the case of that least-used member of the alphabet).
1223. BROKEN.
1227. In GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, they surrounded Marilyn Monroe as she sang "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend".
1230. SIOUX CITY SUE. The co-writer of the song, Dick Thomas, released a version which was just as big as Crosby's. But because of BC's legendary career, his version is the one with the "afterlife": It's the one chosen for programming by easy-listening & oldies radio stations, and the one included on CD compilations of 40s-music.
1231. Because she is bitten by a were-creature and then turns into one. Although the movie was originally noticed mainly because Mimi Rogers was in it, the stars are two young actresses* playing what  we're going to call Unofficial Twins---they're both 15, one having just passed that landmark and one approaching 16. Their substantial charisma is accompanied by very interesting costuming. It looks as if some goth-girls & some Amish-girls opened a clothing store just for these sisters.**.................*Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle were sufficiently rivetting that they pushed this film to success and guaranteed two sequels...................**We think it's at the northern end of Fairfax. Open 7 Days!
1232. Lee Remick.
1234. Jud. In OKLAHOMA, Oscar Hammerstein II* decided to give that guy his own song-title: "Pore Jud Is Daid"........................*It's not always the case, but generally the lyricist, rather than the composer, names the song. Logic at its finest: The title is made up of words, and the lyricist rather than the composer deals with those.
1235. ROGER DODGER. Expel any rowdy thoughts: The way in which JB was helping out was sweetly romantic, not that stuff you were probably thinking. (We're all familiar with your thoughts).
1238. THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T.
QUESTIONS 1241-1260:
1241. During the 1970s, retired baseball legend Sandy Koufax had all the free movie-passes he could possibly want. How come? Addendum: The answer is not simply that he was a Los Angeles(Dodgers) celebrity; it's more specific than that. 
1242. In the first year of the 1960s, definitive bombshell Anita Ekberg appeared in her most prestigious film, LA DOLCE VITA. In the last year, she was seen in both a Spaghetti Horror entry and a tourist-comedy(an under-publicized subgenre). Naming either one would gain you much approval.
1243. This comedy first did its bit in 2013. It has been marketed  and reviewed under two slightly different titles, one an abbreviated version of the other. A guy's come-on line is to ask a lady if she wants a serving of Irving. That same man, when the language is about to get bad, yells "Earmuffs!" at a nearby kid, who then dutifully covers his ears. What say you?
1244. The Fiction Club. Shortridge High School. Indianapolis, Indiana. It must have been interesting, when they met once a week. In one seat was Madelyn Pugh, who later co-invented the modern sitcom("I Love Lucy") and brushed against the film world with YOURS, MINE & OURS. A few yards away was someone who would become a key literary figure in the twentieth century's second half. Movie audiences know him best for his creation of the source-material for SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE. Must be __________    __________.
1245. In 1938, there were busy times over at the family homestead on The Fashionable West Side* of Los Angeles. Mom Irene Hervey was starring in the film SAY IT IN FRENCH with Ray Milland; Dad Allan Jones co-starred with Judy Garland in EVERYBODY SING; and they found time to produce a baby who would become a leading male easy-listening** singer of the 1960s. Who's that last guy? ..................*When we grow up, we want to be real estate mavens specializing in Los Angeles County turf. As we understand it, we'll then be able to use their catch-phrases(like that one) all day long. **Those two words do not constitute some kind of snippy anti-rock comment(our lack of snippiness is, of course, well-known). "Easy Listening" is the original name of the Billboard chart which was later renamed "Adult Contemporary". In its first incarnation it was designed to highlight the music of the Perry Como/Doris Day/Patti Page crowd, whose chart success was slowly fading in the wake of the rock-revolution.  
1246. A friend of Cary  Grant had been abroad for a while and was badly out of touch. Hearing about a rumored wedding, he asked a mutual friend when that might be happening. The guy's answer: "Cary is being canonized next week". Your answer*?.....................................................*About the truer-&-deeper-meaning of that comment.
1247. When this semi-retired film star listed her Southern California home for sale in the 2010s, she was rewarded by having
various media outlets call her an "ancient sex symbol". Hmmmmmm. We might be able to prove that the many strong critics of that remark were on the right track, using an analogy: If someone is setting a new land-speed record for curse-words-per-second, it's common for listeners to say "Do you kiss your mom on the cheek with that mouth?!" In this case, the disrespectful boys should have been asked if they also call their mothers or grandmothers "ancient". The actress appeared in dozens of films. Her most famous one is probably SOUTH PACIFIC, so the subject of this entry must be __________    _______.
1248. This comedy was the 3rd-and-last in a series. It features a ghostly version of Joan Blondell and an unhappy version of Eddie Anderson---he keeps threatening to go back to Jack Benny. We're pretty sure that we're talking about __________    __________
1249. During the early summer of 1962, workers in the U.S. noticed sadly that the upcoming July 4th holiday fell on a Wednesday. That mid-week day is the least likely one to produce a long weekend, hence the sadness. But a few firms did take the bold move of giving their employees the full 5-day strip(Wednesday through Sunday) off. During that expanded weekend, these things happened: In Byhalia, Mississippi, the 6th of July saw the death of a Nobel laureate who was responsible for the source-material of such films as Rock Hudson's THE TARNISHED ANGELS and Newman/Woodward's THE LONG, HOT SUMMER. 48 hours earlier, on the 4th, a famous cowboy star had died in Las Vegas; he appeared in such movies as TOMBSTONE: THE TOWN TOO TOUGH TO DIE* and DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE; he was married to silent goddess Clara Bow; and he later became Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. Your naming at least one of those guys would make us as happy as the workers who got that long weekend.................*He played Virgil Earp alongside Richard Dix's Wyatt.
1250. The surprising statement: He's going to Hollywood to get away from drugs. The unsurprising statement: Soon he's making $5,000 a week and spending $6,000 on drugs. Must be 1998's __________    __________.
1251. When they need someone else's clothes, they just take them. That often-overlooked Olympic sport was demonstrated by Scarlett Johansson in 2014 and by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1991. A little more detail would be nice.
1252. The main category: Demonic-or-insane voices on the soundtrack. The sub-category: A mother/son team doing them(separately). Jeanette Nolan did her bit in 1960. Her son Tim  McIntire performed in 1979. The former involved a movie, the latter a tv production.  Although a two-fer of information would be best, we'll also accept a one-fer.
1253. During the early 1960s, Vincent Price's work for Roger Corman was so famous that it often obscured films he was making for other directiors. One movie which  did manage to obtain a lot of publicity was the likely inspiration for the title of a 2014 episode of "The Mindy Project": "Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman".* The VP project was __________    __________    __________    __________.....................*The Mindy-writers may have(also) had a 2012 film on their minds, but that production in turn most likely grabbed its title from the Price vehicle, whose afterlife has been significant. More on that relationship in the answer.
1254. The way that Robert Cummings became a dominant tv-star was that he transitioned in that direction from his status as a significant actor in films. During his movie career, a key reputation-builder for him was a 1940 vehicle in which he romanced someone who was arguably the biggest female star at that moment. The movie is about 1/3 comedy, 1/3 music, & 1/3 romance. A key comedic bit was a classic "reprise": Early in the film, the female star spends about 5 minutes taking off her seemingly endless petticoats. Then near the end, she spends about the same amount of time putting them all on again. Since the  movie was SPRING PARADE, the CC* must have been __________    __________...........*Cummings Co-star.............................Addenda: (A) With all that petticoat-activity, is this what Hollywood means by the phrase "wardrobe girl?" (B) A copy-editor at our end claimed that the use of "female" with "petticoats" was redundant; then we reminded him of those guys two-blocks-over, and he shut right up. (C) Banish any thought that the disrobing phase revealed any interesting amount of skin; this was the golden age of the Production Code, & those boys were flexing their muscles.............................Addendum-to-the-addenda: During a recent holiday period, a kid we know got an erector-set as a gift; can you tell that what we got was an addenda-set?
1255. TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE GIRL. The LG was actually 26, but we don't even mind; that's how tolerant we are. While Jeanne Crain was doing her very best 26-playing-18 bit*, the movie's plot was drawing some heat. Crain's character has just arrived at college, and her adventures deal with a well-known collegiate sub-culture which is portrayed as heavily flawed. What might that be?.......................................*Her fragile/youthful facial features allowed her to  do that quite easily. 
1256. An actress and an actor. Their common denominator was Jack Lemmon; he was a husband of hers and a (frequent)co-star of his. The A&A twosome found themselves together in such movies as ONIONHEAD and CHARLEY VARRICK and KOTCH. Naming at least one of the two would be a respectable performance on your part (and we know how much you value respectability).
1257. Whether we are old enough to get anywhere near this film title is a question which need not detain us.* Plunging right ahead: This 2013 production featured Stanley Tucci, and it also featured a very creative twist-ending. By using "creative" in this context, we mean an ending which even famous liars would not claim to have predicted.** The time-of-day title is __________    __________    __________.............*More on that in the answer. **"Are you kiddin'?! I saw that comin' a mile away!" 
1258. Sometimes, in Hollywood, certain subjects are "in the air" all of a sudden. For example, the television networks spent many years ignoring the rodeo circuit as subject matter---and then 9 days apart in the autumn of 1962, two rodeo series debuted*. Similarly, the film world in 1984 saw the nearly simultaneous release of three country-dramas. If Johnny Cash could have his Tennessee Three**, we should be able to call these films our Rural Three. Since all of them were heavily publicized at the time, naming at least one of them should be feasible..................*ABC introduced "Stoney Burke", which kicked off the starring-portion of Jack Lord's career. NBC came up with "The Wide Country", which caused John Wayne to remember star Earl Holliman when he was casting THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER a couple of years later. **Guitarist Luther Perkins, Bassist Marshall Grant, & Drummer W.S.Holland(always called "Fluke"). These guys meant something---their unique sound powered both Cash's dominance on the country charts & also his massive crossover-success as he invaded the pop charts. An existential comment from Cash: "I want to die onstage singing 'I Still Miss Someone' with Fluke still layin' down the beat". 
1259. Since this kind of film dialogue is unlikely to ever be heard again, think of this as an interesting "time-capsule" of old-time wordsmithing: The smacker: Macdonald Carey. The smackee: Paulette Goddard: PG: "Nobody ever hit me before". MC: "That shows a lot of negligence  by a lot of people". Making it even better/worse is her saying that she had it coming. That 1948 road-comedy was called __________.
1260. The creators of this movie must have gone to the same Intellectual Finishing School as those who created #1259's film. A key line: "The only job for a woman is marriage". The production's 4-word title is hinted at by this fact: The movie was French actress Danielle Darrieux's principal Hollywood showcase. 
ANSWERS 1241-1260:
1241. Koufax was married to Anne Widmark, daughter of actor Richard Widmark. RW was very popular within the industry & could get anybody-in-anywhere.
1244. Kurt Vonnegut.
1245. Jack Jones. Don't tell us he didn't have movies-in-his-blood:  During one stretch of his Billboard Hot 100 chart-career, he sang 6 movie songs out of 7 chart-entries. The film-half-dozen were "Call Me Irresponsible"(from PAPA'S DELICATE CONDITION) and these title-songs: WIVES AND LOVERS; TOYS IN THE ATTIC; LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER; WHERE LOVE HAS GONE; & DEAR HEART.
1246.  To avoid long discussions about homophones & related terms, let's just say that the speaker was linking the religious concept of being canonized to something he just invented----the word "Cannonized", meaning marrying Dyan Cannon.
1247. Mitzi Gaynor.
1249. William Faulkner. Rex Bell.
1252. Jeanette Nolan added some insanity to the PSYCHO soundtrack. Her son Tim McIntire gave voice to a demon-brat on tv's "Soap".
1254. Deanna Durbin.
1255. Various sororities & fraternities complained that the film made them look bad. While the movie carefully acknowledges some good in those structures, it does politely attack them on the grounds of snobbery and hazing.
1256. Felicia Farr. Walter Matthau.
1257. When rock writer/producer/arranger/conductor  Lee Hazlewood was in charge of Nancy Sinatra's hitmaking career, he occasionally added a 5th role by singing some charting duets with her. One of those was SOME VELVET MORNING, from 1968. In later years, it was an easy song to recall, due to its unsubtle & memorable lyrics. LH singing to NS: "Some velvet morning when I'm straight, I'm gonna open up your gate".
1259. HAZARD.
QUESTIONS 1261-1280:
1261. Honest! We tried not to make it 3-items-in-a-row about various female humans being used-&-abused, but how can we ignore a line of dialogue like this?: "A girl can't afford to be too uppity...............". In case you're not fond of that line, maybe you'll be fond of the supporting cast. It was a reunion-in-advance of people who would become stars in the first generation of television: Eleanor Donahue("Father Knows Best"); Frances Rafferty("December Bride"); Jimmy Lydon("So This Is Hollywood"); and Irene Ryan("The Beverly Hillbillies"). They surrounded star Gloria Jean in 1949's __________    __________  -  __________    __________..................Addendum: A hint is that  the hyphen should help you; so it's just a question of whether our hints can be trusted. (Quiet).
1262. During the 1950s & 1960s, it might have been the most important "independent" record company* in the U.S. "It" was Chess Records, and its story is told in a 2008 film. Chess made rock-&-roll and R&B ears happy by unleashing upon them Muddy Waters & Little Walter & Etta James & Howlin' Wolf & Chuck Berry. The names of individual characters were historically correct, but for legal reasons the producers titled the movie __________    __________ instead of Chess Records. ......................................*"Independent" in this context refers to those companies which were notably smaller than such industry giants as RCA/Columbia/Capitol/Decca.
1263. 1970 saw the release of Sandra Dee's THE DUNWICH HORROR, which was based upon source material from a writer whose last name was __________. At the end of that same year, another blonde, Sue Lyon, signed to do a to-be-determined-later episode of television's "Night Gallery" anthology; that turned out to be a story in which she introduces herself by saying "Miss __________ sent me". 2 blanks; one word.
1264. Why should PACIFIC HEIGHTS remind you of Paul Simon's first solo hit in 1972?.........................................................Addendum: While we originally were going to take a leave-it-at-that view of that question, in a moment of extreme weakness we have decided to also name the song: "Mother And Child Reunion".
1265. The worlds of movies and sports have intersected fairly frequently. One film that we have in mind put these guys to work as actors: Paul Hornung, who won the Heisman Trophy at Notre Dame & then helped Green Bay dominate pro football in the early 1960s; and former middleweight champion of the world Gene Fullmer. The production was 1968's__________    __________    __________.
1266. Trey Parker & Matt Stone have seen more-than-several movies, so it's not surprising that film-references appear in "South Park" from time to time. In 2004, they titled an episode "Up The Down Steroid". Where'd they get that naming-idea?
1267. Bi-coastal cheerleading. In Georgia, she was a teenage C.L. In Hollywood, in 1990, she was a cheerleader of a different kind. Around the Oscar-period of that year, she campaigned (offstage & off) on behalf of the movie she thought was the best picture of the year being dealt with(1989). "She" is Kim Basinger, and the movie was __________    __________     __________    ________
1268. As with a lot of other filmsters of the 30s/40s, this guy by the 50s had transitioned into television stardom. His best-remembered tv gig was "Strike It Rich". A good example of his film work is 1937's A BRIDE FOR HENRY, co-starring Anne Nagle*. You could strike it rich (in our affections) by naming that performer...................*Not knowing any official diving terminology, she notes that a diver just did "A whole one and part of another one"(that's probably a phrase widely heard at Olympic & NCAA events)
1269. It was an important film for multiple careers: (A) For William Powell, it proved that his rico-very-suave bit could transfer effectively from silents to talkies. (B) For Jean Arthur, it turned out to be her first full-talkie picture. (C) For Louise Brooks, it proved to be both her Hollywood-peak & her Hollywood-doom. More on that last one in the answer, which requires the movie's 4-word title.
1270. In a 2000  movie-themed episode of a well-known cartoon-series, a key character was named "Benton Tarentella". "Everyone Wants To Direct" was that episode's title. If we mentioned that each week the show starred more than one kind of mammal, would that help you name it?
1271. It would be intriguing if an entire motion picture turned on a single word---and even more so if a film turned-around on merely the emphasis on a word. The actress seems to say he'd-kill-us if he had the chance, implying that her side is in danger; but upon further analysis, she is found to actually be saying he'd-kill-us if he had the chance, implying that her side is doing the killing. The thriller was one of the best reviewed movies of the 1970s, __________    __________.
1272. What can you tell us about Samantha Gailey?
1273. Its popularity as a name has faded, but it has left some traces in Hollywood-history: (A) William Powell starred as __________ Vance in a series of films. (B) __________ McCullough was a key actor in Paramount's first sound-film, WARMING UP. (C) Some outdoor films have been made in the scenic Willamette River Valley of Oregon, where one of the towns is named  _____________math. That last one needs the same letters as the other two entries, this time to complete a single word. Can you improve the blanks?
1274. One of the hit films of 2004 was FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. A decade later The Esquire Network borrowed most of that title and launched "Friday Night __________". 
1275. __________    HUNGRY was the 1976 film in which Arnold Schwarzenegger was first widely noticed. __________ TUNED brought the sitcom crowd(Pam Dawber & John Ritter) to the longer format in 1992. "__________ Awhile" was a 1964 Dusty Springfield contribution to the English Invasion. Three blanks. One word.
1276. Among audiences, David O. Selznick was famous as the producer of GONE WITH THE WIND; but within the film industry, he was also famous for a certain business habit---signing performers and then not finding enough work for them. When that happened, he would lease their services to other producers. In the opening credits of TEXAS, BROOKLYN AND HEAVEN, this line appears: "Mr. Madison Appears By Arrangement with David 0. Selznick". That M-guy also starred in first generation television shows, so maybe you can name him.
1277. In  a famous 1976 movie, Ron Howard uses the gun when he has to but then throws it away in disgust. In 1950, Ben Johnson had done the same thing. Titles would help.
1278. A year in advance, it was announced that its release date would be Valentine's Day, 2015. The analytical crowd could easily criticize that date, based upon its impication that we're dealing with a love story, when in fact it might not quite fit within that category. Either way, it was one of the most heavily publicized films of 2014/2015, so you'll probably be able to name it  as __________    __________    __________    __________..
1279. You don't have to use bad words to sound ominous. Consider: "It's a hard world to get a break in; all the good things have been taken. But girl there are ways to make certain things pay; though I'm dressed in these rags I'll wear sable one day". Those song-lyrics first surfaced in late 1965, on the single "It's My Life" by The Animals. A key re-surfacing occurred in 1997, when Dana Hutson sang it in the (Disney!) film __________    __________    __________...........................Epilogue: Although The Animals never got around to hiring our crowd as their public relations representatives, we would like to state that desiring to "make certain things pay" probably referred to opening a lumberyard---possibly with an attached hardware store. 
1280. For half a century, it was a very well-known show business property. Its fame has faded lately, but we're going to give you so much help that you may be able to name it: (A) Zasu Pitts plays a maid at a fancy home; she tends to greet dinner guests by saying "You're late!" (B) A cabbie says he would never stoop to anything as unethical as "eavesdrooping"(that's good to know). (C) Souls/soles: A lady notes that NYC is a city with 7 million souls and "goodness knows how many heels". (D) When financial affairs are looking gloomy, a guy notes that he should have jumped out of a high window with the other guys in 1929. All of that is from the 1940 movie version. Each of the three words in the title starts with "N".
ANSWERS 1261-1280:
1262. CADILLAC RECORDS......................Addendum: We'd rather not comment on the rumor that the Etta James hit "Pushover" is playing in the background right now. Her lyrical point is that she is not one of those: "I want true love, not an invitation". (Her mother taught her that).
1263. (H.P.) Lovecraft.
1264. The cast of  PACIFIC HEIGHTS featured a mother and child reunion involving Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith.
1266. From the Sandy Dennis movie UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE.
1267. DO THE RIGHT THING. Cheerleaders generally have a lot of energy, and Kim was energetic enough to take her campaign onto the Oscar telecast itself, where she was a presenter. After praising DTRT one last time, she did her official bit.
1268. Warren Hull. 
1269. THE CANARY MURDER * CASE. After having completed her part in the then-silent picture, Louise Brooks departed for Europe, where she had a number of offers. When the decision was made to turn the movie into a talkie, she was asked to return to record dialogue. Her response was basically "You're not the boss of me!", and she stayed-put. When she returned years later, the studios proved to have a long memory, and her career never recovered........................................................................*The American Humane  Association will be happy to learn that no actual canary was murdered during the making of this film.............................Addendum: We don't like to say that Hollywood knows-how-to-fake it, but, ah..................: Clever audio and visual tricks allowed them to get around the no-Brooks obstacle pretty well. An industry-with-a-heart might then have said all-is-forgiven, but, ah.................
1270. The show was Courage The Cowardly Dog. 
1272. As the non-existent Hollywood "winter" came to an end in 1977, Samantha Gailey was 13. Nothing wrong with existing as a 13-year-old, except of course that Roman Polanski was 43---and the rest is tabloid history, hysteria, and historiography. Her last name is now Geimer, but we used her earlier name here for this reason: She hasn't had much fun out of this, and "Gailey" seems so happy and pleasant that it seems like an act of kindness to use it. 
1273. Each blank needs "Philo".
1274. Tykes. (They're little children. They play football).
1275. STAY.
1276. Guy Madison starred as Wild Bill Hickok on television. (We called him the "M-guy" to help out).
1280. NO, NO, NANETTE.
QUESTIONS 1281-1300:
1281. Although it would be hard to define, precisely, the truer-&-deeper-meaning of the phrase "the real thing", there's some evidence that Sean Connery merits that name. When making a 1958 film with Lana Turner, Connery kept getting interrupted by her boyfriend Johnny Stompanato.  We don't like to say that JS was slightly mobbed-up, but he did have the home phone numbers of both Vito Genovese and Mickey Cohen. Connery knew who he was but didn't care; he ignored Stompanato's gun and knocked him to the floor(as we understand it, Johnny bounced twice). This huge absence of nonviolence occurred during the filming of __________    __________    __________    __________. To make sure that you yourself don't become violent, we'd better give you this hint: The first & third words are the same.
1282. They drive along slowly and look around nervously.  Then they say: "Lot of white people in this neighborhood". It has an alternative title in its history, but this 2006 Amanda Peet comedy is usually called __________    __________.  
1283. The  well-known 1991 documentary PICTURE THIS is about the filming of a famous movie from two decades earlier, namely __________    __________    __________    __________. (Although we're too lazy to give you an official hint, you might already be looking at one).
1284. THE KID FROM BROOKLYN was played by the kid from Brooklyn, so perhaps you could name that actor.
1285. A well-known Bill Murray film from 1984 shares a name with a musical group whose key national hit was "Let's Call It A Day Girl". Must be __________    __________    __________.
1286. This 2005 drama at one point deals with the question of a certain child's age. The (cynical) conclusion is that she's young enough that she still thinks everything's going to turn out all right. The same kid could correctly be called a Bear Liberator, so we must be talking about __________    __________    _________
1287. A well-known tv movie from 1993 was called "I Yabba-Dabba Do!". That name/phrase had been adapted from the key song of the Jane Powell film TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE. Since it was sung by the young-but-already-slightly-famous Debbie Reynolds, perhaps you can name the song's 3-word title.
1288.  Part of this comedy's intellectual content: (A) "No girl's going to stay in the dark with 3 guys she doesn't know"*. (B) Someone says his only success in school came when the "guy in front of me wrote big". (C) When a lady named Mrs. James overcharges someone, she is asked: ""Heard from Jesse lately?" The 1946 Carole Landis/Harry Morgan/Allen Joclyn movie was called IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN __________    __________    __________..................................*That's called logic.
1289. The producers of a Billy Dee Williams movie admired the title of a big hit record from 1965. So they grabbed it, smacked it around a little bit, and used a modified version of it as their film-title. The song was "Agent Double-O-Soul", by Edwin Starr*. See how close you can come to the movie title.................................*He was later justifiably immortalized by the 1970 chart-topper "War". (He was against it).
1290. During the second half of the 1900s, it was a famous advertising slogan of a major chemical company. In the year 2000, the same words were adopted as the title of a song by the Queens Of The Stone Age.  Finally, in 2014, the movie arrived. It starred Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell. Four words, used three times.
1291. In item #298 preceding, we used OVERBOARD as an example of a "home movie"---a film in which a real-life couple plays a couple onscreen. But does it qualify as a HM if the twosome makes the movie first and then marries a little later? We don't know, but we do know that Paulette Goddard and Burgess Meredith became engaged not long after making __________    __________ together. The two-word title is a musical term; another hint is that SWING ROMANCE  is an alternative title under which the movie has sometimes been marketed.
1292. In an episode of the tv comedy "Bob's Burgers", a card-player with a hot hand is called "Meryl __________".
1293. Definitely the first & possibly the greatest of the blonde bombshells, putting a question to a saleslady at a clothing store:  "Can you see through this?".............."I'm afraid you can, dear"............"I'll take it"........................The movie was RED HEADED WOMAN, and the actress was _________     __________.  
1294. A hypothetical situation: If an acting couple said that a certain project was far and away their most enjoyable work together, and if we added that the year 1992  may be relevant, would you be able to: Explain?
1295. This famous horror-character was given only a brief cameo at the end of A&C's most famous movie*, but eventually he earned his own vehicle with the boys. That cameo-reference may help you name the second film as ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET** __________    __________    __________..................................*ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN.  **You'll recall that they were such sociable guys that they managed to "meet" just about everyone except Genghis Khan, whose path never seemed to cross theirs. 
1296. When it's time for the injection into the buttocks, Connie Britton: (A) Is ready. (B) Can take it. (C) Is tough; but when the needle goes in way too hard, she protests  "Not like a javelin!"  That comment came in 2011's __________.
1297. At times, during his 5-calendar-decade career, Al Pacino has chosen to play-it-comfortable, and on other occasions he's been willing to take a couple of steps out onto the ledge. One of the latter events came in 1980, when his character explored a certain subculture within American life---and, some would say, a sub-SC within the overall one. Since Karen Allen was his co-star, the movie must be __________.
1298. Tag-team wrestling: Paulette Goddard did two spooky-comedies back to back---THE CAT AND THE CANARY in 1939 & THE GHOST BREAKERS in 1940. She dragged her male co-star from the first to the second. Both films were big hits, so we're hoping you can name __________    __________.
1299. In 1961, the character-twosome of George Chandler and Reta Shaw co-starred in "Ichabod And Me" on television. In 1975 they were reunited in the Disney hit __________    __________    __________    ________
1300. Frazzled mother to the tykes-behaving-badly: "You two go over there and you shoot each other.................You have my permission". We don't know about you, but to us that sounds like the 2009 Heather Graham movie __________    __________    __________.  (The vignette & the title are somewhat related). 
ANSWERS 1281-1300:
1282. THE EX.
1284. Danny  Kaye. 
1287. "Aba Daba Honeymoon".
1288. TO A DOG.
1292. Streak.
1293. Jean Harlow.
1294. The answer is hiding  in the question. FAR AND AWAY is that year's Cruise/Kidman movie directed by Ron Howard.
1297. CRUISING. Some early media comments referred to the movie as profiling the gay subculture in America, with special reference to the leather-bar sub-subculture. Critics of that view promptly pointed out that since the leather-scene makes up perhaps 1% of the overall culture, the project should not be labelled as being a look at gay life in America.
1298. Yes, we were "hoping" you could name Bob Hope.
1301. Although  publicized at the time as an Elizabeth Taylor vechicle, Stephen Sondheim's score is at the heart of this 1977 movie. The key song from the film was "Send In The Clowns", so we must be talking about __________    __________    __________    __________.
1302. The 1949 movie was generally well-reviewed, but in retrospect the interesting cast  seems as important as what actually took place on the screen. Among the inmates: (A) Jason Robards SENIOR, father of that one kid; (B) Sheila Graham, the gossip columnist who would pen the source material for the film BELOVED INFIDEL;  (C) silent goddess Mae Marsh; (D) Art Baker---later tv-famous for "You Asked For It!"; and (E) famous 40s-actress Ella Raines, who was related to both flying legend Robin Olds and Gore Vidal(& through him to the Kennedys and the Standard Oil fortune). A nice simple title: __________.
1303. When Universal and spooky-doings director William Castle were working on the final portion of I SAW WHAT YOU DID in 1965, they decided to play around a bit with the standard "The End" finale. They referenced the fact that the kid-stars of the film would be having their phone privileges cut off, due to their crank-calls  that almost got them killed. The closing logo replaced "The End" with __________    __________    __________    __________    __________. A  hint about those 5 words is that they popped up again in pop culture 24 years later, in a way which involved  such sportsmen as Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. The words?
1304. In 2004, these things happened: (A) There was a reference to an Army Of Skanks. (B) Blondie's hit "One Way Or Another" is heard by all. (C) A girl announces that she was half-a-virgin when she met a certain guy. (D) A parental figure is a little confused about disciplining teenagers: "Are they not allowed out when they're grounded?" All those happenings were onscreen, in the famous teen comedy __________    __________.
1305. Although very famous people made good use of the songs of George Jackson*, he himself became only slightly well-known.  Even if he had never written all the hits listed below, he deserves lasting fame for the name of one of his companies.  Perhaps the rowdiest of all music-company-names, it came from a 1975 film starring Lynn Redgrave. What 3-word title comes to mind?...............*Both Tom Cruise and Bob Seger had good luck with "Old Time Rock & Roll"; the sightless wonder Clarence Carter sold a million copies of "Too Weak To Fight"; R&B legend Wilson Pickett pointed to Jackson's "A Man And A Half" as being one of his favorite WP-hits; and The Osmonds took "One Bad Apple" to #1.
1306. For pop-culture fans of the 1950s, the song "The Girl I Left Behind Me" was on-the-brain because of its prominent recent inclusion in the John Wayne/John Ford hit SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON. What does all that have to do with 50s-star Tab Hunter?
1307. Within the family featured in SUMMER RENTAL, the minors were played by Kerri Green & Joey Lawrence & Aubrey Jene.* That left the parents to be played by __________    __________ & __________    __________...................*Only a last-minute burst of restraint kept us from calling them a minority group
1308. They  were a couple of key faces-of-the-fifties in movies.* In the last month of 2003, they died about 98 hours apart, both in Southern California. One had GENTLEMAN MARRY BRUNETTES on her list of credits; the other first became famous in BUS STOP. Naming one of them would get you off the hook; naming both would make us search long & hard to find the right adjective to express the greatness of  your efforts...........*We were going to call them "THE Faces Of The Fifties", but we know that other contenders have their backers, and the hate-mail-in-box is already full
1309. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WANDA JUNE was principally a Rod Steiger vehicle, but it was the busiest child star of her time, __________    __________, who played the title character
1310. When "The Bold And The Beautiful" hit daytime-tv in 1987, the MGM-crowd had their suspicions about the title. They were pretty sure that its inspiration was a famous movie of theirs from 1952. Lana Turner was top-billed in __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1311. It's a terrible thing to go through life without a name, so we're going to name a certain movie sequence. It happened in A MAN CALLED DJANGO, and we're going to call it The Chamber Trick. It's a gunfighter's tactic,  and the only hint we'll give is a quick tutorial for the non-gun crowd: A revolver is built around a cylinder, which rotates to put first one chamber & then another into firing position. So what's the (newly named) Chamber Trick?
1312. The death of Mary Ann Mobley in 2014 reminded those with good studio connections that she will always be an asterisk-girl, in the same way that Roger Maris remains an asterisk-boy.* After showing excellent onscreen chemistry** with Elvis in two movies, Mobley, at Elvis's request, was offered a third film. Preliminary documents were signed, but then MAM decided that a couple of other pending offers would diversify her career more than a 3rd Presley film would. The offers were a two-parter on "Mission: Impossible" and the upcoming Jerry Lewis movie THREE ON A COUCH, which she knew would be heavily promoted. So she was allowed to withdraw to do those projects instead. Therefore, Shelley Fabares goes down in history as the only official triple-Elvis-starlet***, while Mary Ann gets credit for 3-with-an-asterisk: Signing for 3 but only doing 2. Which two?....................................*Scholars-Of-Baseball are quick to point out that there is usually no official asterisk in places where Maris is described as having broken Babe Ruth's season-home-run record; but the asterisk exists in the mind of the public, since RM did not break the record in the 154 games that BR had to work with. (A cautionary note about those Scholars-Of-Baseball: They make up a community which does not like to be referred to by the initials of that group-name. We don't know why).....................**We're too young to talk about offscreen chemistry; but we would like to state that small-town Mississippians need to stick together.....................***GIRL HAPPY & SPINOUT & CLAMBAKE.
1313. 1971 saw the airing of a well-known episode of "The Odd Couple", "Bunny Is Missing Down By The Lake". What does all of that have to do with Lord Olivier?......................................................Addendum: We were going to honor this item-number by typing the entry on FRIDAY THE 13TH at 1300 military time on The 13TH FLOOR of this building while discussing THE 13TH GUEST with THE 13TH MAN---but then 13 GHOSTS scared us off & made us move it to another day.
1314. They were born exactly a-month-and-a-day apart, one in Des Moines & one in Los Angeles, in the spring of 1926. It had been a relatively hard spring on the prairies of Iowa, from the Mississippi River on the east to the Missouri on the west; but L.A. managed to put together its usual 90 perfect days per season. One of those baby girls became the definitive movie sex symbol of the 1900s. The other would grow up to become the record-holder for nighttime Emmy Awards. Take a shot. Take two shots.
1315. Ignore onscreen relationships and concentrate on personal ones. What famous movie star was a living link between Wally Cox(A GUIDE FOR THE MARRIED MAN, "Mister Peepers") and Henry Fonda?
1316. TARANTULA. 1955. The were no nods of recognition among audiences when this guy was shown oncreen, but today there would be. Since this is being posted in 2015, which is that actor's 60th anniversary in films, we think you may be able to name him.
1317. Julie Anne Haddock was featured in THE GREAT SANTINI. Felice Schachter co-starred in ZAPPED! Julie Piekarski was in multiple tv-movies. But for pop-culture historians, it was an event which occurred as the 1970s became the 1980s that makes them intriguing. What kind of event?
1318. When Paramount released ROAD TO MOROCCO in 1942, the public was not surprised to see Hope/Crosby/Lamour featured in it, since those three had originated the series with ROAD TO SINGAPORE. Call those three The Usual Suspects. But sharp observers also noticed another refugee-from-ROAD-TO-SINGAPORE. You could call him The Unusual Suspect, and you could also call him __________    __________.
1319. Today is OK, but toMORROW is what we really want to talk about: __________ Morrow starred in QUIZ SHOW. __________ Morrow did his thing in DIRTY DANCING. __________ Morrow made his film debut in BLACKBOARD JUNGLE. __________ Morrow had a hit record with the theme from THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM.
1320. "Your future depends on women. Don't you care about your future? So take care of them or you're not going to have one". That's from a big 2013 film which also contains someone saying "Thank you" upon being called a maniac, and a tennis racquet we'd rather not discusss. Here's the right number of spaces: __________    __________.
ANSWERS 1301-1320:
1302. IMPACT.
1303. "The End Of The Line". That was also the title of a 1989 hit record by Dylan & Petty & George Harrison & Roy Orbison & Jeff Lynne, using the joint alias of The Traveling Wilburys.
1305. THE HAPPY HOOKER. Happy Hooker Music.
1306. During Hunter's period of A-list stardom, THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND was connected to "The Girl I Left Behind Me" in two ways: (A) Title-inspiration, and (B) the reason the girl got left behind: The guy went into the service.
1307. John Candy & Karen Austin.
1308. Jeanne Crain. Hope Lange.
1309. Pamelyn Ferdin. For more on PF(and another PF), see #643 preceding.
1311. To lure an adversary out of hiding, a gunfighter would load the chambers so that this would happen: (A) A loud "click" on an empty chamber. (B) Another click on another empty chamber. (C) When the enemy shows himself and starts to come forward (thinking that the clicking-gun is empty)---a live-round shot from the third chamber, ending the festivities.
1313. BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING  is a movie which starred that boy.  For more on Laurence Olivier, see item #1*  of these Annals Of The Universe.........  *Which parallels (accidentally or on purpose**) his position among British actors.....................**We'd rather not say which; we're shy in that way.
1314. On the prairies: Cloris Leachman was born on 4/30/26. On the coast, Marilyn Monroe appeared on 6/1/26.
1315. Marlon Brando. Brando was Cox's lifelong best friend; and Brando's mother Dodie was the key early booster of the young Fonda's acting talent, back home in Omaha Nebraska.  
1316. Clint Eastwood.
1317. The massacre at ¨The Facts Of Life¨(a sometimes overlooked worldwide tragedy). Feeling that the 7-girl principal cast was a bit of a mob-scene, the network and the production company fired the majority of them---the 3 named in the question and the one whose name would have made the question too easy:  Molly Ringwald.
1318. Anthony Quinn.
1319. The Four Horsemen Of This Question: Rob. Bruce. Vic. Buddy. (To think about Four Horsemen of another kind, see #1108 preceding).
QUESTIONS 1321-1340:
1321. The first half of 1966 featured a big hit by Cher called "Bang Bang"; the second half saw a movie called BANG! BANG! __________    ______.
1322. Two movies. Two similarities. One of the latter can be explained by simply naming the films:  Doris Day's IT HAPPENED TO JANE and the Davis/Crawford/Festival WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? In addition to the title-similarity,  a well-known child performer links the two films. Since those phenomena happened more than three weeks ago, a hint may be appropriate: Her sister was perhaps the most famous of the Mouseketeers not named Annette.
1323. This 1965 drama about love among the 20ish crowd features (A) the all-blond/blonde team of the year, and (B) a dip into chemistry and physics(there seems to be a focus on the temperature of liquids). Must be __________    __________    __________    __________.
1324. Having a ¨Ẅaste not, want not¨ philosophy, the producers of this 2001 movie decided not to waste any ink on paper or light rays online---so they made their film go through life with only 4 letters as a title. Famke Janssen, rarely challenged in the visual realm, got some competition this time from the facial features of soap-goddess Jennifer Bransford(¨One Life To Live¨). The 4 letters: ___    ___    ___    ___.
1325. Nobody asked us, but we do have one comment about 1980: ¨Oh give me a home, __________    __________   __________     __________¨
1326. Whether NEVER STEAL ANYTHING SMALL is good advice is uncertain. What's definite is that the movie starred a legendary movie  star who was just about to retire(for the moment), an actress who would later be partridgized, and someone whose interests would soon turn from acting to Ann-Margret. Any info here would be appreciated.
1327. Connie Stevens had done Warner Bros. some good by helping make tv's "Hawaiian Eye" a big hit, so the studio kept her in mind for movie roles. One such project involved CS and Dean Jones becoming TWO ON A __________.
1328. The year of Louis Jourdan's death  (2015) was also the 60th anniversary of his filming of a famous Grace Kelly movie. It might be called her Coincidence-Film, because key elements of the screenplay resembled events in her personal life. Jourdan & Kelly did their thing in __________    __________.
1329. It was such a distinctive title that it wasn't surprising when it was re-grabbed for reuse later.* It was the name of a Jerry Lewis movie from the 1960s and of an episode of "The Underwater Adventures Of Captain Nemo" in the 1970s. So we must be talking about DON'T RAISE THE BRIDGE, __________   __________    __________.               *For more  on the subject of reusing titles, see #5 preceding in these Historical Chronicles.
1330. KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS. There are two things we'd rather not discuss: Whether that's a new LA-sex-fad; & whether that's the same blood from #1323 preceding. We are, however, willing to discuss that career-builder for a young actor who'd only been in films for 18 months when he signed for that one. Joan Fontaine assisted  __________    __________.
1331. If there ever was an actor eager to be frazzled-on-film, it was Jack Lemmon. In 1974 he plunged into that maelstrom in THE PRISONER OF     __________     __________ . Living -the- (negative)dream with him was Anne Jackson.  
1332. Dakota Johnson was making career-progress before 2015, but when that year saw 50 SHADES OF GREY take over the universe, she suddenly shot to the top of every venue's "Must Have" list. One of those seekers was "Saturday Night Live". In working on some promos about her appearance there, DJ played a new-nickname game in which she ended up with "Dakota __________    __________ Johnson".  The two words chosen have a certain logical resonance, so...............
1333. When Lucille Ball's writers began to craft a special tv episode for these two performers, in December of 1969, the man and woman were certainly the world's most famous movie stars of that moment. The two names wre spoken in a single breath at that time, so if you can name one you can probably name both.
1334. Where was Elizabeth Taylor born? (In our hearts, we'd like both the exact street address and the floor of the building; but there's some chance that we'll settle for the name of the city).
1335. Forget the name "Elizabeth Taylor" in the opening credits of a motion picture. What was her birth-name?
1336. It had a nice show-business history, even before it became a movie title in 2014. It was Dionne Warwick's second chart record* and Dusty Springfield's third. Speaking of "third": The third word in the title is the last.** Chevy Chase was top-billed in the movie. You know what you have to do to be top-billed with us..........*Originally the intended A-side, it was then eclipsed when disc jockeys began playing the B-side "This Empty Place" instead. **That's the most indirect way we could think of to say  it's a 3-word title.
1337. Gleason Family Values: Gleason & Hall. Gleason, Miller, & Patrick. Well?
1338. I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE. Who did? This actress (A) had a significant career in the 1930s & 1940s; (B) was married to movie star Joel McCrae for decades; (C) was the mother of beach-movie-stalwart Jody McCrae; and (D) had a billed last name which should remind you of Gidget. We remind you to answer this question.
1339. This Southern California town has been, at various times, a popular retirement community for the Hollywood crowd. That in turn means that a fair number of them have died there. One of those was Bill Hickman, the most famous stunt-driver  and  car-chase- coordinator of them all; he died during the warm and sunny desert winter of 1985/1986. Decades earlier, in the similarly paradisaical "winter" of 1957/1958, the town saw the passing of the man whose writing  provided the source-material for such well-known movies as BELL BOOK AND CANDLE, CABARET, and THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE---John Van Druten. Sergio  Leone was said to have been influenced by the town's name when he named the villain in his screenplay for FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, so we must be talking about _________________.
1340.  The 2012 demise of Gary Collins brought forth a lot of retrospectives on his career, and most of them featured the same omission: Because GC was so famous as a host-&-presenter, news accounts usually overlooked the scripted tv series which was his first real brush with fame. When he was 26, in late 1964, he signed to star with Jack Warden in an upcoming sitcom based upon a famous movie. The latter starred Jack Lemmon and Ricky Nelson. The title(identical for both projects) has 6 words.
ANSWERS 1321-1340:
1321. YOU'RE DEAD!
1322. Gina Gillespie, whose Mouseke-sister was Darlene  Gillespie.
1324. MADE.
1325. WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM features Bill Murray being less well behaved than The Forces For Decency In The Community* might like.....................................*Whether they are a 501(c)(3) organization we cannot say.
1326. James Cagney. Shirley Jones. Roger Smith.
1328. THE SWAN. 
1330. Burt Lancaster.
1332. She opted for Dakota The Rock Johnson,  after actor/wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
1333. Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton.
1334. Although her parents were both Americans, and she was the symbol of Hollywood/Los Angeles for 2/3 of a century, Elizabeth Taylor was born in London.
1335. Elizabeth Taylor. Once the girl began to show visual appeal while still a child, her mother took her marquee-perfect name as yet another ¨sign¨ that the kid was destined for stardom..................................................................................Addendum: No, no, we don't see any particular pattern in the last three questions---why do you ask?
1337. Joanna Gleason*: The daughter of Monty Hall....................................Jackie Gleason: The father of Linda Miller**(the mother of Jason Patric)***..................*BOOGIE NIGHTS. **AN UNMARRIED WOMAN. ***THE LOST BOYS.
1338. Frances Dee. (Sandra Dee). 
1339. INDIO. (The FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE character's name is sometimes rendered as "El Indio", in addition to the simpler version).
QUESTIONS 1341-1360:
1341. In 1983, Robin Leach was preparing what would become one of the biggest tv hits of that decade. He got his title-inspiration from a film from 19 months earlier whose name was still ¨ïn the air¨. Since the RL program was ¨Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous¨, we think you'ĺl be able to name its T-inspiration. 
1342. Dean Stockwell was effective as __________    __________    __________    __________    _____________; but it's the Rhyming Boys we admire the most---Ryan/O'Brien/Lyon*. The blanks needing your assistance deal with a movie from 1948.........................*Robert/Pat/Richard.
1343. Taking its title-inspiration from a famous 1958 movie, "Night Court" once presented an episode called "Auntie __________".
1344. We can almost hear Peaches & Herb singing "Reunited"* in the background("Turn that up!"). They sound as if they're singing about two movie- performers  who went from dominating a key theatrical film to starring in an equally well-known television series. Since we're talking about HUSTLE & FLOW and "Empire", we must also be talking about __________    __________ and __________    __________. *That much-dedicated ballad was on track to become the best-seller of 1979, after spending a month at #1 on the pop charts in the spring of that year. But then, the Riff Of The Century started emerging from car radios, and "My Sharona" spent a powerful 6 weeks at number one, eclipsing "Reunited".
1345. A movie star who was even bigger as a singer, she was descended from intellectual royalty. When she was born in 1948, the location was arguably the most famous university town in the world, Cambridge, England.  When she was 6, in 1954, her grandfather won the most prestigious* of the Nobel Prizes, the one for physics. The grandfather: Max Born. The grandaughter, who starred in TWO OF A KIND:....................................................*If any uppity chemists show up to complain, we're planning on dropping water-balloons on them from both the left turret and the right minaret.
1346. THE SEARCH made Montgomery Clift a film actor, but __________    __________    __________  __________    __________ made him a movie star. A hint: Those 5 words also appeared prominently in the most famous picture in the history of Vegas: It showed the "Ocean's 5" grouping within the overall OCEAN'S ELEVEN cast----the guys who got the movie financed & got most of the publicity. Above their heads was a sign saying "The Sands, __________    __________    __________    __________    __________. Your thoughts?  
1347. The last 18 months of the 1970s. THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS and "Hollywood Nights". You can tell from  our stylizing system that one is a movie and one is not; but what else can you tell us?
1348. 2001's THE WASH was called that for 2 reasons. We know you're busy, so naming just one of them will suffice.
1349. This adverb gets around: It was the key word in: The title of what is probably Elizabeth Taylor's best known film except for CLEOPATRA; the title of a film featuring Frank Sinatra's most daring casting of himself; and the key song from  LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Yeah, yeah, we know---the dog ate your Guide To Adverbs; but see what you can do without it.
1350. Pulling a guy out of the surf can turn out to be a very good move for the puller. Taking a non-show-biz example first: When Bill Clinton pardoned former Governor Fife Symington  of Arizona, some were surprised, because Clinton was a democrat & Symington a republican; unsurprised were those who watched Symington save Clinton from drowning years earler. The Hollywood version: The puller was one of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN;  the pullee was probably the best-known singer of the pre-rock era. The nearly deceased boy made sure his rescuer didn't lack-for-work over the next few years. We figure you don't lack-for-answers. 
1351. Four people with multiple movies on their resumes. Two pioneers. Two REAL pioneers. On television in 1968, Petula Clark reflexively took the arm of Harry Belafonte during a duet. This caused various forces in US society to hyperventilate and call their cardiologists. Everyone involved in the show was proud of the unplanned moment, and the two performers were called "pioneers" for having done it. That's true, but it was also said that the incident was the "first" of its type, and that's false. The previous year (1967) featured two stars of movies and music briefly kissing during a big television special. Since the racial/gender mix was the same as in the Belafonte/Clark case, there was the predictable amount of lipping-off by certain segments of society. Without devoting even one seccond to the question of whether you are deserving, here's a hint: The  show was called "Movin' With Nancy". Who were the actors/singers?
1352. In early 2015, various people and institutions began planning celebrations of certain 60th anniversaries---not of marriages, but of landmarks in show business history. As with #990 preceding, this item/saga will probably work best if it's divided-up and appears over several days. 1955 was a huge year in pop-culture, and these are the key reasons:
(A) In the spring, the rock era began with a movie song that stayed at #1 for 8 weeks and wound up as the best-selling song of the year. Its title had 4 words.
(B) As if in response to the rock-breakthrough of the spring, the summer saw the national television debut of perhaps the leading easy-listening outfit of the half-century. The aggregation was named after its leader.
(C) Still in the summertime, the era of the modern theme-park began. Mountains of movie-profits allowed a guy to open a new venue which became as famous as he  already was.
(D) September brought the birth of the adult western, courtesy of a movie guy, a tv guy, and someone who was both. The early 1950s were full of endless kiddie-westerns, of the Rogers/Autry/Hopalong/Ranger/Rin-Tin-Tin type. But within a few Sep/55 days of each other, 3 famous westerns all debuted, and they were all aimed at adults. Their great success meant the end of the juvenile western, and their "fathers" were (1) Jack Warner of that studio, (2) Leonard Goldenson of United Paramount Theaters/ABC, and  (3) William Paley of CBS.
(E) Surrounding the weekend which linked September & October, big things were ending and beginning: Late Friday brought the end of the first teen-idol-era of the half century. Early Monday saw the beginning of the 30-year reign of television's most famous children's show. Friday was 9/30/55. Monday was 10/3/55. 
(F) In November, the largest record company in the world signed a little-known Southern regional artist. In conjunction with"A" preceding, that would kill off one era and usher in a new one.
(G) Near the end of the year, the bandleader alluded to in "B" preceding nearly doubled his ratings by introducing some singers who would become the most famous non-rock quartet over the next two decades.
(H)  1955 was also the year in which the modern fast-food era began. That happened when an entrepreneur convinced a couple of Southern California brothers to expand nationally---with astounding results.
(I) Finally, Miss America of 1955 was the one who created the prototype for transitioning from MA into Hollywood & the media.* Just weeks after ending her year-long reign, she became the first "Today girl" on NBC.**That began a very impressive career which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015................................*Yes, yes, we see you there in the back row, waving your arms and yelling "Bess Myerson!" Much-love in that direction, but we think the answer will suggest that the nod here should go to the 55er rather than the 45er..........**Estelle Parsons had done a recurring bit previously, but not under that title.
Now, look at all that swell book-learnin' we just gave you about that pivotal year in pop-culture, 1955. All we ask in return: Some names.
1353. Both actors were named Michael. Both were lean & handsome. Both had serious hair. Both carved out significant careers in the land of the palm trees, but they came from the frigid north, where southern Canada meets the northern US. Both were born in 1940.  Both members of the M-Squad had last names containing 8 letters. One starred in such films as THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? and THE FLIM-FLAM MAN. The other could be seen in THE TRIP & THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN... & BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. Your best move would be to name both, because we can't find our calculator, which would surely be needed to decide what percentage-credit you should be given for naming one out of two....................Addendum: A key dissimilarity between the two was that only one was idolized by Horror-Mavens Of All Nations. More on that in the answer.
1354. 12 ANGRY MEN. What were Henry Fonda and Fonda's 11* so upset about?..............................................................................*Soon to be the title of a major motion picture. (Possibly).
1355. If no one in 1979 called her The Not So Grim Reaper, they should have. The word "her" is a reference to Jessica Lange's appealing performance as an angel-of-death character in __________    __________    __________.
1356. The autobiography of actress  Mariel Hemingway* was published in 2015. Its title ("Out Came The Sun") reminded us of a famous song ("Here Comes The Sun") and a well-known movie (THE SUN ALSO RISES). Perhaps you could remind us of some names associated with those projects...................*For more Hemingway Happenings, see #926 preceding.
1357. Two phrases. "Look Back In Anger". "Look Back In Angora". Two places in movie history. Tell us.
1358. 1935's THE INFORMER had a powerful night at the Oscars. The movie provided winners in these prestigious categories: Best Actor, Victor McLaglen; Best Director, John Ford; Best Screenplay, Dudley Nichols(on the way to writing STAGECOACH for the same director); and Best Score, Max Steiner(on the way to writing the best-selling song of the entire decade of the 1960s--- "Theme From 'A Summer Place' "). That much we know; what we need to know is what armed conflict supplied the movie's plot.
1359. When Cassandra Peterson would baby-sit the horror movies from time to time, she would sometimes "accidentally" call herself "Elvira: Mistress in The Dark" instead of the correct name. "Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark" was her character's name in both her tv show* and the feature film that followed. Therefore, the only title-question left open is: What's the name of the sequel to that first movie? One could say that it had a subtle title. One would be wrong.....................*"Movie Macabre". The movie took its name from the character's name rather than the show's name.
1360. The release of a new  version of Cinderella in 2015 also brought the return of perhaps the most famous true* nonsense song of the 1900s, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo". The original animated version featured well-known character actress Verna Felton singing the song; who took over in the remake?.........................*"Mairzy Doats" would seem to have a claim to that title, but it was actually a standard song masquerading as a nonsense song.
ANSWERS 1341-1360: 
1341. RICH AND FAMOUS. Bergen. Bisset.
1343. Maim. (AUNTIE MAME).
1344. Terrence Howard & Taraji Henson.
1345. Olivia Newton-John.
1347. The second half of 1978 saw Bob Seger chart with "Hollywood Nights". Late 1979 saw the production of the debut-film for Michelle Pfeiffer and Tony Danza,  THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS.
1348. It took place at a car wash. The entrepreneur who owned it* was named Mr. Washington.............*A nice acting turn by comic George Wallace.
1349. SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER.  SUDDENLY! "Suddenly Seymour"..................................Punctuation: In the first entry, the comma was always present.  In the second, the exclamation point came-&-went, depending upon who was doing the advertising. In the third, the powers-that-were apparently decided that they-didn't-need-no-stinkin'-punctuation.*.....................................................*For more people who talk like that, see #1105 preceding. 
1350. Brad Dexter had a little spare time, so he spent it rescuing Frank Sinatra.  
1351. Nancy Sinatra. Sammy Davis Jr.
(A) "Rock Around The Clock" emerged from BLACKBOARD JUNGLE.  
(B) Debuting on ABC-TV was The Lawrence Welk Orchestra.
(C) Walt Disney opened Disneyland.  
(D) (1) "Cheyenne". (2) "The Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp". (3) "Gunsmoke".
(E) The first teen-idol* of the half-century, James Dean, died late Friday. "Captain Kangaroo" premiered Monday morning..............................................Pop-culture- scribblers* use the phrase "teen-idol" in two separate ways: (1) Someone who is an idol of the teens; & (2) someone who is both an idol and a teen. Elvis Presley, who recorded his first national hit when he was 21, was a TI in only the former sense; Ricky Nelson, who hit the national charts when he was 17, qualifies under both definitions. .................... *Aren't we accidentally criticizing ourselves by using the slightly-negative word "scribblers". Certainly not, because what we are around here is Pop-Culture Learned Historians. See the difference?
(F) RCA Records signed Elvis Presley. In addition to the one-two punch of   "RATC" & Presley, '55 also saw Chuck Berry &  Little Richard & Fats Domino record their first pop-chart hits.  
(G) The Lennon Sisters debuted on Christmas Eve.  
(H) Ray Kroc convinced the McDonald  brothers to Think Big.  
(I) Lee Meriwether. We're giving her the edge as the MA-pattern-setter (over Bess Myerson ) for several reasons: (1) Bess did the media-bit for only a few years before taking a detour into politics (which destroyed her), while Lee continued into her 7th calendar-decade (2) Lee's Hollywood credits are about six times those of Bess; and (3) such later MAs as Mary Ann Mobley and Phyllis George and Vanessa L. Williams all paid tribute to Lee as the creator of the prototype . (Of course, who knows---maybe Lee herself took some inspiration from Bess; the world is so complicated........).  
1353. Michael Sarrazin(THEY SHOOT.............). Michael Blodgett(BEYOND THE...............). The latter is fondly remembered by the Horror Crowd, due to his starring role in "The Dead Man".  That "Night Gallery"  episode strikes a lot of admirers as providing more old-fashioned thrills than feature films costing 100 times as much.
1354. They were jury-members arguing over the fate of a defendant.
1356. "Here Comes The Sun" is closely associated with both George Harrison of The Beatles and Richie Havens. THE SUN ALSO RISES was a late-career vehicle for Errol Flynn(billed under Tyrone Power and Ava Gardner).                                Addendum: Since the beginning-of-the-question dealt with the Hemingway family, maybe the end-of-the-answer should too: Mariel's grandfather Ernest wrote the novel on which THE SUN ALSO RISES is based.
1357. LOOK BACK IN ANGER is perhaps the most famous of the British "Angry Young Man" films of the 50s/60s. ED WOOD: LOOK BACK IN ANGORA is a documentary about the famous director.
1358. The thousand-year British invasion of Ireland.
1359. Only those who have never seen Cassandra-as-Elvira will ask why the sequel is titled ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS.
1360. Helena Bonham Carter.
QUESTIONS 1361-1380:  
1361. How much do butterflies cost?  
1362. LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME, the story of singer Ruth Etting, was distinctive in a couple of ways: (A) It was a musical drama, as opposed to the musical comedies which dominated its decade(the 1950s). (B) Its universe included two guys who had the same first name(Martin), and the same hard-driving/take-no-lip personality. One of them was Martin Melcher, who was the husband/manager of the film's star, Doris Day. He was also a guy  who thought he could produce the movie better than  man-in-place Joe Pasternak could, until the studio told him, in effect, to go-wait-in-the-hall.* Who was the second Martin? .............................. *Pasternak went to  MGM studio boss Dore Schary and listed his past hits, including ANCHORS AWEIGH and A DATE WITH JUDY and IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME, and Schary saw the point. But there were no hard feelings, and in fact the Melcher/Day household  later gave Pasternak gainful employment on films like PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES and BILLY ROSE'S JUMBO.
1363. The same situation, a dozen years apart. The Gig Young(THAT TOUCH OF MINK) version happened in 1978; the Albert Salmi(THE FLIM-FLAM MAN) edition  occurred in 1990. What happened?
1364. A 2002 thriller took its name from a cannibalized version of  the title of 1973's best-selling song. Graham. Flack. Your turn.
1365. Oceanside, California is the more famous and the larger of the two, but Oceanside, New York has to be mentioned, when the criterion is show business connections: (A) Most movie fans don't care much about studio excutives, so we'll just name local boy Robert Iger(longtime Disney chairman) for you. (B) Perhaps the most famous rock-single of all time is The Tokens' version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", whose "secret weapon" was the high soprano of opera singer Anita Darian (she breathed her last in the Oceanside area). We gave you those two, so you give us these two: (C) This actress with alliterative initials has been in such movies as OLD DOGS and BACK TO THE BEACH, but her life after leaving Oceanside took her mainly into television, especially during the 80s & 90s. (D) Also coming from that locale was a DIE HARD actor who learned the pleasure of getting in the last shot.
1366. In 1961, a certain movie/book title was so "hot" that even a major movie star of the time was unable to bargain her way to billing above the title(no one achived that status). In the film, she was assisted in her endeavors by a couple of Juniors---a Zimbalist and a Robards. The film was BY LOVE POSSESSED, and the blonde actress was __________    __________.
1367. During the 1960s, this little 4-word phrase had show business pretty well-covered: (A) It was the title of a James Garner movie; (B) it was also the name of a hit single by Marvin Gaye; and (C) it was common on television, first on one show and then more broadly. Your task, should you decide to accept it: __________    __________    __________    __________.
1368. In 2015, this phrase was heard: "We're not bad people, but we did a bad thing". In the early 1980s,
some similar words were out there in the atmosphere: "What was the worst thing you've ever done?" The former involved Netflix.  The latter words opened a best-selling novel, which  became a well-known movie from 1981.  We need some details, but you may need a hint, since the second item was fairly long ago: The horror film starred what might be called the senior class.
1369. In the second half of the 1900s, two guys with the same name were active in American pop-culture. One of them was closely associated with both the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers and Yonkers Raceway. The other was an actor who did much television and such occational movies as VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS and RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP. Those men presented alternative versions of __________    __________.
1370. If we were to hold an imaginary reunion of all the pop-culture figures named Tippi or Tippy, would we need the very largest Grand Ballroom we could find? Probably not---more likely the smallest venue we could locate. Since your contract does not require you to be a sports expert, we'll just go ahead and tell you that Tippy Larkin was a world light-welterweight boxing champion. That just leaves you to name one-star each from THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT and A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG.
1371. If the 1997 project featured the subtitle A SPIRITED BEGINNING, then the official title must be the 6-letter word __________.
1372. Superficially it seemed like a bit of a mismatch, but there was a good reason for it. "It" was this event: In 2005, an Oscar-winning actress had her recent demise noted over the public address system at Yankee Stadium. Why?
1373. 1977's BETWEEN THE LINES had a strong top-billed cast: Jeff Goldblum, John Heard, and Lindsay Crouse; but for television fans, a key part of the film's appeal was the presence of a famous person from broadcasting, in her only movie-appearance. A key hint is that the "children's" show in which she co-starred started drawing large numbers of adult male viewers, once the word got out about __________    __________.
1374. If one of them was a significant movie star, and his brother was a well-known national broadcaster, and their cousin achieved sports immortality by simply moving forward 36 inches, then we must be talking about the __________ family of Wisconsin.
1375. Mark Hamill. Ann-Margret. Bob Hope. Montgomery Clift. At least once in the careers of each of them, there came a time when they needed to have a certain kind of non-elective surgery. What can you tell us?
1376. When R&B legend Percy Sledge died in 2015, that event brought renewed attention to both his signature-song and the well-known film which borrowed its title. One hint is that the title deals with two different kinds of human beings. Any further help might make the task too easy, and we know you wouldn't want that.
1377. One of the dominant movies of 1977 was THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. In the musical world, "Hotel California" went to #1 on both the singles and albums charts. Forget  professional connections---what is the key personal  linkage between those two projects?
1378. Are we being too easy to please? Maybe, but it seems to us that a film starring a prominent African-American actor of the 1940s did a little better than usual in presenting an AA character in a favorable light. He's always spoken to affectionately; he's also spoken about in the same manner; he is partnered with the then-hot Frankie Darro in a crime-solving/mystery-solving partnership; that partnership seems to be a fairly equal one; and in a sequence reminiscent of the ending to OCEAN'S 11, he saves the day by thinking clearly when others* were not.  The movie was 1941's YOU'RE OUT OF LUCK, and this actor's initials mimic those of the 20th Century's definitive movie sex-symbol. ???????????.....................................................*We don't have enough time to describe these others in detail, but a short version would feature the fact that we have a sudden urge to spin the desk-globe until it reaches the Caucasus Mountains.
1379. When the Olsen Empire* began to move in the direction of boots & saddles, it took its title inspiration from a famous western, HOW THE WEST WAS WON. What was their modified version of that title?..................*That's like the Roman Empire, except bigger, stronger, and much wealthier.
1380. Roy Disney's final calculations revealed that he & Walt now had enough money to begin the construction of Disneyland. When the first visitors eventually arrived, they noticed that the word "land" in the park's title was replicated in the names of its four subdivisions. By 2015, two of those had also become movie-titles. With a serving of generosity which can only be called massive, we're going to let you name either the two that made the cut or the two that didn't.
ANSWERS 1361-1380:
1361. BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE. Goldie Hawn. Edward Albert. 1972.
1362. Martin Snyder, the slightly-mobbed-up manager/husband of Ruth Etting.
1363. Both cases featured: (A) The actor's life being dominated by tsunamis of alcohol. (B) His murder of his wife. (C) His suicide later that day. (D) His leaving a surviving daughter named Jennifer. (E) His having a final credit with a goodbye/grim ring to it: Salmi's was  "Till We Meet Again". Young's was GAME OF DEATH. 
1364. Roberta Flack's song: "Killing Me Softly With His Song". Heather Graham's movie: KILLING ME SOFTLY.
1365. Lori Laughlin. Reginald VelJohnson. 
1366. Lana Turner.
1367. HOW SWEET IT IS. Jackie Gleason's show gave it its tv-start.
1368. The Netflix project was "Bloodline", which was publicized using the phrase "We're not bad people, but we did a bad thing". The movie was GHOST STORY, which featured late-career performances from Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, and John Houseman.
1369. Tim Rooney. The western TR: Although tv-rooted himself, he had parents who had the other two main show-biz venues well-covered: Mickey Rooney was, as we understand it, in more than one movie. BJ Baker, along with Cissy Houston & Darlene Love, essentially invented the profession of rock-backup-singer in the late 1950s; she was heard on more than 300 chart records, and one of her many specialties was to make solo artists achieve a "girl group" sound: When Annette Funicello began her recording career with "Tall Paul", AF's alto was basically in a duet with BJ Baker's high soprano, tripled-tracked for maximum effect: "Tall Paul is my love, tall Paul is my dream, he's the captain of, the high school football team"---those repeated lines dominated the song, and they are Tim Rooney's Mom  all by herself. The eastern TR: Although his family owned the Pittsburgh Steelers, his principal interest was in one of their spin-off ventures, the harness-racing mecca called Yonkers Raceway.
1370. Orient: Tippy Walker. Hong Kong: Tippi Hedren.
1371. CASPER.
1372. The actress was Teresa Wright, who had portrayed Eleanor Gehrig(Lou's wife) in THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES.
1373. Debbie Weems, of "Captain Kangaroo". An executive at CK's network, CBS, was heard to compare her sensual appeal with a then-new form of entertainment: "I'd rather watch Debbie Weems in a conservative one-piece swimsuit* than watch DEEP THROAT".  He was very far from being alone............................*She was waterskiing. It was red. Yes, it was definitely red.
1374. Ameche. Don Ameche(COCOON, TRADING PLACES) was a Hollywood fixture for 5 decades. Jim Ameche was a radio-god best-known for "The Chase And Sanborn Hour" and "Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy". Alan Ameche , the cousin of those two brothers, ended the first NFL championship game to go into sudden-death overtime; his Baltimore Colts beat the New York Giants when his one-yard plunge put him into the end-zone. Because a massive national television audience was watching that 1958 contest, that game is widely credited with greatly increasing the popularity of pro football.
1375. Here's the name of an important organization: The American Board Of Medical Specialties. Here's the name of one of their sub-organizations: The American Board Of Plastic Surgeons. The Hope/Clift/Hamill/A-M quartet had to visit the latter kinds of people for facial reconstruction, in the wake of serious accidents. 
1376. WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN was the title of both the Percy Sledge #1 hit and the Meg Ryan movie. Sledge's timing was just about perfect: That song hit the charts during the second week in April in 1966; his death came during that same week in 2015.
1377. Barbara Bach co-starred in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. Her sister Marjorie married Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, who helped make "Hotel California" legendary; he did it by playing the long guitar duet which ends the song. His partner there was Don Felder, & their joint performance has sometimes been voted the #1 guitar performance in rock history.
1378. Mantan Moreland.
QUESTIONS 1381-1400:
1381. In the first decade of his film-career and the last, Sal Mineo did something big involving Texas. The first instance dealt with one of the biggest commercial hits of 1956; the second occurred in connection with a critics' darling from 1971. Naming just one of the two would be what we in these parts call okey-dokey. Naming both would probably generate a double-dokey response from us.
1382. Quietly, among themselves, studio execs cited this movie as the kind of project that led to the full enforcement of the previously-dormant Production Code. The 1931 film detailed the glories of the playboy lifestyle, in both the movie's action and its dialogue. The former featured implied revolving-door activity in the hero's bedroom. The latter featured this kind of exchange: When the butler notices that a previous night's conquest accidentally left behind some jewelry, he asks his boss if she might have lost anything else. The reply: "If she did, she didn't lose it here". The production was an early hit for Irene Dunne, and it shares half-a-title with a well-known Tom Hanks movie from 1984.
1383. Some people liked the 2012 movie JACK & DIANE and some didn't. Standing proudly in the second group was a guy who was especially entitled to cast a vote. Since he's among the best known Indianans of the modern era, you might known that we're talking about __________    __________.
1384. Nothing wrong with an onscreen kiss. Similarly, nothing wrong with an onscreen kiss featuring performers who are about 2 decades apart in age---except when one of them is 10. The young actress was unhappy about it at the time, and even more so later. The movie, also controversial on other grounds, has a journalistic kind of title, namely __________    __________    __________    __________.
1385. It was the film debut of Tony Randall.  It was a tribute to the young actor's skills that  he held his own and then some* with a strong cast: David Niven & Ginger Rogers & Dan Dailey & Natalie Schafer & Barbara Rush. Its distinctive title might allow you to name it, and so might some punctuation: __________ ,   __________ !   __________,    __________!....................*Media coverage of the movie contained many compliments to his work.
1386. It began as a general catch-phrase, in American pop-culture of the early 1900s. By 1968 it had become the title of a well-known film. Then, 7 years later, it mutated slightly and emerged as the name of a big hit single. To double your fun, we're doubling the good news: (A) Any of the several variations of the phrase/title will be accepted. (B) A hint is that people named Reddy and Steiger may be involved.
1387. In 2015 it was the title of a Candice Bergen memoir. In 1992, it was the name of a Julie Andrews movie. In 1936, the same 3 words had appeared as the title of one of the biggest hit records of the year, as sung by Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. The need to hear those 3 words is strong, around here.
1388. At the end of NO WAY OUT, what language does Kevin Costner suddenly start speaking?
1389. Both movies were very-fine-in-'49. Each was a critical and commercial success. Coincidentally, the two of them produced the two best examples of crew-members doing things only under protest. That happens when they disagree strongly with a director's decision; they're contractually obligated to go forward, but they state their objections for the record. Director John Ford took major-heat from cinematographer Winton Hoch while filming in Monument Valley; Hoch's objection was about the look of a scene featuring cavalrymen riding through the western landscape. Across the country, another camera crew was balking. They were opposed to director Gene Kelly's desire to shoot outdoors in Brooklyn's fading light in the late afternoon; they lipped off because they were shooting in Technicolor, which at that time was thought to be a bright-lights-only process. The coincidental twosome: SHE  __________    __________    __________   __________. ON  __________    ___________.
1390. This 1974 action-film took its title-inspiration from a famous Ivory Soap advertising slogan. You can probably name the movie, but if you fell asleep twice during 4th grade---once during fractions & once during percentages---you may be in trouble here.
1391. During the early 2000s, Timbaland emerged as a significant producer/writer in r&b/rap circles. He was a key factor in such chart-toppers as Aaliyah's "Try Again" and Petey Pablo's "Raise Up", and he was also successful as a performer himself. What does all of that have to do with what was planned as Jeanne Crain's final movie?
1392. In 1965, the then-famous Look Magazine noticed that two major movie stars were celebrating round-number birthdays that year. On the cover and inside, they profiled __________    __________ at 30 and __________    __________ at 50. A key clue is that both actors were even more famous as singers.
1393. If the film industry ever institutes a Happiness Boys* hall of fame, Fred Astaire would be a key candidate for early induction. So it's surprising that a well-known movie features his character committing suicide. It debuted in the winter of 59/60, and its cheerful title clashed with the film's grim subject matter. That title: __________    __________    __________............................................................*By that we mean actors whose personal persona is as cheerful as the characters they generally portray.
1394. I SHOT ANDY WARHOL. We want that one pronoun to be identified so badly that we'll accept either the name of the actress or the name of the real-life sportswoman.
1395. The 2015 murder of Christie Schoen from "Food Network Star" brought some additional, sad, attention to a surname seen only rarely in show-business history. Christie's tv-connection is matched by movie-&-recording credits held by two other S-people. Vic Schoen arranged & conducted dozens of pop songs in the 1950s, especially for Patti Page*.  He also worked on movies like the Buddy Hackett/Pat Boone comedy ALL HANDS ON DECK and a famous Danny Kaye vehicle about a professional funnyman. That was 1956's __________    __________    __________. The third Schoenster was the cofounder of The Kingston Trio, whose first hit inspired the movie __________    __________   __________    __________    __________, and whose music has now appeared in many films. Bob Schoen became Bob Shane, in the same way that Bobby Ridarelli became Bobby Rydell.  Title-hints: The Kaye/Schoen movie incorporates the concept of the funnyman in its name. The Trio/Schoen #1 hit that led to the movie was "Tom Dooley"..........................*"Allegheny Moon" & "Old Cape Cod" & "Left Right Out Of Your Heart" are perhaps the best known of those.
1396. In the wake of TRUE GRIT's success, Kim Darby and Glen Campbell were reunited in the film __________. R&B singer Brandy's (sometimes-billed) last name is __________. A movie-threesome: Janice Rule(3 WOMEN) & George Chakiris(WEST SIDE STORY) & Vera-Ellen(WHITE CHRISTMAS) all came from the small Ohio town of __________. Three blanks. One word.
1397. The rookie version of Kurt Russell managed a couple of credits in 1962, but his real breakthrough-year was 1963. Not only did his yearly-credits-total skyrocket to more than a dozen, he also managed to get into projects certain to get him noticed. Hollywood producers at that time tended to catch every Presley movie, both to check out rising starlets* and to see the collection of fine character actors who always appeared(with an eye toward casting them in upcoming projects). On the tv side of the industry, an entire weekly series was built around him, as he played the lead in a western. One title would be good. Two would be great.                                                                                   *Their interest was, as we understand it, purely professional.
1398. Humans are such egotists. They think that they're the only mammals capable of self-expression. A firm opponent of that viewpoint was the Arkansas doggie who, in 2015, expressed himself by eating 23 rounds of live ammunition. Why does all of that remind us of Gene Hackman, and the year 1975?
1399. The startling number of people who've watched The Bangles' Susanna Hoffs audition for her new job as a lingerie model may or not remember that the clip comes from a motion picture. That 1987 movie was __________    __________.
1400. If you're an eleven year old boy, and you carry around a picture of yourself taking a nap in Sophia Loren's lap, you will be popular in your neighborhood. The pic-carrier was Paul Petersen("The Donna Reed Show"), and all that fraternizing took place during the filming of a 1958 Cary Grant film. You only need to come up with one word.
ANSWERS 1381-1400:
1381. He co-starred in GIANT, which dealt with Texas. He was instrumental in bringing THE LAST PICTURE SHOW's source-material to the attention of Peter Bogdanovich, who ultimately directed the  movie, which was also set in Texas.
1382. BACHELOR APARTMENT. (The Hanksian effort: BACHELOR PARTY).
1383. John Mellencamp, who wrote and sang "Jack & Diane", a #1 hit from 1982. Since he was an industry veteran and " well represented"* by counsel, he knew that his title (any title) could not be copyrighted or otherwise protected legally. But there's nothing that says a guy can't LOL* when his title is grabbed for unrelated material, and so he did just that.............*That's a euphemism for a situation in which the legal fees start at an impossibly high hourly rate & then go up from there...................**Lip Off Loudly.  Addenda: (A) As of the time this item is being researched, JM has made his negative comments known in & around Jackson County(IN), where he lives; we're not sure if he has, or will, take those views to the national stage. (B) For more "Jack & Diane" commentary, see #902 preceding.
1384. INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. The keep-your-grubby-lips-off-me kid was Kirsten Dunst.
1385. OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN!
1386. The film: NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY, starring Rod Steiger. The song: "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady", sung by Helen Reddy.
1387. A FINE ROMANCE. The 1936 song was from the movie SWING TIME, and it shared the Hollywood spotlight with another famous song from the same  film, "The Way You Look Tonight".
1388. Russian, and his interest in that language is not merely academic.
1390. Richard Harris starred in 99 & 44/100% DEAD. The Ivory Soap people, having a 99 & 44/100% lack of a sense of humor, grumbled about this raid upon their slogan, whose original version ended with "pure" instead of "dead".
1391. GUNS OF THE TIMBERLAND was meant to be Jeanne Crain's retirement-film, because she wanted more family-life than her movie career would allow. But when she found that the offers kept coming even after her agents passed-the-word on that issue, she accepted a few of them; the result was that  her working-schedule dropped to a fraction of its size in the 1944*-1960**period.............................................................................*The year in which HOME IN INDIANA put her on the map. **The year of GOTT.
1392. Elvis Presley. Frank Sinatra.
1394. Although not a shooter herself*, the excellent Lili Taylor did a nice job portraying  triggerwoman Valerie Solanas.............
*That we know of.............
1396. Norwood.
1397. IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR.  "The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters".
1398. That guy, in that year, starred in BITE THE BULLET.
1401. GUNG HO(1985). What were they so GH about?
1402. Many modern first-names in the English-speaking world evolved slowly over the centuries or over the millennia, after having originated in unknown times & places in antiquity*. But one popular current name came into being when a guy wrote it on a piece of paper one day. That newly-made female appellation shot to immediate fame through its inclusion in a legendary play, early in the 1900s.  In later decades, it was featured prominently in such movies as 2004's FINDING NEVERLAND and 1953's PETER PAN. The name?.....................*At times, some historical evidence does survive. For example, it seems fairly clear that when Menes, the first Pharoah, was uniting Upper and Lower Egypt circa 3100 BC, a toddler named "Benjy" was bothering him the whole time.
1403. Vincent Price did so many famous horror films for American-International that it's easy for one or two of them to get lost track of from time to time. One which deserves more attention than it sometimes gets is the movie which gave Pythoner Terry Gilliam his first film credit. We're talking about CRY __________    __________    __________.
1404. A well-known science fiction film from 1957 had its title grabbed by a chart-topping rock group in 1966. Their key song was "96 Tears", and their name was   "Question Mark and _________    __________".
1405. When Woody Allen was editing one of his films for  a 1971 release-date, he very reluctantly tossed a sequence featuring a visiting dictator appearing on the radio show of Cousin Brucie (Bruce Morrow); he later said that he didn't quite have the nerve to use it. The reference to the dictator, and the naming of the release-year, may help you identify the movie as __________.
1406. This 2006 comedy revealed that Steve-O had more dealers than friends(even a comedy should be allowed a human-tragedy moment like that one). The film also, in its title, linked the worlds of magazines & television & films. Do not add to S-O's woes by failing to name his movie.
1407. The teen-stars of FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH did not move on to the inevitable tv series, but two key character actors of the older crowd did. One knew a lot about Yankees; the other had some acquaintance with cuckoos.
1408. The fame of Eddie Cantor has not survived as well as that of contemporaries like Burns & Allen and W.C. Fields, but in 1931 he was a dominant figure in show business. He starred in a film that year which gave Charlotte Greenwood the chance to unleash this comment: "Baby,  you're the key to my ignition!"   The arboreal title of the movie was __________    DAYS.
1409. Her emergence from a cake led to her emergence as a star of American films*. The year was 1965, and without even checking the Penal Code, we're pretty sure there's a felony in the title of that cake-production.  The 5-words of the movie's name?..........................................*She was already a star in her native Italy. 
1410. When actress Dominique Swain appeared multiple times on "The Late Late Show" in the early 2000s, an athletic move of hers surprised host Craig Kilbourn: When introduced, she came onstage, got a running start, and flung herself at Kilbourn by wrapping her legs around him. She could have chosen any number of other physical moves; why did she choose that one in particular?
1411. When Walt Disney was in the middle of producing a film about a mythical substance called "flubber", he considered putting that name into the movie's title. However, further reflection suggested that the then-unfamiliar word would just confuse moviegoers, so THE ABSENT- MINDED PROFESSOR got the title-nod. In later years, after flubber became famous due to that first movie, its name was used in the titles of two big movies, in 1963 and 1997. Guidance, please.
1412. Do the people of the village of Cadiz, Ohio realize that they're at the center of the show-business universe? If they don't, here's some info for them---and you: Cadiz itself was the birthplace of arguably the biggest movie star of them all, Clark Gable. Hollywood's favorite frontier figure (George Custer) taught school there. To the northeast of Cadiz is Steubenville, birthplace of actor/singer Dean Martin. To the northwest, Massillon is the birthplace of one of the most famous of the silent-stars, Lillian Gish. Canton, nearly a sister-city with Massillon, is the birthplace of film actor Richard Basehart, who co-starred in such watery movies as MOBY DICK and TITANIC(1953) and plenty of drier productions. To Cadiz's southeast is Wheeling, West Virginia, home to one of the US's dominant radio stations for almost a century, WWVA. In another direction lies Zanesville, which produced one of Hollywood's most famous source-material guys, Zane Grey(THE VANISHING AMERICAN, RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE).........................................This conversation has been a little one-sided so far, so let's bring you into the act by returning to  Cadiz's most famous neighbor, Canton. The Canton/East Canton area produced the youthful star of A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, and also a film star who had coins & fountains on her mind.  So many decades have passed that we're going to label even just one name as a good day's work.
1413. Sometimes a girl just can't catch a break, even if she was a movie star since age 9. When  it came time to record Henry Mancini's song "The Sweetheart Tree" for a 1965 movie, Natalie Wood did her own singing and assumed that her singing voice would be heard on the soundtrack.  No way. One of the busiest session-singers of the era, Jackie Ward, was brought in, and Ward's vocal replaced that of NW. The simply-titled film was __________  __________    __________.
1414. Ever since its debut in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge has dominated the public's consciousness when the subject is bridges in NYNY. But a 2007 Alec Baldwin movie provides some nice shots of what may be the older bridge's key competitor---The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. It's much longer than the BB and more dramatic in one key respect:  The structure's path from oceanside Staten Island to oceanside Brooklyn makes many drivers feel as if they're driving in mid-ocean(a feeling that some drivers don't like at all). __________    __________ is the movie that pays its respects.
1415. Feeling that it might have been way-too-cutesy to use item 1414 to talk about multiples of 14, we avoided that. However, our will power has now run out, so................:What 2000 film features Sandra Bullock billed above a title featuring 14xsomething?
1416. Sometimes we think we have the world of movies figured out pretty well, and then something comes along to confuse us. An example is the existence of two significant film careers---those of Keith David & David Keith. If you could name one film from each of their resumes,  confusion would be on the run.
1417. Why is THE TINGLER called THE TINGLER? ...................................................Because that question was too short to permit a clue, we're going to deliver one upon you right now: The name has both an onscreen & an offscreen meaning.
1418. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHAT'S 'IS NAME starred: (A) The most famous American actor/director; (B) a British actor who ran into some problems in BURNT OFFERINGS; (C) a key UK sex-symbol during the 20th century's final third; and (D) a singer/actress once accurately described as having experienced more of The Rolling Stones than was healthy. Names would be good---and for the males the phrase "What's 'Isname" will not be acceptable.
1419. The 2015 death of Betsy Palmer brought to mind her Big Two movie-years. Those years positioned themselves a nice, even, quarter-century apart: 1980 and 1955. In the former year, she achieved horror-film immortality in __________    __________    _________. 1955 might be called either her "John Ford Year" or her "Military Year". She did her bit for the navy in __________    __________; and she did the army a favor in __________    __________    __________    __________.  Any amount of blank-fixing  will be acceptable.
1420. Two entertainment entities sharing the same name. THE BREAKFAST CLUB. "The Breakfast Club". The first, as one of the key movies of the 1980s, doesn't need much discussion here. Clues about the second: (A) Its name was indeed the inspiration for the movie's title; & (B) the second T-B-C & the movie's creator, John Hughes, have metro Chicago in common.
ANSWERS 1401-1420:
1401. The American factory workers were fired up about two goals: Increasing their plant's productivity and learning to get along with their new Japanese owners.
1402. Sir James Barrie, the playwright who created PETER PAN, would occasionally encounter a little girl and her mother walking near his home. When the child would spot him, she would try to say "Here comes my friend!", but she somehow mashed-up "friend" & "friendly" and came up with Friendy----and then missing front teeth turned it into "Fwiendy". Barrie only had to tamper with that a little bit to turn it into Wendy.
1403. CRY OF THE BANSHEE. Gilliam's credit was for title-design.
1405. BANANAS. The title came from the condescending phrase "banana republic".
1407. Ray Walston(DAMN YANKEES). Vincent Schiavelli(ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST).
1408. PALMY.
1409. HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE, with Virna Lisi as the wife & Jack Lemmon as the "your".
1410. Because in LOLITA, a key dangerous*moment came when she hurled herself across the room, wrapped her legs around Jeremy Irons, and passionately kissed him goodbye-for-the-summer..................................................*"Dangerous" in a plot-sense, not a physical one; body-double Dawn Mauer was able to hang onto Irons without difficulty(as we understand it, many women would be willing to do that without even being paid).
1411. 1963: SON OF FLUBBER. 1997: FLUBBER.
1412. Peggy Ann Garner was familiar with that tree; Jean Peters starred in THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN.
1413. THE GREAT RACE.  Jackie Ward sang backup on several hundred hit records. Her most famous performance was probably on 1962's "Speedy Gonzales"*, in which she did a riveting "La-La-La...." shrieking vocal that should never be played for small children. No, not because of sex or violence, but because once that melody burrows into their brains, they will never stop singing it around the house(reports of parental suicides over that performance remain unconfirmed)................. *That Pat Boone hit also featured movie-voice-god Mel Blanc as SG.
1415. 28 DAYS.
1416. David Keith is the AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN guy, while Keith David is perhaps most famous for REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Stay tuned for our description of the less-famous careers of Keith Keith and David David.
1417: Onscreen: THE TINGLER was a tiny beastie living within humans; it causes a tingling sensation when a person is afraid. Offscreen: Horror producer/director William Castle rigged a certain number of theater seats to tingle(vibrate) at key points in the film.
1418. (A) Orson Welles; (B) Oliver Reed; (C) Carol White; & (D) Marianne Faithfull.
1420. For a third of a century, one of the biggest things in national radio was "The Breakfast Club".* It starred Don McNeill and was based in Chicago, where teenager John Hughes listened to it while planning his future.............................................................*Over the decades it was variously advertised as "Don McNeill's Breakfast Club", "The Breakfast Club", & simply "Breakfast Club". It had a national-head-start in the ratings by being blasted from ABC Radio's Big Two transmitters---WLS in Chicago & WABC in New York City(both had maximum power---50,000 watts).
QUESTIONS 1421-1440:
1421. The onion may be one of the monarchs of the vegetable-world, but its success in  the movie-title realm has been very limited. Still, it did pop up once in 1958 & again in 1979. The former, __________, featured such average coast guardsmen as Andy Griffith, Walter Matthau, and Joey Bishop. The latter, __________    __________    __________, starred James Woods in a true-crime story.
1422. When Jack Benny was a tv-force during the 50s & 60s, his famous instrumental theme song was "Love In Bloom". What does that have to do with a well-known film from George Segal's movie-star period?
1423. In item 1208 preceding we told the story of athlete/actor Archie Moore, who came within one punch of being the Heavyweight Champion Of The World. Here's another acting-connected guy, one who actually became the Heavyweight Champion. James Braddock held that title between 1935 and 1937. His granddaughter would not be born until the following decade. When she grew up she put together a strong list of film/tv credits; a representative role was her co-lead in 2011's YOUR SISTER'S SISTER. Her mother had a strong sense of the appropriate*, and so she gave the kid "Braddock" as a middle name. Speaking of names: How about her first & last?..........................................................*Either that, or she knew that this question would be coming up decades later.
1424. This film has sometimes been called a "reunion" of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" cast---but since the movie was released while the program was still on the air, some other noun is probably needed*. Rose Marie & Morey Amsterdam & Richard Deacon & Carl Reiner appeared in this comedy which was very unusual in one key respect: It referenced the subject of movie-titles in its own name. The 1966 production?................................*Search-around & get back to us at a later date.
1425. Because the movie-business is the most generous of all industries*, it has allowed not one but two George Chamberlains to be part of its history. One of them was responsible for the source-material for both HOME IN INDIANA and APRIL LOVE. The other starred in TWILIGHT OF HONOR and JOY IN THE MORNING. We'd like a little more detail about that second guy...................................................*An executive at 10201 W Pico told us that. He seemed  honest.......................
1426. Grifters & street-swindlers apply many different strategies to get-the-cash from their victims. HOUSE OF GAMES was dominated by one of those in particular: The    __________    __________. Addendum: If you find that entire subect too sordid to talk about, we'll also settle for the name of the male or female lead.
1427. First, think about the title of 2002's THE SALTON SEA. Second, picture The Supremes singing a key line from their 1967 number-one hit "The Happening": "Is it real? Is it fake?" If it's real, where is it? If it's fake, what work of fiction provided the source- material for the name?
1428. During the summer of 1966, State Police/Highway Patrol types in half a dozen states were getting tense with some owners of drive-in theaters. The problem was that a spooky comedy in wide release right then was so popular that cars were lined up for blocks trying to get in, thereby interfering with the traffic-flow in the entire neighborhood. Naturally, the theater owners just asked "What do you expect us to do, book less popular stuff?"  There was no answer to that question, but perhaps you'll have an answer to this one: What five-word title identifies this Don Knotts biggie?
1429. There's probably a loose consensus that the best film to emerge from Joel McCrea's half-century career was SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS. Why did that guy hit the road?
1430. Two Emmy winners from the late 80s/early 90s era used some of their hiatus-time to star in a movie together. The film was MADHOUSE, so the performers must be __________    __________ and __________    __________.
1431. In 2012, Gene Kelly's widow Patricia took some time out, at an event honoring the dancer/actor/director, to relay his views on other famous film-hoofers. Best dancer overall: Slumming with a bunch of mere singers, her WHITE CHRISTMAS  performance is probably her best known film. Best tap dancer: She married Glenn Ford, gave birth to actor Peter Ford, and dominated as many musicals as she could before that art-form itself died out. Most overlooked movie-dancer: This guy's legacy-problem is that he did so many  non-musical comedies that his comic-actor image somehow overshadows his dance-god persona(Marilyn Monroe bossed him around during the filming of THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS---a common studio-scene on many of her movies). Since the Kellys went to all that trouble to pass along those reviews, our mathematical calculations indicate that you should name at least one of those compliment-getters.
1432.  (A) WHO'S HARRY CRUMB? (B) What's his profession?
1433. Consider the phrase THE OUT-OF-TOWNERS. It was almost the title of an A-list film from 1964, and then in 1970 it re-asserted itself and actually became  one. The latter featured Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis; the former showcased Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page. What was the last-minute new title of the 64-pic? A hint is that both Andy Williams and Jack Jones had hit records of the (new)title-song.
1434. COME BACK TO THE FIVE & DIME JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN focused on two dates in the second half of the 1900s. Which two?
1435. During a famous Beiber-on-Letterman appearance in 2012, a well-known movie star of the 50s-through-70s was remembered. That guy assisted Charlton Heston in THE PRIVATE WAR OF MAJOR BENSON, and he also starred in the teen-flick DINO, among many other roles. Who?
1436. An early career-builder for Raquel Welch was a 1965 movie which was both a teen-comedy and a musical showcase for a bunch of rock/pop acts of that period: The Righteous Brothers, The Dovells, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Jody Miller, The Rip Chords, Donnie Brooks, and Carol Conners. The seasonal title was __________    __________    __________.
1437. TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE. You can tell from the stylized capitalization that those words are a movie title.  You can tell from the words themselves that there's some exasperation involved. But can you name the film's two key stars? Having recently heard about a concept called "hints", we'll try a few:
(A) The type of exasperation is that of a father contemplating his daughter. (B) "Mine": One of the biggest movie stars of the talkies. (C) "Her": A famous blonde starlet-turned-star.
1438. English things: Rocker Adam Ant called his 1983 hit "Desperate But Not Serious"*. Alec Guinness starred in the 1965 film SITUATION HOPELESS...BUT NOT SERIOUS. To help at the US box office, the movie also featured two examples of a well-known species---handsome American leading men. Naming at least one would gain you a handsome reward (maybe)................*It was his immediate follow-up to that  one song the adults won't let us listen to: "Goody Two Shoes". Parental controls have also completely blocked us from the video(although we do plan to bring in  a specialist........).
1439. When the tv-series "The Last Man On Earth" debuted in 2015, it was proud (we assume......) to share a title with a well-known suspense film from 1964. What very appropriate actor starred in that version of TLMOE?
1440. This 4-word phrase has a history of getting-around. (A) In 1960, it was the title of a famous play. (B) When the film version came along in 1963, the producers stuck with that same title. (C) In 1975, it was the title of a multi-platinum album by Aerosmith. (D) It has sometimes been used as an unfriendly description of mental illness. Did we mention that we need 4 words?
ANSWERS 1421-1440:
1422. The song's title was slapped-around-&-rearranged into BLUME IN LOVE, the name of a GS picture from 1973.
1423. Rosemarie DeWitt.
1425. George Agnew Chamberlain's story was called "The Phantom Filly". George Richard Chamberlain starred in the two named films and also in ones like PETULIA and THE THREE MUSKETEERS(& its numerical sequel).
1426. Long con. Joe Mantegna. Lindsay Crouse.
1427. The Salton Sea is Southern California's largest body of water.* Its location puts it about halfway between San Diego on the west and the Arizona border on the east. Its visual appeal draws tourists, who find it easy to access: It's right off the busiest of the east/west interstates, I-10.**.............*Do not send us postcards showing the Pacific Ocean. **Near the Santa Monica Pier is the spot where I-10 begins its journey to the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. A government sign in SM says that the road is also called The Christopher  Columbus Transcontinental Highway. We're providing that information on the theory that the government would never lie to us.
1429. As a film director,  he felt limited by his inexperience with the everyday world of working people, and he began traveling to remedy that.
1430. John Larroquette("Night Court") and Kirstie Alley("Cheers").
1431. Best overall: Vera-Ellen. Best tap: Eleanor Powell. Most overlooked: Donald O'Connor.
1432. In that movie, John Candy plays private investigator HC. Harry's not much of a detective, but his teenage assistant Shawnee Smith is.
1434. 9/30/55*(The date of Dean's death) & 9/30/75(the 20-year-reunion date for his biggest fans)..............*For (a lot)more on that big/big/big show-business year, see #1352 preceding.
1435. Sal Mineo.
1437. James Stewart. Sandra Dee.
1438. Robert Redford. Mike Connors.
1439. Vincent Price.
QUESTIONS 1441-1460
1441. Eddie Murphy once delivered unto a national tv audience this phrase: "Little Opie Cunningham". What did he mean by that?
1442. In 1968, an interesting cast* got together to commemorate  a century's worth of traveling-salesman jokes. That humor-tradition was honored in the movie's title, which was 9 words long. ????...........................*Phyllis Diller, Bob Denver, Joe Flynn, Jeanette Nolan, David Hartman, Charles Lane, & Kent McCord.
1443. When finding a whale stranded on the beach, proper etiquette requires that the finder should grab it & throw it about half a mile back out to sea. That information from the world of mammalian zoology comes to us courtesy of the 2007 movie __________.
1444. In the winter of 1971/1972,  __________    __________    __________was still showing* in theaters. In it, Kim Darby played an heiress who is kidnapped. Two winters later, the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst. Did the SLAers go to the movies much? Whatever the answer to that, those blanks are not going to fill-in themselves.....................*It had been released in mid-71.
1445. The 1967 movie LUV has two key antecedents. One was the Broadway play of the same name. The other was the very famous spoken-intro to the Shangri-Las' big hit "Give Him A Great Big Kiss". Lead singer Mary Weiss intones: "When I say I'm in love, you best believe I'm in love L-U-V". The movie starred the versatile __________    __________, an Oscar-winner first for a comedy and later for a drama.
1446. Consider the intersection of movies and sports.* In the early 1980s, the NBA's Eastern Conference was dominated by the Boston/Philadelphia rivalry. Boston fans would inwardly groan when Philly's Andrew Toney would enter the game, because his outside shooting often meant the end of Celtic dreams. Toney's anti-Boston scoring made him such a threat that media outlets christened him __________    __________    __________, after a famous movie from an earlier decade. The name?....................................*It used to be a 4-way stop, but now there's a blinker.
1447. Bob Hope's feature-film career was winding down in the late 1960s, as he began focusing almost entirely on television. Phyllis Diller's career was still on the up-swing at that time, and she joined Hope in a comedy whose title might be called telephonic. Marjorie Lord and Elke Sommer supported them in __________ ,   __________    __________    __________    __________    __________    __________!
1448. Let's consider mammals, in the context of 2004's THE GRUDGE. The human lead was Sarah Michelle Gellar; the non-human lead was a __________.
1449. In 1840, Edgar Allan Poe's "Tales Of The Grotesque And Arabesque" was what today would be called a best-seller. What does that burst of literary history have to do with Gregory Peck?
1450. What very appropriate person wrote the famous western anthem "Happy Trails"?
1451. Because THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW was a rock musical, the anti-rock crowd was understandably not drawn to it. But over the decades, any number of critics & writers & civilians have pointed out one soundtrack-song that qualifies as beautiful under almost anyone's definition. The song is "Don't Dream It, Be It", and what we need to know is where Tim Curry were while it was playing..................Addendum: For more on that same group of enthusiasts, see #667 preceding.
1452. In 2004's 50 FIRST DATES, what event causes Drew Barrymore's character to realize that she doesn't know what month & year it is?
1453. What is the truer-&-deeper-meaning of this title: "Went With The Wind"?
1454. Forget the familiar concept of little kids having nightmares about movie-monsters. This item is about bad dreams deriving from mere mud. In the early 1940s, parents were writing to the newspapers to complain about kids being scared when they found out It's True What They Say About Quicksand. That learning experience was provided courtesy of the Walter Brennan film __________    __________.
1455. In this comedy, titled as a learning experience: (A) Some curbside music is criticized for lowering property values; (B) Gilbert Gottfried appears intermittently, but Bill Bellamy dominates almost every scene; & (C) the words persuasion and Caucasian are confused.* Must be __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.........................................*We feel we should report that to someone.........
1456.  When visualists speak, admiringly, about The Europa Lady, what are they babbling about?
1457. Helen Slater starred as SUPERGIRL, and she was in almost every screen-moment; but was she top-billed?
1458. In 1932, Buster Keaton was already a major star, due to his work in silents; but Jimmy Durante was still in the early phase of his career. The movie they made that year was SPEAK  __________. 
1459. When THE MACK told its urban story in 1973, Max Julien was top-billed. At that time he was better-known than his male co-star; but the latter eventually  carved out one of the most successful of all African-American show-business careers. He was dominant in multiple media, but his standup comedy act is probably his most lasting claim to fame. Must be __________    __________.
1460. In 2001's GHOSTS OF MARS, what native Angeleno was top-billed?
ANSWERS 1441-1460:
1441.  He was referring to director Ron Howard, whose most famous youthful acting roles were as Opie (Taylor) on "The Andy Griffith Show" & (Richie)Cunningham on "Happy Days".
1443. HANCOCK.
1445. Jack Lemmon.
1448. Cat. That choice is right in tune with film-history, because cats have surely been the (non-human)vertebrate-of-choice in horror films through the decades.
1449. One of his key 60s-films was ARABESQUE, with Sophia Loren.
1450. Dale Evans. She & Roy Rogers then used it as a theme on their tv show and in multiple decades' worth of personal appearances.
1451. In a swimming pool.
1452. She receives a ticket from La Policia for expired license plates---plates which are still OK, in her amnesia-dominated mind.
1453. When "The Carol Burnett Show" was a dominant tv show from 1967 through 1978, one of their most popular features was the movie parody. "Went With The Wind" was their tribute to you-know-what.
1456. Her winged self is the symbol of writer/director Luc Besson's company of that name.  A movie like 2012's LOCKOUT will give you the glimpse that you need.
1457. No. The studio felt that the advertising campaign needed an established movie star to be top-billed, so Faye Dunaway got the nod instead of the relatively unknown Slater.
1458. EASILY(not that other e-word you were thinking of).
1459. Richard Pryor.
1460. Ice Cube.
QUESTIONS 1461-1480:
1461. In Charles Bronson's most distinctive western, he spends a good portion of the film accurately identifying himself, and having no one believe him. That frustrating experience took place in 1976's __________    __________    __________    __________.
1462. As you might infer from the titles, these films  told similar stories: CHEERS FOR MISS BISHOP. GOOD MORNING, MISS DOVE. The first starred one of the female leads of BEN-HUR. The second featured DUEL IN THE SUN's female lead. You know you can name at least one if you try.
1463. What is the truer-&-deeper-meaning of GMRX?
1464. As with Marlon Brando in SUPERMAN, Michael Madsen had very little screen-time in this  2015 film; but in both cases, their being "attached" to the project made the bank-financing easier to get, and also made the advertising campaign "resonate" with the public*. The MM film's status as a road-movie is confirmed by its title: __________    __________    _________..............................................*More than it would have if the actual screen-time leads had been featured.
1465. AMERICAN HOT WAX dealt with the career of early rock disc jockey __________    __________.
1466. In 1957, the year after he conquered the US with calypso music, Harry Belafonte was busy with a movie and a chart-single with the same title. Calypso is the music of Trinidad, which is an __________    __________    __________    __________.
1467. THE GUN IN BETTY LOU'S HANDBAG. What actress was packin'?
1468. Since the term "product placement" is a recognized film-concept, is there also such a thing as "people placement"? Apparently so, because racecar-driver Jeff Gordon's name-&-image are all over Bernie Mac's 2005 comedy __________    __________.
1469. This given name was well known in ancient times, but  modern show business has used it only rarely. A couple of examples: It was the character-name of John Wayne's main man in THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALENCE; and Dooley Wilson(CASABLANCA) played a man with that name in the Broadway play "Bloomer Girl". The name?
1470. As Judy Collins used to explain, she's looked at stuff from "Both Sides Now". So did actor Jeffrey Hunter, and in his case the "stuff" was this phenomenon: The first choice for a role backing out, and the second choice getting the part. In what is perhaps his most famous role, Hunter in 1956 was one of THE SEARCHERS, along with John Wayne. But the role was originally offerred to __________    __________ ; he had to say no because Walt Disney wouldn't let him out of his contract with that studio---so Hunter stepped up. A decade later, Hunter had done the pilot for "Star Trek", and once the network picked up the project as a weekly series, it was assumed that he would continue in the lead role. But he stepped aside and __________    __________ got the part. Since Hunter went to all that trouble to showcase both sides of that phenomenon, perhaps you'll go to a little trouble too, & fill in the blanks.
1471. Right about the time that Elliott Gould and Marcia Rodd begin to get their act together, she is randomly murdered. That anti-lighthearted moment occurs in 1971's __________    __________. (The title is in the same vein as the event just described).
1472. What is the truer-&-deeper-meaning of "Why It Crackles"?
1473. The 1991 movie BLONDE __________ was distinctive enough to draw a good deal of attention to both itself and the Scottish country band The Well Oiled Sisters.*  Even those not from Scotland are eligible to fill in the blank..................................*Of course we have no comment on that name. (Well, maybe later).
1474. 1920s NYC entertainer Texas Guinan was the subject of a well-known film biography. More on that shortly; first it's necessary to outline the fun she had badmouthing the government. Since it was the prohibition-decade, that subject was the focus of many of her attacks; but at times she went on to more crucial subjects: "A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country". Betty Hutton played Guinan in __________    BLONDE.
1475. When GOLDFINGER took the James Bond franchise through the roof, parodies became inevitable. One of the quickest starred Vincent Prce and Fabian, and it was called DR. __________    AND THE BIKINI MACHINE.  (The full title links this movie to the one being satirized).
1476. This actor's death in 2015 gave some media-outlets the chance to inject a little wordplay into their headlines: "The Performer Who Made Dracula Count Again..........." Who? 
1477. In 1982, Moon Unit Zappa babbled adorably on her father Frank's hit single, "Valley Girl". In 1999, her name appeared prominently in a hit film, __________    __________:__________    __________    __________ __________    __________. ("Moon Unit Alpha" was contrasted with "Moon Unit Zappa").
1478. When country singer Norma Jean started having hit records in the 1960s, there was a rumor that she had taken that stagename from a famous movie star. Although that report was false*, what's true is  that we need you to name that actress.......................................*Those were her first and middle names.
1479. Mala; Mala Powers; Powers Boothe; Booth Tarkington. Info. Please.
1480. Because they died just a few hours apart,* a number of media-outlets wrote joint retrospectives on their careers. That was somewhat logical, because each woman (A) had a significant spot in the limelight, but (B) had a public persona that was overshadowed by that of their respective spouses. One  female enthusiast was a well-known Hollywood-western star, the other a significant writer. After extensive work with our calculators, we have concluded that you could name as many as four people(we've skipped the zero-names possibility, due to the heartbreak inherent in that result)..................*On February 7, 2001.
ANSWERS 1461-1480:
1462. CHEERS: Martha Scott. GOOD: Jennifer Jones. Plot: The beloved schoolteacher through the decades.
1463. GMRX was the movie-rating system which preceded the current G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17. Two of the key reasons for the change were:The skinflic industry absconded with the X for its own purposes; and it was felt that more room was needed between the G and the R, so that parents of teens would get some additional guidance(the old M  covered anything from almost-G to  almost-R, and replacing that symbol with both PG and PG-13 was thought to be helpful). 
1465. Alan Freed.
1466. ISLAND IN THE SUN. The record's  flipside, "Cocoanut Woman", was also a hit.
1467. Penelope Ann Miller.
1468. GUESS WHO.
1469. Pompey.
1470. THE SEARCHERS: Fess Parker. "Star Trek": William Shatner.
1472. During the 2010s, Columbia/Sony's website used that term to begin the description of each individual film being offered.
1473. FIST. Fiddler Alison Jones has fun with her status as the "token hetero" in the lesbian band; but that status sometimes takes attention away from her skills as an intrumentalist: She may be the greatest country fiddler of them all;  and any attempt to add "female" as a qualifier in that clause should be met with outrage.
1476. Christopher Lee, who was famous for his multiple appearances as Count Dracula.
1478. Marilyn Monroe, whose first & middle names matched those of the singer.
1479. Mala was the record company which released the hit(among many others) "G.T.O."  by Ronnie And The Daytonas. Mala Powers' best-remembered film is probably CYRANO DE BERGERAC. Powers Boothe starred in such well-known movies as TOMBSTONE and SOUTHERN COMFORT. Booth Tarkington provided the source-material for such productions as THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, ON MOONLIGHT BAY, and BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON.
1480. Dale Evans* and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.**........................*Wife of Roy Rogers. **Wife of Charles LIndbergh.
QUESTIONS 1481-1500:
1481. The Hollywood/LA climate and the most famous surfing documentary share a title, namely __________    __________    __________.
1482. Although she did not give up top billing, Bette Davis did relinquish a lot of screen-time and screen-prominence in favor of Monty Woolley.That happened in the 1942 comedy-hit __________    __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1483. Three questions: WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Who's knowledgeable about Virginia Woolf? You?
1484. When the newcomers hear Sodom and Gomorrah being described as whore-infested, they ask which of the two has more of them, so that they can avoid that one particularly(there is some chance that they're being insincere about their motives.....). The 2009 movie was  __________    __________.
1485. A well-known Kinks song from 1971 is either movie-star-enriched or movie-star-infested (depending upon your mood). The suspects are: The female lead of OKLAHOMA; the male lead of the same movie; the female star of GILDA; the fem-star of TEACHER'S PET; and the actor who became famous as CAPTAIN BLOOD. We'll answer one question and then ask one: The song is "Oklahoma USA". Can you name  the performers?
1486. HARMON OF MICHIGAN. In a moment of weakness, we were going to let-you-off-easy by saying "Define Michigan"; but we decided upon tough love instead: Define "Harmon".
1487. Physiologically, what favor was done for us by Helen Slater in 1984 and Linda Hamilton in 1991?
1488. In what 2003 movie does Milla Jovovich get 10% off her pedicures?
1489. Many moviegoers can say, truthfully, that they saw THE FULL MONTY. But within the film, and speaking anatomically, did they "see" the FM-view implied by the title?
1490. "You Don't Have To Know The Language" was a big hit song from a Hope/Crosby/Lamour/Road picture that draws one's attention to the Southern Hemisphere. Exactly where in the SH?
1491. When Mary & Madeleine Collinson starred in a horror film in 1971, their biological heritage was worked into the title, which was __________  
 __________     __________.
1492. The reviews for this Gerard Depardieu movie were mixed; but there was a general agreement that its release-year showed good timing(something re-emphasized by its title). That title was __________:    __________    __________    __________.
1493. Forget JAWS. We want to talk about a different set of teeth. That cartilaginous-fish-movie produced terror-all-the-way-to-the-bone; the 2011 film we're talking about made it comedy-all-the-way-to-the-bone(or at least to the gum-line). Adam Sandler produced but did not star in the dentition-festival titled __________    __________: __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1494. INSIDE DAISY CLOVER: Inside the female lead was a pretty good singing voice--but not the perfect voice they were looking for.  So, one of the most famous of the studio-backup-singers, Jackie Ward, did all(except a short excerpt) of the singing for __________    __________.
1495. This 1964 teen-extravaganza was well-known for two things: (A) a more interesting cast than that genre usually presented*; and (B) perhaps the greatest instance of product-placement ever: The title was the same as the then-current Pepsi-Cola slogan, namely __________    __________    __________    __________    __________................* Frank Sinatra's daughter. Dean Martin's daughter. Double-threat James Darren, who as a singer neared the top of the charts with "Goodbye Cruel World" and as an actor appeared in A-list films like THE GUNS OF NAVARONE. Champion surfer Mickey Dora(seen also in BEACH PARTY & multiple sequels). Pamela Tiffin, star of such well-known films as SUMMER AND SMOKE and STATE FAIR. A "Gilligan's Island" twosome: Bob Denver and Tina Louise. Richard Delvy, leader of the legendary surf-rock band The Challengers.
1496. Through the sprockets rolled a 35mm tribute to 20th century film acting. Although officially just a standard feature film, the movie became a thank-you-for-your-many-decades appreciation due to late-career performances from five stars.
Must be 1987's _______  __________    __________    __________.
1497. Five calendar-decades apart, the song "Wand'rin* Star"  burst out among the movie-then-internet public. In the 1960s, Lee Marvin sang it in a film; and in the 2010s it reappeared as the focus of a much-played Amazon commercial. Amazon doesn't need any additional promotion from us, but we would like to promote the M-movie by having you name it............................*Some authoritative sources use a second apostrophe after the second "r", but some do not. We'll call it optional, much like political ethics.
1498. We were going to call the ratings-board to rate-this-comment; but they were closed for the night, so: The lady says "You have good hands. I liked the way they felt when you were putting me together". That final comment may clue-you-in that we're talking about 1987's __________.
1499. He wasn't an A-lister yet, but in 1958 Charles Bronson was given a title-role which stuck in producers' minds  for future reference. The non-non-violent title was __________    __________    __________.
1500: If you're planning to kill a guy*, don't give in to his pleas  for a minute to say his prayers; bad things will happen to you in that minute. Among the characters who used that minute well are Roscoe Lee Browne's in a 1972 western and those of Hope/Crosby in a 1945 adventure-in-frostbite. Naming either movie would be admirable. Possibly very admirable........................*Hey, how do we know what you're doing later tonight?
ANSWERS 1481-1500:
1483. That movie was one of the big hits of 1966. V.W. was a key member of the Bloomsbury group of writers, popular in England during the early 1900s. Elsewhere in these Annals Of The Universe, we'll outline the way her name got into the title.  
1484. YEAR ONE.
1485. Shirley Jones & Gordon MacRae(OKLAHOMA). Rita Hayworth(GILDA). Doris Day(TEACHER'S PET). Errol Flynn(CAPTAIN BLOOD).
1486. Tom Harmon of the University Of Michigan is often called the leading college football player of the 30s/40s.
1487. They both worked-out-&-bulked-up, to increase their visual credibility as action-heroines(in SUPERGIRL and TERMINATOR 2, respectively).
1488. NO GOOD DEED. We would give you the reason for that 10% condition, except that (A) It's a little gory, and you know how squeamish we  are; and (B) the movie is probably worth the time-investment it would take for you to find the answer yourself.
1489. It's a great outrage, but only audiences in the movie got the full frontal view, not audiences in the real-life theaters.
1490. Brazil, for the film was ROAD TO RIO.
1492. 1492: CONQUEST OF PARADISE. ...................Important Addenda:  (A)We don't know how that particular movie happened to get matched up with this item-number............................................................(B) The reference to timing in the question refers to the movie's release on the quincentenary of the event described.
1494. Natalie Wood. For more on the Wood-Ward* dynamic, see #1413 preceding.                             *The same day we posted this question, we got an e-mail from people promoting a classic-cars cruise on Woodward Avenue in Detroit; the obvious cosmic significance of that will no doubt be discussed later.
1496. THE WHALES  OF AUGUST featured Bette Davis, Lillian Gish, Ann Sothern, Vincent Price, and Harry Carey Jr.
1501. In both the 1960s and the 2010s, the name "Marnie" entered into the pop-consciousness. Any details on those would make our consciousness happy.  Addendum: Considering this item & the one 4-items-back, we seem to be in a five-decades-apart rut. Not only that, it's the same two decades in both cases(60s & 10s). We're not sure how that happened; but we are sure that after 13 or 14 more of those, we'll probably stop.
1502. Because the movie has "mad" in its title, at first we thought it was about angry people being angry; but it appears that the M-word has another meaning. Stella Stevens and Shelley Winters share the screen with a dog who sometimes has a human hand in its mouth. Must be __________    __________    __________.
1503. When the well-known character  actor Alan Napier appeared multiple times on Boris Karloff's tv-series "Thriller", he was, in effect, renewing an old acquaintance: In 1945 the two men had starred in a well-remembered thriller called  ISLE OF THE __________.  As you think about filling in that blank, we'd like to make this important disclosure: The word could be "Popsicles", but it probably isn't.
1504. This 1970 comedy featured a mob-scene* of more than a dozen respected performers. At Academy Awards time, the most respected of them appeared to be Richard Castellano, who was nominated for an Oscar. The movie was LOVERS    __________    __________    __________...................*When this item appeared in the print media, a studio executive called us up and protested that "mob-scene" was disrespectful and that "ensemble piece" should be used instead. Later that month we got call-blocking.
1505.  This 2012 movie featured (A)a bald-&-fierce Billy Zane, (B) multiple shots of the Los Angeles nighttime light-show, and (C) a storyline about  a multi-generational Hollywood family. __________    __________ could easily be the title.
1506. When Walter Matthau & Andy Robinson rob the bank at Tres Cruces, their take turns out to be hugely bigger than they had anticipated. Robinson's character celebrates, loudly; but Matthau's title-character doesn't share in the festivities, because he realizes that someone (beyond the bank) will be coming after their money. That 1973 release was __________    __________.
1507. THESE THREE. No, not The Stooges. This  is the film version of a hit Broadway play about lesbianism. Now, if you think Sam Goldwyn was going to do a movie about that subject in 1936, you're wrong(he changed it to a standard romance); but if you think it's a poignant and beautiful movie, you're probably right. The three: (A) A key 1930s leading man who later became a B-western giant; (B) an actress whose most famous fim was probably WUTHERING HEIGHTS; and (C) an actress who later starred in the remake of this film. Name-help is what's needed around here.
1508. In 1989, Sarah Polley was a stowaway on a balloon-ride. In 2014 Mackenzie Foy was a stowaway on a truck-ride. Each movie's fame-base is large enough that we think you'll be able to name at least one of them.
1509. In 1946 and again in 2013, the phrase "Song Of The South" made its way into the public consciousness. In a nearly disastrous moment of generosity, we were about to give you 100% credit for  talking intelligently about  just one-out-of-two; but one of them is so well-known that we really need two answers.
1510. In the summer of 1975, Lee Marvin's agents came to him with a screenplay. They hoped it would capture his interest for two reasons. (A) It was a western comedy, and one of those*  had catapulted him onto the A-list a decade earlier; & (B) it featured a strong supporting cast, something that was more important to LM than to many movie stars. They were right on both counts, and he signed up. Since that cast featured Strother Martin & Oliver Reed & Robert Culp behaving riotously and Elizabeth Ashley/Kay Lenz/Sylvia Miles trying to live through the experience, the movie must be ____________________    _________________    __________    __________    __________    __________...........................*CAT BALLOU.
1511. DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK. That title is doubly-referential: It alludes to a pillar of Henry Fonda's 30s-career; and it  highlights  a geographic entity in the US. To what does "The Mohawk" refer? (It could be talking about a mohawk-shaped funny-car raceway just outside of Cleveland, but it probably isn't).
1512. This 1972 film was an informal prequel  to the famous Henry James ghost story "The Turn Of The Screw".* It was called THE NIGHTCOMERS**, and Stephanie Beacham co-starred with the guy whose star-power got it financed. Perhaps the dominant  film actor of his time, this performer made erratic choices in material, but he was almost always bankable, and that's what mattered here. Who?...........*For more on that story, see #101 preceding.............. **On the importance of listening carefully: When one of our associates heard we were profiling a movie with that title, he said nobody would want to hear about fishing-lures.
1513. When the song "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"(by Foxes) debuted in 2015, it wasn't clear whether those behind the tune knew anything about that title's background. Do you?
1514. If a famous actor/singer named his estate Villa Maggio, what would his name be?
1515. If you were to call this the greatest of all casts for a family comedy, few would scoff at you*: Fred MacMurray, Maureen O'Hara**, Thelma Ritter, Jim Backus, Rudy Vallee, Betty Lynn, and Natalie Wood. All that perfection showed up in a movie dealing with an American football coach's problems with boys on the gridiron and girls at home. Must be 1949's __________    __________    __________    __________.........................................*Even in those jurisdictions where scoffing is still legal............................**There'll be a comment on her appeal in  the answer.
1516. In the early 1970s, Walter Matthau embarked upon a campaign to remind people that he was more than just a comic actor. That project included a 1974 thriller that referenced happiness in the title but produced little of that in its grim subject matter. Words: 3.
1517. An ABC television series from the 2010s shares a title with a well-known Bob Hope/Lana Turner movie from 1961. You know what we crave: __________    __________    __________.
1518. Let's ignore the evolutionary biology of the whole thing*, and go right to the financing. WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS got made because attached to the project was one of the key Italian sex-symbols of the 60s-through-80s. She did American films as well as European ones. One of the former was a big western from 1965. Who?...........................*Hey, you know how busy we are. 
1519. In 1942, it was the title of an entertaining murder-mystery. In 1958, it was the name of a semi-documentary waterlogged film. In 1964, it was(with a one-letter change in spelling) the title of one of the best-known "Bonanza" comedies. 4 words.
1520. The 1971-1973 tv-show was called "Alias Smith And Jones". The ad-campaign for a big movie from 1997 listed the stars as "Mr. Jones" and "Mr. Smith". What film might that be?
ANSWERS 1501-1520:
1501. MARNIE was the name of a Hitchcock/Hedren film that was not considered a success at the time(1964), but which has gathered a good deal of respect since then. The 2010s saw the rise of the internet star  named Marnie The Dog.
1503. DEAD.
1504. AND OTHER STRANGERS. Milling around in the ensemble/mob-scene were Gig Young, Bea Arthur, Cloris Leachman, Diane Keaton, The Annes(Meara & Jackson),and Harry Guardino.
1505. TWO JACKS.
1507. (A) Joel McCrea; (B) Merle Oberon;  & (C)Miriam Hopkins.
1509. In 1946, Walt Disney released a key example of blending animation with live action, SONG OF THE SOUTH. In 2013 came the documentary "Song Of The South: Duane Allman And The Rise Of The Allman Brothers Band".
1511. The Mohawk River is the principal east/west river in New York State. At its eastern end it empties into the dominant north/south stream, the Hudson.  The "drums" reference alludes to the fact that there were often conflicts between the European immigrants and the native tribes. The fact that those flare-ups could have been prevented by those foreign invaders un-invading* need not detain us.**......................................................*With our usual flexibility & generosity, we could also accept, as a problem-solver, not invading in the first place. **There's more on that kind of subject at one of our related websites,
1512. Marlon Brando.
1513. That phrase appears to have evolved from beginnings in early vaudeville and black clubs. It then moved into radio and then into the first generation of sound films. It came to be associated with undignified portrayals of African-Americans, because in a moment of panic they would utter those words.
1514. Frank Sinatra. The second word referenced the name of his most famous film-character (in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY).
1515. FATHER WAS A FULLBACK. MacMurray told Adolph Zukor & some other people that the movie's appeal was largely the result of Maureen O'Hara's charming performance.
1518. Senta Berger's 65-western was MAJOR DUNDEE.
1519. Loretta Young & Brian Aherne starred in 1942's A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. The 1958 movie with the same title starred Kenneth More & Honor Blackman in the story of the Titanic. The 1964 "Bonanza"-entry featured Henry Jones as "A Knight To Remember".
QUESTIONS 1521-1540:
1521: When urged to tell the truth and also to keep taking pharmaceuticals, she very sensibly says that she won't be able to tell the truth if she takes any more pills. That 2013 movie features a two-word title which is closely connected to the conversation just mentioned.
1522. In recent years, dating and relationship chat-rooms have been full of comments like "..........and of course if his wife ever finds out, the whole situation will just have to be nuked-from-orbit" and "...........and if that dating-mess gets any worse, having it nuked-from-orbit will be the only way out". For you, the only way out will be to name the 1986 movie that made comments about nuking-from-orbit popular.
1523.  This actress was given the lead in one of the biggest movie-musicals of the late 1950s because she had proven her appeal in a series of less prestigious music-fests earlier in the decade. THE I DON'T CARE GIRL and BLOODHOUNDS OF BROADWAY are two good examples. The 1958 entry may have something to do with Richard Rodgers,  or Oscar Hammerstein II---possibly even both. Learning the name of that film or the name of the actress would be very helpful around here.
1524. In 1967's THE FOX, two women explore the question of whether men are a sexual necessity. Naming at least one of the actress/explorers  would represent a good day's work.
1525. In 2014, Hollywood finally did the right thing by her. She received an honorary Oscar for the entirety of her career. The American phase of  that career began 3/4 of a century earlier, when Charles Laughton and Alfred Hitchcock helped  lure her to Los Angeles from her native Dublin, Ireland. That last comment may be all you need to know to name __________    __________.
1526. The precise use of music can help anchor a storyline within its time. This film's action takes place in 1979, and the closing credits feature the playing of the #1 record of that year, "My Sharona" by The Knack. The 2-word title of the 2011 movie is a reference to photography.
1527. Because its subject-matter  was baseball, this film had the good sense to release itself during the month (April) that the season began.  The year was 1950, and the movie features BB-fanatic William Bendix, who'd like to spend every day at the ballpark, complaining that  making a living sure interferes with baseball. Its 3-word title is a slogan sometimes shouted-out at the stadium...............................................................Addendum: We're not sure why, but we're having second thoughts about linking "BB" with "fanatic".
1528. Director Andrew McLaglen's*eye-for-beauty was generally applied to western landscapes; but when another kind of beauty showed up, he was ready. A 1971 comic western  of his featured Diana Muldaur, who helpfully remembered to bring her facial structure with her. George Peppard & John Vernon battled it out over her, so the movie must be __________    __________    __________    __________    __________....................*Son of golden-age star Victor McLaglen.
1529. In this 2012 Krysten Ritter/Kate Bosworth comedy, "Treat him mean, keep him keen" is a motto, and the phrase "America's Last Virgin" is on people's minds.  Two words should suffice.
1530. When ran a comic feature called "Bob And Colin's Beach Blanket Bingo Adventure", they were using movie-talk. Explain.
1531. When The Immortal Butler, Arthur Treacher, bends over, his handgun falls out of his shoulder-holster. When a man tries to buy a woman's affections with gifts, the process is called anesthetizing her with mink oxide. When Paul Douglas and Jean Peters signed their contracts, it was for a 1950 film called   __________    __________    __________.
1532. In this 1997 movie, Nathan Lane comically/sadistically notes that he forgot to put airholes in the box containing the beast. That creature is named in the film's title.
1533. If the criterion is performers rather than movies, then 2015 may have marked the end of the film noir era. Just a few months and a few (Los Angeles)miles apart, the queens of both the A-list and the B-list of that genre died in their nineties. A typical starring role for the A-lister was THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS; the B-list goddess starred in the early Kubrick film THE KILLING. Thoughts?
1534. A famous O.Henry title was "Heart Of The West". A 1975 film carried by the charm of Blythe Danner and the enthusiasm of Jeff Bridges changed that title somewhat. We're really ashamed of the vagueness of the word "somewhat", so perhaps you can add some specificity.
1535. We're starting to think that these two guys are snobs: When the car breaks down, Cecil Kellaway suggests (to Tyrone Power) the subway rather than a cab: "What you lose in dignity, you gain in time saved". Anne Baxter and Jayne Meadows also starred in 1948's ethnically-driven __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1536. 1971's DIRTY HARRY, 1995's HEAT, and 1998's BODY COUNT have a weapons-related feature in common. You could get cute & say that more than one gunshot was heard in each; or you could tighten your focus a bit and think about marksmanship. 
1537. It's  a comedy. It's a drama. It's from 2011. In discussing the departure of Will Ferrell's wife, Stephen Root helpfully says that he knew-it-all-along. Ferrell's attitude is gee-thanks-for-warning-me. Gee thanks for naming that film.
1538. Purists among geographers would probably smack you if you called it a "border town", but El Centro, CA is very close to Mexico (the actual BT is Calexico). A couple of Hollywood types we're thinking about were born in E.C. two springs apart---a male in 1944 and a female in 1946. Would this qualify as a hint?: You might have good times if you turned to someone and said tell me that you love me, Junie Moon.
1539. It's one of those cases where the movie involved has been largely forgotten, but a song from it is immortal. The film was 1936's BORN TO DANCE, starring an under-30 James Stewart. Virginia Bruce sang the introductory version of this song, with music & lyrics by Cole Porter. During the easy-listening era, the biggest version of the song was the one by Frank Sinatra; during the rock era, that honor goes to the 4 Seasons. Using 3 different calculators, we have concluded that the title has 6 words.
1540. Famous Hollywood disc jockeys often get a shot at movies, and Humble Harve was no exception. In 1980 he appeared in the teen-binge THE HOLLYWOOD ___________; and 14 years later he popped up in a movie named after the first hit of the "modern" Drifters, __________    __________    __________    BABY. While you're dutifully thinking about movie titles, we'll place HH-in-his-time: Of his many LA radio gigs, his most famous ones were at KHJ* in the 1960s and KRLA** in the 1980s.......................................................*He was the night man, while The Real Don Steele and Robert W. Morgan held down the daytime. **His famous gig there was "Do Wop Heaven At Eleven".
ANSWERS 1521-1540:
1522. In ALIENS, Sigourney Weaver  famously opined that nuking the planet from orbit was the only way to be sure that all the beastly beasties would be annihilated.
1523. Mitzi Gaynor starred in SOUTH PACIFIC.
1524. Sandy Dennis. Anne Heywood.
1525. Maureen O'Hara.
1526. SUPER 8. For more Sharona-stuff, see #311 preceding.
1530. When BEACH PARTY(1963) unexpectedly became a big hit, Sam Arkoff & Jim Nicholson of American-International began riding that train around the clock. Of that movie's many sequels, BEACH BLANKET BINGO (1965) may be the best-remembered;  that's partly because of its theme song, which burrows into the brain so deeply that it can never be forced out.
1533. A: Lizabeth Scott. B: Coleen Gray. Their survival-age was the same*; that was appropriate, since they were born a mere 24 days  apart in the autumn of 1922(Scott in industrialized Scranton, Pennsylvania & Gray in the prairie village of Staplehurst, Nebraska................*92.
1536. The weapons-crowd among the general public has sometimes pointed out that there's a frequent error in the way that Hollywood depicts hostage situations.  It usually shows the perpetrator holding the cops at bay by standing behind a protective hostage. The problem is that the gunman almost always has enough of his torso showing beyond the hostage for a clear shot to be possible---only  a couple of square inches are generally needed. The three named films added a dose of accuracy by showing well-placed beyond-the-hostage shots.
1538.  Ken Howard. Cher(no last name, apparently). About the hint(for which we assume you  were extremely grateful): Cher starred in GOOD TIMES; Howard was featured in TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME, JUNIE MOON.
1539. "I've Got You Under My Skin". The 4 Seasons version is sometimes erroneously   referred to as a Frankie Valli solo record. Although he did embark upon a parallel solo career that same year(1966), his vocals were still needed to power the 4 Seasons hits, and he continued singing  lead on those until 1970.
1540. THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS. THERE GOES MY BABY. (About the reference to the "modern" Drifters: During the changeover from r&b to rock in the mid-1950s, no African-American, excluding performers,  was as influential as George Treadwell. He was a personal manager, business manager, agent, and songwriter. In 1958 he felt that his key group, the original Drifters, was giving him too much lip. In an unprecedented move he fired all of them and replaced them with newcomers who promptly topped the charts with "There Goes My Baby". (You'll be happy to learn that his wife-and-co-manager, Faye Treadwell, also took no lip).
1541. Although there were theatrical films on their resumes, each was principally known for tv. Romantically, they found each other late in life and married in 2001. That's the end of the good news. Just half a dozen years into the marriage, they died within 9 months of each other. Who?
1542. Although it's been honored and well-reviewed, this film often draws the label of being "slow moving". That may be true; but what's not true is that that phrase is necessarily a criticism: Some acting and writing is best savored at that speed. The year was 1984, and the couples were Dean Stockwell/Aurore Clement and Harry Dean Stanton/Nastassia Kinski. The name?
1543. Similar problems, similar solutions. (A)  When Cecile Aubrey signed for this big/big/big production., she was an elderly teenager(19). But the production company worried that her child-like facial features & very youthful delivery might suggest a mid-teen girl. Since the screenplay featured her in a romance with Tyrone Power, a mild-cleavage shot was inserted, to help make the point that at least physiologically, she was an adult. (B) When Sue Lyon's parents signed the contracts for her on her signature part, she was 14*. Those financing the film were very much afraid that moviegoers would remember that in the book which preceded the movie, the heroine was 12. To get that idea out of people's heads, an early shot shows Sue in a two-piece swimsuit that was just revealing enough to make the physiological-adult point. Try to think pure thoughts as you name the two movies...................................*15 during filming and 16 when the film was released. That's a common sequence; Hollywood can be slow when it wants to be.
1544. After 1960's PSYCHO took over the box office, tv & nightclub comics would make jokes with this premise: Due to that movie's key scene, bathtub sales skyrocketed because people were too scared to take showers anymore. But on behalf of shower-heads everywhere, we'd like to point out multiple cases in which Hollywood featured bad, bad things happening in bathtubs. (A) A 1980 George C. Scott thriller falls into that category. (B) So does a Michael Douglas high-grosser from 1987. (C) A well-known Sarah Michelle Gellar movie from 2004 rounds out that trilogy. Titles?
1545. Without battling-to-the-death over the precise definition *of "golden age" and "A-list", a case can be made that the 2014 deaths of both Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney left this performer as the key surviving child-star of the A-list-golden age. MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS is perhaps the best-remembered movie of __________    __________...................*You know how argumentative you are.
1546. With hundreds of movie/tv credits, Roddy McDowall might be said to have performed with everybody-except-two-guys. In conversations with  an editor of this website during the 1990s, he named his favorite co-stars as Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman---and this actress: She was top-billed over Roddy in THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, and she saddened an entire generation of film-critics and moviegoers by retiring young. Must be __________    __________.
1547. One of the biggest films of 1962 featured an Anne, an Annie, and an Anna. Details. (Sorry, we meant to say "Details, please"; the politeness runs very deep around here. Probably).
1548. Since the Natalie Wood/Robert Wagner yacht was named after one of her films*, it's appropriate that the dinghy was named after one of his. Which one?.............................................................................................*See #182 preceding.
1549. The 2015 death of Kevin Corcoran brought to mind the many films and tv-shows in which he co-starred, hanging out with such beasts as shaggy dogs and yeller dogs. But sometimes overlooked was his key starring role: __________    __________, OR* TEN WEEKS WITH A CIRCUS ...........................*For more on that "OR" literary construction, please see #844 preceding.
1550. In 1972, this word was doubly active in show business. __________ Records began its takeover of the folk-rock* scene by releasing the first three singles by the Eagles; and Christopher Lee & Barbara Parkins starred in the thriller __________. One word, twice..............................*Unless of course it  was country-rock, or soft**-rock, or some combination thereof.... ...........................**The early  1970s were statistically dominated by Led Zeppelin, who tended to make  just about everything else sound "soft"; Eagles fans tend to call the band "rock", period , & to suggest that comparing the E-boys with Zep isn't logical.
1551. We claim this is true romance: Richard Carlson: "I noticed you had beautiful eyes the first time I saw you, but I didn't get around to mentioning it then". Evelyn Ankers: "Mention it now". Those two were billed below Abbott & Costello in __________    __________    __________.
1552. If Billy Gray is walking into a ceremonial venue with Jane Wyatt on his arm, what's probably happening?
1553. During the 2010s, perhaps the most famous movie-star-name of them all resurfaced, in another context. The tv-show was "Cheaters", and the host's name was __________    __________.
1554. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER might well be called The Robert Wagner Bond Movie. Why?
1555. In two well-known films a nice round quarter-of-a-century apart(1939 & 1964), Bette Davis is intermittently spoken of as "Miss Charlotte". In the first movie, that language is most prominently displayed in a wedding invitation; in the second, that phrasing is used principally by those who the the-time-&-the-place would have called her social inferiors. Titles?
1556. If 1979's VAN NUYS BLVD. had been released two decades earlier, it would have been called a "drive-in-movie". That's because its teen-racing plot was a staple during the platinum age* of drive-in theaters.  Those venues had faded greatly by 1979, but indoor showings drew enough teenagers to make the film profitable. It probably would have been even more so if moviegoers nationally hadn't been a little confused by the pronunciation of the middle word in the title(it's hard to recommend it to your friends if you can't pronounce it). You'll probably be wanting to pronounce it for us now; and if you're in a frosting-mood, you might name that (real)street's location...............................................................................*Can you tell that we're fed up with the phrase "golden age"?
1557. "Bring Him Home". 2015. ????????????
1558. The name "Harvey" has been all over the (movie)place, from the silent era on*. But its close-personal-cousin "Hervey" is rarely encountered. Among the times when that name did show up are these: (A) As the last name of an actor in "The Wonder Years"; (B) as the last name of a well-known film-actress who was also the mother of singer Jack Jones; & (C) as the first name of a novelist who created the source material for one of the biggest movies of the mid-1930s, ANTHONY ADVERSE. Can you name 1 or 2 or 3?.................*In fact, we're fed up with it..........
1559. Never let it be said that Hollywood isn't quick to jump on anything that's "hot".When the play "What Price Glory?" took over Broadway in 1924, film producers quickly grabbed that title, smacked it around a little bit, and came up with "What Price Goofy?" as the title of a short. An actress we have in mind was only 17 when she signed for the part, but that was old enough to do her bit in that production. It was one of her very earliest roles in a career which included some very famous time spent with a primate. You could call up some mammalian zoologists, or you could just tell us __________    __________'s name.
1560. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and its source-material novel took their title-inspiration from one of the most famous films of the mid-1950s. Which one?
ANSWERS 1541-1560:
1541. Suzanne Pleshette. Tom Poston.
1543, The non-child Cecile Aubrey starred in THE BLACK ROSE. Sue Lyon spent part of her mid-teens filming LOLITA.
1545. Margaret O'Brien.
1546. Pamela Franklin.
1547. In THE MIRACLE WORKER, Anne Bancroft starred as Annie Sullivan, the teacher of Helen Keller. Tle latter was portrayed by Patty Duke, whose pre-Patty name was Anna.
1548. His inspirational movie was PRINCE VALIANT.
1550. ASYLUM. (The Eagles-3: "Take It Easy", "Witchy Woman", and "Peaceful Easy Feeling").
1552. They were arriving at the services for Robert Young, their "Father Knows Best" colleague.
1553. Clark Gable.
1554. Robert Wagner's marital history includes Jill St. John, who co-starred in the film, and Natalie Wood, whose sister Lana also appeared in the movie.
1556. The "Nuys" rhymes with "eyes". That street is a key north-south thoroughfare in LA's San Fernando Valley.
1557. That phrase was a key part of the ad-campaign for THE MARTIAN.
1558. Jason Hervey created a loudmouth-older-brother archetype in "The Wonder Years"; Irene Hervey ("Night Monster") created Jack Jones; and Hervey Allen created ANTHONY ADVERSE. That's a lot of creativity.
1559. Fay Wray.
QUESTIONS 1561-1580:
1561. Since this producer/writer's songs have appeared in more than 100 films, it was appropriate that, in  2013, some Big Names gave him a biopic. When he was only 18, he had the number one single in America. He wrote, produced, arranged, conducted, & sang backup on "To Know Him Is To Love  Him" in the autumn of 1958. His first & last names make up the title of the biographical production: __________    __________.
1562. The prducers of 1971's JOURNEY BACK TO OZ, seemed to have a strong sense of the appropriate. The key animation-voice was provided by the only logical contender*. Who would that be?.....................*At least since 6/22/69.
1563. With an amazing total of 70 credits in a mere 12 years, she may have been the busiest starlet of both the 1930s and 1940s. Then, she shocked both the studios and her agents by retiring on her 30th birthday. "She"  was Janet Shaw, who created strong supporting performances in films with some of the biggest people in the industry. In common with many other young actresses, she got her shot at the film industry when her father moved the family to Los Angeles from their hometown of Beatrice, Nebraska. Entering the business at 16, she originally used her marquee-ready real name of Ellen Clancy; but the famous bright-idea-lad Jack Warner was taken with the name "Janet Shaw" & slapped it on her. Her performances were generally endearing or intelligent or both, and you may be able to name some of her most famous movies: A 1940 Vivien Leigh wartime saga; a 1938 film that may be Bette Davis's most famous effort; a 39er from Davis that's almost as famous as its predecessor; the 1943 movie usually called Hitchcock's best; a 1942 production starring Bela Lugosi; and a 1940 Robert Taylor drama. What can you tell us?.......................................................Addendum: Although our Hollywood files already contained a lot of Janet-Shaw-material, the preparation of this entry has been greatly aided by the recollections of Mr. Frank W. Smith of Beatrice, Nebraska, her cousin and (later in life)her rescuer and benefactor(more on that in a later entry). We extend thanks to him and to the staff of the Beatrice*Public Library(we're currently awaiting permission to use their names)................*If you don't want to sound like a tourist if you take a little side-trip off Interstate 80 sometime, it's pronounced bee-AT-trus, not that other way you were  probably going to pronounce it.
1564. Within Hollywood, it was widely assumed that 1987's THE WHALES OF AUGUST would stand as the final film of the career of Bette Davis. But that assumption didn't take account of Davis's personality, which was anti-retirement. She promptly signed for yet another film, 1989's __________    __________ .
1565. It's always good to be sure of your principles. In one of 2012's biggest movies, a traveler announces that dying in Chickasaw County, Mississippi does not appeal to him*. That geographical reference appears in __________    __________..............................*His thoughts about dying in general are not explored.
1566. The first one was 1950's RIO GRANDE. The last one was 1971's BIG JAKE. What's the meaning of "one" in this context?
1567. Near the end of march in 1936, Loretta Young was filming a scene from PRIVATE NUMBER, a scene in which this occurs: In response to  a comment that Clark Gable ain't bad, she says "I'll say not!"  No one on the set said "Yikes!" when they heard that line, and neither did members of the public when they saw the completed movie; but they should have. Why?
1568. In this surprise hit from 1975, the little slave boy's "job" each day is to serve as a human-footstool for the patriarch of the plantation, James Mason. The child gets both his revenge and his "pay" by taking big drinks of Mason's bourbon everytime JM turns away. The title you're pursuing has but a single word.
1569. Hardcore: The whitest black man who ever lived explains to his mother that his  upcoming nuclear family will be told nothing of his birth family, and that, therefore, she will never see her grandchildren. Anthony Hopkins may be in the mix, in 2003's __________    __________    __________.
1570. Ethel Waters and Jeanne Crain starred in  a famous movie about race-relations, and it was titled __________ .  In THREE WOMEN, Sissy Spacek starred as __________.    In MEATBALLS 2, two moderately sex-crazed teenage girls are discussing boys; one asks the other if she's ever even seen
 a __________. A very distinctive animated tv-series has a title which highlights an unusual character-name. One word, 4 times. 
1571. Night-light in the Western Hemisphere: __________ MOON was one of the films which built up Joan Crawford's early-30s career. "__________    Moon" was a doubly-influential record from Chuck Berry's breakthrough period in the mid- 50s. Do some un-blanking, if you have the time.
1572. When the rock group Klaatu hit the charts in 1977, it was with a 2-sided hit: "Sub-Rosa Subway" backed with "Calling Occupants". Where'd they get their band's title?
1573. When the fifth installment of the SCARY MOVIE franchise arrived, how did the producers express that numerical amount in the poster-art?
1574. When the summer began in 1984, the #1 hit  record in America was "The Reflex". What does that have to do with Jane Fonda?
1575. This early horror film featured Fay Wray, Lionel Atwill, and the youngster Melvyn Douglas, who was just a year into his movie-career during filming in 1932. The mammalian production was titled __________    __________    __________.
1576. From the French poet Henri Michaux: "It is preferable not to travel with a dead man". Those word opened a 1995 drama featuring an A-list actor. The title?
1577. Most humans locked up in an outdoor wire cage would be very unhappy if a lion decided to rest on top of that structure. This hard guy instead expresses thanks for the newly arrived shade. The 2015 thriller was __________    __________.
1578. Does the following sound much like a financial phrase?: "Elle Macpherson nude". In the early 1990s, those three words did serve a monetary purpose, because they were a key concept in finding the financing for a major Australian movie. That money was forthcoming (How could it not be?.........), and so was a funny and charismatic performance by Macpherson. The movie was her film debut, and the title had but one word.
1579. A studio executive talking to one of his assistants: "Every time she spins like that, I wish her skirt was longer; & every time she twirls like that, I wish she was older". It was late 1942, and the boys were watching footage of the dancer/actress who had just become Fred Astaire's newest & youngest(17) partner. Since the teenage dynamo was Joan Leslie, the movie must be __________    __________    __________    ___________.
1580. Is there such a thing as "Product-Placement With Dignity"? Probably not, but this example comes closest to that goal: The movie hypes The Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami Beach. Since the opening of that luxury-establishment in 1954 initiated the modern age of ultra-hotels in south Florida, giving it some credit is not unreasonable. That 1994 production also featured male & female leads whose collective first/last initials totaled  4 "S"s.* The film must be __________    __________.                           *Highly suspicious, of course, but that's a conspiracy-theory for another day.
ANSWERS 1561-1580:
1562. Liza Minnelli.
1563. Leigh: WATERLOO BRIDGE. Davis-38: JEZEBEL. Davis-39: THE OLD MAID. Hitchcock: SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Lugosi: NIGHT MONSTER. Taylor: Same as Leigh--- WATERLOO BRIDGE. Since the career of Janet Shaw is a key archetype of the hardworking starlet who retires young, there'll be more on her shortly. 
1566. Those were the first and last John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara movies. Addendum: We hate to threaten anyone, but we may return at a later date demanding the titles of the ones in the middle.
1567. Because just 4 months earlier, she had given birth* to Gable's child. That event led to a 6-decade scandal which you may already know something about, and which will be explored here later in more detail..................*An event which was hidden with the greatest of care.
1570. PINKY. Pinky. Pinky. "Pinky And The Brain".
1571.The Crawford film: MONTANA MOON. The Berry 45: "Havana Moon" backed with "You Can't Catch Me". The former deeply influenced the most famous rock song of them all, "Louie Louie", which LA's Richard Berry(no relation) released two months after Chuck's effort("Havana moon" became Jamaica moon, but the groove and the Caribbean feeling were pretty similar). "You Can't Catch Me" constituted one of the many times times that second-generation rockers lost  lawsuits(or settled before a lawsuit was actually filed) to the first-generation crowd. In this case it was CB on the winning end and The Beatles as losers. From "You Can't Catch Me": "Here come a flat-top, He was movin' up with me....................." From "Come Together": "Here come old flat-top, he come groovin' up slowly..................."
1572. When tourists (and some locals) hear the phrase "The Platinum Triangle" appled to Los Angeles real estate, they often think it means Bel-Air/Beverly Hills/Brentwood. The B's alliterative appeal appears to be very strong, but the third member of that group is actually Holmby Hills rather than Brentwood. A key street in HH is Baroda Drive. It was a thoroughfare well known to both Robert Wise(director) and Edmund North(screenwriter) when a certain 1951 movie was in pre-production. The street's spelling was changed slightly to "Barada", and then it became part of one of the most famous of all Hollywood quotes: "Gort, Klaatu Barada Nikto". That phrase from THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL recurs frequently in pop culture, including in the name of that rock group.
1573. The "V" in "MOVIE" did double-duty as the roman numeral for five.
1574. "The Reflex" was a single by Duran Duran. That group  took its name from a villain in what may be Fonda's most famous film, BARBARELLA.
1576. Johnny Depp starred in DEAD MAN. For a famous production called "The Dead Man", see #1353 preceding.
1577. TREMORS 5.
1578. SIRENS.
1580. Sylvester Stallone & Sharon Stone starred in THE SPECIALIST(hey, there's another "s" right there).
QUESTIONS 1581-1600:
1581. Often a favorite for location-filming, this small Texas town in the Far West* of the state was given some recognition in the title of a 2012 movie. A hint for you in the form of a description of a hard guy: He cut the vocal cords of his attack-dogs so they could  sneak up on people to annihilate them. That creative thinking occurred in __________   GIRL..............*The broader term"West Texas" is generally useless in these cases, because the area named is too huge to provide enough specificity(if meeting new travelers in Marblehead, Massachusetts, it's not helpful to say "Hey---I'm from Southern California too! Have we met?) By Far West we mean the state's western panhandle except for metro El Paso, which interrupts the FW's classic frontier landscape.
1582. When Dionne Warwick was a dominant factor on the music charts during the 1960s, almost all her hits featured music by Burt Bacharach & lyrics by Hal David. During the summer of 1966, that threesome's current hit was "Trains And Boats And Planes". 21 years later, a hit movie featured a title with very similar content, namely __________    __________    __________    __________.
1583. Even though the Production Code was in full  force in 1939, occasionally items did slip past the gaze of the Codesters. Here's one: The then-hot comic actor Hugh Herbert starred in a movie in which his wife asks him to discipline a misbehaving child. To beef up her position that he should take his parental duties seriously, she asks rhetorically it's-your-kid-isn't it?  HH replies "You're asking me?!" The movie was THE FAMILY __________     __________.
1584. They probably forgot to obtain the required city-license to stage an acting-festival, but they went ahead anyway. This particular 1974 event featured Ellen Burstyn & Geraldine Fitzgerald & Josh Mostel & Larry Hagman & Arthur Hunnicutt & Chief Dan George & Cliff DeYoung & Phil Bruns & Barbara Rhoades, all in support of that year's Best Actor.Naming either that boy or the movie would be a good idea.
1585. The producers of a 2013 action-film reached back a nice, even 60 years for their title. As the easy-listening era was nearing its end in 1953*, The Four Aces had a number-one hit with the key song from a famous Broadway production. Richard Kiley's big voice introduced the song, in a duet with Doretta Morrow in "Kismet". The tune was a lyricized version of a theme from Borodin, & the only title-adjustment made by the 2013 filmsters was to add an "A" at the beginning. What's the movie?........................."Sh-Boom" by The Chords and "Gee" by The Crows would come along in 1954  and after that---the (rock) deluge.
1586. Pirates & water all over the place. In the late 1980s, the country group Pirates Of The Mississippi was beginning its career trajectory; and a similarly titled movie was on screens. It was a late-career entry for Richard Farnsworth, whose career was then in its 6th calendar-decade. __________    __________    __________ was about a watery boyhood.
1587. Because Debra Paget had momentum coming out of 1956*, her agents were able to raise her price going into 1957. Her first feature that year was a mixture of chase-film & modern western, and she was assisted by Ray Milland and Anthony Quinn. Three stars and a three-word title...............*Having co-starred in both THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and the first Presley picture, LOVE ME TENDER.
1588. Let's work backwards from the train*. During the preceding hour and a half, Susan George and Peter Fonda scored in the 98th percentile on the Rowdiness Scale.* This 1974 action-film has a title which refers to both the key characters' names & a mini-mini description of them. 4 words................*All we have to say about that conveyance is that it, too, would certainly be listed in the upper reaches of the R-Scale.
1589. We're always a little dubious when someone says "Here are the facts"---implying that they're going to give you all of them. All we're generally willing to say is what we say about this entry: Here are some of the facts: (A) When the young man's biggest musical booster expresses confidence in him, the kid replies "You're delusional". (B) The great human tragedy of someone being both slow and dumb is discussed.(C) When asked if a particular individual is his mother, the guy responds "not by choice"*. (D) Walt's name is surely taken in vain, because there is some confusion about the west coast park versus the eastern one. __________    ___________     __________ was released in 2012....................*That cheap shot hints at the subject matter of the film.
1590. Originally planned as a theatrical release, this 1971 production eventually ended up as a tv-movie. Its simple but ominous title stayed in the the minds of some show-biz types, and in the next decade it was modified into the title of a  record for a very big artist. The latter was Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins produced his rendition of "She's Waiting".* What very similar title was used by the 1971 Patty Duke/Dorothy McGuire effort?....................*Both sides of the Clapton single got airplay; the flipside was "See What Love an Do".
1591. When Jack Webb became a tv-force with "Dragnet", the movie-studios began to give him some feature-film money to play around with. One of those productions was 1961's THE LAST TIME I SAW ARCHIE. It starred Robert Mitchum as the A-man, Webb himself as Archie's pal, and Martha Hyer and France Nuyen as the female leads. The movie's title was inspired by a nearly identical one from 1954. Such as?
1592. In addition to their one-word titles, what very important thing do these widely spaced movies have in common: ROPE(1948), COMPULSION((1959), and SWOON(1991)?
1593. Being ambidextrous with a baseball bat* is one thing, but showing that same level of expertise with handguns is even more impressive. Because those weapons  are by definition less controllable than rifles**, one-handed shooting-for-accuracy is very hard for most people, and the two-handed technique is only mastered in the best neighborhoods(or at least the loudest ones). Alexis Bledel's character showed award-worthy no-empty-hands skills in the 2013 blaster __________    __________    __________..............................*Yeah, yeah, we know that the precise term is "switch-hitter", but we avoidied it because it's in the process of being kidnapped by writers on sex, if you can image...............................**Because (A) the handgun lacks shoulder-support to keep the weapon steady, & (B) there's all that confusing empty space between the eye of the shooter and the rear sight.
1594. This 1998 entry in the Tales Of The Syndicate file starred Vincent Spano and surrounded him with a tv-crew*: Abe Vigoda & Vincent Pastore & Tony Danza & Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The geographically oriented title had 5 words.............................*Performers now best known for their television work.
1595. This title has surfaced twice so far, 4 decades apart. The first event was a 1956 feature film starring such varied people as starlet Adele Jergens, silent(& early talkie) goddess Anna Sten, & impressionist Frank Gorshin. The second was a 1994 tv-movie shown as part of Showtime's "Rebel Highway" series, and it provided early parts for both Julie Bowen and Paul Rudd. The title, which suggests movement, is __________    __________.
1596. Let's say two things about this famous actress's wonderfully written autobiography: (A) Its title is becomingly modest: "The Lucky Southern Star". (B) Its subtitle should tell you who she is: "Reflections from The Black Lagoon". Name her, & then go see any 5 of her films at random; her charisma is so uniformly high that you can't go wrong.
1597. The same phrase, used twice, about half a century apart. "..................night in old mexico................". In 1962 it appeared prominently in the spoken-intro to one of the biggest hit records of the year; in 2013 it deserted the music world for the realm of movies. Since your employment contract* does not require you to be a music-maven, we'll just give you that one: Pat Boone charted-high with "Speedy Gonzalez"**. What happened in 2013?....................*Third Revised Edition, Second Addendum.  **More movie-connections: Boone himself had a significant film career(see #826 preceding for an example of that), and the song was co-written by actor David Hess(LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT), then songwriting under the pen-name of David Hill(in addition to his association with SG, he also achieved the Big Credit for songwriters of that era---an Elvis Presley hit; he co-wrote the million-seller "I Got Stung' in 1958).
1598.  Plenty of film actors have appeared on the cover of "Time" magazine. In almost every case, such appearances have come when the performer is already quite famous---their fame increases newsstand-sales. However, in 1979 that rule was broken when the mag put a newcomer on the cover, an actress just beginning her career with A LITTLE ROMANCE. A little answer?
1599. If a friend of yours is going to try to revivify your career, you're fortunate if the friend is Frank Sinatra. That's what happened in 1957, when FS filmed a biography of his old pal Joe E. Lewis. That movie did much to increase JEL's  bookings as a comic and singer. Since it was a tender tale of The Syndicate, there are lines about Leavenworth Reunion Clubs and sportsmen who kill people just to keep in practice. Since the mob-boys know something about gambling, it's appropriate that the film is called __________    __________    __________    __________.
1600. Setting aside our usual generosity*, we won't be using capitals or quotation-marks in the main  body of this question, because the hint-quotient might be too stong:..........honey babe..........honey lamb.......... honey pot............What can you tell us about  those movie-related items? Various crybabies around here are protesting that this entry is pretty hard, so getting just one out of three will be a good day's/night's work......................................*Quiet...................  
ANSWERS 1581-1600:
1581. MARFA.
1582. PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES, with S. Martin and J. Candy.
1583. NEXT DOOR. Hugh Herbert can also be seen in such hit comedies as Wheeler & Woolsey's HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER & DIPLOMANIACs, and the very last item in the big-title section below.
1584. Art Carney starred in HARRY AND TONTO.
1585. A STRANGER IN PARADISE("Stranger In Paradise").
1590. SHE WAITS.
1591. THE LAST TIME I SAW PARIS, with Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson.
1592. All three movies were based on the Leopold & Loeb murder case.
1595. We're talking about the great human tragedy of RUNAWAY DAUGHTERS.
1596. A favorite leading lady of virtually every male star she worked with*, Julie Adams always brought-to-the-table a powerful & appealing personality to go with her startling visual appeal........................................................*Just scratching the surface: John Wayne/Rock Hudson/Charlton Heston/James Stewart/Elvis Presley. Addendum: The JA-fanbase now spans nearly 5 generations. When those fans contact us, they  call her "The best of her time" and "The definitive mid-century star" and "Nearly perfect". (What's all this "nearly"-talk?) JA has a well-organized website,, which includes a user-friendly guestbook for her fans.
1597. In 2013, Robert Duvall starred in A NIGHT IN OLD MEXICO.
1598. Gazing out from within the red border was 14-year-old Diane Lane.
1600. "Honey Babe" was a big hit record* from BATTLE  CRY, starring those fifties-gods Tab Hunter and Aldo Ray. Honey Lamb used her sweet alto on a key musical moment in UNCLE JOE; "The Land Of Nod" was a nonsense-song, but there was nothing nonsensical about either her musical talents or her power-brunette visuals.** THE HONEY POT is a well-known movie on Rex Harrison's list of credits..............*by Art Mooney And His Orchestra..........**Another brunette singer on the premises was Gale Storm, hanging out with Zasu Pitts; although they had known each other previously, this was the movie that cemented their friendship so deeply that in the 1950s they looked for a chance to work together on tv; the result was the hit comedy "The Gale Storm Show".
1601. "Home Movies"* are often sneered at, but this festival-darling was widely praised in 2011/2012. It starred husband/wife Sam Jaeger & Amber Jaeger, and its road-trip content revisits** the important philosophical question of how a man and a woman can best keep warm on a cold night of sleeping out in the open. The movie's 3-word title deals with the goal of Amber's character.....................*Films starring a husband and wife(or domestic partners) working together; the (negative)theory is that they're more concerned about a congenial working environment & having fun than with creating top quality entertainment....................**See the next entry.
1602. In this Sinatra vehicle, Lois Nettleton has firm views about how to keep warm during the prairie winters: The best move is for people to rub their poor shivering bodies together to produce warmth. Sounds a little rowdy, but we can probably allow it---as long as you can name the 3-word title of the movie.
1603. RHUBARB. We don't care if it's on your diet or not---we need to use that word to talk about a Ray Milland comedy. The story deals with an unusual beneficiary of a will; the principal asset mentioned in the latter is a baseball team. What can you tell us about the beneficiary?
1604. The world of movies certainly appeared on all their resumes; but when they died within a few months of each other in 2014/2015, their best-remembered work was in another medium. Enlighten us about Betsy Palmer, Bess Myerson, & Jayne Meadows.
1605. If a 2014 film about a sex/intimacy surrogate focuses on her life starting to go wrong, it might be called __________    __________    ___________.
1606. Consider The Big Four actors in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? In real life, which performer was the last survivor?
1607. Child laborer Margaret O'Brien was rightly famous for her laugh and her smile, but what about her Death Stare? She used it very effectively in moments of anger or rebellion or grief, and here's an example: In a Cyd Charisse film about ballerinas-small-&-large, O'Brien says to another kid-kicker "You're a traitor", a verbal attack accompanied by the appropriate hardening of the face. Both her tenseness & her intensity are exemplified by such items as: (A) Someone telling her she's pretty glum that day, "even for you"; and (B) saying "I'd rather die" in a very believable way, when it is suggested that she might quit ballet. The Charisse/O'Brien line of work is referenced in the 3-word title of the film. 
1608. In association with The American Institute Of Last Names, we'd like to present this list: (A)  Paul Revere __________  was the leader of the big sixties rock group  Paul Revere & The Raiders; (B) Andy __________ came to fame as a comic in the 1990s; (C) Philip __________ provided the source-material for BLADE RUNNER; and (D) Leslie __________, during the early 2000s, became well-known as a writer and critic while on the faculty of The California Institute Of The Arts---her comments on LOLITA were especially helpful, avoiding as they did the usual knee-jerk reactions in favor of a deeper analysis). One word.
1609. WHY DID I GET MARRIED? While we try to figure out if that question is real or merely rhetorical, you can focus on the movie's  high-quality cast. It was led by the screenwriter and by a woman active as both an actress and singer since childhood.
1610. While it was not a box-office success the first time around (in its theatrical release), its afterlife has been sufficiently successful that we might almost call it (Cliche Alert) a cult-film. There's probably no such thing as "The Henson/Connelly/Bowie Crowd"--but there was in 1986, so the movie must be __________.
1611. Fifties-teenagers knew what they wanted to see at the movies, and in the final year of that decade they had a complaint about that subject. Over the past few years, Vincent Price had become famous as a horror-star, through such films as HOUSE OF WAX, THE FLY, THE RETURN OF THE FLY, and THE TINGLER. So when 1959 brought a film whose title suggested one more of those, kids flocked to it, only to find that it was just a standard mystery, not a movie with horrific subject matter. Their demands for refunds were sometimes granted; theater managers had to admit that the kids could have been a little confused by a Price-title like __________    __________.
1612. In 1968, Kirk Douglas teamed up with the under-appreciated Alex Cord to do an action-picture about The Syndicate. The two-word title has a double-meaning: The two men are brothers; and that organization is a tightly-knit one. Must be __________    __________.
1613. Before MY DARLING CLEMENTINE and  then GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL usurped its fame, this movie stood as the definitive telling of the Wyatt Earp saga. Starring in 1942 was Richard Dix, most famous as the male lead in CIMARRON(Best Picture). Since you could guess that the film would feature either Dodge City or Tombstone, we don't mind giving you word-one of the title: TOMBSTONE: __________    __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1614. William Holden starred in a film called __________. In SIX PACK, Diane Lane played a girl named __________. In 2014, tv's "Adventure Time" ran a popular episode called __________. One word.
1615. In August of 1966, Bob Dylan released a self-penned single with what might be called a feminine title. A mere 47 summers later, Sienna Miller starred in a movie with the same 4-word name: __________    __________    __________    __________.
1616. This screenplay sat around Hollywood for almost a decade. We were going to add "gathering dust", but what it was really gathering was favorable comments from development-executives at a couple of studios---but there wasn't quite enough interest to push the project forward. The necessary forward momentum finally appeared in the person of America's most famous teenage girl(13 when she was signed). TILT dealt with a pinball-goddess, and __________    __________ 's mother signed those contracts.
1617. Some critics dismissed 1953's __________ as a mere "home movie", since it starred James & Pamela Mason. That condescension ignored the middle-of-3 stories told in the film, a tale with enough intricacy and twists to fit right in as , say, one of the non-supernatural episodes of Boris Karloff's "Thriller".*The movie shares its title with an unrelated Cary Grant production released exactly a decade later....................* The authoritative source on that Karloff-fest is still, cleverly edited by Peter Enfantino & John Scoleri & their associate-madmen.
1618. During the 1950s, Tony Curtis had no trouble drawing teenagers to the box-office. He was still young enough that they were His People. But by the late 1960s that appeal had faded, and so he made __________    __________    __________ to try to recapture it. That beach-comedy featured Claudia Cardinale and Sharon Tate, and its title song(performed by The Byrds) made the charts.* Announcing 3 words would make you a Master Of Curstisiana....................*Summer of '67, as part of a 2-hit single; the other side was "Have You Seen Her Face?"
1619. The youth-version: THE SIXTH SENSE. The adult-version: SEX ED. The actor?
1620.  An alternative title: "Seventies bombshell Angel Tompkins And The Little People". The actual title?  (It has been marketed under two very similar names; we'll take either one---the 2-word version or the 4-word one).
ANSWERS 1601-1620:
1603. Inheriting the baseball team: A cat.
1604. They were the last survivors (unless we've overlooked someone) of the first generation of gameshow panelists on television.
1606. George Segal.
1608. Dick.
1609. Tyler Perry. Janet Jackson.
1611. THE BAT. With that title and Price in the film, the kiddies expected vampire bats, and when they didn't see any, there was pouting all around.
1614. BREEZY.
1616. Brooke Shields.
1617. CHARADE.
1619. Haley Joel Osment.
QUESTIONS 1621-1640:
1621. Robert Montgomery had generally played pleasant leading men until this film; but in it, he did such terrible things to old ladies that for the next couple of years he had to have his agents reject any more murderous sceenplays, to avoid typecasting as a very bad boy. Causing all that trouble was __________    __________    __________.
1622. The official stars of this 1965 adventure-film were Anthony Quinn and James Coburn, but the screenplay's main focus is on the character played by a 12-year-old girl. She is both strong and adorable, but her adorability fades in the last five minutes, when her incoherence or dishonesty causes many unnecessary deaths. The 5-word title contains an insular reference.
1623. As we understand it, kangaroos not only have no fashion-sense, they in fact oppose the entire concept and therefore typically wear no clothing at all; but in KANGAROO JACK, one K-ster wears a garment which is a key plot-device. What garment would that be?
1624. Intergenerational female warfare. The warriors: Gayle Hunnicutt and Eleanor Parker. Also making trouble: Michael Sarrazin. This 1969 suspenser had a feline title, namely __________    __________    __________    __________.
1625. Although the 30s-comedy MEET THE BOYFRIEND starred Robert Paige and Carol Hughes, we want to talk about the character-actors who supported them. One played the original version of tv's Alice Kramden; the other was Gene Autry's main man. Ideas?
1626. There's Product-Placement, and then there's Extreme Product-Placement. The latter  occurs when the product appears not only in the film, but also in the title. One of those rare occasions came along in 1978. The movie featured the hot-from-STAR-WARS Mark Hamill and the future sitcom goddess Annie Potts. If you can name the product, you will have named half the title.
1627. Usually classified as a comedy/drama, this 2014 production could also qualify as a special kind of road-picture: One in which the roads are all intracity rather than interstate. The ringleaders of all the pavement-action are Eliza Coupe and Kyle Bornheimer, and they operated under the auspices of a 6-word title.
1628. A well-known movie: Seeing her man killed in front of her, and knowing she does not wish to live without him, she fires a shot at the opposition, knowing that she will be cut to pieces by their return-fire.  A well-known song: Seeing her man killed in front of her, and feeling the same as the first woman, she points an empty gun at their pursuers, so that they will kill her with their volley in response. Because the Master Agreement with the union does not require you to know music-stuff to hang around here, we are (sadly) compelled to give you the musical answer: "Seven Spanish Angels".* The movie title has the same number of words as that title, and the film helped both James Mason and Dan O'Herlihy make the move to Hollywood(which is apparently some kind of earthly paradise......)......................*The most famous version is probably the duet between Ray Charles and Willie Nelson.
1629. Audrey __________ appeared in the 1953 version of TITANIC. Abby __________ co-starred in ROCK ALL NIGHT. Timothy __________ can be seen in THE TOURIST. One name, 3 times.
1630. The line between honest sentiment and dishonest sentimentality is at least invisible, and it may not exist at all. That's because these are subjective areas of the universe, not objective ones, and one analyst's HS is another's DS. Nonetheless, let's go ahead and single out an example of what we claim is nicely done sincere sentiment in movies: The male dancer, locally famous, is going through a line of late-teen girls wanting to dance with him. Then his eye is caught by a girl too shy to join that line. As he navigates over toward her, audiences have a slightly queasy moment as they notice that she appears to be about 12. But that reaction immediately gives way to sentimental smiles as they notice her polio brace; the boy wasn't trolling for jailbait, he was trying to make her day(as he does, as they slow-dance to Jerry Butler's hit version of "Moon River"). A 3-word title sits atop this musical/comedy/drama about the first rock generation, which stars Donovan Leitch & the always endearing Jennifer Runyon.
1631. For her, 2015 lacked greatness (or even averageness). In April, one of her favorite (tv)co-stars died relatively young. Half-a-year later, in October, she lost her husband of many years. Since she's one of the definitive singer/actresses of the twentieth century's second half, her name is probably about to fall out of your mouth.
1632. Reports from our investigators indicate that your recent behavior leaves much to  be desired(you know what we're talking about......), so for today our motto is no-hints-for-you*. Since capital letters and quotation marks can provide possible hints, we're dropping those: ..................hollywood hotel.................heartbreak hotel................hotel happiness....................One is a film title; one is the title of a hit record; one is both. Details?..................*We know you can do better in the future.
1633. Forrest Tucker had a "prestige" picture (AUNTIE MAME)in release during 1958, and also this B-movie monster-fest. Although the creature is treated unsympathetically in the film, we think it was just looking for a good optometrist. The 3-word title?
1634. When the Vincent Price comedy DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE made much more than expected, a sequel became inevitable. Co-star Frankie Avalon was unavailable the second time around, so the producers came as close as they could, signing another teen idol who grew up 9 blocks from Avalon in south Philadelphia. That would be Fabian, and the movie would be __________    __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1635. Pop and country star Don Gibson wrote almost all his hits. The most important exception was "Sea Of Heartbreak", which combines sad lyrics with a bouncy uptempo beat. Among the movies to feature the song prominently was one which had a 2-word title naming a certain kind of target.  ?????(A good shorthand description of the cast would be Janeane Garofalo And A Bunch Of Guys).
1636. George C. Scott's success in DR. STRANGELOVE allowed his agents to raise his price and to push for above-the-title billing in future projects. An early example of that new program was a quasi-military comedy. Joining him above the title were Tony Curtis and Virna Lisi, and the 6-word name of the film justified the exclamation-mark at the end. If you want to call it a marital title, that's OK with us. 
1637. Ray Bolger sings "Once In Love With Amy" about Allyn Ann McLerie in __________    __________.
1638. What's the connection between SILENT MOVIE and THE BELLBOY?
1639. If a 2015 advertising campaign asked you to meet Stuart & Kevin & Bob, what animated feature would be involved?
1640. In 1967, James B. Sikking played a Syndicate hitman. In 1990 he did it again. Hanging around on the first occasion was Lee Marvin; on the second, Gene Hackman. Two 2-word titles.
ANSWERS 1621-1640:
1622. A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA. Kids among pirates; you know that's fun. (The main kid: Deborah Baxter).
1623. A jacket, and the humans want it back.
1625. Pert Kelton. Smiley Burnette.
1628. ODD MAN OUT.
1629. Dalton.
1630.  THE IN CROWD. As that mini-drama is unfolding there are some nice facial-reaction shots focusing on bystanders---shots showing first concern and then understanding smiles. Joe Pantoliano does a nice job of that, but the prize goes to Jennifer Runyon, whose reaction shots are so carefully crafted that they approach silent-movie-acting at its best: Producing a fine acting performance with nothing but facial expressions to work with.
1631. Shirley Jones lost both Suzanne Crough from "The Partridge Family" and husband Marty Ingels.
1632. HOLLYWOOD HOTEL is a well-known Dick Powell film from 1937.  "Hotel Happiness" was a 1963 chart-topper by the most famous baritone/bass of them all, Brook Benton. HEARTBREAK HOTEL was the title of both a #1 hit record(Presley's national debut) and a movie about him(1956 & 1988 respectively).
1638. In SILENT MOVIE, there is no speaking, except for a single word at the end. In THE BELLBOY, there is no speaking by the star, Jerry Lewis.
1639. MINIONS.
QUESTIONS 1641-1660:
1641. In the 1952 film noir biggie KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL, two guys are introduced to each other as "Mr. Foster, Mr. Kane". That's an in-joke. Details?
1642. Apparently it's-a-jungle-out-there---or rather in there, because we're talking about school hallways. In 1999's __________    __________    ________, Helen Mirren battles a trio of unhappy students. The source of their unhappiness is her in general and one thing about her in particular.
1643. An action film from 2012 had these characteristics: (A) Before its  title was finally decided upon, "Once Upon A Time In South Central" was being considered for that honor; (B) Anna Kendrick was alluded to as "Janet From Another Planet"; (C) since it's a cop-film, it's appropriate that there's some police-terminology in the name of the movie; and (D) that name has three words. Get back to us when you're ready.
1644. It's shameful the way that show business has ignored the first name "Corrado", but with your help we're going to highlight a couple of cases in which that name did surface. One of those times was so recent(the first part of the current century), that we think you can name the example even if you are hintless(which is better than clueless.....). But since the other case goes back to the middle of the 1900s, here's a three-part hint: "Moments To Remember", "No, Not Much!", and "Standing On The Corner". Thoughts?
1645. The date for Labor Day in 1964 was September 7th. That was Buddy Holly's birthday, but we don't have time to talk about that, because we need to talk about this: "Labor" is an appropriate word, because the following people were laboring enthusiastically: (A) Gregory Peck; (B) Lyndon Johnson; (C) Monique Corzilius; (D) Chris Schenkel; and (E) Susan Hayward. Whatever they all did, they did it together. What is the "it"?
1646. In this hard-R film from 1993, Larenz Tate says he's the public's worst nightmare: He's young & black & just doesn't care. Wiseguys might debate the question of whether the movie's title has two words or three; but that argument does not relieve you of your obligation to you-know-what.
1647. Three survivors of a civilization-ending event are facing their primitive future. One says it'll be just like "camping forever". In analyzing that 2000 film, even the not-very-analytical noticed that Jeri Ryan didn't look much like the other two stars. The title has an apocalyptic ring to it, and the same number of words as the number of survivors.
1648. Although the movie's title has The Sound Of The Syndicate about it, and although the protagonist is a hit-man, 99% of the movie is a romance between James Coburn and Lee Remick. They were assisted in 1969 by Lilli Palmer and Burgess Meredith, and beautifully photographed European locations add greatly to the production's appeal. Two words.
1649. Loretta Young and David Niven were big enough and good enough to carry the movie on their own if that had been necessary---but it wasn't, because the film was something of a Character Acting Festival. Among those present were Broderick Crawford & Billie Burke & Sir C. Aubrey Smith & ZaSu Pitts & Eve Arden & Hugh Herbert. The two-word title announces a production that focused on the question of career-versus-home.
1650. The western SHALAKO reunited a dominant Bond-girl with the most famous bond-boy of them all. Get off your cell phone and name those two.
1651.In 2003, an actress often accused of rhyming with herself starred in an entry in the AMERICAN PIE series. This film's title focuses on what is either the-next-logical-progression or one-step-too-far. Stereotypically, those represent female and male opinions of the same phenomenon. Like the founding-film in this series, this movie has a two-word title.
1652. With Madchen Amick & Eric Roberts & John Lithgow film-noiring-all-over-the-place, Danny Trejo building the first third of his career, and Dan O'Herlihy appearing in his final movie role, this 1993 production must be __________    __________    __________    __________.
1653. 1937: If Groucho continues to take gambling  advice from Chico, he will soon be bankrupt. That looming catastrophe takes place in __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1654. 1986. Sports-movie. Snipes/Harrelson. 1992. Sports-movie. Snipes/Harrelson. Titles?
1655. When the young girl is re-grabbed (by her parents) following a runaway-adventure, she's not feeling much intra-family love at that moment. An exception comes in the form of one of her little brothers, who says that she's a credit to the family. Equally straightforward, she says she tries to be.
That Sibling Support appears in 2012's __________    __________.
1656. A 1937 Astaire/Rogers movie. A 1996 well-recieved Japanese film. A 2004 production featuring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. All have the same 3-word title, if that's of any use to you.                        Addendum: Since a question mark appears or disappears at the end of the 3 words depending upon the particular ad-campaign, we're just ignoring them here. That may sound disrespectful of QMs, but we are guided by the fact that we can't remember a single time when a question mark showed us any respect.
1657. Although English poet Ernest Dowson never reached his 33rd birthday, he littered the literary world and pop-culture with sayings which have shown great staying-power. Consider: "I have been faithful to thee Cynara! in my fashion". Close variations of that phrase have appeared in a hit Broadway show from 1949,  in a famous film from 1953, and on one of the best-selling rock albums of all time (1961). Certain crybabies around here claim that's a hard question, so naming just one of the three shall be considered a good day's work.
1658. When United Artists released the film in 1979, they could easily have called it "Wanda Wanders", because that's what happens. Instead they went with a different two-word title. ???????
1659. Sounds tragic: "Some people fake their deaths. I'm faking my life". That's from a 2011 drama which hitches a Disney title to non-Disney subject matter. You can do it.
1660. Families. Ladies first: Wright/Penn. Preston/Travolta. Rowlands/Cassavetes. One or more emissaries (Represent!) from each of those groups appeared in a 1997 drama in which this exchange took place: The question hanging in the air: Are you mad at me? The answer(spoken with as much condescension as possible): "You haven't lived long enough for me to be mad at you." What can you tell us?
ANSWERS 1641-1660:
1641. The most famous film of the prior decade(the 1940s) was probably CITIZEN KANE. That boy's full name: Charles Foster Kane.
1642. TEACHING MRS. TINGLE. Naming the one thing about her that the kids hate most might give away too much of the plot, which we are(as you know) much too polite to do.
1643. END OF WATCH. A "watch", in this context, refers to a police officer's shift---the period worked on a particular day. There's the "Day Watch" and the "Night Watch", and each is overseen by a "Watch Commander". 
1644. Corrado Soprano was perhaps the most important character in the obvious drama, after Tony S. Himself. Corrado was Tony's uncle and was usually called "Junior" except by women who were mad at him. Corrado Condarini was perhaps the most famous bass voice in pop music as the easy-listening era transitioned into the rock era(in late 1955 & early 1956). His group, The Four Lads, had three consecutive chart-toppers* during that span: "Moments To Remember", "No, Not Much!", and "Standing On The Corner". Just as the "Sopranos" character generally used his nickname, so did the singer; his was "Connie". His bass-voice-alone-gets its best workout in "There's Only One Of You"...................................*Number one on some charts & top-three on the rest.................Addendum: An extra connection between the two Corrados: Dominic Chianese , who played Corrado S., proved to be a serious singer as well.
1645. On that holiday, NBC showed the Peck/Hayward movie DAVID AND BATHSHEBA. During it, the network aired the most famous political "attack ad"" of them all. The commercial pressed for Lyndon Johnson's re-election as President. It featured narration by the famous baritone of Chris Schenkel, but its real "star" was two-year Monique Corzilius. She was shown counting-off petals from a flower. That sequence was followed by images of thermonuclear warfare, a reference to the theory that some Goldwater Republicans favored using such weapons in Vietnam.
1646. The movie was MENACE II SOCIETY.
1647. The film is THE LAST MAN.
1649. The 1939 movie was ETERNALLY YOURS.
1650. Sean Connery. Honor Blackman(GOLDFINGER).
1651. AMERICAN WEDDING starred Alyson Hannigan, whose first & last names don't precisely rhyme with each other---but close enough for the Coalition of American Rhymsters & Poets (CARP).
1656. SHALL WE DANCE(?).
1657. The Cole Porter standard "Always True To You In My Fashion" was the key song from KISS ME KATE; in the original Broadway version it was sung by Lisa Kirk, and in the film version Ann Miller did it with help from Tommy Rall. Elvis Presley's best-selling LP was the soundtrack from BLUE HAWAII. A prestige-location* was given to "Almost Always True", which covered the same philosophical  territory as the Porter song. *Side one, right after the title song. Addendum: In an obvious conspiracy, KMK  onstage featured a comma in the title(after the second word) but by the time the project arrived in Los Angeles it was gone. A theory that an open truck hit a bump 23 miles northwest of Cherryvale,  Kansas and the thing popped out remains unconfirmed.
1658. Peter Fonda and Brooke Shields starred in WANDA NEVADA. One of them played the title character.
1660. SHE'S SO LOVELY was the movie which featured all of that.
QUESTIONS 1661-1680:
1661.When you have a hit film--Work-It: Beyond collecting the box-office receipts, use its success to promote future movies which are in some way connected to that first one. When Joan Bennett and Edward G. Robinson had a hit with THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW in 1944, that success & their teamwork were used to promote 1945's __________    __________. The title hints at something you might see on a map of a city.
1662. Remembering his friends:Clint Eastwood and actress Mara Corday may have met previously, but they bonded when filming 1955's TARANTULA. Decades later, Eastwood made sure that she appeared in his movies on multiple occasions. The films featured such inanimate objects as a motorcycle(1977), a gun(1983) and a car(1989). Any amount of hard work out of you would be appreciated(and novel).
1663. THE TUTTLES OF TAHITI. If you want to call them "happy beachcombers", we could allow that. But the one thing we could not permit would be your failure to name the British/American actor who played the boss of that crew.
1664. A the beginning of VAN HELSING, how was the familiar Universal logo transformed?
1665. Advertised variously with a 6-word title and a 3-word one, this 1978  film was Cheech & Chong's debut as movie-gods. We'll accept the 3-word version, the 6-word version, or the Mandarin Chinese version.
1666. As the Ohio River flows southwest between its source(Pittsburgh PA) & its confluence with the Mississippi(Cairo IL), it passes a tri-state-area where Ohio & Indiana & Kentucky come together. Not far from there is the town Of Greensburgh, Indiana, whose local saying is "A Tree Grows On The Roof". We'll tell you (later) about the tree, if you'll tell us where they got that catch-phrase.
1667. A pattern: Each of the two actresses appeared in a film(two different ones) about prehistoric humans. Each of those movies (1981 & 1986) contained "c-a-v-e" as a key title component. Each forged a longterm relationsip with a rock star*. Comments?........................*Of course that was two guys and not the same guy twice; the latter would mean that Hollywood is not a til-death-do-us-part kind of town, which is ridiculous.
1668. __________    __________    __________    __________: THE ROAD CHIP. From the 2015 marketing campaign: "Fast & Furry-ous". Another advertising blast: "Boys On The Hood". Since we've now used up our entire quota of hints for this decade, it's your turn.
1669. The name "Barbara Seagull"  has both distinctiveness and memorability. All it lacks is an explanation. Yes, from you.
1670. DEMENTIA 13.  HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE. CELL 2455, DEATH ROW. What do those three films have to do with such mid-1900s sportsmen as Sam Giancana, who was head of the Syndicate in Chicago, and John F. Kennedy, who wasn't?
1671. The actress: This 1973 movie was the final theatrical film during the short-but-interesting career of Victoria Vetri*(ROSEMARY'S BABY, WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH). The screenwriter: It was the first film for Nicholas Meyer, who went on to success in both STAR TREK projects and unrelated ones. 5 words.....................*Early billing: Angela Dorian. 
1672. You could, if you like, file this item under a title like "This can't be good.........". What if you plotted fake heists as a game? What if a criminal, drawn to your expertise, forced you to commit a real one? What if you named that 2003 movie?
1673.  The key connection between Bryce Dallas Howard(JURASSIC WORLD) and Portland Hoffa(BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN) is what?
1674. "Haven't  you ever met a man that could make you happy?" "Sure, lots of times". The year: 1933. Asking: Cary Grant. Answering: Mae West. A grammatical error in the question equals the same number in the title, which is __________    __________   __________    __________.
1675. Reverse chronology: In 1980 these two words sat atop a Sam Waterston/Jenny Agutter movie. In 1975 they served as the name for a well-known novel by Dame Beryl Bainbridge. In 1964, they named the second & final US hit for Jamaican singer Millie Small(it followed "My Boy Lollipop", which topped the charts---and which either did or did not feature 19-year-old Rod Stewart on harmonica; we hate controversy.........). The words?
1676. In 2012, a couple of admiring critics nonetheless underestimated Michael Shannon's performance as a hitman by calling the finished product merely "hardcore". A description far beyond that one is needed; let's go with "diamondcore". Winona Ryder also starred in __________    __________.
1677. It's the Shake Shack, and it's one of the "stars" of 1978's __________.
1678. The long-remored female member of NWA may have been discovered. When grabbed by a uniformed type, she says "Take your hands off me, Flat-foot. I hate cops". The speaker was the famous character actress Doro Merande, and she expressed her opinion in the final film of the "Mister Belvedere" trilogy, MR. BELVEDERE __________    __________   ____________.
1679. Before it was torn down to make way for the Malibu Beach Inn, the Tonga Lei motel was a good spot for the in-town LA crowd to spend some time at the beach. Two film critics ran into each other there in 1983. One announced: "I know one thing, I'm not going to review any movie where the lead character is named 'Ponyboy' ". A month later he had another announcement: "I'm glad I saw that Ponyboy-movie after all". What was the name of that film with the cutesy lead-character's name?
1680. The title of this 2003 film sounds as if it might be found in various legal briefs. In Family Court, specifically. Adding even more specificity: In an action for divorce. This star-vehicle's title had two words.
ANSWERS 1661-1680:
1662. 1977: THE GAUNTLET(motorcycle). 1983: SUDDEN IMPACT(gun). 1989: PINK CADILLAC(car).
1663. Charles Laughton viewed the Polynesian blue in '42.
1664. The spinning globe of the planet is replaced by the business end* of a torch..............................................................*Having very few medievalists within our group, we should perhaps stipulate that we assume that the business end is the one that's on fire.
1665. Long version: CHEECH AND CHONG'S UP IN SMOKE. Short version: Drop the first 3 words. Stalling for time: We could name the Mandarin           title, but we're busy right now.
1666. A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN was one of the most famous films of the 1940s.
1667. Barbara Bach appeared in 1981's CAVEMAN. Daryl Hannah starred in 1986's THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR. Socializing: Bach & Ringo Starr. Hannah and Jackson Brown("Running On Empty").
1669. Actress Barbara Hershey used that as her official billing for a while, before she had second thoughts(& back-to-Hershey thoughts).
1670. Actor William Campbell was prominent in all three films. His wife Judy Campbell had, to a near-certainty, an intimate relationship with Giacana. It's less certain that she had the same thing with Kennedy, but a number of well-informed sources agree with that theory, including Judy herself.
1673. Bryce & siblings received middle names based on where they were conceived. Portland & sibs got their first names from the town in which they were born.
1675. SWEET WILLIAM. When the author was working on the novel in 1974, "Sweet William" was still being played on the radio as an oldie, but it's disputed as to whether that was her title-inspiration.
1677. GREASE.
1680. The Clooney-fest was called INTOLERABLE CRUELTY.
QUESTIONS 1681-1700:
1681. One interesting and unusual item in their personal lives unites actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Gayle Hunnicutt. Like what?
1682. In 1935, Claudette Colbert was at the top of the movie business, due largely to the success, the year before, of CLEOPATRA, IMITATION OF LIFE, and IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. Her '35-popularity was demonstrated in the ad-campaign for a film with Melvyn Douglas. The billing in the print campaign: "Colbert" in huge letters above the title; the title itself in middle-sized letters; & then MD's name in small letters below the title. The movie's  4-word title dealt with both the work-environment and the home-front. ?????
1683. Yeah, we know---the public doesn't care much about screenwriters. But once in a while, a SW-tidbit pops up which is interesting even to those who care nothing about the members of The Writers Guild Of America, West. For example, in 1996 Shane Black received a then-record four million dollars for the screenplay of a Geena Davis film. The romantic title of the movie is a contrast to the bloodbath up there on the screen. What 4 words will let us all go on to the next Q/A?
1684. Since he transitioned to Hollywood from the world of sports, it's appropriate that a 2007 movie of his had a sports-related title."He" is Dwayne Johnson, and the Kyra-Sedgwick-assisted  movie is __________    __________    __________
1685. (A) A movie from 2014 was called GOODBYE __________    __________    __________. (B) When the most powerful rock radio station from The First Generation, WABC in New York, ditched rock in 1982, a "Wall Street Journal" article giving its history used that same phrase in the article's title; (C) The famous author Joan Didion used the same 4 words as the title of a description about her New-York-to-Los Angeles move*; and (D) all those events owe a debt to the 1929 autobiography of Robert Graves, "Good-bye **__________    __________    __________.". As you would guess, the desperate need right now is to identify the 3 missing words........................*"...........on the way home from the airport*** that night I could see the moon on the Pacific and smell jasmine all around and we both knew there was no longer any point in keeping the apartment we still kept in New York". **He's the only one who took the time to search around in a closet until he found a hyphen.. ***LAX.
1686. "And so all the night tide, I lie down by the side,
Of my darling---my darling, my life and my bride,
In her sepulchre there by the sea,
In her tomb by the sounding sea".
(A) That passage is perhaps the archetypal Poe-mixture of extreme love and extreme horror; (B) it is from the poem "Annabel Lee"; (C) what does all that have to do with Dennis Hopper?
1687. HOW TO BE A PLAYER references an earlier urban film, one from 1973.  At that time, a certain comic was Pryoritizing the goal of kicking his feature-film career up into a higher gear. The '73er that helped him do that was THE __________.
1688. This 2013 movie contains (A) a reference to Flirty Harry, (B) a shout-out to Tupac Insecure, and Lindsay Lohan as "Marilyn". Its cheerful political incorrectness is hinted at by its 2-word title.
1689. A hit rock song from 1968 was called  "Piece Of My Heart*". A movie from 2001 made the minimum possible adjustment to that title, namely one letter: __________    __________    __________    __________.....................*Although usually called a "Janis Joplin song",  the billing differed from that theory. The song was credited to Big Brother And The Holding Company; JJ was the lead singer.
1690. 1937 gave us Robert Donat & Marlene Dietrich in __________    __________    __________. 1957 saw Johnny Cash's pal Johnny Western writing "The Ballad Of Paladin", containing the line __________    __________    __________    __________ in a savage land". Early 2016 saw the announcement of the feature film __________    __________    __________    __________. Almost- exactly the same phrase all three times, so be as almost-exact as you can.
1691. What a difference an apostrophe makes: BED OF ROSES. "Bed Of Rose's". The first was a 1933 film, the second a country/pop hit record from 1971. The Statler Brothers went-rowdy with that sex-crazed story of a woman in their town; which of three acting sisters starred in that movie?
1692.  In 2000's IN THE WEEDS, these thing happen: (A) There's a reference to a released prisoner trying to get back inside on purpose---it's hell but it's home; (B) a guy is said to be in love with himself---Romeo without Juliet; and (C) it's sadly announced that youth has fleeted. Name a performer on hand for all of that.
1693. "Two Of A Kind"(1962). THREE OF A KIND(1936). SIX OF A KIND(1934). What can you tell us?
1694. Was it a "home movie"?*  Was it a film noir classic? It was probably both. Since this 1955 thriller starred Cornel Wilde and his wife Jean Wallace, it must be __________    __________    __________.                            *A  film featuring a real-life couple appearing together, for the companionship and the money, irrespective of the movie's quality.
1695. With apologies to the people of Boise, Idaho, we may have to start advising movie stars to avoid the place, because when they move there, their deaths are announced within a few years: One was a woman and one a man. They were both in their 90s. The woman died in Boise itself; the man died in the suburb of Middleton. Those events occurred with about 4 months of each other, in the latter part of 2015 & the first part of 2016. Each appeared on film with Clint Eastwood, the woman in 1955 and the man 20 years later. We've probably said too much already, so, ah........................
1696. This 2012 movie has a 4-word title which outlines multiple key attributes of the title character: Size & molecular structure & gender. What say you?
1697. Because they were both relatively young at the time(1955) of MISTER ROBERTS, there was always a good chance that they would be among the last survivors of the film's principal cast. And so it came to be. Not only that, they both died in the same year. Want more? They died in the year of the movie's 60th anniversary. More? Their parting  dates nicely bracketed the movie's release-month of July---one sad event happened two months before that and one two months afterward (May & September). One woman. One man. In the film, both were in uniform, so we must be talking about __________    __________ and __________    __________.
1698. As you would guess, 1944 was not a very feminist year. Still, some theater managers reported some booing-&-hissing over this sequence: The bossy man in a woman's life says "I permitted you..........". The object of that generosity was Frances Langford(most famous as one of The Bickersons), and the movie's title has much in common with a 1959 Dean Martin movie. Must be __________   __________.
1699. Here are some guys: Rock Hudson........Tab Hunter........Rock Hunter........Ross Hunter........Tab Hudson. What can you tell us?
1700. Granted, the amount of gunfire strained credulity, but the Gooding/Ferrer/Keitel social club gave serious performances which gave the movie at least a shot* at believability. About a gunfight: "Your boss set the pace---I'm just trying to keep up". America's most famous bi-state lake dominates the film's title, which is __________    __________    __________    __________.  Not intending for "shot" to have a double meaning, we're now very proud of ourselves for stumbling into that.
 ANSWERS 1681-1700:
1681. They both blasted their way into the British aristocracy, without even using guns. Look it up.
1685. TO ALL THAT.
1686.  Hopper starred in the film NIGHT TIDE, which got its title from Poe and which used that dramatic final verse at the end of the movie.
1687.  MACK.
1690. 1937: KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR. 1957 "............a knight without armor........". 2016: A KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR.
1691. Constance  Bennett.
1692. Molly Ringwald and Ellen Pompeo are among the humans starring in IN THE WEEDS.
1693. "Two Of A Kind"(1962) was a chart hit for singer Sue Thompson, best known for songs like "Sad Movies" & "Norman" & "Paper Tiger". THREE OF A KIND was a film  comedy starring the then-hot Chick Chandler. Another movie comedy was SIX OF A KIND, starring Burns and Allen.
1695. The Boise Brigade consisted of Maureen O'Hara and George Kennedy.
1697. Betsy Palmer & Martin Milner.
1698. CAREER GIRL. Martin's film was CAREER.
1699. Since you're hanging around this particular website, we'll take it for granted that you know a decent amount about Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter. Rock Hunter(a combination of the names of the first two) was a fictional character who got his moment of fame in 1957's WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER? Ross Hunter was the very successful producer of such hits as PILLOW TALK and FLOWER DRUM SONG. We wouldn't like to admit anything officially, but we may have made up "Tab Hudson".
1701. Ireland's scenic Dingle Peninsula is photographed/discussed/both in (A) a 1970 romantic drama starring Robert Mitchum. and (B) a 2010 romantic comedy starring Amy Adams. Let the knowledge flow.
1702. Sean Connery and Robert Shaw battled it out throughout FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, but reviews focused (favorably) upon a performer from an earlier generation. Born a couple of weeks before Halloween in 1898,  this actress played a character who would not have minded being called a "villain". The performer?
1703. Being boy-logicians of note, they decided to call the film which followed their initial movie ___________    ________   __________ NEXT MOVIE.
1704. The town of King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania is well-known in that state but it hasn't had much national publicity. However, it did get some in connection with one of the best-reviewed movies of 2012. That film also noted the importance of a good chiropractic adjustment. You can research those two references at your leisure, but right now is when we need the 3-word title of the movie. Robert De Niro appeared but was not the male lead.
1705. In what very appropriate country do we find Ian Fleming International Airport?
1706. He likes precision in language. When those around him are discussing the fact that a woman has just killed/murdered someone, Charles Laughton's character corrects them by saying "She executed him". As you face your duty, console yourself with the fact that the movie is a very famous one.
1707. When playwright William Inge wrote the material, it bore a sedate title---"A Loss Of Roses". By the time Joanne Woodward starred in the film version in 1963, the title had (A) gotten rowdier and (B) been shortened to two words. JW was assisted by Gypsy Rose Lee, which is a clue of astounding significance in naming the movie.
1708. Both were AAs*. Both were born on the rim of the Mediterranean; one in the great city of southern France, Marseille, and one in Alexandria, Egypt, not far from the site of the ancient world's greatest library. Both starred in many American films while maintaining serious profiles in eastern hemisphere movies as well. Both died in the same year, 2015, one back home in Egypt and one in Beverly Hills(for many visitors, the first sight of Southern California creates a lifelong bond). We hate to be pushy, but we'll be needing you to name at least one of them.                         *Accented Actors.
1709. They don't talk about it much in public, but privately insurance actuaries tend to agree that there was no "Kennedy Curse". Actuaries deal with, among other things, the likelihood of things happening, and their general analysis indicates that the Kennedy-bad-news came along at about the expected rate. That does not seem to have been the case with a dominant royal of both the 1800s and the 1900s, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria/Hungary. Consider: (A) His brother Maximilian was, very appropriately, executed by the Mexicans when he invaded their country and proclamed himself Emperor;* (B) his sister-in-law Carlotta went insane**; (C) his son, Crown Prince Rudolph, committed suicide; (D) his wife, Empress Elisabeth, was assassinated; and (E) his post-Rudolph heir, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, in a key event on the way way to World War 1. That history ultimately produced a quality movie about the middle event. It starred James Mason and Omar Sharif as father and son, along with Catherine Deneuve actressing all over the place and showing the last of the skeptics that she was more than just That Face. Since polling by theater owners showed that the box-office was held down by US movie-goers' unfamiliarity with the location which became the one-word title, don't be sad if you can't name it***; be happy that in the future you'll be able to, showing up friends and enemies alike..............................*We're almost sure that Benito Juarez said "Homie don't play that"---but we haven't been able to document it yet. We'll get back to you......................**Apparently, an execution has a disruptive effect within certain households; the big babies........***But try.
1710. When the Shake Shack chain started operating in New York and Hollywood during the 2010s, it brought some nostalgic attention to the movie which produced that phrase. What film launched that name like an artillery shell?
1711. If we stipulate that the "official" membership of The Rat Pack is made up of those 5 guys on the outdoor advertising in 1960's OCEAN'S 11, then 40% of the RP appeared in the earlier movie IT HAPPENED IN BROOKLYN. What can you tell us about that percentage?
1712. It may have always been a bad one-liner; or, it may have been a once-OK O-L which became stale through over-use. Either way, it added to its stature a bit by becoming the title of a 2012 Anne Heche film. 4 words.
1713. James Coburn. Spy. 1966. Title inspiration from the Alec Guinness movie OUR MAN IN HAVANA. The 66-film's name?
1714. "You'd Be Surprised" is an Irving Berlin song, and like a lot of those, it gets around: (A) Eddie Cantor introduced it in 1919, in the Ziegfeld Follies. (B) It showed up again in a 1946 Crosby/Astaire movie. (C) It reappeared in an MM* film in 1954. (D) In 1958 it became a chart hit for teen/pop singer Kathy Linden. Naming at least one of the two films would satisfy your contractual obligations........................*Might mean Merman Musical; might mean Marilyn Monroe; in fact it would astonish no one if it means both.
1715. Dean Martin. Spy. 1966. A multiple-stripper sequence early-on. The film?..........................................................Addendum: We're foolishly telling ourselves that putting an unrelated question between this one & #1713 proves we're not in a rut.
1716. In 2012, Mel Gibson co-wrote and  starred in __________    __________    __________. He needed-&-got assistance from a boy who, in earlier times, might have been called a "street urchin". One word in the title suggests the point of origin of Gibson's character. You can do it.
1717. When the picture-book "700 Nimes Road" was published, it ignited a bit of a debate within Hollywood intellectual circles: Was that mansion's owner "merely" the most famous female movie star of all time---or was she #1-period. Either way, let us all honor the quaint, modest, down-home neighborhood of Bel-Air by naming the longtime owner of that estate.                             Addendum: If we catch even one person laughing at the phrase "Hollywood intellectual circles".......................
1718. Many newspapers wouldn't publish it, but this production-still helped the film anyway, by circulating widely among film critics and reviewers. The shot was an illusion of nudity featuring an actress whose later television stardom showcased exactly the opposite image. She was Jane Wyatt, so the movie must be __________    __________.
1719. Fred MacMurray and Jane Wyman continued their Disney careers with this 1962 movie. Its 2-word title is perhaps the most common French phrase to be spoken in English. Disney being Disney, the film's focus is largely upon the kids, played by Deborah Walley plus the informal but long-lasting team of Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran. The title?
1720. Fans of the film say it got made because the source material by Hunter Thompson was both interesting and colorful. Nonfans say it was produced so that everybody got a three-month Puerto Rican vacation at the production company's expense.* We're too polite(as you know.....) to get into that dispute, so we'll just ask you to name 2011's __________    __________    __________.................*Yes, yes, we know we're being radical in suggesting that movies ever get made for reasons other than artistic integrity and idealistic professionalism. Perhaps we'll apologize at a later date.
ANSWERS 1701-1720:
1702. Lotte Lenya.
1705. Jamaica, where Fleming's James Bond novels were written.
1708. Omar Sharif.  Louis Jourdan.
1709. MAYERLING.1710. 
1710. GREASE.
1711. The RPers were Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford.
1717. Elizabeth Taylor.
1719. BON VOYAGE!.  A side-note: Deborah Walley once called herself "An occasional Gidget". LIU.*                                                                 *Look It Up.
QUESTIONS 1721-1740:
1721. You could file this one in our patented file "Hey wait a minute! Was that an insult?"  In a 1994 movie that was a career-starter for a famous writer/director of comedies, Tara Daust is credited not with continuity, but with occasional continuity.  The boy-director was Kevin Smith, so the movie must be __________.
1722. In 1942's movie version, William Post and Gracie Allen played __________    __________    __________    __________. Ten years later, the tv series featured Richard Denning and Barbara Britton. If you don't give us the relevant title, we'll be lost and without direction.
1723. It   makes us sad to have to report on worldwide catastrophes this big, but here goes: The crisis we're alluding to is the decline and near extinction of the first name "Guy". While we lament its (near)passing, let's pay a short tribute to some guys/Guys within the Hollywood crowd: (A) One of them starred in FIVE AGAINST THE HOUSE in theaters and as Wild Bill Hickok on television.  (B) Another appeared in BONZO GOES TO COLLEGE and then as tv's "Zorro". (C) A third G. wrote the source material for ANASTASIA. (D) Another of the G-birds did a nice character-acting bit in 42ND STREET. (E) This final Guy wrote the short story on which Vincent Price's DIARY OF A MADMAN is based. How many do you need to name? We're too deep in grief over the name-loss to pick a number, so suit yourself.
1724. In 2013, some movie-poster-art showed Robert De Niro taking second billing. That unusual event came about because he admired a particular action/revenge screenplay, namely __________    __________.
1725. The most "logical" song on the soundtrack of THE FULL MONTY was also the biggest hit for the R&B gods Hot Chocolate, in the winter of 75/76. The song's title has the same number of words as the movie's.
1726. THE GHOST GOES WEST, with Robert Donat. To pre-answer a possible question: That's the American west they're talking about. With that question no longer available, let's try this one instead: What went with him?
1727. MOVIE, MOVIE. Why that title?
1728. 200 CIGARETTES. It's such a healthy image that we thought that we ought to focus on it for a minute. Our comment: Brothers. Our question: Who?
1729. It was such a tense moment that it seemed odd to spend it discussing  the political process. But that's what Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen did in 1960--they discussed nominations and elections. Any thoughts?
1730. Completely ignoring the wishes of the National Council Of Teachers Of English, MGM named this 1943 movie I DOOD IT. What performer is represented by the "I"?
1731. The poster-art for this 1962 romance listed 4 performers "and Italy". Assistance: Donahue/Pleshette/Dickinson/Brazzi. Movie?
1732. SAVAGE GRACE. To a wiseguy question like "What's so savage about the whole thing?", we might reply by talking about the incest and the murder. Why don't you reply with the name of the female lead?
1733. If it was 1992, and you saw poster-art advertising a movie whose subtitle was "HELL ON EARTH", what would its main title have been?
1734. When it came to consorting with the monster-fraternity, she did get around. Her gallery of bad-boy behavior included THE WOLF MAN, SON OF DRACULA, THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE, and THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN. Would it help if we mention that she married Richard Denning(CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON)?
1735. Three guys. Same first name. Same last name. One: A wine-maven. Another: The tenor for the best-selling vocal group of the 1950s, The Platters. The third: He may have had something to do with DUNE. With astonishing generosity, we will accept either the first name or the last name or both.
1736. The tv hit "Have Gun--Will Travel" produced the title for the 3 Stooges movie HAVE __________--WILL TRAVEL. Do it.
1737. An unbiased source at the American Film Institute tells us that all good things come from  movies. We're convinced, so: Where did the "Family Guy" episode "And Then There Were Fewer" get its title?
1738. In 1933's FOOTLIGHT PARADE, actress Claire Dodd is told: "Outside, Countess. As long as they've got sidewalks, you've got a job". The performer analyzing Dodd's employment prospects was an actress who enjoyed a multi-decade career passing out wisecracks like that one. Who/whom?
1739. When George Segal starred in a 1975 parody of THE MALTESE FALCON, the movie was very logically titled __________    __________    __________.
1740. In 2010-2011, Kat Dennings kept running into the name "Caroline". The first instance occurred in a theatrical film, the second on television. Give us what we need.
ANSWERS 1721-1740:
1721. CLERKS.
1722. MR. AND MRS. NORTH. The phrase "without direction" is either clue-giving at its best or wiseguy behavior at its worst. We'd rather not think about which one it is.
1723. (A) G. Madison. (B) G. Williams. (C) G. Bolton. (D) G. Kibbee. (E) G. de Maupassant.
1725. "You Sexy Thing".
1726. His castle.
1727. The title was selected because the film was a parody of two different movie-types: Boxing stories and big, big musicals. 
1728. Ben Affleck. Casey Affleck.
1729. The movie was THE MAGNIFICENT 7. That scene is early-on, so even those with your lazy habits should be able to find it without much effort.
1730. Red Skelton imported that phrase from his radio appearances.
1732. Julianne Moore.
1734. Evelyn Ankers.
1735. David Lynch.
1736. ROCKET.
1737. From the Agatha Christie classic AND THEN THERE WERE NONE.
1738. Joan Blondell.
1740. In DAYDREAM NATION Kat played a character named Caroline. On television's "Two Broke Girls" her galpal is also a character named Caroline.
QUESTIONS 1741-1760:
1741. Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif and Blake Edwards did their best, but the movie was badly hurt at the US box-office by its title, which contained an unfamiliar word as its centerpiece. What can you tell us about the middle word in THE TAMARIND SEED?
1742. A key teen idol of the late 1950s*, he starred in DINO and was on the the battlefield in Charlton Heston's THE PRIVATE WAR OF MAJOR BENSON. Who would that be?                                                    *Both movies and records.
1743. Since the Johannesburg skyline looms in the background, Jim Varney's 1997 movie must be __________    __________    __________    __________.
1744. This 2001 movie took its name from the title of the book which preceded it. That volume also had a subtitle: "Young and Depressed In America: A Memoir".  The movie?
1745. THEY ONLY KILL THEIR MASTERS: What can you tell us about the word "they"?
1746. The prestigious La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego's most upscale neighborhood was founded by movie-stars. Among the principal ones were:
(A) The male star of DUEL IN THE SUN
(B) The female star of OLD YELLER
(C) The non-Fonda male lead of WAR AND PEACE
What can you tell us?
1747. GIDGET-purists get upset when the high-culture crowd calls  that a silly-made-up-name. They point out that it's really quite logical, because it's a combination of two other words. Which two?
1748. A well-publicized 2015 production was (A) a sequel, (B) a comedy, and (C) carrying a title that sounded faintly unsanitary. Must be  _________   _________   _______
1749. It was 1960, and Universal was interested in making a delayed sequel to their 1957 hit TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR. Finding that they could no longer afford the original Tammy, Debbie Reynolds, they dropped the role upon Sandra Dee. She starred in 1961's TAMMY TELL ME TRUE (profiled elsewhere herein), and 1963's TAMMY AND THE DOCTOR. Who played the med-guy?
1750. Harpo is dressed as Sherlock Holmes, and he's using a magnifying glass to look for clues. When he gets near Groucho's girlfriend, the G-man says "If you're looking for my fingerprints, you're a little early". The movie's 5-word title suggests visions of quadrupeds.
1751. The New York Times referred  to........"looking at __________    __________    __________ as a perfect film dissection of Los Angeles". Elliott Gould had one of his best early (1973) parts in that film you'll (immediately) be naming.
1752. The 2010 Krysten Ritter movie __________   __________    __________    __________    __________    __________    ___________ introduced its cast by photographing things that came in the mail. Can you name the magnificent 7(words)?    
1753. Elvis Presley. 1961. When the FLAMING STAR is seen, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  
1754. Forget Lemmon and Matthau as The Odd Couple. The true OC may instead be Brandon de Wilde and Lee Marvin. In a 1958 movie in the tradition of the Will Rogers rural comedies, the adult teaches the kid about farming. The principal principle is that you work from "can't to can't"---from when you can't yet see in the morning until after you can no longer see in the evening. The geographically enhanced title is __________   __________    __________.
1755. When Paramount was casting the first Jerry Lewis solo film, they felt that the second male lead role presented the trickiest question. They wanted someone with some comic timing, to play off Lewis, but not a rico suave type who would remind people of the departed Dean Martin. They chose Darren McGavin for that key part in __________    __________    __________.
1756. The reference work "Knocking On Heaven's Door: Rock Obituaries" was published in 2006. Where'd they get that title?
1757. One of the earliest episodes of the tv series "Riptide" was called "Somebody's Killing The Great Geeks Of America". Their title-inspiration came from a 1978 film. Which one?
1758. Two of the biggest stars of the fifties received billing above the title in 1958's __________. They were supported by Anna Kashfi and a CCC*. Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon got the fancy billing; what was the movie?                 *Classic Character Cast, in this case Dick York & Richard Jaeckel & Brian Donlevy, plus the slightly less famous King Donovan(INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS) and Vaughn Taylor(PSYCHO).
1759. WHEN WE WERE KINGS documents perhaps the most famous prizefight of the 1900s. Which one?
1760. With Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" playing on the soundtrack, a waitress tries to construct the world's most gravity-defying soft-serve ice cream offering. Since that 2009 movie featured Theresa Russell in charge of a bunch of teenage characters, it must be __________    __________    __________.
ANSWERS 1741-1760:
1741. The tamarind tree is found in the tropics and sub-tropics, especially in the eastern hemisphere.
1742. Sal Mineo.
1745. "They" (to say nothing of "their") deals with the world of the Doberman. James Garner. 1972.
1746. (A) Gregory Peck. (B) Dorothy McGuire. (C) Mel Ferrer.
1747. Girl-midget.
1748. JOE DIRT 2.
1749. The youthful version of Peter Fonda.
1753. From the title-song: "...........and when a man sees his flaming star, he knows his time, his time has come".
1756. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" was a 1973 hit record for Bob Dylan.  The song was from PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID, in which Dylan co-starred.
1758. COWBOY.
1759. Zaire. 1974. George Foreman. Muhammad Ali. Heavyweight Championship Of The World.
1760. 16 TO LIFE.
QUESTIONS 1761-1780:
1761. Because this actor's hit tv show was produced by the largest of the movie companies, MGM, that studio kept him in mind for possible film projects. One of those entered the development stage as a theatrical project, but it ended up on the tv show for two reasons: (A) Its length would allow NBC to spread its presumed-good-ratings over 3 weekly episodes; and (B) everyone felt their man could concentrate on movies later, after whenever the show ended. The project was called "Rome Will Never Leave You". Since the actor also made the  music charts with a version of the title song, we must be talking about __________    __________.
1762. William Powell and Myrna Loy received so much publicity over 1934's THE THIN MAN that there was a tendency for the publicity machine(s) to overlook the rest of the cast. That included the third-billed performer. Her career was filled with generally good acting, but it's also fair to say that her most famous role required her to look athletically fit wearing a minimum of clothing. Who?
1763. What can you tell us about FOR A FEW DOLLARS LESS?
1764. This 2014 comedy was on the big screen, but the tv-crowd showed up in force to help out. Among them were Matt LeBlanc & Ali Larter & Chevy Chase & Kristen Johnston. The movie?
1765. As the 1980s became the 1990s, there was a rare case of an NC-17 film getting a somewhat wide release. Victoria Abril. Antonio Banderas. __________    __________     __________    __________    __________    __________.
1766. Once the purveyors of pop culture figured out that people found the word "Hollywood" to be magical, they put it into the title of as many projects as they could. One such entity was a famous radio program of the 1940s. It proved to be so popular that it generated a movie version in 1946. The FFF* which dominated the film were Bonita Granville & ZaSu Pitts & Beulah Bondi & Billie Burke, so the movie must be __________    ________ HOLLYWOOD.            *Fabulous Female Foursome.
1767. In mid-flight, Steve McQueen pushes Robert Wagner out of the airplane.  It sounds pretty unfriendly when you phrase it that way, so let's phrase it this way instead: In mid-flight, Steve McQueen pushes Rpbert Wagner out of the airplane, thereby saving his life. What movie?
1768. When William Schallert died in 2016, he left behind a resume of startling length: Approaching 400 credits. Although he specialized in pleasant projects, he sometimes took key parts in movies  from the rougher side of town. One of those came in 1973, when he was badly treated by Walter Matthau's crew. The movie?
1769. As a producer, he gave you such movies as THE ILLUSTRATED MAN and BUSTER AND BILLIE.  But since the public doesn't care much about producers/screenwriters/directors, let's jump to the area which made him a semi-household-name for many years. It involved a Hollywood theater, so............
1770. He was a gentleman about it in public, but privately Fred Astaire strongly objected to phrases like "The movies' favorite dance-team, Fred-Astaire-&-Ginger-Rogers............". Why would he oppose anything as complimentary as that?
1771. When this particular film had aged enough to become an "old movie" airing on local television across the US, many stations advertised its appearance with the phrase "Don't trifle-with-triffids!". Explain.
1772. Why does The New York Public Library For The Performing Arts have a Billy Rose Theater Division? In other words: Who's that guy?
1773. As the 1980s became the 1990s, this movie stood out on the shelves of the video-stores('Member them?). The reason was that this particular video tape was generally sold in a red-plastic version instead of the usual black-plastic one. How come?
1774. When Bing Crosby married Kathryn Grant in October of 1957, a well-known movie of hers from earlier in the year was still in theaters. Since the film starred Audie Murphy in charge of a women's defense force, it was, logically, called THE GUNS OF FORT __________.
1775. In 1939 Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda played brothers. Nearly 6 decades later (1995) Rob Lowe and Bill Paxton stepped into the same two roles. You could name the movies or you could name the characters; all that's essential is that you break recent patterns and make yourself useful.
1776. The producers might have called this 2015 comedy "Nouns", but they went with the longer title-version instead: __________    __________    __________.
1777. Consider a Caine/70s movie being advertised with this slogan: "They were after silver and they struck gold". Just in case that ever happened---what would the film's title have been?
1778. As a silent film, it was a hit for actress Laura La Plante in 1927. As a Bob Hope vehicle, it reappeared in 1939. As an international co-production in 1979, it featured Americans Carol Lynley and Michael Callan fronting a largely British cast. Must be __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.
1779. The question of a cause-and-effect relationship has been disputed, so let's just say this: The title of a hit record by The Four Tops sounds a lot like the name of a well-known Burt Lancaster film from 3 years earlier. Since the song was "Keeper Of The Castle", the movie must be __________    __________.
1780. This 2004 movie starring Jeremy Sisto and multiple Carradines could have been called "Bed And Breakfast", but it wasn't. What very appropriate title was chosen instead?
ANSWERS 1761-1780:
1761. Richard Chamberlain.
1762. Maureen O'Sullivan.
1763. When FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE became an instant hit, it paved the way for that parody.
1769. Ted Mann was principally a theater owner, and at one point (in his shy way) he renamed Grauman's Chinese Theatre Mann's Chinese Theatre.
1770. Because, as he correctly pointed out, there never was such a team: Astaire and Rogers were separate performers who never shared contracts and never had any legal relationship with each other. Certain studios kept throwing them together on film, but Fred took the position that he was an independent performer who couldn't be forced into some "team" at the whim of casting professionals and studio executives.
1771. The movie was the monster-fest THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, starring Howard Keel.
1772. Billy Rose was a very successful showman and songwriter* who knew just about everyone in the music business during the middle-third of the 1900s.                     *"Tonight You Belong To Me", "Me And My Shadow").
1773. The film was THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.
1775. Parts: Jesse James & Frank James. Movies: JESSE JAMES and FRANK & JESSE.
1780. DEAD AND BREAKFAST. We used the word "appropriate" partly because of the presence  of John Caradine relatives and partly because the cast included DIEDrich Bader.
QUESTIONS 1781-1800:
1781. Serious scholars seem to agree that the date 12/12/70 deserves to be analyzed on multiple levels: The spectacular thing about the day was that it was a Saturday.  No, wait---that was the boring thing about it. The magnificence of that date was that two serious bombshells were born in that 24-hour stretch, one in New York State and one in Nevada. NY: JC. NV: MA. Your thoughts?
1782. This entry in the famous film series about a mule who could talk was distinctive in multiple ways: (A) Mickey Rooney replaced Donald O'Connor as the HIC*; (B) Paul Frees took over as the voice of the animal, replacing Chill Wills; and (C) the movie was the last in the series. Must be __________    __________    __________    __________    __________.               *That means "Human In Charge", so don't let us catch you calling him a "hick".
1783. Why was 1994's SUGAR HILL called that?
1784. Consider this mob-scene: Emma Roberts & Pamela Sue Martin & Bonita Granville all played the hard-working, clear-thinking __________    __________.
1785. This 1964 melodrama featured a crucial scene in which Susan Hayward hacks a portrait of Bette Davis to pieces. After the take was safely completed, a crew member was heard to say "I think I hear Joan Crawford laughing in the background"(a reference to the longtime enmity between Crawford and Davis). The movie's 4-word title?
1786. This 1952 movie was a lot rowdier than any of the STATE FAIR versions, but its title connects it to those films. That title has 7 words, and the movie stars a rural duo. ???
1787. This 1974 quasi-screwball comedy could easily have had an exclamation-point added to its title, because that title was a common phrase usually uttered in exasperation. That Streisand/Sarrazin movie was ___________    __________    __________.
1788. Occasionally, the supporting players are a little more famous than the leads. A case can be made that that was true when Kris Kristofferson and Dakota Fanning supported Emile Hirsh and Stephen Dorff. The movie's category: Road. Sub-category: Fleeing from la policia. The name? 
1789. Saddled with a confusing and unfamiliar title, there was no way to turn this '76-film into a cash machine. Leads Christopher Connelly and James Hampton tried hard and were helped by supporting-biggies Slim Pickens and Denver Pyle, but none of that was enough to save __________.
1790. BUCHANAN RIDES ALONE was a well-known fifties-burst from one of the Big Two of the B-Western. We were planning on wasting your time with a detour about how he virtually never rides alone in the film, but with a rare bit of generosity we're going to skip that and just ask you to name the above-the-title actor. (Below the title was Craig Stevens of "Peter Gunn").
1791. A big sci-fy-com from 1997 contains this compliment: "You are the-man-who-would-be-king of the train-locker". Since there's a movie-reference within the quotation-marks, why don't you create your own such reference by naming the 97-flic?
1792. Plus or minus one letter, a Fats Domino hit from the summer of 1960 and a Lange/Shepard movie from 45 summers later share the same title. We'll accept either T-version.
1793. The movie featured top-billing for Perry King, but as a star-launcher it did more for his co-stars than for him. One of the latter was Sylvester Stallone; one was Henry Winkler; and a third was Susan Blakely("Rich Man, Poor Man"). The title has 4 words.................................................................................Addendum: Don't feel too sorry for King. He gradually built a very serious 4-decade career.
1794. Once Dorothy Lamour began to popularize a certain item of clothing, Abbott & Costello's management began to lobby the studios to put a reference to that kind of apparel in one of their film-titles. That's how we got __________    __________    __________.
1795. Elvis Presley. Where'd that first name come from?
1796. A couple of stand-up comics used variations of this bit during the early 2000s: In talking about their tours through the country appearing in comedy-clubs, they note that their favorite gimmick is to open by screaming at the audience for the first fifteen minutes. They label these on-the-road outbursts as their "traveling rants". The reference?
1797. After building his reputation by starring as HERCULES in multiple films, Steve Reeves went on to appear in THE GIANT OF MARATHON. What can you tell us about that last word?
1798. Anita Loos became so famous for having written GENTLEMEN  PREFER BLONDES that a lot of her other literary projects have been forgotten. One of those was a movie written for Jean Harlow at the peak of career. Harlow had just come off the prestigious DINNER AT EIGHT and the self-defining  
BOMBSHELL, and she wanted a female writer to craft something with her in mind. The result was THE GIRL FROM __________.
1799. Two versions of the same catch-phrase: "Every nook and cranny". "Every little nook and cranny". What does all of that have to do with movies?
1800. Consider the 2005 movie THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED. A game of bridge, perhaps?
ANSWERS 1781-1800:
1781.  NY: Jennifer Connelly. NV: Madchen Amick.
1783. Because that's the part of Harlem dominated by a couple of YAEs* in the movie............................*Young American Entrepreneurs.
1784. Nancy Drew.
1789. HAWMPS! That might be the sound of a camel clearing its throat, for the movie is about an attempt to introduce those beasties into the American west. 
1790. Randolph Scott.
1792. Fats: "Don't Come Knockin' "*. Lange/Shepard: DON'T COME KNOCKING..............*Its flipside was an even bigger hit: "Walking To New Orleans".
1795. EP's father: Vernon Elvis Presley.
1796. On their minds was the movie THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS.
1797. Marathon is the Greek town which gave its name to both a famous kind of sporting event and a well-known battle.
1799. Lynn Redgrave and Victor Mature can be seen in a movie whose catch-phrased title is EVERY LITTLE CROOK AND NANNY.
1800. The movie is the story of Francis Quimet, the first amateur to win one of golf's premier events, the U.S. Open. His victory did much to popularize the sport in America; it had previously been thought of as a British pastime.
1801. The late 1970s and the early 1980s. During that period, Orson Welles was often asked, on talk-shows, about how someone in his circle was doing. He would almost always answer with roughly this statement: "To be honest, __________ is a very sick girl". Who?
1802. Before "Raquel" meant Welch, it meant Torres. Her best known film was DUCK SOUP but her key personal showcase was a polynesian drama in which she played the female lead. WHITE SHADOWS __________    __________    __________    __________ was its title.
1803. In 1987, night-club and tv comics would do variations of this bit: They would each say that they had the most useless job in the world---Andre The Giant's bodyguard. ATG had been famous for decades, but one event in particular made him the talk of the town that year. Like what?
1804. The circumstances surrounding the death of Anton Yelchin in 2016 were often described as  "tragic" and "unique" and "unprecedented". We can allow the "tragic", but those other two adjectives have got-to-go, because Yelchin's fate was suffered by another movie star a couple of decades earlier. Both men: (A) Were killed by their own cars; (B) were killed in their own driveways; and (C) were not at the wheel during the event. The 1999 victim was a well-known singing cowboy who was also famous as a Disney-narrator. He died with 14 days left in the 1900s, and his name was __________    __________.
1805. Two important things can be said about the name "Hurby Luv Bug". One is that he did the male vocal on the 1991 Salt-N-Pepa hit  "Do You Want Me". What's the other?
1806. Consider 1940's SAPS AT SEA. The universe is so well organized that if you can figure out the name of the first sap, the second name will come to you almost automatically. We'll be expecting you to get back to us almost automatically.
1807. A sororal question: What can you tell us about sister sara and sister kenny and sister carrie and sister carol. We have omitted such possible helpful hints as capitalization and punctuation, due to rumors of recent bad behavior on your part(you know what we mean........).
1808. The lone chart record for John Rowles was "Cheryl __________    Marie". A major Disney production from 2016 was __________. A key oceanside area in Honolulu is called Ala __________. One word, 3 times.
1809. The Chris Izaak song "Wicked Game" became famous through its inclusion in the film __________    __________    __________.
1810. When Ann Sothern hit the airwaves as a "Private Secretary" in 1953, a couple of very young reporters on each coast embarrassed themselves by asking her how it felt it to succeed as a newcomer in show business. Somehow they had completely overlooked her significant film career in the 30s/40s. During that period her work was diverse, but she was particularly famous for playing an independent woman in a series of well-received comedies. That woman's name was also the name of the first movie in the series. ????
1811. When HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE was in theaters in 1965, a number of film critics singled out the music as being particularly good. Composer Neil Hefti made decent money from the movie, but he became wealthy when essentially the same score was used every week during the first half of the 1970s. That occurred in a sitcom called __________    __________    __________.
1812. When theater-goers got a look at THE BUCCANEER, they saw well-constructed battle scenes from which war?
1813. ALICE, SWEET ALICE can stand on its own as a well-received thriller, but it also has a bit of historical significance. What might that be?
1814. Robert Loggia was a dominant character actor from the 1950s on. For a few months in 2015, it looked as if SICILIAN VAMPIRE  would stand as his final film. But then, in spite of declining health, he was able to complete his part in a summer blockbuster  which would be dedicated to him. Its title will have a timely ring once a year, so.......
1815. When Paul McCartney wrote "Hello Goodbye" for the Beatles, the good news was that it quickly became a number 1 hit. The bad news was that some of the snippier types around Hollywood complained that the title and general concept reminded them a lot of a famous movie song---"Hello, I Must Be Going". Being too indecisive to take sides, we'll just say that Groucho did a nice job with the latter song in the movie __________    __________.
1816. Here's a film-type: A western. Here's another: That-heiress-has-too-much-money-anyway. That second one has an implied additional thought, which is that some of that cash should be swindled away from her. The year was 1937. The pursued was Loretta Young. The pursuers were Tyrone Power and Adolphe Menjou. The movie was __________    __________.
1817. This Elvis movie was unusual, because it didn't fit within either of the two categories which dominated his film career. It wasn't one of the Elvis Travelogues(BLUE HAWAII is the most famous), nor was it one of the dramas he preferred(WILD IN THE COUNTRY is a good example). This gentle comedy also stands out because of its powerful supporting cast: Vincent Price & John Carradine & Dabney Coleman & Anissa Jones & Sheree North & Edward Andrews & Joyce Van Patten & BaseBallBoy Duke Snider. It had a parenthetical subtitle, but its main title was simply __________    __________    __________    __________.
1818. LA's famous Donut Time restaurant is easy to find; it's at Santa Monica Boulevard(a key east/west thoroughfare) and Highland (an equally well known north/south street). Its best and worst days came in 2015/2016. In the former year it was featured in the movie __________    and in the latter it closed.
1819. It was the spring of 1960, and singer/songwriter Charlie Ryan was unleashing upon the world the first of many versions of "Hot  Rod Lincoln".* He made sure that his backup group got credit on the record label; their name came from one of Ryan's favorite movies. Since the group was called The Timberline Riders, the film must be William Boyd's __________    __________    __________    _________.                  * Two of the biggest were those of Johnny Bond (later that same year) and Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen in 1972.
1820. The Production Code was in full force in 1943, but occasionally the resolute enforcers of that document let one get by them. At the end of __________    __________    __________, Wallace Ford tells resident bombshell Louise Currie that it may be necessary to take her over his knee and "paddle you good". Although some viewers of preview screenings saw the possible sexual interpretation, the producers decided to stick with that dialogue unless someone stopped them, and no one did. Having no interest in starlet-spanking*  was the male lead, Bela Lugosi.                              *As far as we know...............
ANSWERS 1801-1820:
1801. "Rita"(Hayworth), his ex-wife to whom he was still emotionally connected.
1803. Like a strong co-starring role in THE PRINCESS BRIDE.
1804. Rex Allen.
1805. That performer took his name from the LOVE BUG movies, featuring a VW named Herbie.
1806. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
1807. Eastwood and MacLaine battled it out in TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA. SISTER KENNY profiled an important anti-polio  crusader. CARRIE(Olivier  & Jones) was based upon the Theodore Dreiser novel "Sister Carrie". Sister Carol boosted SOMETHING WILD with her reggae song "Wild Thing".
1808. Moana.
1810. MAISIE.
1811. "The Odd Couple".
1812. The War Of 1812. Addendum: We have no comment on the number of this entry.
1813. It introduced the film-world to Brooke Shields.
1819. RIDERS OF THE TIMBERLINE. From the arboreal & geological worlds:It's common for mountains to have trees at their base and partway up their sides; going higher, the area where the trees end is called the timberline. So there.
1820. THE APE MAN.
QUESTIONS 1821-1840:
1821. Following in the path of Bob Hope exactly 10 summers earlier, this once-reigning starlet spent the middle of 2013 (A) reaching 100, (B) going downhill quickly after her birthday, and (C) dying slightly thereafter. We'll call CITIZEN KANE an "unofficial" hint.
1822. The DeRose Windmill Cottage on Long Island is prominently on display in the 1982 suspense film __________.
1823. Full circle: When Helen Kane made this song a big hit in the 1920s, it quickly became a standard recorded by dozens of artists. When 17 year old Debbie Reynolds signed to portray Kane in a later movie musical, Reynolds assumed that she would sing that big number. She didn't. The producers thought it would be appropriate to have the still-strong Kane sing it herself, and so she dubbed Debbie. That film's title has 3 little words. Such as?
1824. A well-known "Simpsons" episode: "The Mook, The Chef, The Wife, And Her Homer". Where'd they get that title?
1825. In the 2010s, Cinema Retro gave its mailbag section a name which was also famous as a movie-title. The 5 words of that name?
1826. 1975's THE WILD PARTY was a heavily fictionalized account of early-Hollywood's most famous scandal, the story of the entirely innocent__________    __________.
1827. This 18-year-old was signed to star in HOME IN INDIANA because Fox's Darryl Zanuck saw a file of 8x10s of her and knew what he had to do. Beginning a decades-long career with that movie was __________    __________.
1828. At various times, both Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr alluded to THE SUNDOWNERS as being their favorite film on their resumes. What's the meaning of that title?
1829. If the key advertising-phrase is "We're going to need bigger pants", then the movie must be __________    __________    __________.
1830. Old-time gunfighters Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan meet later in life, in a town dominated by Lee J. Cobb. __________ was one of the toughest westerns of the 1970s, and what was tough was Lancaster's relentless pursuit of some killers who don't think they are the bad guys.
1831. 1958. A New Oreans street-scene. Kitty White and Elvis Presley duet on "Crawfish" in __________    __________.
1832. Three generations. Since he was the son-in-law of director Cecil B. DeMille and the father-in-law of actress Lauren Holly, the Middle Man must be __________ __________.
1833. A key phrase in the marketing of this 2016 movie was "Kiss Your Ice Goodbye", so the film must be __________    _________: __________    ______________.
1834. Two prominent George Hamiltons. What can you tell us?
1835. Consider a complete  title-list of the Abbott And Costello movies. According to such a list, the boys got lost twice. Details, please.
1836. In 1983, the dominant movie of the summer prompted a Wall Street Journal article referring to the film's good "legs".  That comment had a double meaning, so we're doubly interested in having you tell us all about it.
1837. Leftovers: One of the biggest records of 1963 was "Hey Paula"*, which lounged around at #1 for a robust three weeks. The original song had been more than 5 minutes long, which was much too long for radio airplay at that time. It was cut down, and the leftover material was used as the basis for the follow-up hit, "Young Lovers".  When a 1999 teen-drama film became a hit, a tv version was planned. When it was cancelled at the last minute, the unused/leftover footage was turned into a follow-up to the theatrical film. That 2000 production was __________   __________ 2.                                                                                                                *It was, logically, by Paul & Paula.
1838. Because Gore Vidal was best known for his dramatic works, his writing would seem to be a mismatch for Jerry Lewis at his slapstick peak. Nonetheless, that marriage did occur, in 1960. Featuring an appearance by legendary drummer Buddy Rich, the movie's title is rooted in astronomy. Five words, please. Thank you. 
1839. In 1994, a certain movie provided key early roles for both Denise Richards and Paul Walker. That film also provoked some heat among parents who thought that its title suggested that it was a new entry in a very wholesome series which began in the 1950s. It wasn't, and some of the parental crowd  thought they had been misled. There's a good chance we're talking about TAMMY __________    __________ __________.
1840.  In movies: The 3 Stooges in THE __________    IS COMING. On tv: A Barton MacLane western called ____________. Same word twice.
ANSWERS 1821-1840:
1821. Louise Currie, who followed the Hope-pattern, appeared in CITIZEN KANE but was not credited. Addendum: Any criticism of us for using two Louise Currie questions in a row(see #1820) might set our therapy back six months to a year*, so we figure you don't want that kind of guilt.                   *The American Psychiatric Association, at 1000 Wilson Blvd., Arlington Virginia 22209, will vouch for us. Probably.
1823. The three little words are THREE LITTLE WORDS.
1826. Fatty Arbuckle. 
1827. Jeanne Crain.
1828. Sundowners are nomadic people with no fixed home. Wherever they are when the sun goes down, that's home for the night.
1830. LAWMAN.
1832. Anthony Quinn.
1833. ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE. That tagline's mildly vulgar origins worried the producers somewhat during the pre-production period, but they plunged ahead anyway.
1834. The acting version of George Hamilton starred in such early 60s films as HOME FROM THE HILL and WHERE THE BOYS ARE. The singing version was usually billed as George Hamilton IV; he had dozens of country hits and crossed over onto the pop charts with big songs like "A Rose And A Baby Ruth" and "Abilene".
1836. The use of "legs" in that coverage of FLASHDANCE referred to both (A) the fact that the film's storyline was about dancing and (B) its box-office strength week after week (a movie having that attribute is said to have "good legs").
1839. AND THE T-REX.
1840. OUTLAWS.
QUESTIONS 1841-1860:
1841. When Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis had a hit with SCARED STIFF, press accounts noted that the movie was a loose remake of a famous Bob Hope comedy. As with the title just named, the old name also had a spooky-doings tone to it. Your thoughts?
1842. 1979: Surely the movie is over, right? No, not until the single word "Boy!" is said/growled/shouted. The film?
1843. 17-in-16: If the key advertising-line is "You're only young once...Is it over yet?",  then the movie must be __________    __________    __________    __________. 
1844. In 1982, Cheech & Chong's then-current movie had a title which took a dim view of the-state-of-things. Speaking of "things", that was the first word  of the 5-word title.
1845. In an apparent effort to achieve quadruped solidarity, a mule went to visit close relatives in __________    __________    __________   __________    __________.
1846. In certain clinical and diagnostic environments, the standard-of-care requires that testosterone levels should be checked. That's actually a two-part test, checking both total testosterone and free testosterone. With all due respect to those labs and the people who work in them, we have developed a much simpler test of how high one's testosterone is: Test any adult male as to how many times he has to watch a certain 1993 sports movie before noticing that there's anyone in it besides Marley Shelton. What film? Addendum: Our test: Patent Pending. Maybe.
1847. In 2003, __________ Lano starred in STEALING CANDY. In 1978, __________ Ravan hit the record-charts with "Back In My Arms Again". Same first name, different spellings. With our generosity currently overflowing 3 rooms, we're going to use some of it up on you by accepting either of the two spellings.
1848. "The Time Of My Life".  Two men. Two movie connections. Tell us.
1849. In 1950, CBS was trying to decide whether to make a big bet in favor of the theory that Lucille Ball's film career could be successfully transferred to television. A key item that tipped the balance in her favor was a well-received movie of hers in that same year. Some analysts would say that a good clue is that she sold things; cynics would say that she tried to sell things. 4 words. 
1850. It was: The name of the most successful  New Wave band of the late 70s & early 80s; the name of the key character in what many rank as the greatest of all westerns; and the overall name of a comedy franchise which ruled the 1930s & 1940s. One word.
1851. There was probably only one movie from 2013* that contained an announcement that it was based upon Korean material of the same name. That name was __________.                                                                            *Go ahead & smack us if there was more than one; we will neither cry nor file an immediate appeal.
1852. As 1963 began, the recently married Janis Paige and Ray Gilbert  were starting out the new year well. Songwriter Gilbert had a big record on the charts, and actress Paige had just gotten a key part in an upcoming movie musical. The former was "Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah".* The latter was the Connie Francis movie __________    __________    __________.     *By Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans, a Phil Spector/Darlene Love effort.
1853. This rural couple didn't have much money for travel, but when they did make-a-break-for-it, they went for quality: MA AND PA KETTLE AT __________ focused on the most famous beach in all of Oceania.
1854. When Sandra Dee gave up her position in the Gidget Union and moved on to an apprenticeship with the Amalgamated Tammy Sisterhood, the G-producers picked Deborah Walley to star in __________    __________    __________.
1855. In the music-world of the 2010s, a band took its name from a young movie star of the 1950s. He came to a violent end on 2/12/76, and his name was __________    ___________.
1856. If someone would just save us time by differentiating between McQ and McG, we'd be able to get back to our true love, which of course is ornithology.
1857. The actual content of this 1934 movie will be discussed later herein*, but MGM already knew it had a problem-child on its hands even during pre-production. The principal "problem" was a proposed title which seemed to suggest nonmarital-sex-all-over-the-place. Here's the formal structure of your chore: TARZAN __________    __________    ___________.                  *For now, let's just say that the number of eyebrows raised was more-than-one.
1858. The drinking-guy is asked if he is trying to drown his troubles; he says he's trying to teach them to swim. The famous national tv announcer Harry Von Zell drops by, as does Joyce Jameson, doing a confused-operator bit which generates the movie's title. A 7-word film-name is a lot to handle, but you can do it. Negligently disregarding the important moral question of whether you deserve any hints, we're going to say: 1966.
1859. It was appropriate: The movie's title had mildly vulgar origins, and the film's content didn't wander far from that MV territory. The animated comedy came along in 2016, and its name was __________    __________.
1860. Perhaps the most famous of the "South Park" parodies is the one focusing on this movie: It was released in 1981; it had magazine-origins; it was animated; and its title referenced rock music. 2 words.
ANSWERS 1841-1860:
1843. A 2016 movie: THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN.
1844. The movie was THINGS ARE TOUGH ALL OVER.
1846. Our (possibly patented) test of course implies that the more times adult males need to watch THE SANDLOT before noticing that there's anyone in it besides Marley Shelton, the higher their testosterone. That basic structure needs only this follow-up comment: If A guy has  to watch it more than 20 times for that to  happen,* he should either (A) turn himself in to the proper authorities(as a danger to himself and others) or (B) seek counseling at the address given in #1821 preceding.                                          *"You people keep telling me that there's more to the movie than M. walking down the street in her sun dress and M. lifeguarding in her all-red configuration(swimsuit/hair-ribbon/lipstick/nails), but nothing else is registering with me. Lemme try again". (They always want to try again).
1847. Jenya Lano was stolen. Genya Ravan was singing.
1848. "The Time Of My Life" was the definitive song from DIRTY DANCING; it was sung by Bill Medley(and Jennifer Warnes); the movie's male lead, Patrick Swayze, also used those 5 words as the title of an autobiography.
1849. The movie was THE FULLER BRUSH GIRL.
1850. BLONDIE.
1851. OLDBOY.
1853. WAIKIKI.
1855. Sal Mineo. 
1856. MCQ is a John Wayne movie.  McG became famous for directing* CHARLIE'S ANGELS...................*Before we became pure, we might have said his fingerprints were all over CHARLIE'S ANGELS.
1857. AND HIS MATE. The word "mate" brought to mind "mating" and the whole concept caused tiny beads of perspiration to appear on the brows of Irving Thalberg and Louis B. Mayer.
1859. The movie was BOY, DID I GET A WRONG NUMBER!, featuring Hope/Diller/Sommer. 
QUESTIONS  1861-1880:
1861. One film critic talking (privately) to another, about a big movie upon its release in 1949: "I don't get it---Kirk Douglas plays a character named 'Midge' & Arthur Kennedy plays one named 'Connie'. What gives?" Since we're too shy (as you know...) to deal with possibly controversial material, we'll ignore the what-gives question and just ask you to name the film.
1862. The guy released a children's LP called "Put On A Happy Face", a key song from a movie in which he starred. The same album featured material from other films of his, such as CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG and MARY POPPINS.  His singing group was called The Vantastix. Who?
1863. During the 2010s, Annapurna Pictures was responsible for such well-known fims as AMERICAN HUSTLE and KILLING THEM SOFTLY. After wasting nearly two months following the theory that the firm's name came from a woman named Anna who had the exotic last name Purna, we're now turning that investigation over to  you.
1864. When MTV announced that its upcoming Video Music Awards would be given on 9/9/99, various snippy anti-MTV types commented that the date was obviously chosen because it was the only one the network's audience could remember. Since our license to enter controversies has recently expired, we'll ignore all of that and just ask you to tell us all about Madonna winning the VMA for best movie song. Mike Myers may be involved.
1865. In 1935, a couple of scientists brought forth a monstrous creation---the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.  That same year two other guys created a less monstrous entity, in the business world. The latter creators were Darryl Zanuck and Joe Schenck, but their long-lasting entity made another surname more famous than their own. Tell us.
1866. Tennessee Williams knew something about Hollywood and a lot about the South. When he tossed those elements into the Waring Blender there on the counter, out came SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH. The movie-version of the play produced a second round of popularity for a famous song from a decade earlier. The tune heard on the soundtrack has been a hit for such artists as Frank Chacksfield & Roy Hamilton & The Righteous Brothers, and its two-word title deals with the behavior of bodies of water.
1867. If there's any excuse for making Mass Murder Movies* in the first place, it may be that some of them may occasionally say something useful; "They recruiters, my C.O., I was fighting for something that mattered; I was going good". A listener: "Maybe you were". "No, I wasn't". The two-word title deals with a military specialty. The film's year was 2014.                     *Using the more common phrase "War Movie" passes up a chance to make an important point in favor of accuracy.
1868.   Two Dorothy McGuires, famous for decades and spreading the resultant confusion all over the place. Look in all your pockets and see if you can find any details for us.
1869. THE UPTURNED GLASS starred a British couple whose subsequent move to Beverly Hills turned them into social royalty. During their party-rounds, they fit in so well that  only their accents defined them as recent invaders. Who?
1870. When you have a minute, see if you can untangle/identify these names for us: (A) Tommy Eboli; (B) Jeanne Lettieri; (C) Vito Genovese; (D) Patsy Eboli; and (E) Al Lettieri.
1871. Consider the Hollywood cliche "Based On A True Story". We're going to change that, for our purposes here, to "Based On True Visuals". The female lead in the animated film HEAVY METAL __________ was  visually crafted to look like Julie Strain, who also voiced the character. One segment of our readership will now be distracted by thoughts of JS; the rest of you can answer the blank-implied question.
1872. A Warner Brothers production-executive was coming out of a screening room located at the appropriately named 4000 Warner Blvd. With him was his 7 year old son, who had a question about a movie they'd just viewed together. "Daddy, who was that nice lady?". "Well, it depends which nice lady you mean. The one who went into the pool---that was Leslie Easterbrook". "No, she was nice too---but she's not the one I mean". "OK then, maybe it was Sharon Stone---she went up in the airplane". The boy shook his head and started to say "This nice lady fell to the ground laughing"---and then their arriving  limo interrupted that thought. They did not resume the conversation. Between 2 & 3 AM, the exec suddenly awakened and shouted "Corinne Bohrer" 3 times. His wife then elbowed him that number of times, in the ribs. Her (possibiy reasonable) question was why Corinne, whose adorability-quotient was so powerful that it registered on the more sensitive seismographs, should be on his mind in the middle of the night. That matter was eventually smoothed over, which leaves  this as the only loose end: What movie was the near-homewrecker?
1873. In a 1940 film starring Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart*, a theory is presented which says  music and cigarettes are what make life worth living. Although we're fairly sure that one of those(probably music)is not good for you, we'll ignore that and just ask for the the movie's 5-word title.                    *Although Sullavan is largely-&-sadly forgotten today, she was clearly a bigger star than JS at that time; she demanded and received top billing with no argument from Stewart's agents.
1874. Two robbery-gangs. One in a 1976 Charles Bronson picture and one in a 2013 Jennifer Lopez effort. A nearly identical sequence appears in both films: Two gang-members threaten to kill each other. Cooler heads point out  that anyone's  death will produce a new, lower head-count, leaving not enough men left to pull off the caper. That comment ends the dispute, in both cases. Can you name the two "cases"?
1875. Why was the 2000-Schwarzenegger-fest called THE SIXTH DAY?
1876.  The HEATHERS ridiculed their school's __________    __________, but Best Buy was very fond of theirs.
1877. What performer unites Disney's PINOCCHIO and tv's "The Range Rider"?
1878. The production company  was named Bleeding Hart, because the film was a project of director/writer/actor Hart Bochner. Leaving aside G-rated movies, the male & female leads are approximately the nicest people ever captured on film. Tracy Middendorf and Dyan Walsh played them in ________________    _________    _______________.
1879. A key component in the advertising campaign for this 2016 movie was this phrase: "From the humans behind DESPICABLE ME". If you have time, you could drop a 5-word title upon us.
1880. At the dawn of this song's "career", immortality did not seem to be in the cards: It stayed on the Billboard Hot Hundred for only one week before dropping back off; and its peak position was only #93. But people kept reviving it throughout the decades, and a good example of that was an archetypal teen-angst movie from 1983. Here are some names: Dillon/Cruise/Swayze. Here's another: "Gloria". The film?
ANSWERS 1861-1880:
1862. Dick Van Dyke.
1863. Annapurna is a key Asian massif, one whose dominant peak  (Annapurna I) is the world's 10th highest mountain.
1864. Her song "Beautiful Stranger" was from AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, starring Myers.
1865. They merged their Twentieth Century firm with the holdings of William Fox and came up with you-know-what.
1866. "Ebb Tide".
1867. The movie is SNIPER: LEGACY.
1868. One Dorothy McGuire sang with The McGuire Sisters, who topped the charts with hits like "Sugartime" and "Sincerely". The other starred in such famous films as OLD YELLER and THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE.
1869. James and Pamela Mason.
1870. Syndicate-god Vito Genovese was not much of a romantic, but he did manage to die on Valentine' s Day (in 1969). That event allowed the ascension of Tommy Eboli (after some squabbling)* as boss of the Genovese Family. His brother Patsy was his key advisor---sometimes as Underboss and sometimes as Counselor. Patsy was married to Jeanne Lettieri. Jean was the sister of actor Al Lettieri. The latter had had to get the permission of the boys to embark upon a movie career, and his mainstream sucess made them glad they had allowed it. A Bronson movie and a McQueen project were two of the key AL movies, so you may wish to name those (you don't need to get the permission of the boys to do so).                *If it's done with machineguns, is "squabbling" still the right word?
1871. 2000.
1874. Bronson: FROM NOON TILL THREE. Lopez: PARKER.
1875. The movie has chit-chat about the making of humans (it's about cloning). New-human commentaries can also be found in Genesis, including a key section about the sixth day.
1876. Geek Squad.
1877. Dick Jones. He was onscreen as the second lead in "The Range Rider" and offscreen as the voice of PINOCCHIO.
QUESTIONS 1881-1900:
1881.  We know the truth when we hear it: "I shall regret the absence of your keen mind. Unfortunately, it is inseparable from an extremely disturbing body". "I"=Gary Cooper. "your"=Barbara Stanwyck. The movie?. 
1882. This guy never liked the fact that he came to personify movie stars riding horses. His theory was that riding those beasts could lead to only one good thing and many bad things. Now you know a little bit more about __________    __________.
1883. The real-estate site "Hooked On" is not all-celebrities-all-the-time, but they  do tend to get around to almost every show-biz home sooner or later. In 2016, an acting couple put their Connecticut estate on the market. We thought we had already run through this month's hint-quota, but we just found one under the sofa cushions:  BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY. The couple?
1884. You gotta hit things when they're hot. It only took ten months for a parody of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT to appear. It was called THE BARE __________   __________.
1885. When discussing his "type", the husband says he likes "lanky brunettes with wicked jaws". That's what his character got out of his screen-wife as they made their way though the most successful husband/wife(onscreen only) series of them all. That quote was taken from the first entry, __________  ______________    __________.
1886. In 1966, Rosalind Russell and director Ida Lupino did their bit(s) in a comedy whose opening credits hinted at both its contents and its title. Present at the beginning were mini-portraits of angels looking mischievous. 4 words. Please.
1887. In 2001, both Method Man and Redman showed up to battle Harvard in a movie. While some analysts might spend a lot of time commenting on the unfair(to Harvard)nature of that match-up, we're going to focus instead on the film's two-word title. It might have dealt with aeronautics, but probably not.
1888.  The original, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, arrived in 1991. The parody, THE SILENCE OF THE __________, was released in 1994.
1889. One of the most nostalgic of all comedies, this film takes place in the early 1900s.  It stars Celeste Holm and Dan Dailey as a married couple whose life is continuously complicated  by the husband's eccentric behavior in business. The year was 1949, and the ornithological title was _________________    ___________    __________.
1890. During the long tv-run of "Mama's Family", one of the most popular episodes(judging by both ratings & fan-mail) was "An Affair To Forget". Where'd they get that title?
1891. Wordplay in the Winter. When __________    __________    ___________     __________ was released in January of 2016, part of its ad-campaign was the phrase "The Weight Is Over". Tell us more. (Not a lot more. Just four-blanks-worth).
1892. In the mid-1960s, Sonny & Cher were so hot as recording artists that it was just a matter of time until someone offered them a feature film. That came in 1967, it was the first feature for director William Friedkin*, it produced a hit record**, and it was named after Sam Cooke's penultimate single during his lifetime. Must be __________    __________.  *THE EXORCIST, THE FRENCH CONNECTION. **"It's The Little Things", a wall-of-sound production reminiscent of Phil Spector, who had mentored S&C.
1893. In 1972, multiple comics got some mileage out of this rhetorical one-liner: "Shouldn't we all be calling Child Protective Services when a boy's best friend is a rat?" What movie drove them to that question?
1894. __________    __________    __________     __________ was the book's title. Its subtitle was "Jazz Women In Film And Television, 1928-1959". The main title matches (except for one letter) the name of one of Hollywood's most famous movies. Author Kristin McGee probably knew that you would be begging for a hint, so she left you this one: That film's release-year matches the second of her named-years.
1895. You know you're leading an unusual life when your 18th birthday party features someone commenting that now you can be tried as an adult. The birthday-human: Ronan. The comment-human: Bledel. The movie?
1896. From the 70s/80s still-photo-files: "To __________ with love from TC & JC". All of that involved Truman Capote & Joanne Carson & a key star of HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY.
1897. Like tag-team-wrestlers, Grace Kelly and Jessie Royce Landis moved together from venue #1 to venue #2. The former was TO CATCH A THIEF and the latter was __________    __________.
1898. Many male humans would have voted for Victoria Vetri as the Brunette Of the !960s*, but she began her 1970s-career as a blonde. The movie was often called an honorable attempt to recreate the prehistoric period, and its name was _________    __________    __________   __________    __________.........................*Including some NASA-wiseguys; more on that later in these analyses.
1899. The talented cast couldn't save this 2002 comedy, but they deserve to be mentioned: Alec Baldwin & Randy Quaide & John Cleese & Burt Young & Rosario Dawson &  Pam Grier & Peter Boyle &  Joe Pantoliano & Jay Mohr & Illeana Douglas all did-their-bit(s) in __________    __________    __________    __________    __________. Unlisted is the principal star.  As the Hinting Process goes, that hint might be too extreme---and you know how we hate extravagance.
1900. Consider Josh Kun's book "To Live And Dine In L.A." Because it would be scandalously* easy for you to name the movie which provided the title-inspiration, we'd better also have you name at least one actor who played a Fed in the film.                  *As you know, we're much too well-brought-up to tolerate scandal. Probably.
ANSWERS: 1881-1900
1882. John Wayne.
1883. Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox.
1887. HOW HIGH.
1888. HAMS.
1890. 1957's AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER was a major Cary Grant film.
1891. KUNG FU PANDA 3.
1893. BEN. 14-year-old Michael Jackson's version of the title-song hit #1.
1894. "Some Liked It Hot". SOME LIKE IT HOT.
1896. "....Roddy*.....".                          *McDowall.
1897. THE SWAN.
1900. In TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A., Famous Fed Folks were played by such actors as William L. Petersen and John Pankow.
1901. A key movie in Ann Sothern's MAISIE series would, in a later era, certainly have been called "Zaire Maisie". What was it actually called?
1902. "Through the roof!" That's what producer Harry Saltzman was told when he called United Artists to check on the early grosses for the third James Bond film. The year was 1964, a year in which that series turned from a medium-profitable franchise into a phenomenon.  That feat was accomplished by __________.
1903. What's the connection between Gary Wright's chart-topping hit "Dream Weaver" and INSIDIOUS?
1904. This child-then-adult actress had a mother in the same business. Momsky was Joanna Moore. She co-starred in the well-reviewed 1962 comedy FOLLOW THAT DREAM. That movie starred Elvis Presley. 6 years post-film, Lisa Marie Presley was born. LM eventually married Michael Jackson, but before that MJ had as his first girlfriend the girl whose story began this analysis. Who?
1905. The adults keep telling us kids that witches aren't real, so we'll have to call this 1942 comedy a fantasy. It features Fredric March being plagued by woman-troubles* from multiple centuries and multiple dimensions, and its title is __________    __________    __________    __________. *The key troublemakers: Veronica Lake and Susan Hayward.
1906. Alex Karras, in speaking with one of the proprietors of this website, referred to the scene as  his "101 Uses For A Dead Horse" moment. Details?
1907. (A) Arachnids. (B) The phrase ".......passing each other in the theaters.......". What's that all about?
1908. During the first month of the first year of the 1980s, the Pretenders made it onto the Bilboard album chart for the first time. One of the most-played songs on that LP was "Tattooed Love Boys". It featured lead singer Chrissie  Hynde telling her cowardly* boyfriends to "Stop __________!" Decades earlier, star Neil Hamilton gave the same order in TOO MANY WOMEN. What is the second word of that (seemingly popular) command? ..................*We're fairly certain that they didn't like the looks of that needle.
1909. Some boys: Humphrey Bogart. Robert Morley. Peter Lorre. Some girls: Jennifer Jones. Gina Lollabrigida. Behind the camera were John Huston and Truman  Capote. Their advice (at least on this project) was to take nothing very seriously. Our advice is for you to name that 50s-film. 
1910. Tell us what you can about  summer of 69 & the summer of 61 & summer of 42 & class of 44. We're forced to admit that the lack of punctuation and capitalization is designed to give your brain a workout(something it rarely gets, as we all know).  
1911. A movie from 2013 took as its title the name of someone who may be the most famous gunfighter of the American West in the late 1800s. We feel that we are entitled to any thoughts that you may have.
1912. In 1968, much of the male population completely failed to think the pure thoughts that one likes to see.  When discussing THE PARTY, they would ask some variation of "Hey, you know who was good in that?" They would then name an actress/singer then married to Andy Williams, namely __________    __________.
1913. Why is a key biography of Marlon Brando called "Somebody"?
1914. In 1999, Claire Danes took the Peggy Lipton role, so the movie must be __________    __________    __________.
1915. The James Bond series has only re-used one title. Which one?
1916. His principal tasks were to write and direct the film, but there's no getting around it---in this one he'll always be best remembered for playing a sperm. Details?
1917. 1936's OUR RELATIONS starred the most successful of the pre-Abbott-&-Costello comedy teams. Who would that be?...................*OK, OK, maybe they were the most successful, period(we're so indecisive around here).
1918. As the new decade (the 1970s) began, within a span of about 30 months she put together very favorable reviews for her performances in FIVE EASY PIECES, PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM, and BLUME IN LOVE. Most film critics would agree that you should go and search for her---but first you should name her.
1919. The last name "Strain" hasn't appeared very often in pop-culture history, but we can think of a couple of examples. __________ Strain appeared in such movies as BEVERLY HILLS COP and KUFFS; and singer __________ Strain was a stalwart of both Little Anthony And The Imperials and The O'Jays.Tell us.
1920. The movie was part of a successful franchise, so it isn't surprising that its title contained a numeral: __________    __________  3. The director of that film and the previous one was Jerry Paris, whose long acting career had allowed him to transition into directing. When the movie opened to a strong box office on 3/21/86, it seemed obvious that Paris would return for the next installmant. But exactly 10 days later he died at 60.  The film?
ANSWERS 1901-1920:
1901. CONGO MAISIE. We were considering providing you with more details on those place-names, but then we'd have to charge extra---so you're better off looking them up for yourself.
1903. Except for the title-lyric, the best-remembered line in "Dream Weaver" is probably "....maybe to an astral plane....". INSIDIOUS   has so much astral-matererial in play that it  took 4 stagehands to push that stuff's wheelbarrow-home around between takes. Maybe.
1904. Tatum O'Neal.
1906. It didn't quite end in death, but in BLAZING SADDLES Alex Karras pushed things in that direction by punching a horse so hard that it crashed to the ground, rider and all.
1907. The first 3 Spider-Man films did such good business that it was immediately decided that the very recent series would quickly be rebooted.  The first of the New Three hits theaters in 2012, only about 4 years after the last of the old group came and went. That small time-difference caused the trade-papers to joke about the two movies  "Passlng each other in the theaters" or "meeting at the popcorn stand".
1908. Sniveling.
1910. SUMMER OF '42 was a hit film. CLASS OF '44 was its sequel. "Summer of '69" was a gold record for Bryan Adams. "The Summer Of '61" was a minor hit for Frankie Avalon.
1912. Claudine Longet.
1913. Brando's tortured comments* that he could have been somebody were a highlight of his early career.........................*In ON THE WATERFRONT.
1917. Laurel and Hardy.
1918. Susan Anspach.
1919. The actress(& legendary bombshell): Julie Strain. The rock-&-R&B singer: Sam Strain.
QUESTIONS 1921-1940:
1921. Although he's most famous for hanging around with tv-humans rather than movie-humans, this actor got a late-fifties boost from two big movies. What they had in common (besides him) was the presence, each time, of a huge singing star of that decade: Elvis starred in LOVE ME TENDER and Pat Boone headlined BERNARDINE. Who's the guy?
1922. A 1991 Christopher Walken movie had a title which was derived, ultimately, from the works of Tennessee Williams. That title was THE COMFORT OF STRANGERS. Tell us the rest.
1923. Where is the love? We have no idea: A lady explains how to find a dirty cop---just call the police station; it doesn't matter who answers. The word "national" may appear in the title of this Martin Lawrence movie.
1924. Tag-team wrestling: In 1961, Miyoshi Umeki and James Shigeta starred in two films together. If one was CRY FOR HAPPY, then the other must be __________    __________    __________.
1925. A well-remembered 1946 movie was a career-builder for Gregory Peck. It also enhanced the reputation of Jane Wyman and earned a special Oscar for Claude Jarman, Jr. The film?
1926. Even those critics not sure that Jerry Lewis & his team had "pulled it off" successfully gave this 1984 film credit for trying something different. Madeline Kahn was his co-star and the movie's title contains a reference to a certain style of comedy. ?????
1927. Here's a risk-free statement about Christopher Walken: The boy has something: Only he could make a bland line like "That's a lotta cows" sound interesting. In 2003 people watched him say that, and right now we'll watch as you do a little 2-word film-naming.
1928. One of the best-remembered episodes of "Welcome Back Kotter" is named "Come Back Little Arnold". Where'd they get that title?
1929. 1957's JAILHOUSE ROCK did a lot for Elvis's career-and-checkbook, yet in the years that followed, a personal factor made him decide never to watch it again. What was that factor?
1930. Two movies one decade apart. The 1959 film starred James Cagney; the 1969 entry featured Henry Fonda. In each production a pivotal and dramatic scene dealt with this dilemma: Does a certain party know too much to be allowed to live? In the first case, the person in jeopardy was a military officer; in the second, a child. Titles woud be nice.
1931.  If the key advertising tagline was "Born Leader", and if a more specific line might have been "Just Born Leader", what's the movie?
1932. Within the distinguished(?) profession of acting, almost no one in the 1900s-crowd matched this guy's achievement: He was a solid A-lister in both films and television over multiple decades. Football-crazed Norman, Oklahoma* even found time to erect a statue of him, so we must be talking about __________    _________.                                    *His hometown.
1933. In the first quarter of 1959, these things happened:  (A) A movie about The War Of 1812 was given a wider release, as a reward for doing well in the last few weeks of 1958. (B) Singer Johnny Horton recorded a #1 song about the same conflict. The song was "The Battle Of New Orleans". The film was __________    __________.
1934. It was a nice-&-catchy song*, and a big song**, but at this late date it's also dragging behind it a little red wagon full of sadness***: The summer of 1982 was dominated by Laura Branigan's version of it; she died at 47 of a sudden cerebral event. Sunny Johnson skated to it onscreen; she died at 30 of a similar occcurence. The Branigan/Johnson "collaboration"  on "Gloria" happened in __________.      *It's one of those songs (to be profiled later herein) that should never be played for 5-year-olds. Not because of sex or violence, but because once the melody burrows into their brains(like the earweg in the "Night Gallery" episode called "The Caterpillar"), they will never stop singing it. **#1 on multiple charts. ***Little black wagon?
1935. Cedric starred in the film, as did Jaime. Marlon both starred in this 2014 feature and co-wrote it. If the catering truck was running a little late & a little lost, the driver might have shouted out "Is this the shoot for __________    __________    __________    __________"?
1936. In 1967, the two-word phrase was the title of a well-known Otto Premiger movie. Eight years later it became the name of an Outlaws song and album. The title deals with the movements of celestial bodies.
1937. In a teen-angst comedy from 1948,the billing was George-Cleveland-as-Gramps. In one of the most popular family-tv-shows of the 1950s, the same billing appeared. One of those projects was "Lassie", so the other must be __________    __________    __________    __________. (A hint is that the main TAGs* in the latter were played by actresses named Jane and Elizabeth).                 *Teen Age Girls.
1938. Actress Luana _____________  starred in such suspense-films as NIGHT TIDE and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM. Another actress, Merry __________, starred in the tv-version of "How To Marry A Millionaire". Songwriter Pete __________ co-wrote such Ronnettes/Spector classics as "The Best Part Of Breakin' Up" and "Do I Love You?". One name, three times.
1939. Before Sid Grauman moved west to Hollywood Boulevard & built The Egyptian and The Chinese theaters, he had already presided over the most famous venue in downtown Los Angeles. This palace, like the other two, still stands, and it's a popular filming location. Its financial-oriented name is The    __________    ___________   Theatre.
1940. In 1973, lead singer Ron Isley powered The Isley Brothers to a gold single by singing this key lyric many times: "Who's That Lady?".* Thirteen years earlier, Dean Martin & Tony Curtis played two scoundrels** in a movie whose title parallels Ron Isley's main-lyric very closely. You are (or should be) looking for 4 words.              *The song's actual title was just "That Lady". **Strong language, we know, but in this case we had to allow it.
ANSWERS 1921-1940:
1921. James Drury.
1922. The most famous line in all of the Tennessee  Williams canon is probably "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers", from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. The "kindness" morphed into "comfort", first in the title of Ian McEwan's 1981 novel and then in the same-named movie.
1923. That non-love was expressed in NATIONAL SECURITY.
1928. Perhaps the most distinctive movie title of the 1950s was COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA.
1929. Judy Tyler, the Starlet-In-Residence for that movie, was killed in a car crash not long after the completion of filming.
1932. James Garner.
1936. The hardworking phrase is HURRY SUNDOWN.
1937. A DATE WITH JUDY. Taylor was about to jump up onto the A-list with movies like FATHER OF THE BRIDE and A PLACE IN THE SUN, but at the moment that the actors for A.D.W.J. were signed, Powell was still slightly above Taylor in the MGM-track-race, so Jane got both the title character and superior billing.
1938. Anders.
1939. Million Dollar.
QUESTIONS 1941-1960:
1941: Forget the phrase rich-and-famous.* Instead let's focus on RICH, YOUNG AND PRETTY. What can you tell us?            *As in the Robin Leach extravaganza "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous", whose reruns you were probably just watching when we interrupted you with this project.
1942. Tag-team wrestling: In 1962 audiences saw Shirley Jones and Ron Howard in a musical comedy. The next year both of them popped up in a comedy/drama. We've lost the computer file that contains the names of those two movies, so perhaps you can help out.
1943. 2013's 30 NIGHTS OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY WITH THE DEVIL INSIDE THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO  has two things in common with a Wayans-entry from a couple of decades earlier. One is that both are parodies. What's the other?
1944. Because it was a serious drama thought to lack blockbuster appeal or an automatic audience, it was released to coincide with the Thanksgiving-through-Christmas period, a time when lots of people are out seeing lots of movies. The theory was that people would "find" it after sampling the "big" movies first. To some extent that's what happened, as Geraldine Page and Laurence Harvey interpreted Tennessee Williams. Three words, if you would.
1945. This teen-scene-on-screen production appeared in the second half of 1958. Within a couple of years, leads Mark Damon and Luana Anders were hard at work in the Poe/Corman vineyards. Even more quickly,  Edd Byrnes became a big television star. The film that propelled them in those directions was LIFE BEGINS    __________     __________.
1946. This 1960 prestige-western had Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn as its nominal stars, but many thought that it was dominated by the always powerful Charles Bickford and by Lillian Gish in her 6th decade of stardom. The title: Two words.
1947. When Robert Vaughn died in 2016, the commentaries all seem to have missed a pop-cultural achievement that he shared with Jerry Lee Lewis and Jean Kennedy Smith. As part of our unending effort to make your life easier*, we'll accept either a broad-gauge or a narrow-gauge version of what binds the three people.                                          *Quiet.
1948. Did the kiss make her weak-at-the-knees? We're not sure about that*, but Sally Field did say that it was the best onscreen kiss she had ever experienced. James Garner was the (apparent)expert, and the 1985 movie was _________    __________. *As you know, we're too young(and pure.....) to be talking about female body-parts.
1949. If you're going to keep bringing supposedly-dead monsters back to life, the least you can do is explain* how that's possible. A 1944 fable from the Frankenstein franchise did so. It seems that the sulphur pit that was supposed to kill the boy (A) failed and (B) may actually have done him some good. The 3-word title has a real-estate-ring to it.......................*We were going to use the colloquialism "splain", but we've just been told that Ricky Ricardo jokes are currently out of fashion. (They'll come back).
1950. As the 1960s became the 1970s, the phrase "The Wild Bunch" was rattling around inside pop culture in at least 3 ways. If you have time, name at least one.
1951. When film star Barbara Kent died in 2011, commentators focused so much on her advanced age (103) that sometimes her bigges